NC Preseason All-State: Quick Hitters from the Postion Players

Matt Payne
Associate Scout, PBR North Carolina

One hundred of the top players from across North Carolina converged on Pineville, NC and the On Deck Academy to take part in the PBR Preseason All-State event.  In its third year, the Preseason All-State event has become one of the premier events in North Carolina for high caliber high school players. 

The day began in the morning with pitchers throwing controlled bullpens in front of college coaches, pro scouts, and the PBR Scouting Staff.  PBR was able to collect notes on each pitcher, as well as velocities and video.  At the same time, the catchers were beginning their workout with their receiving skills on exhibit. 

After the bullpens, position players began to move through their defensive workouts.  Catchers were outside on a full sized infield, throwing pop times to second base.  PBR collected video from several vantage points, as well as getting pop times and a positional velocity from the back stops. 

Infielders were next, on the outdoor infield, working out from shortstop or first base.  Each position player took multiple ground balls with scouts and evaluators noting their hands, feet, arm action, carry, and accuracy.  PBR staff also took down a positional velocity for the infielders.

Outfielders worked out in a controlled environment that allowed evaluators to see their approach to and through the baseball as well as their transition to a throw.  Throws were evaluated on a radar gun as well as for accuracy.

As position player completed their defensive workout, they worked through a series of stations, getting upwards of 150 swings on the day.  An exit velocity station took data from each hitter, working off a tee.  In the main offensive room, players worked through three rounds of BP in front of college coaches, pro scouts, and PBR scouts.  Video was collected of each hitter and will be posted soon.

Billed as one of the top events in the state, with an incredible roster put together the day did not disappoint.  Personal records, as well as event records were shattered throughout the day.  For the uncommitted seniors in attendance, the event provides good ammunition to fire at college coaches just before the spring season begins.  For the underclass, they were able to connect with college coaches as well as throw their hat in  the ring for future invite only events such as the Super 60, PBR Future Games, and Top Prospect Games.

CLICK HERE to see the full roster from the workout, along with the statistics compiled.

Below are some notes on several position players from Sunday.  It is way to early to digest all of the information from Sunday, these quick hitters made some noise with their performances in front of the PBR staff, coaches, and scouts.  More information will be released within the week as PBR continues to cover the state of North Carolina.

By the Numbers

+ 22 players posted exit velocities of 90 mph or better
+ 4 players posted a 95 mph exit velocity or higher
+ 3 infielders reached 85 mph or better across the diamond
+ 12 infielders topped at 80 mph or higher across the diamond
+ 5 outfielders reached 88 mph or better
+ 5 catchers turned in pop times at 2.00 or better
+ 8 players posted a 3.90 or better in the 30-yard dash

Quick Hitters – Position Players

+ Archie Dean Herring (OF, Westchester Country Day, OF, 2021)  -  Athleticism translated to his BP with his quick hands and short stroke lining balls through the cage.  Fastest laser timed 30 of the day at 3.71.

+ Malik Dixon (INF, North Lenoir HS, 2019) – Uncommitted.  Fluid swing with strength, combined with his ability to keep the barrel in the zone stood out during his batting practice.  Exit velocity up to 90 mph from a small frame with power in the lower half.

+ Jared Emory (3B, Cherryville HS, 2019) – Uncommitted.  Quick hands and barrel whip allow him to drive the ball with above average bat speed.  Looks to do damage with his fluid stoke.  Exit velocity up to 93mph.

+ Pres Cavenaugh (OF, Myers Park HS, 2019) – Lenoir-Rhyne commit.  Continues to stand out at PBR events with his balanced swing and advanced approach.  Keeps it simple and lets his barrel work through the zone producing hard contact.  High barrel awareness

+ Colton Stotler (West Wilkes, 3B, 2020) – Body has added noticeable strength.  Seemed to keep his lateral quickness with a 4.44 5-10-5 agility test time.  Balanced approach from both sides of the plate with above average bat speed.  Simple swing with feel for barrel and swing should play from both sides in the future.

+ Matt Walker (OF, St. Stephens HS, 2020) - Smooth, fluid swing with strength and athleticism.  Stats jumped off the page with a combo of strength and quickness.  Impressed with controlled approach and feel for his barrel.

+ Jordan Thacker (OF, Marvin Ridge HS, 2020) - Consistently drove the ball during his offensive work.  Quick hands and strength produced above average bat speed with an aggressive approach.  Filled up the stat page throughout the workout.

+ Will Hood (INF/OF, Pro5 Academy, 2019) – Uncommitted.  Solid approach with bat whip, keeping his barrel in the zone.  Continues to show strength and the ability to drive the baseball.  Exit velo up to 92 off the barrel.

+ Cyle Phelan (LHP/OF, Fuquay-Varina HS, 2021) – Mentioned yesterday in the Quick Hitters – Pitchers Edition.  Offensively, good rhythm to his swing and looks to drive the ball.  Bat speed and strength give him power potential.

+ Andrew Schuldt (C/INF, Hough HS, 2021) – Made an impression defensively.  True utility potential.  Pop times ranged 2.03 – 2.08.  Offensively, drives the ball with quick hands and barrel whip. Has strength in his fluid swing showing pop to his pull side.  Exit velo peaked at 89 mph.

+ Logan Hall (OF, Myers Park HS, 2021) - Athletic hitter with a loose fluid swing.  Feel for the barrel and looks to have the tools to be a well-rounded hitter in the future.

+ Samuel Flemming (SS, North Mecklenburg HS, 2020) – Athletic frame has added more strength since a scout day in August.  Smooth fluid stroke.  Quick hands with above average bat speed, showing the ability to drive the ball.  Lower half has quickness and explosion with a 4.05 laser timed 30 and a standing long jump at 9’10”.

+ Corey Avant (OF/RHP, Sun Valley HS, 2020) – Also mentioned in the Pitching Edition of Quick Hitters.  Continues to show the ability to drive the ball with his bat speed and aggressive approach.  Projectable body adds to his power potential in the future.  Frame has continued to grow and add strength.

+ Graham Smiley (C, East Lincoln HS, 2022) – North Carolina State commit.  Above average bat speed with feel for his barrel. Showed some pop to his pull side and looks to have more to come.

+ Matt Heavner (INF, North Lincoln HS, 2022) – North Carolina State commit.  Advanced actions with easy hands and a calm demeanor on the infield.  Arm has carry.  Solid in the box, but the defensive side is a separator from most other players.

+ Joshua White (SS, Middle Creek HS, 2019) – Uncommitted.  Left handed hitter creates natural loft with strength in his hands.  Man-handles the barrel with quickness through the ball.  May lose balance at times, but there is intent and strength with every swing.