Prep Baseball Report

Fall Open Notes

Kyle Colletta / Hudson Graham
Georgia Staff

The Fall Open at LakePoint (9/6 - 9/8) brought out a slew of talented uncommitted players. Both Underclass and Upperclass divisions showed exciting game play and impressive individual performances. Here's a look at some standouts from each team.


BigStix Gamers 15U

Ashton Essex
, 2023, Locust Grove (GA), 3B
5-foot-9, 185 pounds. Had some of the best numbers at the plate all weekend. Seemed like everytime I turned he was getting a base it. He did a great job of hitting the ball where it was pitched. Simple swing that got the job done. Short, stocky frame has some pop, and can hit the inside pitch with some power. The most impressive thing was the solid contact he made all weekend. 

Devin Portee, 2022, Decatur, GA,  SS
5-foot-10 150lbs. Athletic lead-off hitter that is a threat when he gets on the bases. High baseball IQ when he is one the bases. At the plate he had a short compact swing that was effective when he stuck to his approach. He was a key piece for the BigStix offense when he was able to get on base. 

BigStix Gamers 16U

Nolan Sliver, 2022, BigStix / Ola (GA) RHP/SS
6-foot-2 145 pounds. One of the more impressive arms of the weekend. Had great feel, and mound presence. He stayed composed after a couple defensive errors, and struck out 2 to end the inning. After that, he settled in and looked really good. FB 82-84 T 85. SL 70-73, threw it in all counts and had late break. He kept hitters off balance, and had the ability to pitch in when he needed to. Great tempo, and gets good extension with a consistent release point. Also showed smooth, confident actions at SS. A very good athlete in the '22 class. 

Matthew Holcomb, 2022, Parkview (GA), SS
5-foot-10 140 pounds. Lean, athletic frame that can move well at SS. Fields the ball out in front of him constantly, and throws well on the run. At the plate he as smooth swing, and keeps his hands in the zone. 

Wyatt Talik, 2022, Parkview (GA), C/OF
5-foot-9, 150 pounds. Advanced offensive skill set. Stays down on contact with swing. Level bat path with low finish. Also played a solid outfield for BigStix.

Devon Marlow, 2022, Luella (GA), RHP

USA Prime

Miles Harper Jr, 2023, Bartlett (TN), RHP
6-foot-2 160 pounds. Junior Futures Games participant with PBR Tennessee. The lanky righty showed some projectable stuff. Smooth mechanics, with a quick arm that has a lot of life left in it. FB was 80-82, and topped out at 84. Did a great job of keeping hitters off balance with his CH at 73-74. Spotted up well with his FB, threw his CB only when needed when he was ahead in the count. 

Payton Boines, 2022, Westlake (GA), SS

Nelson Baseball 15U

Alejandro Rodriguez, 2022, Etowah (GA), SS
Well-rounded player, could play anywhere on the field. Played solid defense all weekend. Smooth, lower arm slot; has the ability to make throws on the run. Gets the ball out of his glove quickly. Completed multiple clean double players with good footwork at the bat. 

Nelson Baseball 16U

Corey Berry, 2022, East Paulding (GA), IF
5-foot-9 140 pounds. Has a smooth,simple swing that can hit the ball all around the ballpark. His power is to right-center where he drove two balls off the wall. Runs well, and gets out of the box, had a hustle double on a ball to shallow left center. High baseball IQ. Keeps the game under control at shortstop. Can throw it from all arm angles. Really fun player to watch. Plays the game the right way, and gets it done in every aspect of the game. 

Tanner Hall, 2022, Harrison (GA), INF/P
6-foot, 170 pounds. 2-way player. Strong, stocky frame with a strong lower half that can produce power at the plate. He hit the ball hard and deep all weekend. Just missed a homerun off the wall in the semi-finals. He uses his lower-half well on the plate. On the mound he pounded the zone. FB 75-77. A lot more in the tank with his strong base. 

Garrett Pate, 2022, Harrison (GA), OF/SS
5-foot-9, 142 pounds. Well rounded INF. Can field the ball cleanly consistently. Has a quick arm, and gets rid of the ball well. Runs well, and has a plan at the plate. Executes when he needs to, and get down the line. Has closing speed in the OF, and takes good routes to the ball. 

