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June 25 Underclass Games Scouting Analysis: Infielders

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June 25 Top Underclass Games Scouting Analysis: Infielders

The infield scout analysis will wrap up our coverage of the Underclass Games at UAB. Many of these guys are worth the follow in the next few years as their game continues to progress. Check out the in depth analysis of each infielder that attended the event.   

Jack Williamson (2021, RHP/SS, Winfield City) This rising junior showed very well at the event last week. Solid build that should continue to fill out as he gains weight (165 lbs.). At the plate, he had a simple, middle approach that translated into gameplay. Level swing path that generated many line drives during BP. Ran a 7.1 60 and posted an 87 mph exit velo off a tee. Did a lot of things well. Solid actions defensively with above average arm strength (86 mph). On the mound, his FB played 80-82 while touching 83 once with late life at the end. CB was 71-74 with nice downward tilt and showed to be an effective secondary pitch. Arm path is clean and has potential.

Luke Vincent (2021, RHP/SS, Sylacauga) Like this rising junior’s actions during the workout. Starts his swing with an open stance before coming back to square. The bat path has some tilt in it which allows him to drive balls into the gap consistently. The pop is there to go along with above average bat speed. Ran a 7.3 60 and posted an 86 mph exit velo off a tee. Showed off some impressive range for his size (6’3) during the workout and flashed above average arm strength (84 mph). On the mound, the FB primarily sat 79-80 while touching 81 every once in a while. Pitches from a ¾ arm slot that generates some ASR on his FB. SL was 65-66 with sharp, late break on it. Athletic delivery. 

Davis Gillespie (2022, SS/2B, Oak Mountain) Begins from an open stance before coming back to square in his swing. Looks like he really prefers to go opposite field during his BP, which is not a bad thing. Short, simple swing. Really stays inside the ball. Like his approach during his BP round. Posted an 87 mph exit velo off a tee. His feet worked well at SS to go along with solid hands. Average arm strength at 81 mph. 

Andrew Hunt (2022, 3B/RHP, Oak Mountain) One of the better BP rounds we saw at this event. His middle approach really stood out, not being afraid to shoot the ball the other way. Has some tilt in his swing path. Really good bat speed as well. Defensively, his actions were very good. Feet worked well and was able to pick it. 81 mph INF velo from 3B. Interesting follow.

Christian Pritchett (2022, RHP/3B, Pelham) A rising sophomore that did many things well. Offensively, began with a closed stance and looked to be pull-happy during his BP round. When he did pull the ball, there was some juice. Good, quick hands that showed the ability to get to that inside pitch. 83 mph exit velo. Defensively, showed decent glovework at the hot corner during the workout. Made many of the throws while posting an 80 mph INF velo. On the mound, the FB ranged anywhere from 77-80 while topping out at 81. Showed some late life. CB flashed 12/6 break with nice depth at 65-68. Clean delivery and a strike-thrower. 

Mikel Pryor (2021, 1B/3B, Sparkman) Big, physical kid (6’2 219 lbs.) that flexed some juice during his BP round. Up-tempo swing that showed some quick hands. A lot of line drives to the gaps. Posted the top exit velo at the event at 98 mph (!). Moves pretty well for his size, running a 7.2 60. Defensively, solid footwork at 1B with above average arm strength (80 mph). Like his game.

Brody Samples (2022, RHP/3B, Sardis) A solid little ball player. Not the most physical kid at the event, but flashed some tools that caught some eyes. Even stance that has a very simple load while driving many balls to the opposite field gap. 80 mph exit velo off a tee. Solid glovework and arm strength on the IF as well. On the mound, FB was 78-80 while reaching 81 a few times. CB was sharp at 66-70. Nice, clean delivery with deceptive actions. The ball comes out of his hand nice and easy. Easy actions on the mound.

Jeff Wilkins (2022, SS/RHP, Pelham) His swing has a solid base with a quiet load that translates to a nice bat path. Creates a little lift in his swing which allows him to drive balls into the gaps. A simple, middle approach for this rising sophomore. 84 mph exit velo off a tee. Rangy infielder that made most of the plays at SS. Solid defender. Ran a 7.23 60 as well. 

David Jalbert (2021, 2B/SS, Hoover) A solid player that did some nice things at this event. Not going to impress you with his size but looks to be a hard-nosed player. Offensively, Jalbert looks to be a little bit pull happy during his BP round. There is pop to his pull side though. This translated to gameplay, as he grounded out to 3B in one of his AB’s. Consistent line drives. Defensively, he looks like he probably projects as a 2nd baseman because of his size. Solid glove and footwork. Ran a 7.3 60. 

Parker Hutson (2021, SS/2B, Briarwood Christian) A really good looking kid that impressed at this event. Showed an advanced approach during BP, staying in the middle of the field for the most part. This translated to gameplay, as he lined out to CF in one of his AB’s. His hands start a little lower than a normal swing but he comes back to square during his load. Quick hands. 82 mph exit velo. Really moved well at SS during the defensive workout, making most of the plays. Not a bad runner, as he ran a 7.0 60.

