Prep Baseball Report

Top Prospects: RHP Analysis

Les Lukach
State Scouting Director

The inaugural Top Prospects Showcase took place on Wednesday, August 1st at O'Malley Field, home of the Harvard Westlake Wolverines. The event attracted over 100 players in the 2019 class many of whom are in our Class of 2019 Top 100 rankings. With over 20 colleges and seven (7) MLB clubs in attendance, the participants were put through a pro-style workout to showcase their abilities.

As part of our continuing coverage of the event we will continue to break down all the data, roll out stats, content, and videos from the event. In this edition we present the right-handed pitcher analysis from the Top Prospects Showcase.

NOTE: Players are listed in no particular order. Be sure to click on player profiles for full individual statistical performances and video.

Knolton Clark, Servite HS, 2019

Six-foot-2, 190-pounds, medium-large frame with defined strength in the lower half, broad shoulders and visible strength throughout. Shows a long, loose arm in the back that he whips through delivery on a low ¾ slot. Arm is clean and quick - borderline fast. Separates early and throws downhill with tight spin. Drop-and-drive with flexibility in hips while using lower half strength to drive down the mound and landing inline and square to target. Fastball shows armside run while showing the ability to command it to all quadrants of the strike zone. Curveball has slurvy action with sharp, late breaking action. Changeup is deceptive with late darting action into righties. Clark projects as a future power pitcher given his arm speed and ability to maintain that speed on all pitches along with his present command of three pitches. Clark has positioned himself as one of the best available arms in his class.

Cole Dale, Maranatha HS, 2019

Six-foot-2, 190-pounds, long frame with strength and athleticism throughout. Broad shoulders with long limbs, high waist, and a barrel chest. Shows a loose, fast, compact arm action that is lively through his drop/drive repeatable delivery. Shows flexibility and athleticism on the mound. Pounds the zone with a fastball ,slider, changeup repertoire. Fastball life to the armside as it enters the hitting zone which he keeps down below the knees. Slider is a potential plus pitch with its sharp, late breaking action that he commands for strikes. Has a two-seam fastball that shows big armside run while working downhill and in on righties. Dale shows feel for the changeup which is still a developing pitch but has present fading action. Dale oozes projection with his present stuff and physicality. He is undoubtedly one of the best available pitchers in the 2019 class.

Jashiah Morrissey, Serra HS, 2019

Six-foot, 170-pounds, medium, strong, athletic frame with defined strength in lower half and through the shoulders and chest. Drop and drive delivery through to an online, athletic landing. Full circle in the back through to a ¾ arm slot. Arm is fast, loose, and easy with minimal effort. Fastball shows sinking action on a downhill plane showing the ability to spot it to all quadrants of the strike zone. Curveball shows late, sweeping break with 1/7 shape. Command is inconsistent with the curveball when he maintains fastball arm speed. Changeup is deceptive with sinking action to the armside and slight run. Morrissey is a hyper-athletic middle infielder who shows feel for pitching with a consistent arm slot and variable arm speed on three pitches which shows average to above-average command of.

Justin Goldstein, Beckman HS, 2019

Six-foot-3, 170-pounds, long, lean frame with high waist, long limbs. Body really projects for added strength, especially through the lower half. Goldstein is a drop/drive pitcher that pounds the zone with a three-pitch mix of fastball, curveball, slider. Arm is quick, loose while his delivery is very repeatable. There's deception to his delivery while his pitches all work downhill. Fastball shows gloveside run as he is a bit cross body. Curveball is a present above average pitch with its late, sharp biting action on a two-plane path. Changeup shows slight armside run in on righties. Maintains arm slot and speed on all pitches. Shows command of all three pitches which he threw for strikes while keeping all down in the hitting zone.

Danny Veloz, Village Christian HS, 2019

Six-foot, 183-pounds, medium, muscular frame with strength throughout particularly in the upper half where his shoulders are wide and strong down through the arms. Full arc in the back with a hint of a wrist wrap. Shows good extension down to the target. A bit of a tilt and topple delivery as he falls off to the first base side after release. Starts tall before dropping and driving down the mound. Shows excellent command of the fastball which flashes hints of glove side run as he pulls arm through delivery. Keeps the pitch at or below knee level and throws strikes with it. Curveball is tight with 11/5 shape and late breaking action. Shows good command of the pitch working downhill with it. Changeup flashes run to the armside with some feel and command. Veloz shows the ability to throw the three pitches for strikes and projects as a potential starter at best and a bullpen arm at worst. He's also an excellent shortstop with some pull side power in the bat.