Coastal Stars 15U Prospects

Elijah Smith, 2023, Houston County (GA), INF
5-foot-8, 120 pounds. Smith is a solid 2nd baseman. Short, athletic frame. In game 1 he caught 4 over the shoulder catches. He took control, and went to get the baseball. Fields the ball cleanly, and has a good arm. Quick side to side, and can throw the ball well on the slow rollers at 2nd. At the plate he is a tough out. He gets down the line, and can run well when gets on the bags. 

Cody Garwood, 2023, Worth County (GA), SS
5-foot-8, 130 pounds. Played SS most of the weekend. Athletic player, and gets the job done defensively. Has a good, simple swing at the plate. Great lead-off hitter, and can run when he is on the bases. Clean transfers on double plays. Plays the game hard.

Diamond Academy Legends

Orlando Santiago-Martinez, 2022, Dalton (GA), C 
5-foot-9, 165lbs. Great swing at the plate. Smooth, quiet load and attacks the baseball. Quick hands that stay through the zone, and produces power. Good arm behind the plate, caught a couple guys stealing over the weekend. Has a lot of room for growth with his simple swing, and projects more power to come. 

Wesley Shelton, 2022, Calhoun (GA), SS/RHP
5-foot-11, 150 pounds. Holds his own at SS. Athletic player that could play anywhere on the field. Handles the bat well at the top of the line-up. Gets on bases when he needs to, and does not try to do too much with the baseball. Hits it where its pitches, and gets out of the box. 

Southwest Sox

Tristan Jensen, 2022, Campbell (GA), 1B/3B
6-foot, 170 pounds. One of the strongest at the plate of the weekend. He can hit with power to all parts of the field. The Sox had a strong top half of the order, and he produced most of the runs. He holds it down on both corners. Bat stands ahead of defense. Stays back on the ball, and uses his lower half to produce power. Gets it down on the mound as well. FB 78-80. Pounded the strike zone, and forced contact. Smooth ¾ arm slot, and can go the distance. 

Mahkai Pelzer, 2021, Chapel Hill (GA), SS/C
5-foot-11, 165 pounds. One of the most consistent bats of the weekend. Had multiple multi-hit games. Made great contact, and consistently hit the ball hard. Gets the front foot up and down and gets the barrel out. Great bat control and timing against all velos. Stays up the middle, but can hit the ball the other way when needed. Can catch and play SS, which means he could play anywhere on the field. Has a quick, strong arm, saw him throw out multiple guys trying to steal. Really fun player to watch. 

Peyton Gentry, 2022, East Paulding (GA), OF/C
6-foot, 160 pounds. Had one of the biggest hits of the weekend in the championship game to tie it. The sox went on to win a walk-off. Gentry was a big part of the Sox success offensively. He was a big run producer all weekend. What impressed me most was his arm. He made some solid throw-downs to 2nd behind the plate, but when he was in right field he really let it fly. At the plate he has a short compact swing, not a lot of moving parts, so he is able to make contact well. 

Drew Robinson, 2022, St. Francis (GA) SS
6-foot-2 153 pounds. Tall, lanky athletic frame SS was a key component to the Sox championship run. He made all the easy plays at short, and got on base for the meat of the line-up to drive him home. His frame projects well with his fluid arm slot, and quiet feet at short. 

Titans Baseball 16U

Parker Hughes, 2021, Lassiter (GA) OF
5-foot-9, 170 pounds. One of the most well rounded players of the weekend. Prototype CF that has long limbs, and can run well. Has a great approach at the plate, and gets out of the box after he makes contact. Smooth swing that is perfect for the top of the order. Has some power when he gets his pitch to hit. Made it on base safely in nearly every game of the weekend. Athletic in the OF, and made to great sliding catches. 

Justin DiCono, 2021, North Paulding (GA), C
5-foot-7, 160 pounds. Short, stocky physical catcher that can move really well behind the plate. Hustles to back up first every play. Posted a 2.25-2.3 pop time in between innings. Has a quick arm, and does a great job of keeping runners in check with back picks. The power will come at the plate, he constantly made solid contact and got on base. 

