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Northern CA Open Scout Day - Quick Hits

PBR CA Scouting Staff

At The Yard Podcast

LATHROP, CA - On a sunny morning and early afternoon, though a little brisk and breezy, 37 players in the 2023-2025 classes attended the open event and we came across some very talented kids, many of whom will be heard from in the coming years, both on the field, in the recruiting process, and in our class rankings. The event was run in a straight showcase format, no game play or competitive at-bats.

Technology was present, with the live stream, TrackMan, and Blast Motion gathering data and images/video of the players.

Listed Alphabetically, by grad year (video will be added to profiles soon):

2023 Grads

2023 OF/SS/P Isaac Gala (Trinity Christian Academy/Heritage HS) - Wiry frame with length and athletic actions (7.31 60-yd); added mass will help to make jumps. Showed athletic ability in two defensive positions with the arm strength translating from those to the hill. During BP, the loose wrists and quick turns were present allowing him to work liners spraying them through the middle of the field (85.29 Max EV, 60% On Plane Efficiency, 19.6 Max Hand Speed); removing some extra movements would allow more barrel feel. Defensively the arm stood out with very compact and quick actions allowing for easy carry out of the hand (82 INF/88 OF MPH). On the hill worked from the stretch with a shorter stride after a small lean down the hill allowing the upper half to get over the frontside; compact arm gets through 3/4 slot easily. FB (77-79 MPH, 2572 Max Spin) had bits of cut but was firm with tight spin. CB (66-70 MPH, -23/-11.9 Max HB/IVB) was more of a slurve with inconsistent spin/feel for the pitch on the day. SLD (67-69 MPH, -19.4 Max HB) was more consistent and able to utilize in the zone more consistently. CHG (69-73 MPH, 9.3 Max IVB) was a harder type with good depth when he let it work. As the frame strengthens, the jumps in arm strength/exit velocity would jump as well.

2023 RHP/3B Eric Segura (Soledad) - Present strength in the upper half with length in the frame. Very strong bat-to-ball skills and feel for the barrel; allowed him to drive balls gap-to-gap with pull power there. Stayed tight with the barrel allowing him to utilize the lower half and put easy swings that produced strong numbers (19.2 Max Rot Acc, 72.3 Max Bat Speed, 23.3 Max Hand Speed, 63% On Plane Efficiency, 70% Line Drive/Fly Ball, 90.35 Max EV). Defensively at 3B showed good feet and the ability to funnel well; lower slot with present arm strength and projectable actions overall. Made a name for himself finishing the day on the hill with electric stuff from a M-3/4 slot that was loose and easy with an athletic and repeatable delivery. FB (85-87 T88 MPH, 14.0 Max IVB/HB), exploded out of his hand with heaviness and arm side run. CB (73-75 MPH, -13.8 Max HB, -9 Max IVB) looked like a SLD being short and tight with a late hard bite. CHG (76-78 MPH, 19.4 Max HB) had diving arm side run that took off out of a FB slot. Very impressive day.

2023 OF Bryant Viskovich (Leigh) - Lean, athletic build with current strength and very projectable; plus runner and athleticism (6.75 60-yd). Balanced with the ability to sink the back hip on a smooth load allowed the barrel to be quick and get good length through the zone; easy carry on liners through the gaps and middle of the field. Consistently found the barrel (90.07/92.9 Avg/Max EV, 66.7 Hard Hit %, 71.1 Max Bat Speed, 20.8 Max Hand Speed). Athletic and attacking in the OF with a loose, long arm that produced easy carry (89 OF MPH); will need to harness the arm strength which is a good thing. Very athletic and active all day; future middle of the OF type of profile.

2023 LHP Craig Yanagihara (Redwood Christian) - High waist, lean strength, long and lanky build projecting more strength. Slotted three pitches from the left side with a tight and fluid lift allowing hands to break cleanly. Small depth out of the glove, but compact getting to the H-3/4 slot and finishing over a stable front side. FB (78-82 MPH, 21.2 Max IVB, -21.3 Max HB) spotted to different parts of the zone (85.7% In Zone by Trackman) setting up two good offspeed. CB (67-71 MPH, 2374 Max Spin, -14 Max IVB, 16 Max HB) was short, tight, and hard with late horizontal actions; feel for the pitch (75% In Zone). CHG (72-75 MPH, -24.3 Max HB, 14.1 Max IVB) with dive and run arm side off the FB look. Build and stuff to be a starter at the next level as he continues to mature.