Christian Lara, Walnut HS, 2019

Five-foot-8, 165-pounds, small frame, sloped shoulders with wiry strength through. Large feet. Full circle arm action in the back with a high ¾ arm slot. Lara has the look of a converted infielder on the bump as he shows athleticism through delivery and into the his landing. Arm speed is average with some effort involved. Fastball is straight but he shows the ability to command the location. Curveball shows 11/5 shape with gradual break as it approaches the hitting zone. Changeup shows cut action with downward movement and armside run back over the plate. Lara is also a middle infielder who shows the ability to hit to all fields.

Jameson Walsh, Capistrano Valley HS, 2019

Six-foot-3, 200-pounds, long limbs, high waist, squared shoulders and defined strength throughout his frame. Large feet. Athletic frame that projects further strength gains. Working from a high ¾ arm angle, Walsh generates good downhill plane while driving down the mound. Average arm speed with short actions. Maintains his slot and mechanics consistently. Lands inline to target with an athletic finish. Change up is thrown with fastball arm speed and shows sinking action as it enters the hitting zone while throwing for strikes. Fastball shows some armside run while his curveball shows downer action from same slot and arm speed.

Kyle Grier, Aliso Niguel HS, 2019

Six-foot-3, 160-pounds, high waisted, athletic build with long arms and broad shoulders. Frame can easily handle the addition of mass/strength. Grier is a fast armed athletic righty that shows a little funk to his delivery with a short pause in the back as he loads and explodes towards the target. Fastball is heavy with downhill movement thrown from a high ¾ slot showing some occasional armside run. His curveball is thrown from the same slot and arm speed showing late 10/4 break. Grier shows excellent command of the pitch that he snaps off. His changeup shows plenty of arm side run while maintaining the same arm speed. Grier shows command of all three pitches throwing them all for strikes.

Cameron Gallardo, Redwood HS, 2019

Six-foot-2, 195-pounds, medium-large frame with strength throughout, high waist, long limbs, large feet, and sloped shoulders and large feet. May not be done growing. Keeps hands connected at waist as he initiates delivery before getting to his ¾ slot release point. Arm action is loose and easy. Drives down the mound using lower half very well. Mechanics are repeatable and consistent. Slot (¾) and arm speed (quick) are the same with all pitches. Fastball shows slight action on a downhill plane which he pounds to both sides of the plate. Slider shows 10/4 shape with late action which he commands well. Keeps his changeup down in the zone while flashing armside run and commanding to both sides of the plate.

Jeremy Wiegman, Huntington Beach HS, 2019

Six-foot-5, 175-pounds, extra large, long, lean, wiry strong frame with long limbs, a high waist and large feet. Wiegman is a highly athletic righty with a compact, quick arm action that generates downhill plane from a high ¾ arm slot. Uses lower half to drive down the mound while landing square to target in an athletic position. Shows a fastball, curveball, splitter combination commanding all for strikes. Fastball shows downhill tailing action to the armside which keeps below the knees. Curveball is a true-two plane pitch with 12/6 shape that works down in the zone when thrown with conviction. Splitter shows darting action to the armside flashing late life as it enters the hitting zone. Wiegman projects very well as a starter at the next level given his size - which could easily add strength - and his present stuff.

John Corrigan, Harvard Westlake HS, 2019

Six-foot-2, 205-pounds, large, muscular, strong frame with present strength in the lower half as well as through the chest and into the shoulders. Full, loose and compact arm action in the back through to a ¾ arm slot with slightly above average arm speed. Tilt and topple delivery as he falls off to the first base side after landing square to target on a bent front leg. Fastball is heavy and straight while working downhill with good plane. Curveball shows 1/7 shape with sharp, spiking action from same slot and arm speed. Pitch stays down in the zone regularly and he shows the ability to spot it black-to-black. Change up is fairly straight while sometimes showing armside run and occasional sinking action. Changeup really projects as an out pitch. Corrigan is an athletic pitcher who projects well on the mound at the next level.

