State Games of GA: Day 3-4 Recap

Justin Goetz
PBR Georgia Asst Scouting Director

The Championship matchup between Viper Baseball Academy and Georgia Power National was intense as two teams loaded with talent were representing their home states of Alabama and Georgia. The Trophy stayed in state though, with an 82 pitch CG by ‘24 RHP Carter Casabella and a 3 RBI performance by 3B/RHP Asher Sabom, who can absolutely fly.

Days 3 and 4 at the State Games of GA was just as loaded as we identified more dynamite prospects and got 2nd or 3rd looks at players we already enjoy watching. The lightning and rain delays made us even more hungry to deliver recognition and hype to the up and coming talents who deserve it. Want your baseball career to take off on a rocket ship? Come put yourself on the map of college recruiters & pro scouts in the blink of an eye with PBR at Lakepoint.

Taylor Fuller, MIF, Roadrunners, 2026, Holy Innocents School, GA
Uncommitted. 5 foot 10, 150 pounds elite athlete with developing strength and long levers. Tall setup, energetic rhythm in hips & hands. Load has gradual pace as it matches his stride in separation, then picks up aggressively as he’s at peak momentum before landing. Sinks into lower half, staying down through the swing well. Keeps his head quiet in forward move, which equals barrels! 5 tool potential.

Jace Duckett, OF, Excel Baseball, 2027, Madison County HS, AL
Uncommitted. 5 foot 8, 130 pounds with long levers for his age. Jace has been one of the most impressive hitters in the tourney as only a rising 8th grader. He worked a 10 pitch AB against a mid 80’s arm, making good decisions on every pitch seemingly as soon as the ball left the pitcher's hand. The hitting approach and temperament are light years ahead of his time. Unreal pitch recognition & discipline, wastes pitches until he gets his. Perfect balance, fluidity in swing. Separation timing & hand eye are elite, bat in zone 4ever w/ loft.

Bryson Sudduth, OF, Gulf Coast Sox, 2024, Baker HS, AL
Uncommitted. 6 foot 3, 170 pounds with the look of a college wide receiver. As soon as he gets stronger the actions are going to take off. I like the quiet confidence he shows on the field, plays very relaxed. Uber projectable w/ athletic forward move, developing bat speed. Have a feeling this is just the tip of the iceberg tools wise. Smooth, lengthy strides on basepaths, projects A/AVG or better run. Clutch 3 RBI triple! This is a type of player who can turn into a monster with early playing time in college. I have a feeling we will see a very different player a year or two from now.

Peyton Grimm, C/RHP, Tennessee Smoke, 2022, Dobyns-Bennett HS, TN
Uncommitted, 6 foot 1, 175 pounds. Freakishly strong & athletic two-way back stop with noticeable twitch in wrists & strength in forearms. Simple, timed up swing with serious potential for power production. Hand eye produces consistent barrels. On the mound - Compact delivery with a lightning fast & efficient short circle AA from OH slot. FB 84-87 run+sink, CB 67-68 for strikes with 11-5 shape. A steal for any small D1 or good D2 at this point.

Isaac Green, OF/LHP, 6-4-3 DP Athletics, 2024, Calhoun HS, GA
Uncommitted. 5 foot 10, 170 pounds with a medium frame and solid build. This dude just flat out rakes, one of the most compact strokes of the entire tournament. You would think he’s more of a punch hitter, but Green drives the ball to the right center gap with loud contact and ease. Zero wasted movement in the swing, and the efficiency of his path allows him to let the ball deeper to the plate. Basically, his swing path is so short that it allows him a split second longer to track pitches. AVG runner with above avg bat speed.

Austin Batts, C, Golden Spikes Baseball, 2023, Bayou Academy, MS
Uncommitted. 6 foot 2, 170 pounds  6’2 170 w/ very sound swing mechanics. This is a very projectable backstop who will produce consistent power production, as his four barrels in one game on Day 3 do some foreshadowing. Seeing him at 190-200 lbs with this frame is going to be quite scary for opposing pitchers. Sinks into lower half, staying down thru swing very well. Creates good lower half momentum and leverage. Loads hands just a tick too early in separation, more consistent timing w/ it will give him freakish power. He still has good timing in the swing from hips to separation to finish.

Rustan Rigdon, SS, Game On Baseball, 2024, Metter, GA
Vandy commit. 6 foot 1, 175 pounds with a large, lean muscled frame. All it takes is one AB from each side of the plate to be all in on Rigdon. His tall open setup with great rhythm in hands allow him to create very good timing and easy momentum in his forward move. It’s the most effortless swing here, from both sides of the plate. His toe tap, trigger, and swing remind of a legendary switch hitter who played a long time in this state. He creates a bit more angle in launch position from the left side but the hands work fluid and close to the body from both sides. He works down to the baseball, consistently hitting the inner half for big back spin. Rustan creates launch angle with his top hand as late as possible just before contact, eliminating length in the path. It’s an oppo oriented approach that produces consistent barrels to all fields. This is a rare bat hand picked by Phil Kerber to be one of the faces of our 2024 Class. I can count on one hand the number of hitters in the nation on his level for ‘24.

