Prep Baseball Report

Bay Area World Series (CA) 2021/2022's to Know

Ryan Ozella
N. California Area Scout


Islanders Field, Lathrop, CA - The Bay Area World Series (BAWS), an officially scouted PBR Event, was on display 5/31-6/2/19 bringing together 140+ players from around Northern California in one of the biggest, best, and longest running showcases (established 2004 by PBR Northern California Director of Scouting Blaine Clemmens) in the area. Players went through full evaluations with each of the 6 teams following up evaluations by playing three scout games over three days.

One of the best things about the event is that it's almost all uncommitted players (one committed player this year) so the competition is regularly strong as players look to make a name for themselves and be seen. Here's a look at a group of some 2021/2022 players who stood out and should be high college follows. Video of each player will soon be loaded within each player's profile. BAWS 2019 stat leaders page.

The event was the first ever multi-day BIG event held at the beautiful new Islanders Field at River Islands.

2021 Pitchers to Know:

2021 RHP Nathaniel Brouse - Aptos - 5-8, 150

When I saw the roster for BAWS this was a name I had circled after seeing him pitch during the season. Brouse came out and pitched very well in front of a lot of recruiting eyes and made his name showing the loose live arm for two strong innings (9 Batters) striking out 5 and getting a weak ground ball. The arm comes out of a whippy M-3/4 release; athletic front knee showing controlled hips and strength in the frame. FB 83-86 T88 with life at the plate and actions to both sides; the pitch was located down and flashing the upper half to set up the slider. SLD 72-77 tight with late bite; moved it around the zone for strikes of all types including 4 of the 5 strikeouts. CHG 77-79 flashing early with arm side run; when he turns it over it flashes as an average 3rd. The frame can add some strength over the fall/winter. Excited to see him compete in the State Games coming up as well.

2021 LHP Mason Oakley - Clayton Valley - 6-0, 170 - committed to St. Mary's

Oakley is a long strong frame with length in the limbs and shows athleticism from his delivery. The lefty pitches only from the stretch using a high front leg matching the long arm swing with it. He showed a strong ability to ride his back hip down the hill and when keeping his front hip in line creates explosive actions out of the hand; the mechanics have times where the hip opens early creating a delay in the arm sync. Control will be a work in progress, but the action on his pitches is not something that can be taught to pitchers especially from the left side. The H-3/4 release creates steep angle to the plate with all three pitches. FB 84-86 T87 being able to utilize on both sides of the plate with flashes of angle and the life jumping on hitters. CB 73-74 flashes plus with late tight break in 12/6 shape; very sharp and explosive actions out of the break. CHG 77 showed late bottom and arm-side run off that FB look. First inning struggled with his mechanics but made an adjustment late that led to him striking out his final four batters with 2 looking at the FB. High ceiling with the frame to work on the mechanics and be a late inning weapon.

2021 RHP Alex Dargan - Tamalpais - 6-1, 190, L/R

Athletic and strong frame with square shoulders and growing strength. Loose arm showing a solid three-pitch mix with a compact 3/4 action; delivery creates good stride length with a slightly closed front foot. Hands stay wide allowing arm to break on high front knee and attack the plate on the arm side. Impressed over 2 innings (8 batters) striking out 4 and inducing weak ground balls. FB 82-85 T86 with heavy arm-side run and the ability to get angle to both sides of the plate; the pitch had some life at the plate with actions staying off of barrels. CB 68-71 from slurvy 12/4 shape with depth through the zone; feel for the pitch has it flashing above average with ability to throw for strikes and punchouts. CHG 77-78 with hard bottom and fade to both sides of the plate. The frame and athletic delivery are both projectable with all three pitches showing well and having a chance to make some jumps as he continues to mature.

2021/2022 Position Players to Know:

2021 OF/2B Casey Cummings - San Ramon Valley - 5-11, 170, R/R

Cummings is an athletic frame and shows off great speed for the middle of the field (6.76 60yd). He tracked down balls in the outfield and put together solid AB’s all weekend. Finished solidly picking up two hits on the last day attacking some strong pitching. During BP he showed strong carry to the gaps with quick tight swing that gets lift onto the ball (87 EV); type of swing that can hit a lot of hard line drives which plays well with his speed. The arm fits the CF profile with accuracy and quick compact actions (84 MPH). Aggressive on the base paths and utilizes his speed well to take an extra base, reading balls in the dirt well also. Very projectable build and with tools that should continue to improve.