Evan Friedman, 2021, Roswell (GA), SS
5-foot-6, 150 pounds. Solid defensive SS. Could also play well over at 2nd. Gets the job done with clean glove work and a strong arm. Shows pop at the plate for his size. Uses his whole body on his swing, and can hit the ball where its pitched. Great top of the order candidate.  

Acworth Warriors

Bradley Beavers, 2022, Allatoona (GA), 2B/RHP
5-foot-4, 110 pounds. Well-rounded 2-way player. Short, athletic frame that can play the game well. Made contact consistently all weekend. Threw strikes on the mound, and fielded his position well. Look for this kid to grow, and turn into a great ball player. 

Andrew Trelles, 2023, OF/C
5-foot-7, 140 pounds. Trelles is a strong 2023 that has a developed upper half. Swings the bat hard, and has a consistent contact point with a smooth toe tap stride. Has a strong arm that shows well both behind the plate, and in the OF. Hit the ball hard in the quarter and semi-final game. 


Perry Henderson, 2022, Grissom (AL), 1B/3B
6-foot-1, 200 pounds; good size. Strong, physical frame that has a ton of room for development. Can field his position at either corner position. Made a couple stretches that showed great mobility over at 1st. Strong lower-half on his swing. Hands come out of the zone some, but still is able to hit the ball hard with his strength. 

Logan Mooney, 2023, Ardmore (AL), LHP 
5-foot-9, 120 pounds. Fundamentally sound left-handed arm. Mechanics are smooth, and allows him to have a consistent release point. FB was 73-75. Was not overpowering, but he pounded the zone and forced contact. Velo will come with his mechanics. Keeps the ball low and forces weak contact. 

Team 360 Hawks 16U

Graham Stogner, 2022, GAC (GA) RHP/3B
Battled with a tough strike, but stayed composed throughout the game. Great mound presence, and was not easily frustrated by errors and bad calls. Stayed with his game, and did well. FB 78-80 and topped out at 82. CB was 65-67 with good break to it. He could throw it in behind counts, and early in the count. Pounded the outer half of the zone with arm side run. Worked out of a bases loaded situation in the 1st. At the plate he can swing it as well.

Devin Tallington, 2022, Lithonia, GA OF 

Raw talent and ability. Tall, athletic frame that can move really well. Lefty hitter has backside approach, and can hit with power to the opposite field. Had an inside the park homerun on a shot to left-center. Long strides, and can really move once he gets going. Plays the game hard, and with passion. He would take practice swings in front of the dugout before the inning whether he was hitting or not. 


Eli Painter, 2022, Carter (TN) SS/RHP
5-foot-10, 135 pounds. Athletic player, with a lot of room for growth. Plays the game hard, and has a solid swing that allows him to make consistent contact. Has a quick arm and quick feet at SS. Uses feet to play through baseball. Good carry on throws. 


BigStix Gamers 17U
Cameron Mobley, 2021, Piedmont Academy, LHP
6-foot, 168 pounds. Solid left-handed arm that settled in nicely in his start for the Gamers. FB worked in the 80-82 range, topping at 83 mph. Developed command for the FB as game progressed, working both sides of the plate with confidence. Showed a 12/6 CB that worked out of the OH slot at 69-71 mph. Allowed a few baserunners early in the game but limited damage by challenging hitters in the zone. 

Pablo Austin, 2021, Newton County (GA), 2021, MIF
The RHH SS showed smooth good actions in the infield on the limited plays hit to him. His contributions were felt at the plate as he found barrel after barrel on the day producing multiple EV’s of 95+ and a solid gap to gap line drive approach. Physically he has a solid frame, well put together with broad shoulders and a thick lower half. 

Elijah Hedgecloth, 2021, Strong Rock Christian (GA), 2021, OF
6-foot-1, 160 pounds. Bottom of the order hitter who tasked to use his speed to help turn the lineup over and create havoc with his legs. Only 2 AB’s on the day but came through with a bases loaded gapper where he showed off the wheels. Hedgecloth showed off that athleticism before pulling up to round the bag as runners in front of him stopped him from potentially advancing. Very wiry, quick twitch athlete with room to fill out his frame. 