Jordan Dem, Oak Park HS, 2019

Six-foot-1, 210-pounds, large frame with strength throughout the frame particularly in the lower half through the rear down into the calves. Defined strength in upper half. Intriguing pitching prospect who uses different arm slots for his fastball and his very playable slider which projects to be a plus pitch. Arm speed is average with regular effort with full action in the back. Fastball shows sinking action but effectively wild. Slider is playable showing late downer action. Dem shows projection in a reliever role at the next level due to his present playable slider and his ability to command it and throw it for strikes.

Shawn Hepler, Corona Centennial HS, 2019

Six-foot-3, 175-pounds, large frame with a high waist, large feet, and broad shoulders. Strength is proportional throughout body. Arm action is quick, mechanics are repeatable as is his ¾ slot. Uses a full arc in the back before driving down the mound and landing square to the target in an athletic position. Uses a drop & drive delivery centering all his weight through the middle of his body before exploding to the target. Curveball is best present pitch as it shows late, biting action with an 11/5 shape. Changeup has some armside action while working downhill. Spots both the curveball and changeup at or just below knee level. Fastball has some tailing life as it enters the zone which is able to work to both sides of the plate as well as all quadrants of the strike zone. Can throw secondary pitches for strikes and shows pitchability with all pitches with regular effort.

Max Nyrop, Alameda HS, 2019

Six-foot-5, 205-pounds, large frame with evenly proportioned strength throughout the frame, strength through his squared shoulders and down to the wrists. Large feet and long limbs. Nyrop is an athletic big-bodied pitcher who also plays first base and shows a good hit tool. Arm action is loose and easy from a high ¾ borderline over-the-top arm slot. Arm speed is average with very little effort that generates downhill plane. Velocity projects for gains once Nyrop incorporates his lower half into the delivery more consistently and lengthen his stride. Fastball shows late sinking action along with some armside run. Changeup shows some armside run when thrown with conviction. Curveball has downer shape with late breaking action which spots at or below the knees. Nyrop seems more comfortable from the stretch projection as a reliever presently.

Michael Golob, Harvard Westlake HS, 2019

Six-foot-1, 180-pounds, medium frame with a strong lower half, with leaner, wiry strength in upper half. Can continue to strengthen frame without affecting overall profile. Hands stay at chest until separation. Uses lower half well to drive down mound. Consistent, repeatable delivery from a high ¾ slot. Works fastball black-to-black with slight action as it enters the hitting zone. Curveball shows sharp break with 11/5 shape from same arm speed as fastball. Changeup shows armside run, but can be a tick inconsistent in terms of strike throwing. Works down in the zone with all pitches. Lands squared up to target with an athletic finish.

Maximus Cappello, Liberty HS, 2019

Five-foot-8, 165-pounds, small, sturdy frame with defined musculature throughout particularly through the thighs. Compact arm action in the back with a hint of a cupped wrist through to a high ¾ arm slot. Arm is quick and loose. Deliberate delivery with a high leg lift before landing square to target in an athletic position with some recoil to the arm. Fastball has sinking action on a downhill plane showing the ability to spot it side-to-side. Curveball has tight spin with late sharp breaking action and 1/7 shape to it. Pitch projects to be above average. Cappello is also an above average middle infielder with the ability to make throws from multiple angles and shows a quiet approach with sneaky power at the plate.

Steven Miller, Notre Dame HS, 2019

Six-foot-5, 190-pounds, large frame with long limbs, high waist, square shoulders, proportional strength and athleticism. Arm shows a full path from a ¾ slot and is quick. Miller uses a drop/drive delivery with quick and free hips and front leg lift which lands towards the target transferring his weight to the front side and driving down the mound generating downhill plane on all pitches. Fastball shows cut action to righties which he commands for strikes. Curveball shows 12/6 shape with late down-and-away breaking action and has out pitch potential. Changeup is downhill has flashes of armside run which he commands and keeps below the knees. Miller is a highly projectable pitcher with a fresh arm who should continue to see increases in velocity.

Dorian Asher, Chaminade College Prep, 2019

Five-foot-9, 170-pounds, small, strong, powerful frame with significant strength throughout. Short, compact arm action in the back through to a high ¾ delivery that is repeatable. Arm is quick and loose. Drop and drive delivery that he lands closed to the target in an athletic position showing smooth rhythm from start-to-finish. Fastball shows some sinking action on a downhill plane. Shows the ability to spot it to the target. Changeup shows armside run with a hint of late sink to it. Maintains fastball plane on changeup. Curveball shows tight spin with late sinking break to it. Asher shows command of all three pitches from the windup and the stretch. He brings the same athleticism to the mound with which he plays second base.

