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PBR IL: Parkland JC Scout Day: Takeaways

By: David Seifert and Peter Hamot

On Wednesday, September 14, PBR Illinois hosted the Parkland College Scout day at Parkland College in Champaign, Illinois. The event once again proved why the Cobras are one of the top NJCAA Division II schools in the country, as they ran out a number of impressive prospects throughout the workout.

You can read up on the players that stood out to our scouting staff, found below. 

Position Players 

Nate Bingham, INF, Brebeuf Jesuit (IN), 2021
Formerly ranked No. 67 in Indiana’s 2021 class. The 6-foot-1, 188-pound middle infielder stood out on both sides of the ball throughout his workout. His swing is sound mechanically, using all fields with a top exit velocity of 95 mph during batting practice. On the infield, his arm plays loose with above average arm strength from shortstop (83 mph).

Jayden Cummings, INF, Simeon (IL), 2022
Formerly ranked No. 196 in Illinois’ 2022 class. Athletic build, 5-foot-11, 175-pounds with round shoulders and a strong lower-half. Cummings led the entire event with a 6.50 in the 60-yard dash. Right-handed hitter with a bigger swing at the plate and some pull-side pop, reaching up to 94.4 mph for a max exit velocity with a max distance of 352’. On the infield, he showed steady actions and hands with a max velocity of 86 mph across the diamond.  

Tyler Herron, C, St. Albert Dev Program (AB), 2021
Formerly the No. 7 ranked prospect in the Alberta 2021 class. Athletic backstop with plus-plus arm strength, reaching up to 88 mph from the chute with carry. Transfer is raw and long, but arm strength is obvious. Most throws sailed into center field on this look, but were much more accurate during game action at the Puma Classic last weekend. At the plate, the right-handed hitter consistently produced line drives with a top hand dominant swing. He showed better pop to his pull-side in batting practice, reaching up to 97.6 mph for a max exit velocity with a max distance of 371’. His speed is above-average as well, running to a 6.80 in the 60-yard dash. Overall, looks to have all the tools, just needs polish with how he gets to them.  

Ty Hollandsworth, OF, Calvary Christian Academy (FL), 2021
Formerly ranked No. 93 in Florida’s 2021 class. Athletic, 6-foot-1, 185-pound build. Runner-up in the scout day with a 6.60 in the 60-yard dash, cruising with athletic strides. The right-handed hitter barreled the baseball in batting practice with a compact swing and minimal load, reaching up to 98 mph for a max exit velocity with a max distance of 362’. In the outfield, Hollandsworth showed soft/reliable hands through the ball with athletic footwork. His arm plays from an over-the-top slot, reaching up to 87 mph with backspin.  

Jaden Lamothe, INF, Langley (BC), 2021
Formerly the No. 4 ranked player in British Columbia’s 2021 class. The 6-foot, 190-pound right-handed hitter took a polished round of BP. His stroke is simple and uses the ground through impact, staying on the barrel to his pull-side and to the opposite field. On the infield, he showed steady actions and a strong arm up to 87 mph. 

Charlie Marisca, C, Grayslake Central (IL), 2022
Formerly ranked No. 42 in Illinois’ 2022 class. The 6-foot-1, 190-pound backstop showcased a smooth left handed swing with a narrow base; showing the ability to drive the ball to all fields with a max exit velocity of 95.4 mph and max distance of 341’. Behind the plate, Marisca produced a top pop-time of 1.94 seconds; reaching up to 81 mph from the chute with some length to his draw out of the glove.  

Tyler Phomm, INF, Plainfield South (IL), 2021
Formerly ranked No. 96 in Illinois’ 2021 class. The right-handed hitter works with a compact and simple swing, staying direct to the ball with a gap-to-gap approach and max exit velocity of 94.7 mph. As a 6.76 runner in the 60-yard dash, his speed looks to compliment his approach at the plate.  