2024 Grads

2024 RHP Bryce Berry (Granada) - XXL Frame that has some current strength and length projecting more jumps as he matures. Repeated the delivery well and controlled the body in athletic, over-the-head action. The loose arm went down early before getting through 3/4 slot and strong frontside to produce extension. FB (75-77 T78 MPH) was live in the zone (22.1 Max IVB) with both four and two-seam variants; two-seam was heavier (13.5 Max HB). CB (61-64 MPH, -16.1/-22 Max HB/IVB) sharp and fluid break with 3/4 shape; spun it well (2125 Max Spin) and ability to change a hitters eye level with it. Only a bullpen but pitched with a plus tempo and had an idea of what he was trying to do with every pitch. Lots of space on the frame to make a big velocity jump.

2024 C/SS Cal Elvis (Vacaville) - Strength present in the upper half with a long lean frame and the projection to keep adding as he matures. Swung it well from both sides of the plate with good turns allowing the hands to stay connected and behind balls (76% On Plane Efficiency, 18.9 Max Rot Acc, 21.9 Max Hand Speed, 65.5 Max Bat Speed, 69.3% Line Drive/Fly Ball %, 82.47/90.75 Avg/Max EV); liners all through the middle of the field from both sides of the plate and will carry more as he strengthens. Very active with excellent fundamentals behind the dish; clean actions and exchanges and the arm strength (73 C MPH, 2.18-2.26 Pop) to project and stay behind the plate for years to come.

2024 OF/RHP Matt Hood (Aptos) - Physical frame with strength and space to tighten as he matures (7.43 60 yd). Stayed inside the baseball well during his round from a lower and slot; balls were lined to the backside gap and as he learns to turn the barrel, there will be more pull-side carry as well (81% On Plane, 13.3 Max Rot Acc, 65.7 Max Bat Speed, 21.4 Max Hand Speed). Took defense in OF and the quick arm and fluid actions out of the glove project more to come (83 OF MPH); can keep improving his footwork and glove actions. On the hill showed lots of promise with three pitches and a simple up/down hand action. The front knee gets high and allows him to take a very shallow depth out of the glove before its H-3/4 release. FB (74-79 T80 MPH) attacked the top half of the zone and with his release height (5.64 Avg) will be a good way to attack hitters. CB (64-67 MPH, 14.2/-17.6 Max IVB/HB) shows a long shape and depth out of a similar release height (5.51 Avg). CHG (68-71 MPH, 12.6 Max IVB) bottomed at the plate and sold it with good arm speed.

2024 OF Lawrence Ingram IV (Aptos) - High waist, long torso projecting more strength as he matures. Offensively showed very good ability to turn and create late batspeed through the zone; wider base with low hips and a high back elbow. Shot balls through the middle and to the RCF gap, and as he learns to turn the barrel will be able to have the exit velocity jump to the pull side as well (25.8 Max Rot Acc, 70.5 Max Bat Speed, 22.5 Max Hand Speed, 81% On Plane, 55.5 % Line Drive/Fly Ball). On defense, he had a bigger armload before allowing the wrist to flick balls to their bases keeping throws online (79 OF MPH). Tools are available to make progress quickly.

2024 OF/SS Cole Jones (Bishop O’Dowd) - Athletic build with squared shoulders; very lean and projects to add strength for jumps in tools (6.97 60-yd). Defensively showed athleticism in multiple spots (OF/SS) with a quick arm that showed easy carry and accuracy to the bags(83 OF/75 INF MPH). OF skills have more present playability, but the athleticism at SS was impressive and projects to keep improving. Offensively he’s narrow and tight with a simple step and stretch stance allowing him to lets his hand speed show up. Found the inside of the ball consistently and stayed through the middle of the field with liners (80.33 Max EV, 17.7 Max Hand Speed, 59.1 Max Bat Speed).

