Prep Baseball Report

CA State Games: Uncommitted '24 Spotlights (NorCal)

Blaine Clemmens
Northern California Director

The offseason for high school baseball players has started for many players. The gap between summer and fall ball is a good time for college coaches to sort through players who are still available for recruitment as they organize the last couple of opportunities to scout off campus before the long quite period (October 9 - February 29). The PBR California staff got to see plenty of talented players show out at PBR events across the state in 2023, most recently at the California State Games.

Today we shine a spotlight on some Northern California players in the 2024 class who stood out at the CA State Games. Their stats and data are in the profiles, including; TrackMan, Blast Motion, Swift Performance, along with traditional data for throwing velocities and for catchers, pop times. In the offseason as colleges coaches look at their recruiting class depth charts and holes they might have in that class, they identify players not just by scouting games in person, they also watch video in profiles and also factor in the data, stats, metrics to illuminate players to target.

Click on the player name to go to his individual profile where you will find more data and stats.

2023 California State Games Stats, Data, Metrics

John Clinkenbeard 3B / OF / San Lorenzo Valley, CA / 2024

Big physical body, certainly has the look of a player you will find at a corner on a college team. The arm is strong, plays above average both from 3B and in the OF and all of that is great. However, it's the hitting talent that shines brightest, such as it should be for a corner position player. The EVs are strong, the bat speed and Blast metrics are good, and he backed it up in game play with impact contact, including one of the two home runs hit at the event, a BOOMING fly ball to left-center that went halfway up the net and was on the way to the football field.


Luke Duncan C / OF / Dougherty Valley, CA / 2024

As happens each year, there are an abundance of outstanding catchers still available. Among them, Duncan's catch/throw and raw arm talent are near the top of the class. Stopwatches give times and radar guns provide velocity info, but when watching him throw, you can put down the watch and the gun and the eyes tell the story. It's that good. 1.91-1.97 were the times and the velo max was 79 mph. He's also strong in the other catcher attributes, receiving and blocking balls in the dirt. Offensively he's certainly competitive (particularly to the pull side) and still grinding his way to his ceiling, which still lies ahead of him.

AJ Ljepava OF / Los Gatos, CA / 2024

In one of the games, Ljepava (L/L) had the opportunity to show his prowess as a defender in centerfield and he absolutely capitalized on that opportunity. He was running down balls from gap to gap and deep into a BIG centerfield. It got so ridiculous to the point of players on the field audibly saying, 'HIT IT TO SOMEONE ELSE!' He's a good runner, not a burner, but good enough with those jumps and angles and anticipation, not to mention how he shades hitters pre-pitch. The arm is adequate. Offensively he's got a slashing stroke with a quick bat. He's going to get more physical and even so, he's able to produce EV over 90 mph. 

Jake Redding C / 3B / Lincoln, CA / 2024

Yet another uncommitted catcher who has the tools to rate with and beyond others in the class who are committed. Catchers come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, some schools prefer a certain body type or size (usually not on the tall end of the spectrum). Yes Redding is 6-foot-3, and a physical 205-lbs, looks great in the uniform. He's a capable blocker with agility and quickness to block. He's a sound receiver and plays with a strong motor. The arm is up to 80 mph and he can catch/throw with competitive 2.00-2.10 times. Add to all of that his physical bat and knack for driving in runs, and you have an extremely well-rounded player.

Rolen Reyes SS / 2B / St. Mary's, CA / 2024

One of the top uncommitted 'baseball players' in Northern California, Reyes contributes in many ways. His IQ and bat to ball skills are huge assets (very little swing/miss), as well as the fact that he is a LHH middle infielder. Some scouts/coaches also like to know of a player's bloodlines to foretell future development, so knowing that Reyes' older brother Ripken Reyes is a switch-hitting AA (Padres) 2nd baseman is of note. Watching him calmly grind through at-bats and frustrate pitchers with his ability to spoil and put into play their best offerings gives a glimpse of what he will be at the college level where bat to ball skills are a HUGE asset. He's a sound defender up the middle, profiles best at 2B. 

Sammy Rivas SS / OF / Serra, CA / 2024

There are few players in the class who possess the overall raw tools and twitchiness of Rivas. He's built and sculpted in a way that suggests he can run and has explosive actions, and he does. His body also shows he's dedicated to being all he can be. Rivas is a plus runner, has plus bat speed and hand speed, an above average arm, and packs more pop into the bat than being 5-foot-10 170-lbs might suggest. Having seen Rivas develop INF/OF and his ability to get to his hitting tools in games is there. He plays SS with athleticism and intensity. His overall tool and skill set would get him on the field early in college, at the very least as a utility guy, a runner, a pinch hitter, etc.

Nic Sebastiani OF / SS / Sonoma Valley, CA / 2024

Relative to raw tools, no player at California State Games was as high on two separate tools lists as Sebastiani. His 91 mph throw from the OF was tied for the top velocity among OFs and his 6.66 60-yard was the fastest time, yet it's not the fastest we've seen him run before. The 3.77 30-yard was also the second fastest time in that measure. The hitting hands are potentially special as they fire easily with an abundance of hand speed. When keeping the his swing on a line drive plane he is a handful for the defense. He's just learning to play the OF this past summer yet when seeing the speed and arm, then watching him make a FAR running play in LF into foul territory, it's clear he can be a game-changer on defense as well.

Kade Spomer SS / P / Lincoln, CA / 2024

The second player from Lincoln HS on this list, Spomer has the chops to play on the dirt and be an impactful defender at SS. Frankly, having seen him move around to multiple positions, including OF, at events, he's adept no matter where he's at, because he's a BALLPLAYER. The arm tracks accurately with zip across the diamond, he moves his feet athletically and nimbly, all while also playing with the type of motor and IQ found at the college level. Competitive hitter, can occasionally be a little uphill, but there is bat speed and tenacity at the plate. On the mound we've seen him up to 87 and he can dot spots.

Makai Susor 3B / OF / St. Ignatius College Prep, CA / 2024

Susor has long been a player we've known has big physical gilfts and tools. Raw has been a word applied to him going back to his freshman year when he was showing early intriguing velocity on the mound and power potential at the plate. Well, pitching is not in his profile but the arm strength plays across the diamond in an above average fashion. He showed athleticism and agility at the hot corner during the event, making difficult plays to his left. The bat has thunder in it, with a 97.1 max EV and 371' estimated distance ranking in the top 5, while hitting into some HARD outs during the event. Susor looks poised to breakout this spring.

Dylan Westbrook OF / Oak Ridge, CA / 2024

Westbrook earned his way onto this list due to his hitting prowess we saw at mulitple events this summer. His ability to drive the ball into the gaps for extra base hits showed up on a consistent basis and as a LHH, he should have attention on him from schools looking for a LH bat. The body is lean and wiry so there is strength he can add in the future which certainly could enhance what he already does well... HIT. Also showing up all summer was his intangibles. Showcases can often be odd environments for kids to be their genuine selves among kids they don't know, but Westbrook brings a dugout together QUICKLY with infectious enthusiasm and a personality others gravitate to. After a couple of days with his State Games teammates, it seemed as though they had been teammates all summer.


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