Ryan Radek, OF, Benet Academy (IL), 2021
Formerly ranked No. 208 in Illinois’ 2021 class. The 6-foot, 180-pound right-handed hitter works with a simple operation at the plate, staying routinely on the barrel to the pull-side; reaching up to 97 mph for his max exit velocity with a max distance of 355’. In the outfield, Radek showed steady and reliable actions, reaching up to 88 mph with backspin on his throws.  

Ryan Snell, OF, Benet Academy (IL), 2022
Formerly ranked No. 213 in the Illinois 2022 class. Snell stands 6-foot-3, 210-pounds with evenly distributed weight throughout his frame. The right-handed hitter consistently barreled the baseball in batting practice with line drives to all fields, reaching up to 97.6 mph for his max exit velocity with a max distance of 343’. In the outfield, his actions are steady and pair with above-average arm strength, reaching up to 91 mph from a crow hop. 

Josh Outlaw, OF, Maine West (IL), 2022
Formerly ranked No. 114 in the Illinois 2022 class. Outlaw is athletically built with a 6-foot, 170-pound frame. The left-left outfielder showed a fluid stroke at the plate, reaching a max exit velocity of 97.5 mph with a max distance of 371'. Defensively, he roams the outfield with athletic actions and soft hands, also reaching up to 89 mph from a crow hop. 


Chase Becker, UTL/RHP, Next Level Academy (AL), 2021
The two-way talent showed a balanced approach in the box with a polished, professional type swing; showing above-average raw power to his pull-side and reaching up to 103 mph for his max exit velocity. Moving over to the mound, the 6-foot-5, 220-pound right-hander showed arm strength with a four-seam fastball; reaching up to 91 mph from a high slot and a higher effort level. His two-seamer topped at 90 mph with life to his arm side. He showed feel for a straight change at 84-85 mph. Fair feel for a 77-81 mph slider, struggled to repeat and land in the zone but flashed sharp, tight bite with spin rates over 2,500 RPM. 


Sam Bryan, RHP, Kirkwood HS (MO), 2021
Formerly ranked No. 21 in Missouri’s 2021 class. From a 3/4 slot, the right-hander jerks the ball through his release and manages to find the zone with more control than command. Bryan showed above-average arm strength, sitting 92 mph throughout his 20-pitch pen and reaching back for 93 mph with an average spin rate of just over 2,400 RPM. He landed the slider at 78-81 mph with horizontal action and a max spin rate of 2,343 RPM. Change-up was his top secondary offering on this look, consistently landing it in the zone with some life to his arm side. 

Sebastian Gutierrez, RHP, Nazareth Academy (IL), 2022
Formerly the No. 58 ranked player in the Illinois 2022 class, Gutierrez provided our staff with perhaps his most impressive showing to date. His arsenal has always been dynamic, but his up-tick in velocity paired with high-level spin made for an eye-opening ‘pen. The right-hander worked comfortably in the 90-92 mph range with an average spin rate of 2,375 rpm (T2458 RPM), exploding through the zone with late life to the arm-side and a max IVB of 19.1”. His slider comes out of a similar window to his fastball and he was able to land it for strikes consistently; sitting 75-77 mph with late 10/4 action and an average spin rate of 2,860 rpm (T2922 RPM). His final offering was a changeup at 81-82 mph, killing spin and darting late to the arm-side while averaging just over 18 inches of horizontal break. Overall, Gutierrez showed three pitches, all with above average potential at the professional level. 

Hunter Pudlo, RHP, Lakes (IL), 2022
Formerly ranked No. 70 in the Illinois 2022 class. The 6-foot-7, 250-pound right-hander turned in an impressive 'pen, boasting a three pitch mix with a fastball up to 90 mph. His slider sat in the 82-84 mph range with sharp action and over 2,800 RPM. He also flashed a changeup at 84-86 mph with over 14 inches of horizontal movement.