Kai Decker, OF, Game On Baseball, 2024, Houston County HS, GA
Uncommitted. 6 foot, 175 pounds has very good rhythm at the plate. There is already present raw power, and it will continue to tick up year by year. Kai hunts FB’s, and does a good job of working a pitcher to his strengths. One of the more violent swings we saw on Day 3 and he’s hit multiple high EV doubles this tourney. Knee angled inside back foot so the hips roll out of the hole in stride creating momentum & taking pressure off hands. Smooth in & out of launch and creates lift with lower half. Love the high finish.

Samuel Albee, RHP, Outlaws Baseball, 2023, Fellowship Christian, GA
Uncommitted. 6 foot 5, 225 pounds with a prototype RHS frame. High tempo, explosive delivery from clean arm action w/ arm strength AND arm speed from a ¾ slot. He goes from the stretch only, which I like because he can focus more on keeping the velo climbing, improving pitch life & delivery in a simplified state. The proper sequence of a pitcher's pace (in stretch) is - slow to start in knee lift, medium working through stride, and fast after landing through finish. Albee has a well sequenced pace which leads me to believe he’s going to throw really hard. His 86-88 FB T89 rides easy up in zone at 2400 rpm, his aggressive extension plays the pitch up as well. SL at 72-75 is developing with a shorter snap and late depth. Throws it w/ body at times, keeping his chest over his feet consistently will make this pitch a banger. Jump on it while you still can.

Caleb Jordan, SS, BC Athletics, 2024, Riverdale HS, TN
Uncommitted. 5 foot 11, 170 pounds with a medium frame and strong build. Some of the better, more natural swing mechanics in the tournament. It looks so simple to the eye, but there’s complex timing involved. He actually lets his hands signal his hips to start the swing, getting 1 waggle of the bat in before the hips touch the backside and go. Once underway, its one more waggle into launch position as he stretches his hips & shoulders the opposite direction at the exact same time. He repeats this method every single swing he takes, which creates identical torque and bat speed as well as the same line drive swing path that gets lofty just before contact. This is a premium D1 bat. 

Brody Ballou, OF, BC Athletics, 2023, Siegel HS, TN
Uncommitted. 5 foot 9, 160 pounds of pure energy and quick twitch. With rare hand-eye, a flick of his wrists creates a smooth high swing plane led by the knob of the bat. This young baller could hit D1 pitching right now. This is a dream small D1 leadoff hitter who can patrol CF and you can always count on to have good AB and be one play ahead. His unique abbreviated toe tap allows him to slow the body and stretch the hands on offspeed pitches, as well as promote his good lower momentum to attack FB’s. He’s a 55 runner that plays better due to instincts and a quick 1st step. 

Zachary Jackson, OF, GA Power National, 2024, Holy Innocents School, GA
Uncommitted. 6 foot, 170 pounds with wiry strength and out of this world quick twitch actions. He’s a prototype table setter who can work deep counts and never loses patience at the plate. If it’s not a strike, Jackson isn’t going to swing. With a natural and simple line drive swing that stays square to the pitcher from start to finish, there’s nothing stopping his lightning hands from spraying bullets all over the field. The light toe tap is his signal to separate the hands from the stride, and he does so with a short & easy load and effortless path. The top hand stays palm up through contact, creating a ridiculous amount of backspin that turns singles into doubles and triples. Jackson backspins the baseball better than anyone in the tourney with his unreal hand-eye coordination. He’s a ++ runner who also can pitch with the best of them, as he was up to 89 today with nasty FB life and a solid breaking ball for strikes. He’s not only a power 5 talent, but a pro talent as well. 

Caleb Daniel, IF, GA Power National, 2024, Cartersville HS, GA
Uncommitted. 6 foot, 170 pounds with athletic actions and a high baseball IQ. Daniel has a very good feel for hitting, and rarely gets fooled at the plate. He has a sit FB react to offspeed approach that produces consistent barrels and he does a great job of adjusting pitch by pitch.  Innate ability to time up any pitcher he faces. When Caleb gets what he likes, he doesn’t miss. High hands work gradually into slot w/ no pause. Sweet, well sequenced swing. 2 barrels & web gem in 4 INN. Can move. One of the more underrated bats in the GA 2024 Class.

Tyler Bennett, SS, BC Athletics, 2025, Christian Academy of Knoxville, TN
Uncommitted. 6 foot 1, 160 pounds with a prototype looking body for position w/ special actions at SS- instincts, footwork, quick exchange, accurate throws w/ carry from all angles. Bennett moves at another level of pace defensively, which shows work ethic and how seriously he takes the position. This is a pure SS that will be impossible to move off the position in college. He makes all the right reads and throws. At dish - Slow flow in hips, rides backside in separation, launch position, linear connection & bat speed are all there. Tyler has had 2 lofty doubles against good arms and has squared up multiple pitches each game this tourney. 

