Central Valley Preseason ID: Quick Hits

Ryan Ozella & Blaine Clemmens
PBR N. California Scouting Staff

FRESNO, CA - Our inaugural venture into California's Central Valley led us to Fresno City College for the Central Valley ID Showcase, which featured 43 players (all but one uncommitted) primarily from Fresno and the surrounding areas, but also players from Sacramento to San Diego. The event was STRONG with 2022 grads and was also well attended by 2020 and 2021 players.

The event featured our PBR workout with 60 yard dash, hitting stations including exit velocity (off a tee) and live on-field BP, defensive workouts at the players' primary positions, and at the end of the day, bullpen sessions for the pitchers. 

With over 40 players at the event, our scouts were eager to get a look at players in the talent-rich Fresno area and were not disappointed. Fresno is renowned for being a great baseball city and it showed with a solid grouping of players. Many put themselves onto our radar to follow while others will make their way into future rankings.

As we continue to break down video and scouting notes we will roll out more content broken down by position. In the interim, we wanted to highlight players who our team of scouts felt stood out with their performances. Videos and scouting reports for players will be posted to their respective profiles in the coming days and weeks.

Players are listed in no particular order. Be sure to click on the player profile for full statistics from the event. 

+ 2022 OF Darryl Dilworth Jr (Vanden HS) - Long and athletically built OF started by running a 7.11 60 yd dash then showed off his athleticism with a swing that regularly peppered gaps and the middle of the field while showing loose wrists and a quick bat. Defensively he showed off a very projectable arm that was quick and compact staying behind the ball and putting it on bags with easy life. Should be a high follow for the 2022 class.

+ 2021 SS/2B Felix Bravo (Hanford HS) - Small frame that's agile and quick with good feet. On the diamond, he was smooth utilizing good angles while keeping himself moving through the ball before showing off a quick release with plenty of arm strength for the position. At the plate, he showed quick turns while keeping a compact bat that turns the barrel for gap-to-gap line drives.

+ 2022 SS/OF Chase Jasso (Redwood HS) - Projectable, compact and lean frame with future middle of the diamond skills that showed well during the defensive portions. Was loose and agile with the ability to stay low and work with a quick glove and compact arm. At the plate, he showed quick hands with feel for the barrel regularly working to drive balls to the oppo side of the field.

+ 2020 OF/RHP Arthur Soto (Archbishop Mitty HS) - Looks stronger from viewings last year with the ability to use long legs to get moving quickly (7.33 60 yd dash). Offensively swing works on a short upward path with some lag in the zone that allows him to carry deep into gaps. Shows a RF arm that was compact and quick getting extension on follow through with balls regularly being online with life.

+ 2022 OF/1B Hunter Jansen (Clovis North HS) - Long, lean and very athletically built, Jansen stood out with a 7.16 60 time before getting to hitting and driving balls back through the middle of the field. Utilized a very quick bat that creates leverage with future pull power on the way. Defensively he stood out from the OF with a compact arm that has a high release and getting the ball online to targets showing extra life when needed. Projects to be a top 2022.

+ 2022 LHP Devon Daniel (Kerman HS) - Lean and lithe with wiry proportions, Daniel is a fun one to watch. He has good feel of three pitches and the life on all of them is good. As he gains size and strength the velocity (fastball up to 76 mph) will come right along. His best pitch is a tight spinning but 1/7 curveball with depth and bite. He can use that pitch to both right and left-handed batters. The change-up is a little firm but has late cut action and looks like it could also be usable to hitters on both sides of the plate. His composure and moxie really stand out.

+ 2022 OF Devin Riley (Vanden HS) - Caught eyes in the 60 yd dash running a 7.21 and used that athleticism in the outfield where he was quick to balls with clean routes before letting loose a potential plus arm. Throws showed extra life to the bag and were quick. At the plate, the hands were direct and short to the ball staying tight and showing quickness and projects to continue to get better.

+ 2019 OF/RHP Mark Fairweather (Valley Christian HS) - Showed well all over the field with a strong 7.37 60 yd dash and one of the strongest OF arms. From the OF the arm was quick and whippy from a mid ¾ slot as he utilized his lower half well to put the ball through the bags. At the plate, he showed pull side pop (93 exit velo) with a very quick bat that creates easy leverage as he banged multiple balls off and over the wall in LF. Jumped on the mound and was up to 83 mph and has a snappy breaking ball.

+ 2020 C/1B Diego Gonzales (South Hills HS) - Scouts consistently took notice of Diego hitting and behind the plate as he worked hard while showing off projectable skills. At the plate, he showed a quick bat from a wide base where he used his strong lower half to go gap-to-gap with line drives. Behind the plate, he worked very hard giving Pitchers a great target to throw to and showing projectable catch/throw skills with a strong ability to block and recover.

+ 2020 C Julian Galvan (Crossroads Santa Monica HS) - His medium frame is lean and shows room for added growth and strength as he started the day running a strong 7.30 60 yd dash. At the plate, his bat was very quick after a controlled load peppering the middle of the field and showing potential deep gap power as he matures and strengthens. Behind the plate, his actions were very quick while showing good body control (1.92-2.14 Pop) and having the ball come from a compact, strong arm regularly being on the base. His blocking showed up in the pen where he smothered pitches and used his strong glove hand to stick pitches while keeping a low target.