Brenden Katz, RHP, Dr. Michael M. Krop (FL), 2021
Tall, large-framed right-hander standing 6-foot-5, 215-pounds. His arm works long and loose with a high 3/4 release point, struggling to repeat the slot at times. Katz worked his fastball mostly 88-90 mph, topping at 91 mph. Katz’s best pitch was a lively changeup thrown with fastball arm speed at 81-84 mph, diving late to the arm-side. For his final offering he flashed a slanting slider at 75 mph.  

Alejandro Maltos-Garcia, RHP, Brush (CO), 2022
Formerly ranked No. 38 in Colorado’s 2022 class. 6-foot, 190-pounds. Maltos-Garcia showed the event’s best breaking pitch with a 74-78 mph hammer that spun into the low 3000 RPM range, spinning consistently over 2,900 RPM with sharp bite and depth. Fastball found the zone mostly at 87-88 mph, topping at 90 mph with spin rates over 2,700 RPM (T2794 RPM). 

Carter Monke, RHP, Mount Olive (IL), 2021
Athletic bodied right-hander standing 6-foot-3, 175-pounds. His arm plays with a longer circle out of the glove into a high 3⁄4 release. Monke spun his fastball consistently over 2,500 RPM while sitting 85-86 mph, topping at 87 mph. He also flashed a hard breaking ball with tight spin at 75-77 mph and spin rates over 2,700 RPM. 

Alex Pipes, RHP, Francis Howell (MO), 2021
Formerly ranked No. 28 in Missouri’s 2021 class. The 6-foot-3, 180-pound right-hander still has plenty of room to add strength to his projectable frame. His delivery has higher level effort, yet is simple and repeatable, working in-line to the plate down the mound with a pre-load in his back knee. His arm moves with a clean circle out of the glove, playing extremely quick into a high three-quarter slot. The right-hander cruised at 91-92 mph (T93) throughout his ‘pen, while also showing electric stuff at times; producing a max spin rate of 2,375 rpm and over 20” of horizontal movement. His slider boasts elite spin, averaging 2,914 rpm (2,996 max), sitting 77-80 mph off a sharp 10/4 plane; flashed plus with late darting action, however most backed up to his arm-side. Consistent control and action of this pitch will be crucial to his development as a starting pitcher. 

Tresdon Rybarczyk, RHP, Hall (IL), 2021
Athletic, polished right-hander who showed an arsenal of out pitches led by his changeup. Flashed plus, consistently above average at 81-82 mph with above-average run, kept consistently down in the zone to both sides of the plate. Also showed a power sinker at 88-89 mph (T90 mph) that played up as the ball jumped from his hand; consistently landed down in the zone with a late bottom. Slider was fringe average overall, but flashed sharp, late bite at 79-80 mph. Looked to be a reliable strike-throwing college pitcher with athleticism and starter stuff/control.  

Richie Snider, RHP, Springfield (IL), 2021
Formerly ranked No. 41 in the Illinois 2021 class. Projectable right-hander with an athletic, starter-type delivery. Works on-line and down the hill with balance and a soft landing. Clean and fluid arm action that produces a fastball up to 87 mph, looks to be much more in the tank. Best pitch was an average changeup; a little firm at 81-83 mph, but showed above-average feel for the pitch with fastball arm speed, easy to project as plus pitch down the road with spin rates in the 1,700-1,800 RPM range. His breaking ball sat 73-75 mph but showed feel and was around the zone with the pitch. "Despite showing below average fastball velocity, Snider was one of my favorite Cobra arms on this day thanks to his upside and a bright future" - David Seifert. 

Louis Stallone, RHP, St. Anthony’s (NY), 2020
Formerly ranked No. 38 in New York’s 2020 class. Ultra-large 6-foot-9, 240-pound frame. The right-hander topped at 93 mph, mostly sitting 88-91 throughout his pen. Fair athlete has arm strength, more of a thrower than a pitcher at this point in his development. Showed feel for low-80s changeup with consistent late bottom and spin rates around 1,700 RPM. Also flashed a slider at 84-86 mph.  

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