Carson Huber, 2021, Union Grove (GA), OF/RHP 

Ethan Booth, 2021, Eastside (GA), C
6-foot, 160 pounds. Strong, thick lower-half and uses it well at the plate and at catcher. Minimal movement with hands in stance; low, controlled load back / down. Has quick bat speed and a simple stride.
Jalani Evans, 2021, Eagle’s Landing (GA), 3B

Line Drive Academy

Dylan Sargent, White County (GA), 2022, C
5-foot-10, 150 pounds. The catcher had a solid day offensively, finding holes all over the field to bang out a 4/4 day. He used a soft quiet approach, small weight shift as a load and a short swing to make consistent contact offensively. Behind the dish he routinely popped 2.2 on throwdowns, he handled the defensive side well. Receiving actions were solid and he showed an ability to keep the ball in front while blocking balls in the dirt. 

Harris Bell, 2020, Gainesville (GA), RHP
6-foot-2, 180 pounds. The senior showed good life on the fastball and was very FB heavy to start the outing. Showed a very quick arm that produced 85-87 mph fastballs, he flashed a 73-74 slurve type breaking ball that he commanded very well. He started to show feel for it and went to it as FB command went at times. 

Jake Johnson, 2022, White County (GA), OF
5-foot-8, 145 pounds. Plays well above frame. Impressed with bat throughout the past two weekends. Has a calm tempo pre-pitch. Aggressive swing that looks to do damage. Had an 88 exit velo on a double in the gap. Played CF at a high level with quick jumps on balls and great coverage throughout the outfield. 

ECB Braves

Richard Thomason, 2021, Mount Pisgah (GA), 3B
6-foot-1, 175 pounds. The physical infielder showed off his athleticism making multiple defensive plays on the infield and having an outstanding day at the play as well. He was on base all day and showed some strength at the plate driving a 2B into the RCF gap, Thomason also had multiple AB’s with EV’s over 90. Defensively showed good instincts and awareness to dictate what play to make with runners on base.

Rome Elite

Griffin Kanelos, 2021, Pepperell (GA), UTL/RHP
6-foot, 160 pounds. Showed a solid approach with a simple short stroke and balanced mechanics. Barreled up higher velo in second game of day. Showed solid speed with a 4.8 home to turn on a single. Defensively at SS showed solid range, smooth transitions and made accurate throws across the diamond. On the mound- 75-78.

Seth Crowe, 2020, Coosa (GA), MIF/RHP
5-foot-10, 160 pounds. Showed range and arm strength all game making plays in the hole with accurate throws across the diamond. Offensively has had solid AB’s to help turn the top of Rome Elite lineup move. Solid AB’s continued in second game of the day against higher-level arms.Showed well on the mound with a FB sitting 82-84. Slider worked at 73-74. 

Elijah Smith, 2020, Coosa (GA), C
6-foot-2, 168 pounds. Smooth short compact stroke, had quality at bat after quality at bat all day long. Produced loud contact all day long.

West Cobb Raptors

Drake Rainey, 2021, Hokes Bluff (AL), C/OF
5-foot-11, 180 pounds; strong lower half. Good presence in the box that swung the bat well all weekend. Hits from a crouched, athletic stance; good tempo with hands. Hands stay back well and has strength to drive the ball, even when out-in-front.  

Luke Tanner, 2021, Home School (GA), RHP/1B
6-foot-5, 215 pounds. Big-bodied player with loose hands at the plate. The right-handed hitting outfielder has an active lower-half and uses strength and size well. Showed impressive present power with an 88 mph exit velocity on a single. 

Payton Lemons, 2021, Hokes Bluff (AL), RHP/IF
6-foot-1, 175 pounds; athletic, strong frame. Showed extremely well all over the field. At the plate, showed a simple approach with an athletic swing. Made consistent contact and used the middle of the field with ease. On the mound, Lemons used an up-tempo delivery and a live arm. FB sat 82-85 with heavy run; up two mph when we saw him in June. Uses body with every pitch and works downhill. 

