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Pitching Spin Rates: Preseason All-State East

Brandon Hall
Executive Director, PBR NC

On Sunday February 2nd, sixty of the top players in the state of North Carolina converged at the Next Level Training Center in Greenville, NC.  The Preseason All-State showcase event is the top winter event in North Carolina year after year and with the increased demand, there are now two sessions, an east and a west.  Below we take our first look at some player notes from the Preseason All-State East.  You can continue to follow the action from the Preseason All-State West HERE.

The day consisted of a full pro-style workout with pitchers throwing controlled bullpens, followed by defensive workouts for the position players.  Hitters were able to go through multiple cages to get loose prior to moving through two exit velocity stations.  Live BP was taken in a large cage, allowing scouts and coaches to see the ball fly off the bat.

During the bullpen portion of the event, PBR scouts used the Stalker Pro IIs giving radar readings and spin rate readings on each arm.  As scouts are diving into the information, the pure velocity and spin rate can be used as pieces to the puzzle to determine which arms may have advantages against hitters.  Below is a look at the spin rates from some of the top arms in the state.

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Preseason All-State West – By the Numbers:

  • 60 players went through the workout at Next Level Training Center
  • 50 players ran the laser timed 30 yard dash
  • 3.61 was the top 30 yard time
  • 15 players ran sub-4.00 in the 30 yard dash
  • 14 players registered an exit velocity of 90 mph or higher off the bat
  • 97 mph was the top registered exit velocity
  • 93 mph was the top positional velocity from the OF
  • 94 mph was the top positional velocity across the infield
  • 10 catchers flashed a pop time of 2.10 or better in their workout
  • 24 arms threw controlled bullpens at the workout
  • 9 players were 83 or higher
  • 89 mph was the top fastball from the event


Spin Rates: Preseason All-State East



Spin rates on the fastball can viewed in two ways.  High spin fastballs tend to allow the pitch to play at a higher perceived velocity than the radar is reading.  Hitters may say that the ball is jumping on them or exploding as it gets near the hitting zone.  The high spin rate allows the pitch to create that affect to hitters.  The median spin rate at the pro level on a fastball ranges from 2100 rpm to 2250 rpm.  Typically the harder a player, or group of players, are throwing, that group will have a higher average spin rate.  Fastballs that sit outside the norm, on the high end, are deemed to be high spin rate fastballs.  With a smaller sample size, only arm produced a high spin fastball.  Will Harris, RHP out of Rosewood HS touched 84, with a spin rate above 2270 rpm throughout the bullpen.

Name School Class POS FB Range FB Spin
Will Harris Rosewood 2021 SS/RHP 81-84 2270 - 2330




While it is good to be above the norm with the spin rate on a fastball, it is also good to be below the norm on the fastball spin rate.  A low spin rate fastball typically has sinking action, working underneath swings, creating ground balls.  Again velocity can matter in terms of the norm, so for the function of this article we are looking for low spin rate fastballs that play at the higher end of average for the high school level. Below are the top five low spin rate fastballs from the Preseason All-State East.

Name School Class POS FB Range FB Spin
Ryan White Randleman 2022 LHP 75-77 1560 - 1640
Lance Phillips Green Hope 2023 RHP/1B 80-83 1720 - 1850
Luke Adams Carrboro 2022 3B/RHP 81-82 1720 - 1880
Andrew Poon Northwest Guilford 2022 RHP/1B 79-82 1740 - 1820
Jacob Dilley Watauga 2023 OF/SS 78-83 1770 - 2070




The spin rate on a breaking ball is just the tip of the iceberg on the reasons why a breaking pitch may be effective.  Spin direction and spin efficiency can be as big a determining factor as to whether the breaking pitch has late, hard action.  The spin rate does gives us an idea as to whether a pitcher may have the ability to spin the ball effectively now or in the future.  Below are the top 8 highest spinning breaking balls from the Preseason All-State East.

Name School Class POS CB Range CB Spin
Rhett James Fuquay-Varina 2021 RHP/SS 72-73 (SL) 2430 (SL)
Dawson Wiggins Midway 2021 RHP/3B 68-70 2400 - 2530
Jackson Humphries Fuquay-Varina 2022 LHP 70-73 2360 - 2440
Owen Bellamy Croatan 2022 SS/RHP 64-65 2330 - 2406
Cole Chipman North Wilkes 2020 LHP 67-69 2280
Carson Kelly Lee County 2021 RHP/SS 82-83 (SL) 2233 (SL)
Will Harris Rosewood 2021 SS/RHP 67-71 (SL) 2082 (SL)
Aubrey Smith South Brunswick 2022 RHP/1B 68-71 2080 - 2100