2021 MIF Elvin Delic - Consumes Oaks - 5-10, 170, R/R - committed to USF

Athletic and strong medium frame; twitchy actions and bounce in his step running extremely well (6.75 60yd). I’ve seen Delic a fair amount this season and he seems to be improving his skills as he plays more. Showed an attacking attitude to the baseball in all three aspects of his game. Defensively showed loose twitchy hips and bouncy feet able to react and respond; soft glove, strong angles and find rhythm through the baseball. Arm is quick, compact and able to stick at SS with all angles and the strength for tough plays; future above average arm (88 MPH). During games played with strong range making plays and letting his tools show up; you can see the game coming easier to him. The bat is very quick and works on a slight upward path (88 EV); shows strength through contact able to drive the gaps with carry. Swang through some hittable pitches during games, but also picked up a couple hits from hard contacts to the middle of the field. When he’s on base he’s a nightmare for defenses taking bases at will; was on 2nd and took home on a 6-4-3 double play. Pitched with compact arm showing strength with FB angle to both sides of the plate (84-85 MPH); love his competitive attitude on mound attacking the zone. CB 71-75 has late downer actions with quick break; showed feel for the pitch and wanted batters swinging through the pitch. Still has some growth in the tools and type of middle of the field player that can impact the baseball game.

2021 OF Sam Heyman - Acalanes - 6-1, 170, R/R

Heyman has an athletic, solid build that is proportional with a tight waist showing some space for added strength. Athleticism translates to the OF (has also played MIF) with quick feet and easy actions (7.13 60yd); arm fits corner profile with easy, accurate life and explosive qualities out of the hand (90 MPH). Saw him perform during the Spring and the arm was the first tool I circled; he definitely put on a show with it during workouts. At the plate kept a tall, balanced stance with a compact, quick barrel as he kept his hands inside the baseball. Showed very hard contact through the middle of the field with line drives going gap-to-gap from a level bat path (86 EV). Showed the bat speed in games picking up a couple hits including a 2B down the LF line where he kept the hands tight and drove the ball down the line. Frame projects well with tools that are just starting to flash their potential.

2021 MIF Brendan O’Sullivan - Amador Valley - 5-11, 170, R/R

O’Sullivan was a guy whose in game actions and workouts didn’t seem to match up as he plays at another speed during games with instincts and actions that make you reassess the numbers he puts up (7.69 60yd). During workouts he showed strong control of his feet with some athletic actions that can stick in the middle of the field; the arm was quick and compact from a high release staying around the bag with all the throws (81 MPH). During games the arm seemed to tick up as he made impressive throws with a quick release suggesting there’s more in the arm; the actions can definitely stay in the infield with capabilities to play all three spots. During BP he showed a quick bat from tight turns with the ability to drive balls into the gaps on a line (85 EV). The tall stance allows his hands to work smoothly through the zone and allowed him to get the quick barrel to create lots of hard contact out in front of the plate (2 2B’s, 2 1B’s); also showed patience not chasing pitches that he couldn’t do damage with. The game tape spoke loudly and showed this is a strong player who goes out to perform and projects well for the next level.

2022 INF Zack Yorke - Archbishop Mitty - 5-11, 205, L/R

Yorke was a rallying ball of energy for his South Bay teammates during the event both on the field and in the dugout. The large, compact frame is squared up with some physicality in the build (7.99 60yd); agile, instinctual, playing in short bursts rather than pure speed. On the left side Yorke has a balanced, simple swing with limited wasted movement attacking best to the middle of the field and pull side gap which he showed with ease. The bat is quick and level with the ability to square it up (89 EV) flashing a solid hit tool with flashes of gap-to-gap pop. Showed a patient approach putting together quality AB’s and picking up two hits with multiple drawn walks; two singles were hard contacts to the middle of the field and also drove in a run. During defensive workouts he played loose and easy showing his eyes behind the ball and low hips with bounce off prep; compact arm able to make throws from different angles and on the run (76 MPH). His in game defense was fantastic filling in at 2B/3B/1B and being able to make plays all around. He made some catches in foul territory that were not easy and ranged well into the OF to make some plays as well. Yorke is a solid all-around player that can continue to make jumps with his hit tool; great personality and work ethic added on as big carrying tools.

