Ty Santabarbara
Ty Santabarbara
Ty Santabarbara
Ty Santabarbara
Ty Santabarbara




Guilderland (HS) • NY
5-11 • 170LBS • R/R
Travel Team: Upstate academy and Guilderland travel baseball
2022 National

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2022 State

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Ty Santabarbara: RHP/2B, (2022) Guilderland, NY. 5-foot-11, 170-pound athletic frame. Athletic at the plate, the right-handed hitter recorded an exit velocity of 95 mph. (72.97 mph bat speed average). (21.57 mph hand speed average). Began in a wide stance with a wrapping load, then used a short stride. Bat speed is above average, shows an uphill swing plane and good extension on his finish. Found lots of barrels with loud contact. Pull side approach. Using a loose arm action, showed consistent accuracy to the base from a high ¾ slot. Performed well in the 60-yard dash, clocking a speedy time of 6.85. Projectable on the mound, showing consistent arm speed he used a loose arm action and a high ¾ arm angle. Up-tempo type pitcher who uses some effort. Balance point is tall with in line shoulders during delivery. Lands closed with a falling off finish. Produced a fastball that came in at 80-83 mph; had sinking action and arm side control with heavy movement. (Max spin 1829; Avg 1650). Has a 11/5 curveball (68-70) that shows glove side command and sweeping action. (Max spin 2192; Avg 2113). His changeup (76-77) shows arm side command and fading action. His slider (72-73) shows glove side control and late action. (Max spin 2238; Avg 2108). 

Scout Evaluation 

Ty Santabarbara, Guilderland, 2022, NY

Position: RHP/2B

Body: 5-foot-11, 170-pound athletic frame.

Hit: (RHH) Athletic. Begins in a wide stance with a wrapping load, then uses a short stride. Above average bat speed. Good extension on his finish, uphill swing. Pull side approach. 

Power: 95 mph exit velocity, average 88.15 mph. 72.97 mph bat speed average. 21.57 mph hand speed average.

Arm:  Loose arm action, high ¾ slot, consistent accuracy. 

Speed: 6.85 (60-yard).

Pitching:  Projectable. up-tempo delivery, some effort. high ¾ arm angle, consistent arm speed, loose arm action. Athletic balance point, in line shoulders, lands closed, a falling off finish.

FB: T83. 80-83 mph. (Max spin 1829;  Avg 1650). Arm side accuracy, sinking action, heavy movement. 

CB: 68-70 mph. Glove side control, sweeping action, 11/5 shape. (Max spin 2192; Avg 2113). 

CH: 76-77 mph. Arm side control, fading action. 

SL: 72-73 mph. Glove side command, late action. (Max spin 2238; Avg 2108). 



Physical: Athletic, well-put together 5-foot-11, 170lb frame with muscularity and feel. Two-way skillset running a 6.95 60-yard dash.

Offensively: RHH - Upright, even stance as the hands operated with rhythm above the shoulder to start; utilized a leg hang stride while holding posture to initiate the bat head through a slightly uphill, high intent path into the hitting zone. Smooth movements, lagging the barrel to create big juice to pull with some ready burst out of the lower half. Matched pitch-plane out of the hand, working through extension with authority to record a loud T93 mph bat-exit velocity (via Trackman). Added a 64% fly ball rate with loft in the approach and a 362 foot batted ball distance on a home-run to LF.

 Defensively: The shortstop featured some feel during defensive evals, shuffling to the spot on time and presenting the glove hand early from a wider base. Adequate pace and a glove tap before releasing from an accurate, H ¾ slot. Had confidence moving to his left and feeding  double plays from a quicker, lower release at times. 

Pitching: RHP - Started off the far left side of the rubber, getting down the mound with intent and tempo into footstrike. Got to a balanced stack position, exploding in-line to the target showing off efficient arm action (H ¾). The FB entered at 82-84 mph at 1607rpms, appearing heavy at the plate. Mixed a commanded and well-spun 72-74 mph SL at T2314rpms and 9 inches of HM. Countered using a +avg CH at 75-78 mph with killed spin and fade (1437rpms, 13 inches HM to arm-side).


Physical: Strong, athletic 5-foot-11, 170 lb build.

Pitching: Builds some momentum with a leg lift and coil, gets into the back side creating tilt in the hips and shoulders before accelerating at foot strike into a strong front side. Long, whippy arm action to a natural 3/4 slot. 

FB: Heavy down hill plane with arm side run up to 16.5". CB: 11-5 shape flashing depth down through the zone. SL: Shorter, tight break. CH: Tunnels out of FB release while killing the spin. 


Physical: 5-foot-11, 160 pounds; long, lanky frame. 7.16 runner in the 60.
Offensively: RHH. SLightly open front side with hands pushed back by the back shoulder; strides out past shoulder width and tips the barrel toward the pitcher to initiate movement. Aggressive movements from the lower half that lead to quality hip-shoulder separation with slightly uphill bat path, turns the barrel well and meets the ball out in front. Lifted the ball effectively to the pull side, sprinkled some opposite field line drives in as well; peak Trackman exit velocity of 89 MPH.
Defensively: SS/OF: Bent over at the waist with some bend in the knees as well and a glove hanging in front of him / Leans forward into his legs, ready to move laterally; SS/OF: Takes laid back steps to the ball getting around the right side of it to aid in his direction to the target / Sits back and waits for the ball to run through it with momentum. SS/OF: Above average hands with a clean transfer; SS/OF: Quick, whippy 3/4 arm action / Long, swinging arm action throws from a high 3/4 slot. INF - 79 MPH. OF - 81 MPH.
Pitching: Slow tempo in the windup, repeatable mechanics and hides the ball well. Somewhat short arm action, keeps it hidden to a hitter really well and throws from a 3/4 slot. FB: Peak velo of 84 MPH, while sitting 81-84 MPH. Filled up the zone with a sneaky FB with good ride. CB: 72-75 MPH. Throws a sharp bending CB with control and the ability to bury it for a 2K pitch. SL: The SL could develop into a very good 2K pitch with swing and miss potential. CH: Added a deceptive CH that keeps hitters off balance. 


5-foot-11, 160-pound right-handed hitting middle infielder, outfielder  and pitcher. He ran a 7.25 sixty at the event. The approach in the infield is athletic as the hands work well through the baseball. The feet need to remain active during the fielding of the baseball. He threw 80 mph across the diamond during the infield portion of the workout. The approach in the outfield is online and athletic. He threw 81 mph with carry in the outfield. The bat has an exit velocity of 89 mph. The setup is even in base and the front foot starts open. The front foot closes down and the front foot gains ground to the ball. The hands produce a slightly uphill path. The hands are free and clean. The frame could use the addition of physical strength. On the mound, the fastball sat 81-82 mph with arm side action. The breaking ball is 70-72 mph and solid in shape. The slider was up to 74 mph and still can be shortened. The changeup is a developing pitch, sitting 72-73 mph with fade action at times. 

Exit Velocity-90 mph

INF Velocity- 80 mph

OF Velocity- 81 mph


Physical: 5-foot-10, 155 pounds; slender, athletic build.
Pitching: Compact, repeatable delivery that starts from 1st base side of rubber, knee to chest leg kick with an even stride down the mound; balanced downhill finish. Clean, fluid arm action with a standard 3/4 arm slot. FB: Peak velo of 79 MPH, while sitting 76-79 MPH. Has some arm side run with sidespin spin axis. CB: 69-72 MPH. Slider rotation with sweep, horizontal break will tunnel well with running FB. CH: 72-74 MPH. Maintains consistent arm speed.

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