Prep Baseball Report

NC Prospect Fall Review: Pitchers & Catchers

By Brandon Hall

Director of Scouting, PBR NC


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On Sunday November 6th, at historic Moore Park in Mooresville, NC a very talented group of NC players assembled to workout at the PBR NC Prospect Fall Review.  Players went through an extensive pro-style workout, recording verified stats and video for the players’ PBR Profiles.  The first group we are going to explore, from Sunday, are the Pitchers and Catchers.  With an influx of underclass talent, several players from this event will be jumping into our upcoming rankings.  Below is a look at the pitchers and catchers from the NC Prospect Fall Review.

+14 Pitchers participated in Mooresville

+7 touched better than 81 with their fastball

+13 underclass arms ranging from 2018 – 2020 grads


+10 Catchers completed the workout

+6 registered POP Times of under 2.20

+6 registered Exit Velocities (Offensive) of 84mph or better


CLICK HERE to view the complete NC Prospect Fall Reivew roster, with links to each player’s profile

CLICK HERE to view all of the statistical results.



Cole Hales, RHP, Carson HS, NC (2019)

Right hander works from a high-3/4 slot with a short arm swing.  Some effort in the delivery with a choppy rhythm throughout.  Fastball ranged 70-72.  The curveball sat 61-63 with gradual 11/5 action, when it did not stay up and arm-side.  Slows the arm down on the change-up, with the pitch touching 66.  5-foot-6, 140 pounder has a small, young frame that will continue to mature with time.  Small rocker, leads to a regular leg kick with some coil in the lower half.  Lands on-line and finishes with balance.


Ethan Haislip, RHP, Cuthbertson HS, NC (2019)

Athletic, with a strong lower half, stands 5-foot-10, 153 pounds.  Aggressive, up tempo, strike thrower.  Fastball reached 84 with some ease, ranging 82-84.  The curveball has late 10/4 action, simulating his fastball handspeed.  Consistently around the zone, with bite, it sat 67-69.  The change-up ranged 73-74, completing a solid 3 pitch mix.  Using look-alike handspeed, the change has arm-side run and pounded the zone.  Works on-line with an average leg kick.  High-3/4 slot comes from a short, strong arm swing that loads the scap.  Good extension and finishes athletic.


Trey Tujetsch, RHP, Ardrey Kell HS, NC (2019)

An easy simple delivery that is repeat-able, creates downhill action from a high-3/4 slot.  Landing slightly closed, with an ability to get through the pitch, and finishing with athleticism.  The arm swing is long and loose, producing a quick hand, with the fastball sitting 81-84.  Change-up is the second pitch, ranging 73-77 with arm side action and deceptive hand speed.  The breaking ball flashes as an option, but can be inconsistent, topping at 71, with late 11/5 action.  Plenty of room for growth in the young, athletic 5-foot-10, 160 pound frame. 


Colby Lamm, RHP, Piedmont HS, NC (2019)

Still maturing into his 5-foot-11, 165 pound frame.  Works from an over-the-top slot with a fastball ranging 72-76.  Around the zone, lacked some action, but there is room for growth if the arm speed will continue to mature with the body.  The curveball has gradual, downer type action, sitting 62-65, while around the strike zone.  Change-up is probably the second pitch at this time, utilizing solid hand-speed and pounding the zone at 61-64.  Simple delivery, repeats, leads to a long arm stroke with minimal effort.  Lands slightly closed and finishes with athleticism. 


Jesse Harkey, RHP, Parkwood HS, NC (2019)

Athletic with a quick twitch arm that produces carry on the baseball.  Fastball touched 86, sitting 83-86.  Works from a high-3/4 slot with a long, loose arm swing that loads the scap and produces extension with hand speed, creating a heavy fastball that jumped.  Decent rhythm and level throughout the delivery, landing on line with athleticism.  Change-up presented as the second pitch, ranging 77-79 and pounding the strike zone.  Deception over movement at this time.  The curveball tends to be a little early, as the righty can be thin through the pitch.  Still working with good hand speed, the pitch touched 70 and is around the zone.  Listed at 5-foot-11, 170 pounds, there is still growth to come in the athletic frame.


Andrei Beal, RHP, Parkwood HS, NC (2020)

Standing 5-foot-8, 157 pounds and working from an over-the-top slot with average arm speed.  Fastball touched 77, sitting 74-77.  Flashed an ability to create angle with the fastball, when on time, but did leave the pitch elevated when late. Some rhythm issues that can be corrected as the lower half coils at balance and the body looks to load up on the back side.  Works slightly uphill, working to create some leverage, with some effort.  Curveball sat 65-67 with gradual downer action.  The change-up ranged with some potential when the hand speed increases.


