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Lackawanna JC
Honesdale (HS) • PA
6' 3" • 190LBS
R/R • 23yr 6mo
Travel Team: Northeast Pride


2019 National

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2019 State

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NY Games (June 25-27, 2017)
Athletic 6-foot-3, 190-pound right-hander, ran a 7.18/60.  Pitching  - smooth and fluid delivery, clean arm action, effortless, uses height to get downward plane on fastball at 81-83 MPH, positive hip tilt at the balance point, throws curveball at 65-68 MPH for strikes. Offensively - effective load out of a nearly upright stance, uses some inner knee rotation for an exit velocity of 93 MPH, keeps bat on level path through the strike zone, full extension after contact, utilizing counter rotation between upper and lower torso will maximize power, has more in the tank.
Preseason All-State (February 20, 2017)
Carroll stands in at 6-foot-3, 180-pounds with a  muscular frame. Ran a 7.11 – 60, just slightly improved from his previously recorded best of 7.19 in October 2016. Offensively- RHH sets up slightly open with his feet shoulder width apart. His hands are held just above the back shoulder showing little pre-pitch bat movement prior to the pitcher's delivery.  Trigger is a stride forward squaring up to the pitcher while his hands move back into a good hitting position. Shows very quick hands to the hitting zone with a good upward barrel angle through the hitting zone into a high two handed finish. Good lower body rotation getting hips through and utilizing whole frame in swing. Has a very smooth and fundamental swing, and showed consistency hitting line drives and gap to gap shots during his hitting round. Recorded an impressive exit velocity of 95 MPH, a major improvement from his recorded 83 MPH in October 2016. Defensively- Aggressive getting to the baseball; will need to iron out transition from fielding into crowhop to be more consistent with his release.  Maintains outfielder's arm swing with a a high arm slot. Recorded a positional arm velocity of 82 MPH, slightly shy of his previously best recorded velocity of 84 MPH. Pitching- Starts with a wide base with his body over the center of the rubber stepping off to the side to bring his knee up into his power position. Knee raise is above his hip crease with a good break down on back knee driving his lower body forward with good separation acquiring a long loose arm action into a ¾ finish. Mechanics are smooth and does not waste movement. His fastball sat 83 MPH and touched 85 MPH. His curveball showed late 1-to-7 action while maintaining arm speed. Curveball sat at 73 MPH.
Downstate Fall Preview (October 2, 2016)

Carroll, a 2019 right-handed hitting outfielder/pitcher, stands at an imposing 6-foot-3 and weighs a solid 185 pounds, ran a 7.19 60.   Offensively- Starts with a narrow open stance with the feet pigeon toed. Hands start above the back shoulder with the bat parallel to the ground. Creates separation with a driving of the hands straight back off the back shoulder, but uses very little front foot movement creating a narrow lower half. Is able to keep the hands behind the rotation, but with some adjustments, such as lengthening the stride, will result in creating better bat speed. Showed raw power to the pull side and middle of the field. Recorded an exit velocity of 83 MPH a huge jump from the 70 MPH shown in January. Defensively- Showed plus athletic ability from the outfield, being able to make quality reads and taking effective routes. Gets the body in a strong throwing position when receiving the ball. Long and clean arm action with throws showing plus carry. Registered an arm velocity of 84 MPH a personal best and an increase of 8 MPH from January.  Pitching- Starts from the center of the rubber with the left foot wider than shoulder width apart and towards the first base line while the hands are centered in front of the chest. Begins the motion with a pivot of the backside foot, while the lead foot remains quiet and hands slide down belt high. Utilizes a high leg kick with the knee getting chest high and the hands coming up to shoulder height. Separates the hands from the chest, creating long loose arm action, while the lead leg gets down a stabilizes the lower half.  Fastball was explosive from the hand at 84 MPH, but playing quicker, from  a high ¾ arm slot. Motion was free and easy giving the batter a deception of more velocity. Curveball was tight with 11-to-5 break, and stayed in the lower third of the zone registering a velocity of 71 MPH. Changeup showed quality depth and spin and registered a top velocity of 73 MPH a good differential from the fastball. With the numbers increasing dramatically over the past year coupled with the size and possible increasing growth, this player is a high follow of the next few years.

 NY Preseason All-State (February 28, 2016)
 Long and lean frame with easy going actions. Offensively- Controlled take back of the hands with slight barrel wrap; short stride from open to even while keeping weight back. Sweeping motion through the zone with some juice to his pull side. Defensively- Stays behind the ball well in the OF, extra steps occur from fielding to transfer with minimal crow hop. Arm strength is there but some cleanup with his footwork will be needed. Pitching- Short drop step; works up to a mid-chest balance point with a high hand position. Loose arm that works through a low 3/4 arm slot; whip like acceleration. Slightly closed off with stride to the 3B side.  FB sat 80-82 MPH with plenty more in the tank. CB showed early action at 73 MPH. Plenty of promise for the athletic 2019 grad.
NY State Open ID (January 31, 2016)
Andrew checks in at a highly athletic 6-foot-3 180 pounds. The OF/RHP ran a 7.15 60 and a 4.15 home-to-1B Offensively- Andrew sets up in a narrow and upright position with hands up and off back shoulder. Coils his hands back with a slight load and a 30 degree bat angle, using a slight leg kick with some ground gained forward. Is involved with back foot/hip rotation but could be more aggressive. Bat sweeps to and through the zone. Would like to see a more consistent and shorter swing path. Gap potential here, mostly line drive results. Exit velocity was 70 MPH but live swings played better. Defensively- In the outfield Andrew takes a fundamental approach to the ball but experiences a delay in his transfer as top hand doesn't trail the glove. Uses a skip hop vs. crowhop. Would like to see him get untangled here and get his body working into his throws. OF velocity was 76 MPH with more in the tank as evidence by his mound appearance. Pitching- Andrew sets up center rubber with short side step up to a mid chest balance point. Arm action is long and loose, working through a low 3/4 slot. Stride can close off at times, creating some cross fire action. FB sat 78-79 MPH, touching 81 MPH. FB showed late arm side life. Needs additional feel for change up (71-73 MPH). Breaking ball bounced between CB and SL action at 72 MPH. Slider shape seemed to be the more effective option. Impressive set of tools for this 2019 grad, mechanical progression and game experience will help channel his development.  

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