Prep Baseball Report

PBR Midwest ProCase: Infielder Analysis

By Illinois Scouting Staff

Our next installment in analysis of the PBR Midwest ProCase will focus on the group of 2019 infielders who were invited to participate in the high-profile event. Joliet’s Route 66 Stadium was inundated with the kind of talent that’s going to make a sizable impact at the next level – either in college or pro ball.

An outstanding example of the kind of talent evidenced at the ProCase was the electric 6.50 60-yard dash mark set by Barrington High School middle infielder Clark Elliott (Michigan commit). His supreme athleticism certainly plays on the infield but might eventually be best served in the outfield, where that plus-plus speed could be better utilized to cover more ground chasing down fly balls. In the batter’s box, Elliott works with an all-fields approach and has the quick-twitch traits to become a weapon at the plate, up the middle of the field, and on the basepaths.

One of Missouri’s top prospects, Nolan Wosman (Palmyra; Arkansas), made sure whenever he stepped into the batter’s box that he kept the attention of those in the stands. His quick, strong hands produced some loud contact and was one of the few in attendance who made the transition to wood bats look easy. On the infield, he’s probably a third baseman but he has the footwork and the arm to gel there in the long term.

For full reports on each of the infielders who attended the Midwest ProCase, continue reading below. If you missed yesterday’s catchers analysis from the event, CLICK HERE. On deck for tomorrow, we’ll investigate the ProCase outfielders, which was an exciting group to say the least.


Tyler Brandenburg, 1B/OF, Lake Country Lutheran (WI), 2019
Purdue University commit. 6-foot-4, 220-pound, right-handed hitting first baseman, large build with strength. Offensively hits from a tall open stance, slight toe tap stride, in rhythm pre pitch. Path is short, gets steep at times, aggressive swing shows ability to make hard back spinning contact, pull side power approach, 100 mph exit velocity from a tee, with wood. Defensively showed soft hands around the bag at first base, natural actions, short loose arm played 83 mph across the diamond, playable and accurate. Above average runner for size, 7.25 runner in the 60.

Clark Elliott, SS/OF, Barrington (IL), 2019
University of Michigan commit. 6-foot, 165-pound, left-handed hitting middle infielder, dynamic athlete. Plus foot speed, 6.50 runner in the 60, laser-timed. Defensively likely projects in the middle of the field, second base or centerfield type prospect. On the infield transfers the baseball cleanly and quick, showed ability to play through. Arm action is short and over the top, flashed carry, 84 mph across the diamond. Offensively hits from a balanced setup, loads hands back into slight arm bar, leg kick stride. Quick twitch hands, path is short and showed ability to spray the baseball to all fields in BP. Exit velocity topped 90 mph from a tee.

Damon Gladney, SS/3B, Illiana Christian (IL), 2019
6-foot-3, 194-pound, right-handed hitting infielder, upside frame with present strength, wide strong shoulders. Offensively hits from a balanced stance, slightly open, leg kick trigger. Easy bat speed created with strong hands, present bat strength, pull side approach. Makes hard contact with some topspin at times. Exit velocity topped at 95 mph from a tee, with wood. 6.87 runner in the 60. Defensively arm action is short and loose, throws topped 81 mph across the diamond. Third base type projection, plays through the baseball, average footwork.

Jalen Greer, SS/2B, St. Rita (IL), 2019
University of Missouri commit. 6-foot-3, 180-pound, right-handed hitting middle infielder, lean projectable frame. Offensively hits from a balanced stance, short stride, smooth loading action, maintains balance throughout. Quiet, loose hands, easy bat speed on short path. 93 mph exit velocity from the tee, with wood. Above average foot speed, 6.76 runner in the 60, laser timed. Defensively showed smooth easy actions with easy carry across the diamond. Arm action is athletic and works from multiple slots while on the move, 89 mph across the diamond.  

Brody Harding, SS/2B, Moline (IL), 2019
University of Illinois commit. 5-foot-10, 170-pound, left-handed hitting middle infielder, solid lower half. Offensively hits from a balanced stance, lift and hang trigger, smooth load, simple approach. Short path with bat speed, loose easy hands, line drive approach that sprays to all fields, exit velocity topped 88 mph from a tee. Shows patience and plate discipline in the box. Defensively hands play soft, confident actions on the infield, plays with bounce through the baseball. Arm flashed carry, topped at 87 mph across the diamond, short over the top slot. 7.05 runner in the 60.

Zach Lechnir, SS/2B, Kimberly (WI), 2019
5-foot-10, 163-pound, right-handed hitting middle infielder, athletic live body, sneaky strength. Defensively plays with steady actions, hands play soft and fundamental. Light footwork, plays through the baseball, natural internal clock. Present, quick foot speed, 6.84 runner in the 60. Arm action is efficient from a high ¾ slot, 81 mph across the diamond and accurate. Right-handed hitter balanced stance, short stride, strong balance through contact. Path is short, stays on top, calculated approach, line drive contact to the middle of the field, hits in rhythm, feel for the barrel. Exit velocity topped 87 mph from a tee.

Dalton McNamara, SS/2B, Centennial (MN), 2019
University of Missouri commit. 5-foot-10, 160-pound, left-handed hitting middle infielder. Present, above average foot speed, 6.74 runner in the 60, laser-timed, 4.32 runner down the line. Offensively hits from a balanced stance, slight leg kick stride, simple approach. Efficient bat path, works the middle of the field on a line. Above average bat speed, exit velocity topped 86 mph from a tee. Defensively profiles in the middle infield, easy smooth actions, hands play soft. Arm is short and over the top, flashed carry at 85 mph across the diamond.

Xavier Watson, SS/2B, South Milwaukee (WI), 2019
University of Illinois commit. 6-foot, 190-pound, right-handed hitting middle infielder, carries lean strength. Offensively hits from a balanced setup, short stride, lower half works. Gap to gap hitter, line drive approach, above average bat speed. 93 mph exit velocity from the tee. Defensively plays with reliable hands through the baseball, can profile at any infield spot. Arm carries well, short loose ation from over the top slot. Throws topped 83 mph across the diamond. 7.11 runner in the 60.

Nolan Wosman, SS/3B, Palmyra (MO), 2019
University of Arkansas commit. 6-foot-2, 190-pound, right-handed hitting infielder, strong build with quick twitch actions, live strong body. Offensively hits from a balanced setup, lift and hang stride. Path is short and level, quick hands generate bat speed and strength, ability to handle the wood bat well. 95 mph exit velocity from a tee. Defensively likely profiles at third base, gets easy carry across the diamond, loose arm is accurate at 91 mph across. Hands played clean, fluid feet, exchange can get long at times. 7.24 runner in the 60.