Jacob Little (2021, SS/RHP, Southside) LOVE Little’s game at this event. At only 5’10 140 lbs., he is a gritty, hard-nosed player that his nice upside. He knows his game and has an advanced feel for the game. Starts with an open stance and uses a big leg kick to get back to square. He looked to be pull happy during BP, but stuck a ball to the LCF gap during gameplay that was run down. 87 mph exit velo. Smooth actions defensively as SS during the workout. Made most of the throws. Ran a 7.04 60. On the mound, he primarily sat 76-77 for most of his outing while hitting 78 a few times. Low-to-mid ¾ arm slot. Likes to compete as he attacked hitters. Flashed a knuckleball with movement that kept hitters off-balanced. Interesting follow.

William Burgreen (2022, SS/2B, Decatur) Just a solid player that does everything well. Open stance that has a short, compact swing. Really stayed in the middle of the field during his BP round, showing backspin on balls that were hit up the middle/oppo. Has a nice weight distribution during his load that keeps him balanced and synced. A plus defender up the middle that made all of the plays. Arm strength was 77 mph, but will continue to rise once he gets stronger and develops. Athletic player that ran a 6.77 60 at the workout. Like his game.

Brady Bolling (2021, SS/2B, Chilton County) Just flat out gets it done on the diamond. We just kept becoming more impressed with his game as the day went on. Kind of a throwback player. Simple swing that showed some quick hands. Never seemed to look fooled during his AB’s. Solid approach. A plus defender up the middle as well. Made all of the plays during the game and looked easy to him. Will continue to get better as he gets stronger. 

Carter Clark (2021, 2B/SS, Trinity Presbyterian) Solid skills that brought a lot to the table at this event. Switch hitter that started open and stayed in the middle of the field with his approach. Looked a little more comfortable from the right side during BP. Level swing. Will only improve as he grows and gets more strength. Defensively, showed solid glovework with above average feet. Arm strength was average at 77 mph, but will rise as he continues to develop. 

Wesley Miller (2022, 1B/RHP, Oxford) A physical kid that showed some juice during his BP round. Starts with an open stance and likes to pull the ball. Really drove some balls to LF during BP. Had one of the better exit velos as 88 mph. Grounded out to 3B in one of his AB’s during gameplay. On the mound, Miller was 75-77 while topping out at 79. His ¾ arm slot allows him to create some ASR to miss some barrels. The SL was 64-65 with tight spin. Solid mechanics that could grow into a very solid pitcher if he continues to grow and polish up his pitches.

Coleman Oliver (2021, C/3B, Jacksonville) A rising junior that was interesting to watch at the event. Starts with an open stance that helps him get to the inside pitch. Likes to pull the ball, as this is where most of his balls went. Some pop to LF/CF. Has a pretty big leg kick to help with his timing. There is some tilt in his bat path. Some present strength with an 85 mph exit velo. Solid defender at 3B. 

Hunter Lee (2021, 3B/OF, Hazel Green) Really like Lee’s approach offensively. Does not cheated at the dish. Has a rhythm load to help him load and be on time. Some big time pull side juice during BP. Consistent line drives. Creates some lift in his path to drive balls into the gaps. Will only continue to get better as he develops. Posted one of the better exit velos at 88 mph. Above average defender. 

Joshua Harrington (2022, 2B/SS, Spain Park) Not fully developed physically but you can tell that there are some skills there. A nice middle approach during BP. Drove multiple balls over the 2nd baseman as well. Has an even stance that showed a simple, short swing from the left side. Above average defender at SS. Probably projects more as a 2B because his size. As previously mentioned, the skills are there.

Preston Junkin (2021, LHP/1B, Brooks) Has a simple approach to the game. Begins with an even stance and has a simple, quiet load. Short, compact swing that stayed up the middle with line drives to CF. Impressed with his approach. On the mound, he was even more impressive. In a day where people pay more attention to velo, it is nice to see a pitcher that knows how to pitch! FB was 69-71 and topped at 72. CB was a very effective pitch at 55-57 with a lot of deception. Mixed his FB to both sides of the plate and was very crafty. He just knows how to pitch. 

Spencer Nichols (2021, 1B/RHP, Briarwood Christian) Big, lanky frame that could be a physical player if he adds weight to his body. Flashed a simple, smooth from the left side during BP and gameplay. Was very short and compact during extension. Even stance. Actually ran pretty well for his size, as he ran a 7.16 60 at the event. On the mound, the FB anywhere from 75-76 while reaching 77 during his stint. Has a short, quick delivery. SL was 65-67 with late bite and some depth. Showed the ability to throw the SL in early counts for strikes.

JT Weisberg (2021, 2B/SS, John Carroll Catholic) This 2B/SS and rising junior did a variety of things well at the event on Tuesday. Showed some decent strength offensively with an 80 mph exit velo off of a tee. Likes to pull the ball during his BP round. During gameplay, this approach changed as he lined out to 1B and flew out to RF. Also ran a 7.29 60 during the workout.

Trey Simpkins (2021, 1B/RHP, Elberta) Another rising junior that did some good things at UAB on Tuesday. Was even in his stance while displaying a level bat path during his swing. This allowed him to drive some balls to LF during his BP round. His exit velo off of a tee was 80 mph, as there is some average strength in the bat. These numbers will continue to climb once he fully develops down the road.

Andrew Hall (2023, SS/2B, Buckhorn) A nice showing from this young ‘23 grad at this event. At already 5’10”, there is something to like about this upcoming freshman’s size. There are some above average skills to complement Hall as well. Most of the balls he hit during BP were to LF or LCF gap. He showed some nice, quick hands and did a good job incorporating his lower half into his swing. Keep an eye on this ‘23 as he grows and develops.

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