+ 2022 1B/LHP Maxmillian Bernal (Buchanan HS) - Stood out as a future two-way guy for the 2022 class. Offensively he stays in his back hip driving balls into the oppo gap and middle of the field with a quick bat that shows whip through the zone with more power to come. Defensively he was very agile at 1B with a strong glove hand helping out his infielders on some errant throws and making all the throws needed. On the mound he sat at 81 mph and showed feel of two secondary pitches. His delivery was dialed in and is clean. Bernal's ceiling is high, as either a hitter or a pitcher. Certainly one to watch.

+ 2021 C/OF Nolan Barry (Rio Americano HS) - Showed his projectable frame and athletic ability as he ran a 7.35 60 yd dash to start the day. At the plate showed strong posture and quick turns as he stayed to the middle of the field from a compact bat. Behind the dish, his throws got better and better (2.0-2.19) showing quick footwork and a compact arm with future above average skills that put the ball where he needed it. Was vocal on the field and in the pen as he worked with a strong glove, sticking pitches and showing subtle moves back to the zone to help his pitchers.

+ 2020 3B/RHP Isaac Ayon (Buchanan HS) - The 49th ranked player in the 2020 class and St. Mary's commit didn't disappoint during the day. His XL frame is already filled with strong muscles and has some space to continue to grow. Offensively he showed an explosive bat that drove balls all over the field with current present power as well. In the infield, he showed off his arm strength making the play in the 6-hole look easy and showing solid feet while moving laterally under control. Ayon also showed well on the mound, with a fastball reaching up to 88 mph and a quick biting breaking ball. We've seen the power arm on a few occasions and expect the velocity to continue to grow as he enters the warm weather of the spring.

+ 2019 OF/2B Andrew Perkins (Clovis North HS) - Very athletic player who started the day off running the fastest 60 yd dash at 6.81. That same athleticism translated to all parts of his game. At the plate, he can really fire the backside as he drove balls deep into both gaps while staying balanced through swings. His athleticism allows him to play fluidly with good angles and strong footwork that would fit the profile in CF. His arm plays from a longer action with the ability to have throws online with flashes of life.

+ 2022 OF/3B Evan Wallace (Buchanan HS) - Very quick runner started the day off with a very fast 6.98 60 yd dash showing a quick burst. The bat has lots of potential as he works from a crouched open stance and gets on plane early to drive liners all of the field. Defensively he has projectable skills with a compact arm that was easy and could play at either RF or 3B. Projectable frame and chance to grow into a very good player.

+ 2021 RHP/1B Ethan Padilla (Bella Vista HS) - His frame caught eyes from the minute he walked into the facility at 6'5" and 210 with the ability to continue to add on to his XL frame. At the plate was able to regularly create leverage on the ball with the ability to drive deep into both gaps flashing future plus raw power. At 1st base he was loose and fluid utilizing a compact easy arm to make every throw he needed and projects to have even more in the arm as he matures and utilizes his lower half. 

+ 2020 RHP/1B Victor Martinez (Rodriguez HS) - Very strong frame with strength currently present at the plate and on the mound. Martinez was up to 84 mph on the mound and as he's shown us previously, displayed a curveball with some bite and feel of the change-up. His delivery is good as he creates leverage. Look for him to have a strong spring on the mound. Offensively his narrow stance allows his very quick hands to work upward through contact with the ability to get carry on balls deep into the gaps and future power projecting. Compact arm works in time with lower half and his loose hips are able to swivel around the bag at first. 

+ 2019 C Max Moore (Oakdale HS) - His strong frame showed present muscle throughout while having athleticism in his lower half as he ran a 7.35 60 yd dash. At the plate, his compact and quick bat shows strength to the pull side with pop and the ability to backspin balls deep into the gap. One of the best catchers at the event with present arm strength from a compact and quick release (1.93-2.00) he also showed a strong wall behind the plate with the ability to smother pitches while sticking pitches with a low and quiet target glove.

+ 2021 1B/RHP Kadon Floro (Buhach Colony HS) - Very strong frame with the ability to utilize strength in his hitting and on the mound. At the plate worked with low hands and strong posture to create very quick turns and drive the ball deep into the gap. Peppered the pull side of the field and the wall while keeping his hands tight and inside the baseball. Worked fluidly around the bag at 1st with a wider base and glove that could help infielders. On the mound displayed a fastball with lively late movement (T79 mph) and a change-up with late run. Spins the curveball a bit too.

+ 2021 C/RHP Trevor Shepherd (Paraclete HS) - A good all-around showing for Shepherd during the day. He's a lean bodied athlete and displayed projectable abilities both as a catcher and on the mound. His strong arm showed up with a top pop velocity of 75 mph and his times were consistent and competitive, with a low time of 2.07. His accuracy was good. On the mound he was steadily 80-81 mph with good sinking action. His best pitch was the change-up but he also showed feel of a tight curveball. With his quick arm and feel of quality secondary pitches, look for him to really come on as a pitcher.


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