Prep Baseball Report

Most Viewed Profiles in November

Shon Plack
Missouri Scouting Director

Thanks to the technology of Google Analytics we are able to drill down into the Prep Baseball Report website and, in particular, see what pages get the most page views.  This feedback assists us in adjusting and adapting our coverage.  It’s also interesting to see what our readership likes the most.

Below we take a look at the Top 20 most read Missouri high school player profiles from November 2015:

20. Mason Dickemann, RHP/SS, Springfield Catholic, 2017
19. Justin Mitchell, C, Platte County, 2017
18. Gibson Brown, LHP/OF, Liberty, 2018
17. Ross Messina, SS, Staley, 2016
16. Jackson Caley, C/2B, Pleasant Hill, 2018
15. Garrett Presko, RHP/OF, Pembroke Hill, 2018
14. Blake Charlton, RHP, CBC, 2016
13: Daniel Hammond, C, Rockhurst, 2019
12: Jacob Matheny, C, Westminster, 2016
11. Mark Vierling, SS, CBC, 2017
10. Jordan Carlson, 1B, Liberty, 2019
9. Erik Miller, LHP, DeSmet, 2016
8. Nick Wohlbold, SS, Rock Bridge, 2017
7. Ethan Baltz, RHP/OF, Lee's Summit West, 2016
6. Tyler Benninghoff, RHP, Rockhurst, 2016
5. Marcus Smith, OF, Pembroke Hill, 2019
4. Crichton Hill, C, Grain Valley, 2018
3, Brett Hammit, SS, Nixa, 2018
2. Liam Henry, OF/LHP, Park Hill, 2018
1. Christian Franklin, OF, Rockhurst, 2018

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