Andrew Gillespie, RHP, GA Power National, 2024, North Oconee HS, GA
Uncommitted. 6 foot 175 pounder with a larger frame & solid build. This is an extremely well balanced delivery that he repeats at a high level. High leg kick allows him to sit into legs over rubber as he holds bend thru finish. Clean 1 piece AA, 3/4 slot. FB 84-85 T88 run+sink, strikes. His Sweeping CB was one of the best in State Games at 71-73 2600 rpm big break, angry downward tilt. It’s going to be a hammer and the best part is, he can command it already. Very satisfying to see at that age.

Cory Hoard, SS, 5 Star Mid South, 2025, Franklin HS, TN
Uncommitted. 6 foot 2, 180 pounder with a large frame and lots of raw power. The base is exactly what you call balanced - athletically wide with knees angled inside feet, giving his head little area to move in. The hands start very close to slot with the barrel pre set near launch position, creates a fluid rhythm. As hips touch the back side & go forward in stride he keeps the hands moving in one spot to prevent the hands loading early and losing separation. Instead, he creates a handsy athletic stretch as he gains ground. When he lands its nothing but pure juice in the barrel. Very repeatable as a hitter and a smooth runner who should only get faster year by year. 

Diego DeJesus, IF, East Cobb Astros, 2026, Parkview HS, GA
Uncommitted. 5 foot 9, 150 pounds of a stocky, yet athletic frame and actions. Ooh man, this is what you want a rising freshmans to look like at the plate. Diego’s swing is connected from start to finish with an easy pace, and squared up to the pitcher at all times with direction up the middle. Tall setup with base just outside shoulders, which allows for a much easier momentum in the forward move. This takes tons of pressure off the hands, and simplifies the separation with no wasted movement. His leg kick stays low to the ground so he can repeat his landing and eliminate the risk of not getting the foot down in time. Disciplined at the plate with a lofty swing path and noticeable bat speed. Big find by one of our stud interns, Chaz Crawford. Get on it!

Brandon McCraine, RHP/SS, Viper Baseball Academy, 2024, Glenwood HS, AL
Uncommitted. 6 foot 4, 175 pounds with a prototype RHS frame and incredible athleticism in his delivery. This is a shockingly good delivery you typically see at the games highest level, out of a top flight starter. The tempo, separation timing, and ease of operation are all perfect. It’s the best arm action at State Games of GA. A loose, lengthy, one piece, full circle with tons of scap involvement that builds effortless gradual momentum. The FB was 87-89 T91 comes from a unique angle (slight crossfire) with run & sink that he locates easy to both edges. The 70-72 CB flashed A/AVG with tight rotation & two plane depth and a couple that just dropped straight off the table. The pitch has sure plus potential and he’s already starting to command it. The 77-78 CH nice fade as well.

Sam Mitchell, RHP, Viper Baseball Academy, 2023, Bob Jones HS, AL
Bama Commit. 6 foot 7, 210 pounds with a ceiling higher than a skyscraper. You rarely find a HS pitcher of this size with this much repeatability in the delivery. Its compact windup over the rubber with good footwork and gradual build up of tempo. You cannot see the ball at all until it jumps out of the hand, and I love the extension he gets on his FB. It was 86-88 T89 today with a steep plane and sink but we saw plenty of 90's this spring and he should continue to build velo throughout 2022. The 75-77 CH is a downer that tunnels perfectly with sudden fade. Breaking Ball in the low 70’s loses extension & intent but it's something we believe will develop. Can mash too! Tall guy power.

Kaden Powell, RHP/OF, Knights Baseball TN, 2026, Smith County HS, TN
Uncommitted. 6 foot 4, 230 pounds with a giant yet proportional frame. I can’t even imagine how nasty this dude is going to be in 3-4 years. Athletic delivery for his size who stays strong on his back side and really drives the ball downhill with his compact & explosive short circle AA. FB 82-85 with nasty run+sink. The aggressive life on it is something you rarely see in an arm this age. He throws a low 70’s breaking ball with tons of intent and it already has developing shape and bite to it. Great follow, Kerber find.

Sean Rouse, OF, Spartan Baseball Club, 2024, Sumter HS, SC
Uncommitted. The 6 foot 1, 215 pounder is a barrel chested boss with a strong lower half, and I’m talking grown man strength. He’s slightly crouched at the plate with aggressive but controlled movement in the hands. I love his separation timing - A deep toe tap to start his backside connection, and as he gains ground w/ intent he lifts the barrel off his shoulder just before landing and releases his electric hands just after. With EV of 97 and 99 mph in one game, it's one of the safest bets I’ve ever made that he’ll have elite raw power in game. Rouse’s sweet swing with plus bat speed will consistently reach that raw power, translating it into power production. He can also really run! I wouldn’t wait a day to offer this corner outfielder, he’s going to be special and can run very well for his size.

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