Will Rice, RHP, Reagan HS, NC (2019)

Simple repeat-able delivery with an average leg kick that works down and out to a slightly closed line.  Hands pump up and down with the leg working to a front side glove point.  The arm works with a long arm swing to a high-3/4 slot with some shoulder restriction.  Fastball worked up to 80, sitting 74-78.  The change-up is advanced with solid handspeed and arm side action.  Ranging 67-69, the change of pace pounded the zone.  The curveball lacks action at times, wanting to work with gradual downer shape.  Sitting 65-69 it was erratic.  At 5-foot-9, 150 pounds, an average build that looks to still be young. 


Spencer Treadaway, RHP, Reagan HS, NC (2018)

Easy delivery that repeats, working to a high-3/4 slot with average to above handspeed.  Loose arm action leads to a fastball sitting 77-80.  Advanced feel for his offspeed, with the curveball touching 65.  Handspeed was near look-alike, producing a gradual shape to the pitch.  Change-up sat 72-74, with sink.  Both offspeed pitches pounded the zone.  At 5-foot-9, 160 pounds, with an average build, Treadaway showed a feel for pitching and working with his stuff.


Madisyn Bolin, RHP, Kings Mountain HS, NC (2017)

Athletically built at 6-foot, 160 pounds.  Works from an over-the-top slot with a quick arm. Simple delivery with slight body turn at balance, a long arm swing, and blocking himself off slightly at foot strike, Bolin’s fastball touched 85.  A ‘tall and fall’ rhythm out of balance, with good head posture can lead to deception.  Both offspeed pitches show promise, as the curveball ranged 71-73, flashing late 11/5 action.  The change-up showed some arm side run at 76-79.  Both pitches were in the zone.  The frame suggests more growth to come.  The delivery should continue to allow for strikes and increased pitch-ability. 


Tyler Cox, RHP, East Lincoln HS, NC (2019)

High waisted and listed at 5-foot-11, 160 pounds.   Righty works from an over-the-top slot with a long, loose arm swing.  Decent rhythm throughout the delivery, Cox loads his backside a balance with a slight body turn and easy effort to an on-line foot strike and athletic finish with extension.  The fastball touched 77, sitting 74-76.  Both the fastball and curveball are around the zone, with the curveball ranging 61-63.  The arm did slow some on the spin pitch, allowing the ball to roll through the arc.  Change-up presents as a third pitch, sitting 67-70, working from a slight hand hook on the pitch that slows the arm. 


Jason Hudak, RHP, Southlake Christian Academy, NC (2018)

An athletic 6-foot-1, 175 pounds, the righty flashed arm strength working up to 87, while sitting 84-87.  A high-3/4 slot, with a short arm action, leading to a quick hand, with some effort.  Gathers on the backside at balance, with some coil.  Arm swing works behind the line into a whippy extension.  Change-up flashed as average, ranging 78-80 with arm-side run.  The curveball showed late tilt, but was inconsistent at times, touching 74.  Frame can add strength and the ceiling is still in the future.


Josh Swartz, RHP, Sun Valley HS, NC (2018)

A physically imposing 6-foot-1, 240 pound athlete.  Right hander shows a feel for his body and some quick twitch in short bursts.  Works from a high-3/4 slot with a long, loose arm stroke.  There is some effort with the body transitioning from balance to release as the lower half is coiled slightly and the front side fights to work on time.  Fastball touched 86, and sat 84-85, playing heavy and jumping on the plate.  The curveball, while inconsistent, flashes depth and tilt.  Ranging 73-75 with 11/5, late downer action.  The change-up is a distant third pitch, sitting 74-76, with a slower hand.  Strength over quickness in the arm. 


James Adelman, RHP, Covenant Day School, NC (2019)

Right hander stands 6-foot-2, 205 pounds.  Works from a high-3/4 slot with a long arm stroke.  Tall on his back-side with some rhythm and regular effort, the fastball ranges 74-77, working up to 79.  The curveball sat 62-64 with gradual 11/5 shape, rolling through the zone.  The change-up flashed average at 65-68, although the hand speed was not consistent.  Lanky body that could see a jump if hand speed continues to improve over time.


Ethan LeGrand, LHP, Sun Valley HS, NC (2018)

Looks the part with a lanky 6-foot-6, 200 pound frame.  Fastball worked up to 83, sitting 79-82.  High-3/4 slot with a long, loose arm swing that works behind the body line.   Whippy through extension.  Lacks some rhythm and timing at times, but should improve with time and reps.  Slider ranged 71-72 with gradual action.   The change-up flashed at 71-73, utilizing near fastball hand speed, although erratic down in the zone.  Projects to continue to fill out the frame and improve with strength and rhythm. 



Juan Diaz, C, South Mecklenburg HS, NC (2017)

Strong build with a 5-foot-10, 195 pound frame.  Clean arm stroke produced a wide range of pop times, 2.10 – 2.40.  The better pop times came with clean exchanges and easy footwork.  Arm velo registered 73 from the crouch.  Right handed hitter works from a tall base, with a downward load and short stride.  Verticlal bat to start had some loop in an uphill swing path geared to pull.  Exit velocity topped at 86mph.  Ran a 7.53 sixty.