Dylan Lanier, 2021, East Paulding (GA), RHP 

Old Hickory

Charlie Alabamont, 2020, Father Ryan (TN), RHP 

Braden Bottoms, 2021, Warren County (TN), C/RHP
6-foot-1, 250 pounds. Plays the game with strength on both sides of the ball. At the plate, backspun plenty of balls with strong hands and wrists. Uses middle of field / pullside predominantly. Had a 3-run home run to left-center in Championship Game. Showed arm strength defensively by catching multiple runners stealing. Also got up to 86 on the mound with 3 strikeouts in 1.1 IP, out of bullpen. 
Justin Scheitel, 2020, Blackman (TN), 3B/RHP
6-foot-1, 185 pounds. Slim, projectable frame with room for more. Had very impressive outing on the mound. Threw a complete game no-hitter for Old Hickory. FB sat 82-84,T85 out of H3/4 slot. An athletic arm that throws FB with confidence on both sides of the plate. Also showed sure hands and advanced actions in the infield.

Zackary Milan, 2020, Coffee County Central (TN), 3B
5-foot-9, 180 pounds; stocky, strong build. Stays in legs well at the plate. Slight uphill bat path. Stays on ball well; showed ability to get hands extended with a hard hit 2-run single. Plays hard. 

Team 360 Hawks 17U

Bryson Suber, 2021, Lithonia (GA), SS

Tyler Mitchem, 2021, Archer (GA), RHP
6-foot-4, 250 pounds. Imposing frame on the mound. Raw arm with significant strength in body. Threw a heavy fastball with some run at 82 mph. Arm gets out of glove early and is loose on back-draw. Worked CB low in the zone at 65-66 mph. Commanded off-speed well in outing.

Jose Pagan JR., 2021, Parkview (GA), 3B/SS
5-foot-8, 160 pounds. Pagan had an impressive weekend, especially in the field. Played multiple infield positions and showed to be comfortable wherever he was put. Has a very quick first step and good reaction at third base. Made a couple plays to his left, flashing advanced glove work.

Joe Vatalaro, 2020, Jackson (GA), RHP
5-foot-11, 140 pounds; slim frame that is in sync. Showed the ability to throw any pitch in any count. Knows how to pitch. FB got up to 82 with significant arm-side run. Slider was go-to out pitch with sharp action running low and away from RHH. High academic kid.

The Diamond Dawgs

Reed Tyler, 2020, Father Ryan (TN), RHP
Tyler showed well on the mound for the Diamond Dawgs. A very athletic, strong build that still has physical maturing to do. FB sat 80-83; a 4 mph increase since the last time we saw him.  

Kohl Finch, 2020, Lebanon (TN), MIF
5-foot-11, 160 pounds. High-tempo player that uses energy both at the plate and in the infield. In the field, has active, athletic feet. Works well towards target, helping with throw carry. Strong hands that make the routine play. At the plate, showed loose, free hands on swing. Had very good at bats all weekend. Luke Bradshaw, 2020, Lebanon (TN), OF
6-foot-2, 180 pounds; strong lower-half. Solid athlete with quick-twitch in everything he does. Had multiple extra-base hits during a number of games. The left-handed OF uses a gradual, controlled load and very fast hands through contact. A good runner who has been a 6.82 runner at previous PBR events. 

Game On Pro

LJ Estrada, 2023, East Coweta, C/1B
Estrada showed superior power for his age over the weekend. After hitting a double off the wall on Friday, Estrada hit a homerun to left-field on Saturday. Uses momentum in swing with good barrel bath to ball. Most power goes to pull-side. Active lower-half/hips in swing.  

Keelan Sloan, 2020, Central Christian, C
An athletic, strong build, Sloan uses every bit of strength in play. Has strong, yet smooth swing at the plate. Lets barrel work through the zone and drives the baseball with ease. Moves well on bases and behind the plate. Raw defensively, with a strong arm.

Gwinnett Thunder

Sean Murphy, 2021, Lanier, SS
5-foot-10, 140 pounds. Hard-nosed player that hits out of the leadoff spot. Switch-hitting middle infielder with good actions in the infield. Stays light on feet and has sure hands. At the plate, battles well and can hit ball to all fields. Good IQ on bases.

Bryson Pickle, 2021, Duluth, RHP
5-foot-9, 140 pounds. Good arm strength on the mound with a ton of room for more. Arm/tempo work quick. Throws from a H3/4 slot. Good use of legs and drive. FB sat high 70’s, topping 80 mph. CB had loose action at 65-67 mph. 


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