2021 C/1B Griffin Myers - Amador Valley - 6-3, 200, L/R - committed to Washington State

Large, physical frame with strength in it and the space to keep tightening; projects well with current strength (8.09 60yd). Myers bat showed he’s a future power bat that can stay in the middle of the lineup from the left hand side. During BP he showed the ability to drive through contact with an athletic swing using a foot lift to load into the back hip and get there on time. The barrel has some late upward whip through the zone showing pull power with carry into the gaps (85 EV). During games he showed off that pop with three hits including a long 2B into RCF; he had some loud outs as well showing best when he stayed to the middle of the field with the swing. Behind the plate he’s got a wide frame that shows a good target with a strong arm (76 MPH); 2.11-2.19 Pop times as the longer arm action works in time with his long frame to put balls on the arm side of the bag catching a runner during games. His defense was fine, but large catchers tend to have a bit of trouble sticking behind the plate which could be the case here as well. The bat will carry the profile with lots of strength to drive balls. Loved his focus on the field playing with some passion and grit.

2021 3B Thomas Gould - Serra - 6-0, 180, R/R - committed to Santa Clara

Solid, large frame with width in shoulders and length in the limbs (7.33 60yd). Gould was another guy I’d see have a strong Spring season and he put up strong numbers to showcase those tools have a chance for more development. Uses a toe tap technique to get on time allowing his hands to lift through contact with a compact swing made to drive balls into the gaps; showed easy carry to the gaps focusing on the pullside during BP (89 EV). In games he put together consistent AB’s fouling off tough pitches and creating a lot of hard contact picking up a couple singles to the pullside; missed a couple more extra-base hits on loud deep fly outs. The hips are loose and able to get low allowing him to have good lateral quickness for 3B; compact, high release arm is loose and able to make the throws on the move (78 MPH). The arm looked like it could fit at multiple positions and the range showed up in games playing 2B/3B. I think the arm can be an area he can keep adding to fill out the 3B profile, but I like the athletic actions and present hit tool.

2021 C Nico Button - Serra - 5-10, 175, L/R

Squared medium frame with some length; projects added strength. Button flashed solid catching skills and a quick bat all weekend. Defensively he showed good agility and flashed solid blocking skills during games just missing a couple of runners; quick feet and accurate arm during workouts with solid exchange (2.12-2.16 Pop). The bat works tight with quick turns showing late hand speed; strong coverage of the plate on attack. Worked the pull gap with ability to show some backspin for carry (87 EV). During games he showed an aggressive approach attacking pitches early in counts and making lots of hard contact (2B, 1B); faced some solid pitchers and showed an approach and idea of what he was doing while squaring the ball up. The catching skills are good and I liked his ability to work with different pitchers and have success.

2022 OF Darryl Dilworth - Vanden - 6-0, 145, R/R

Dilworth shows an impressive athletic, compact frame with quick twitch actions and strong bursts (7.03 60yd); body will continue to strengthen as he matures and chance to be impactful player. Defensively fits well in CF where he can attack the baseball like he did during defensive workouts; compact quick arm fits best in CF but showed growing strength to possible play RF as well (81 MPH). During game showed off his ability to track the ball and get to it quickly taking away hits and ranging all around the middle of the diamond; big time defensive glove future. His round of BP he fought timing issues, but made an adjustment and shortened the barrel up to make some hard contact; quick hands with some length in the barrel leading to timing issues. The swing is quick and aggressive with raw strength in the bat and he’s shown the ability to drive the baseball. Dilworth will make adjustments and continue to advance his skills looking like a highly tooled, high-ceiling player.

2021 OF/LHP Mark Wolbert - Petaluma - 5-11, 155, L/L - committed to UC Davis

Athletic, long frame quickly to full speed; projection in frame with lean strength and build (6.98 60yd). Uses the immediate acceleration in OF getting to the baseball quickly and using athletic frame well; compact, quick arm staying online with compact clean release on throws (85 MPH). Showed CF skills during the games tracking the ball quickly off the bat with the ability to show off speed closing gaps quickly. From a slightly open stance shows a quick bat with strong usage of his legs and bat having some loft into the pullside gap; showed strength to the middle of the field with line drives and hard contact during BP (83 EV). Continued hard contact to the middle of the field during the game with 2 hits and multiple hard outs; patient at the plate. Showed strong base stealing skills as well and fits the middle of the diamond OF profile. On the mound works with a H-3/4 release from a compact quick arm with short extension staying in tall posture. FB 75-78 flashed cut to glove side with bits of angle as well. SLD 62-69 was tight with cross-plate sweep being a weapon for him; at its lower speed the pitch would loosen creating a bit more tilt on the pitch with earlier depth. The control seemed to leave him after two quick strikeouts but finished strong.