Jordan Harley, C, Parkwood HS, NC (2018)

Flashed athleticism throughout the workout.  Stands 5-foot-11, 165 pounds and ran his sixty in 7.18.  From behind the plate, pop times ranged 2.06 – 2.24.  The exchange and arm action plays with some stiffness, but there is quickness in the actions.  Topped at 71 mph with arm strength from the crouched position.  In the box, works from a tall stance, with a smooth load and a longer rhythmic stride.  Vertical bat created average batspeed and left the barrel thin through the zone at times.  Handsy swing, stayed gap-to-gap with decent rhythm.  Exit velocity topped at 82mph.


Colby Lamm, C, Piedmont HS, NC (2019)

Right handed hitter works from a tall base, utilizing a leg kick into a short stride.  Goop approach leads to a level swing, working gap-to-gap.  Rushed at times to get the triggers out of the way and be on time.   Topped at 83mph with his exit velocity.  Pop times ranged 2.31 – 2.43 with an arm speed of 72mph from behind the plate.  Longer arm action and footwork bumped the pop times up.  Ran the sixty in 8.15.


Jesse Harkey, C, Parkwood HS, NC (2019)

Athletic with a strong arm creating carry and accuracy on his throws.  5-foot-11, 170 pound frame, that can add strength.  Average length to the arm stroke leads to pop times ranging 2.03-2.21 and an arm speed topping at 79mph.  Loose and quick with his feet and clean exchanges on the day.  Right handed hitter works from a slight crouch with an athletic base.  Vertical bat, with a ‘C’ load in the hands, and a leg kick, creates some whip with the bat.  Lacks barrel awareness and can be long at times.  When the pieces are in rhythm, there is power potential.  Posted an exit velocity of 91mph.  Strong, quick, and athletic.  Ran his sixty in 7.26.


Matt Mayers, C, Charlotte Christian School, NC (2019)

Works from an athletic crouch with a small load down, and small leg kick.  Average batspeed and fair approach, led to gap-to-gap rounds.  Swing can get long at times and the barrel awareness can continue to improve.  Exit velocity registered at 79mph.  From behind the plate, pop times ranged 2.17-2.31 with a top arm speed of 72mph.  Clean exchanges and an arm swing that has some elbow lead, above the shoulder line, led to average accuracy.  Stands 5-foot-11, 175 pounds and ran a 7.87 sixty.


Gregory Laxton, C, Jordan HS, NC (2017)

Right handed hitter, stands 5-foot-11, 175 pounds.  Athletic setup with a short stride.  Loose with leverage, from a vertical bat.  Average to above batspeed, working slightly uphill with an emphasis to the pull side.  Lacks some barrel awareness at times.  Posted an exit velocity of 84mph.  From behind the dish, short quick feet and a short arm action created pop times ranging 2.20-2.35, flashing accuracy.  Velocity from the crouch topped at 70mph.  Ran a 7.72 sixty.


Spencer Bright, C, Davidson Day, NC (2019)

Stands 6-foot, 170 pounds.  Short, clean arm stroke and clean exchanges produced pop times ranging 2.06-2.18.  Produced adequate accuracy and average carry on the throws.  Velocity from the crouch topped at 72mph.  Offensively, right handed hitter used an athletic setup and limited triggers to repeat his swing.  Lacked a significant load or stride.  Short, level path to the ball produced a gap-to-gap approach.  Exit velocity topped at 84mph.  Ran the sixty in 8.09.


Hank Thomason, C, Forestview HS, NC (2018)

Strong frame at 6-foot, 185 pounds.  Uses a ‘C’ load into a vertical bat setup with a leg kick to generate some whip and power.  Strength over quickness in the swing right now.  Pull conscious approach.  Bat waggles through the setup.  Lacks some barrel awareness at times.  Loose throughout the swing path, and topped at 89mph with his exit velocity.  From behind the plate, pop times ranged 2.21-2.24.  The exchange can be quickened and the arm lacks some accuracy at times as it “rolls the dice” into the release point.  Ran a 8.63 sixty.


Evan Pawlowski, C, East Lincoln HS, NC (2018)

Aggressive feet and clean exchanges.  Longer arm action.  Pop times ranged 2.07-2.17, flashing accuracy.  Velocity topped at 73mph from the crouch.  Offensively, the 6-foot, 195 pound right handed hitter works gap-to-gap, flashing occasional power potential.  Average batspeed works from a crouched setup and short stride.  Rushed through his load and leg kick at times.  Some stiffness through the swing path.  Strength over bat speed.  Exit velocity topped at 87mph.  Ran his sixty in 7.80.


Chase Newby, C, Randleman HS, NC (2017)

Solid arm strength with a short, clean arm action and average exchanges led to pop times ranging 2.23-2.32.  Arm speed was measured at 72mph from the crouch.  Standing 6-foot-1, 178 pounds the right handed hitter worked from an open stance with a slight dive on his stride.  Level stroke, working gap-to-gap.  Rushed at times through his load, created some barrel awareness issues.  Exit velocity topped at 83mph.  Ran a 7.69 sixty.