Mikie Welch, Cathedral Catholic HS, 2019

Six-foot-1, 190-pounds, large frame with a thick, strong lower half, sloped shoulders, and strength through the upper half. Stays tall on the backside before driving down the mound with a high leg lift trigger. Uses a short arc in the back before releasing from a ¾ arm slot and a bit of a stabbing throwing motion. Fastball has some tilting action with slight armside run on a downhill plane. Commands the fastball well and spots it at knee level. Curveball shows 11/5 shape with gradual break. Changeup is straight on a downhill plane.

Michael Effatian, Notre Dame HS, 2019

Six-foot-3, 195-pounds, large frame with proportional strength throughout his frame especially in the lower half. Broad shoulders with long limbs and a high waist. Arm action is loose, with a short extension in the back before whipping a ¾ slot. Drives down the mound using his lower half and quick/free hips before landing square to target in an athletic position. Delivery is somewhat segmented before he drives down the mound. Fastball shows life and downhill tilt with some armside run as it enters the zone which he's able to throw to all quadrants of the zone. Tends to slow arm a little on his changeup the he keeps down in the hitting zone and has some late fading action. Curveball has gradual break to it with 11/5 shape. Effatian shows the ability to throw all pitches for strikes with his fastball and curveball being his best present pitches.

Josiah Penberthy, Clovis HS, 2019

Six-foot-3, 190-pounds, large frame with strength in lower half and squared shoulders and strength through arms down to wrists. Penberthy uses a low ¾ almost sidearm delivery to generate movement on all pitches. Nothing comes out of the hand or enters the zone straight or on the same plane. Fastball shows late titling life as it enters the zone similar to the movement you'd see on a changeup. The slider has sharp two-plane break after starting with a sweeping presence. His changeup features even more armside run than his fastball with late darting action. Penberthy projects as a bullpen arm at the next level.

Sean McTigue, Riverside Polytechnic HS, 2019

Six-foot-2, 175-pounds, lean, wiry strong upper half with defined strength through the waist and into the legs. Short, compact, loose arm action through delivery. Generates excellent downhill plane on all pitches from a high ¾ arm slot. Fastball flashes some tilt and works on a downhill plane through the hitting zone. Curveball has 11/5 shape with gradual break to it. Changeup shows sinking action which he spots at or below knee level. McTigue who is also a catcher shows some tools on the mound that project as a back end reliever at the next level.

Austin Hallman, Marina HS, 2019

Six-foot-2, 195-pounds, large, strong, muscular frame with broad shoulders that have defined strength through the traps down into the arms. Has a long extension in the back with a full arc. Drives down the mound before landing square to the target in an athletic position. Hips are a bit stiff while the arm is loose. Hallman throws a heavy fastball on a downhill plane which he commands to each side of the plate for strikes. Curveball shows 10/4 shape with gradual break. Tends to slow the arm down and getting long in the back costing him some command at times. Changeup flashes late fading action into righties at the knees for strikes. Hallman is also an outfield that flashes power at the plate.

Carson Perez, Mission Viejo HS, 2019

Six-foot, 170-pounds, high waisted, long limbs, square shoulders with wiry strength through the frame. Long arm action with a hitch in the back causing him to guide the ball to target with a bit of a dart throwing action. Starts tall then drops-and-drives through delivery down the mound landing square to target with an abbreviated finish. Fastball is flat with command to each side of the plate. Curveball shows sweeping action with 10/4 shape and late break. Tends to slow arm on the pitch but really snaps it off. Changeup shows some sinking action from the same arm speed and slot.

Tyler Wyatt Hopper, Damonte Ranch HS (NV), 2019

Six-foot, 200-pounds, medium-large frame with strength in the lower half. Hopper uses a high ¾ delivery to attack hitters with a fastball, slider combination which he throws for strikes. Slider can get outs. Shows sharp action from the same slot. Arm speed is average and has some effort. Lands square and inline while finishing in an athletic position. Strike thrower with both pitches.


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