2021 2B Kobe Rolling - Will C. Wood - 5-8, 150, L/R

Compactly built with athletic proportions, Rolling is the player that grows on you as you watch him over three days. He doesn't overpower the game with big time tools, rather, he has a wide range of talents and skills and plays a winning style of baseball. Seemingly always in the right spot at the right time, overcomes lack of a big arm with a quick release and outstanding footwork. Range plays to both his left and right and he's strong around the bag. Quick runner (7.16 60-yard) vs big time speed but gets to his top end quickly and can put pressure on the defense. Offensively he displayed a VERY discerning eye and simply refused to chase anything, even very close pitches. More impressive was that when he did get a strike he was in hit mode and ready to move the ball with a contact-oriented swing. In six plate appearances it became very clear that he knows the zone and has a plan/approach each and every pitch. Good field energy, good dugout presence, glue type player who elevates others around him due to his team-oriented focus and style of play. 

2021 MIF Ruben Vera - Armijo - 5-9, 145, R/R

Slender, athletic build on small frame with some athletic actions for the middle infield (7.69 60yd). Another player that you have to watch in games instead of just in workouts as he plays with anticipation and timing. At SS plays quickly with an open glove showing quick feet and some body control; took good angles to the baseball and a compact arm with good hand speed (83 MPH). Defense was very strong during the games turning double plays and making athletic plays. At the plate uses a slightly open crouched stance where his compact bat can spray line drives through the middle of the field (81 EV). Lots of hard contact during the weekend including a 3B into RCF that carried off the bat allowing Vera to use his wheels (4.69T); a lot of the hard contact seemed to be right at defenders with multiple linedrive outs. The frame is slight and will need some strength, but his actions were strong and his motor was consistent all weekend.

2021 OF/RHP Teague Drotar - Los Gatos - 6-1, 175, R/R

Large, athletic frame with budding strength; very projectable actions and frame. At the plate stands wide and opened allowing his quick hands to regularly be on time; drove the pullside gap with carry continuously showing lots of hard line drives (84 EV). Flashes chance for more strength in the bat as he has good usage of lower half with swing having upwards lift upon contact; hard contact for deep fly balls to left and center field during the first games before collecting a couple of hits at the end. Uses his quick feet well in OF being able to open up and track the baseball to the glove side. Arm is compact and online understanding how to work behind the baseball (81 MPH); good actions suggest some more velocity as he matures. On the mound hands stay tight with hand in and out of the glove getting length out of the glove to 3/4 release with a tucked and athletic front leg. Some extension with bits of crossfire, Drotar attacked the zone with three pitches getting 4 strikeouts and 2 weak groundouts in his 8 AB’s. FB 79-82 pitching to the inner half of the plate with some angle glove side. CB 68-70 is tight with 11/6 shape having late drop at the plate; used the pitch for strikes and through the zone down gloveside. CHG 71-72 straight and hard with limited feel; will need to develop to be 3rd pitch. Frame has projection and chance for him to make a major jump heading into next Spring.

2021 3B/SS Patrick Keighran - Serra - 6-1, 195, R/R - committed to USF

Physical large frame with current strength and quick actions (7.14 60yd). Keighran passes the eye test right away with a strong frame and showed well during the testing. The bat is strong through the zone with quickness from a full-body swing; really attacked the middle of the field flashing pop that way (93 EV). Swing has some high finish after getting on plane early with his barrel turn; during games the barrel would get a bit long away from the body leading to some swing and miss. Defensively he moves well attacking the ball and being able to play on the move with a compact arm that was able to keep throws online with flashes of life (83 MPH). The defense showed well during the games making the routine plays. I like the physicality of the frame and the aggressive approach; even with a little bit of swing and miss in the games he was attacking good pitches to hit with the results just not being there.


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