2024 SS/OF Peter Krumins (Piedmont) - Athletic (7.55 60 Yd), proportional frame with strength in the lower half. Compact swing after sinking the lower half (80.27/86.87 Avg/Max EV); able to have the ball stay through the middle with low liners and hard grounders that should carry as he learns to work the barrel upwards more consistently through contact. Defensively he showed good hips and glove actions allowing the longer arm to be on the bag (76 INF MPH); projectable skills to stay at SS as he matures.

2024 SS/P Edward Peters (Aptos) - Longer frame with square shoulders and thin strength; length projects more size quickly. Stayed behind the ball well allowing him to consistently find the barrel and drive balls gap-to-gap; hands start high working down as the front side turns on load (88.9% Line Drive/Fly Ball %, 80.32/86.66 Avg/Max EV, 76% On Plane, 17 Max Rot Acc, 65.6 Max Bat Speed, 20.5 Max Hand Speed). Defensively showed projectable actions for the middle of the infield with a strong glove and arm (81 INF MPH) that kept throws firm across the diamond; efficient routes to the baseball, cutting it off and feeding to the arm.

2024 3B/P Justin Sechler (Serra) - Strong frame with physicality in the lower half now. Simple swing from slightly open stance allowed backside to get through as quick hands stayed above the baseball; ball jumped through the middle with rising line drives (81.8% Line Drive/Fly Ball %, 76.34/86.06 Avg/Max EV, 61% On Plane, 67 Max Bat Speed, 21.7 Max Hand Speed). Hips get low early at 3rd base showing fluid feet through the ball; the arm is accurate (74 INF MPH) putting it right on the bag and with good life across the diamond. On the hill showed a full 3/4 arm having hands lift and break on the high front knee; repeated it well and there’s more coming as he stiffens the front side. FB (70-72 MPH, 19.4 Max IVB) went arm side and up in the zone. CB (59-63 MPH, -7.9 Max IVB, -23.5 Max HB) showed a short angled break at the plate more like a SLD; was able to put it into the zone for strikes (66.7% In Zone). Straight CHG (64-67 MPH, 14.2 Max IVB) showed bits of dive and difference in velocity off the FB to make it projectable 3rd pitch.

2025 Grads

2025 3B/C Manuel Dorantes (Salinas)  - Strong wide frame with strength but plenty of projection available as he’s still a baby-face and strength hasn’t tightened yet. One of the best overall bats on the day consistently driving balls with easy carry and backspin gap-to-gap. Hands stay high with an explosive drive from the back hip and excellent direction through the middle of the field; pull-side power is going to come around very quickly (94.86 Max EV, 80% Fly Balls, 355 Max Distance, 68.42/70.7 Bat Speed Avg/Max, 10.8/14.3 Rot Acc Avg/Max, 20.03/20.5 Avg/Max Hand Speed, 68% On Plane). Took defense as both C and 3B showing a strong arm (75 INF MPH/72 C MPH) at both positions and fluid hips that allowed him to react well with lateral actions.

2025 RHP/OF Caleb Franks (Riverside Poly) - As projectable as they come for a 2025 with a high waist, long legs, and square shoulders and showed athleticism (7.51 60 yd) at the plate, in the OF, and on the mound. Low hands with a simple lift and down front leg allowing hands to get through the zone easily; able to backspin balls through the middle and into RCF (15.4 Max Rot Acc, 60.3 Max Bat Speed, 20.1 Max Hand Speed, 60% On Plane Efficiency). In the OF was fluid and had strong fundamentals in his footwork to allow quick arm put throws online to every base (79 OF MPH). On the hill the quick arm was present from a higher 3/4 slot with a compact delivery and high front knee; sits in the back hip well at highest lift allowing him to control the body over the rubber. FB (75-76 MPH, 14.4/11.2 Max IVB/HB) showed good angle and firmness. SLD (67-69 MPH, -7.6/-6.2 Max IVB/HB) was short and tight with a 3/4 shape and late horizontal break. CHG (71-72 MPH, 9.9 Max HB) showed bits of run and sold it well with FB arm speed.




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