Prep Baseball Report

North Carolina Prospect ID: Dual Player Analysis

Brandon Hall & Matt Payne
North Carolina Director of Scouting & PBR Assoc Scout

PBR opened its summer evaluations with an open prospect event at the beautiful Ultimate Performance complex in Matthews, NC on Thursday May 23rd.  Close to 40 players took part in the open pro-style workout with PBR scouts on hand to evaluate players and record their stats while going through the workout. 

The event featured players as part of the open North Carolina Prospect ID and the PBR Scout Day with Ultimate Performance.  Today we break down the dual pitcher and position players that attended the workout. 

To see the full list of statistics gathered during the workout, for every player in attendance, CLICK HERE(NC Prospect ID) and HERE (Ultimate Performance Scout Day).




Dual players are those that have the chance to play a position and be in the batting order every day, as well as having a chance to provide help on the mound.  Each player went through a full pro-style workout at their primary position, then taking BP, followed by throwing a bullpen for PBR scouts.  Below are breakdown each player's performance.  There is a link back to the player videos, in their name.


Michael Crayton RHP / 3B / West Stanly, NC / 2021

6 foot 3, 215-pound build.  Large frame.  Straight line build.  Occasional run to the fastball at 76-78, around the zone.  Showed feel and some deception with his offspeed offerings.  Slider is sharp, working late, at 68-72.  Breaking ball is also around the zone at 65.  Slider ahead of curveball on this day but both are useable.  Change-up has angle out of the hand with fade at 70-72.  Near the fastball with his arm speed, there is feel for location on the change.   Some rhythm to a slow tempo delivery, slightly coiling at balance with a low leg kick.  Swings the front side open, working level and landing on-line and square.  Long arm swing to an over-the-top release.  Average extension over a stable front side.
Hits from the right side sitting into his legs.  Weight works back during his load, using a short stride with quiet hands.  Raises up out of his legs through contact at times looking to lift the ball.  Gap to gap approach with some stiffness in the hands.  Exit velocity recorded at 80 mph.  Waits on the ball on the infield, catching the ball deep at times.  Funnels to the center of his body after catch with clean exchanges, using a long arm action, throwing from a high ¾ slot.  Some carry to his throws that topped at 80 mph.  Recorded a 4.31 in the 30-yard dash. 

Davis Hall RHP / 3B / Hickory, NC / 2021

6 foot 1, 190-pound strong build.  Broad shoulders.  Stretch only.  Long arm swing, hooking and barring out of the glove with the elbow working above the shoulder line.  Slight press of the ahead forward to set a ¾ slot.  Quick arm and hand and attacked the zone with 3 pitches.  Fastball up sat 79-82 with occasional sink when down and to the arm side.  Change-up peaked at 75, with good arm speed.  Has feel and is in the zone with the change.  Slider ranged 70-73, staying to the arm side with gradual arc.  Choppy through the delivery, works with a closed front side, landing across his line with a closed front toe strike.  Some effort as he works to get on time with the arm swing.
Tall, open setup from the right side.  Medium length stride with his feet staying open and his hands raising up during his load.  Inconsistent getting his lower half through the ball causing his swing to get long at times.  Barrel works level through the zone with is exit velocity recorded at 85 mph.  Uses a two hand catch in the outfield with his feet stopping at catch.  Clean exchanges with a long arm action, throwing from a high ¾ slot.  Arm reached 86 mph with carry to his throws.  Recorded a 4.17 in the 30-yard dash. 

James Huffstickler 1B / RHP / East Gaston, NC / 2021

6 foot 4, 210-pound frame.  Hits from the right side using a balanced setup.  Weight works slightly back during his load while using a short stride.  Hands and barrel are quiet during the load.  Lacks some lower body through the swing at times but stays balanced.  Looks to use the whole field with some feel for the barrel.  Exit velocity recorded at 74 mph.  Works to play through the ball on the infield.  Some stiffness through catch with clean exchanges and a short arm action, throwing from a high ¾ slot.  Positional velocity peaked at 63 mph.  Recorded a 4.80 in the 30-yard dash. 
On the mound, uses a small rocker and leg lift to the belt with a slight pelvic tilt up at balance. Short strider, lands on-line with some rigidness in the foot strike.  Long arm action works to a strong position and high-3/4 slot, working out of his sleeve.  Average extension, falling off toward 1B.  Fastball ranged 66-68.  Curveball works out of the fastball hand speed with gradual 11/5 tilt at 56-60.

Landon Leonard LHP / OF / Bandy's, NC / 2020

6 foot 1, 160-pound build with room to add strength.  Side step to an average leg kick.  Slow tempo out of the glove with a long arm stroke working to an over-the-top slot with average to above arm speed.  Fastball ranged 77-78.  Around the zone with some arm side, up misses.  Lands on-line with a slightly closed toe at foot-strike.  Fights to get his hips through, losing some of his posture and falling off to 3B.  Average shape to a gradual breaking ball at 61-64.  1/7 tilt with feel for the zone.  Change-up comes out of a slightly lower slot, thrown with good arm speed, sitting at 69.  Fade is present.  Body and arm speed suggest more projection is left.  Breaking ball should continue to tick up with increased arm speed.
Sets up in a narrow base from the right side with more weight on his back leg.  Uses a toe tap during his load.  Looks to get his weight through the ball during his swing.  Some quickness to his hands with average feel for the barrel.  Average bat speed with his exit velocity recorded at 87 mph.  Plays through balls in the outfield with fluid feet and average hands.  Clean exchanges with a long arm action, throwing from an over the top slot.  Some carry to his throws that topped at 84 mph.  Recorded a 4.43 in the 30-yard dash. 

Bobby Lowery OF / LHP / N/A, NC / 2023

5 foot 4, 120-pound young frame. Hits from the left side using a balanced setup.  Smooth load with rhythm getting to a position to attack the ball.  Some looseness to the hands with feel for his barrel. Keeps his barrel in the zone with a gap to gap approach.  Balanced, fluid swing finding a lot of barrels during his front toss rounds.  Exit velocity recorded at 69 mph.  Athletically plays through balls in the outfield with fluid feet and average hands.  Works through his throws with a long arm action, throwing from a high ¾ slot.  Some carry to his throws that topped at 70 mph.  Recorded a 4.40 in the 30-yard dash.  Numbers should improve across the board as the body matures. 
Still young on the mound as well, but has athletic tendencies and a solid base.  Numbers will jump as strength is added to the frame in the coming years.  Fastball ranged 62-65, in the zone.  Breaking ball is still maturing as the hand works around the ball to create spin and angle.  Sweeping at times it is early and gradual at 55-57.  This pitch will be re-tooled as he adds strength.  Rocker to the side with a leg kick to the top of the chest.  Average stride, landing on-line and square.  Long, loose arm swing with some quickness through release.  Front side and head bail to the 3B side a little early, but still creates average extension. 

Ashton Plyler

Ashton Plyler SS / RHP / Parkwood, NC / 2022

5 foot 11, 125-pound young frame with plenty of room to fill out.  Hits from the right side using a balanced setup.  Uses a leg kick during his load with quiet hands and barrel.  Inconsistent timing in his lower half affects his ability to get his lower half through the ball.  Works mostly middle to his pull side with his barrel getting out of the zone to quickly at times.  Exit velocity recorded at 74 mph and should improve with added strength.  Plays light on his feet with average hands on the infield.  Funnels to the belt after catch with clean exchanges and a long arm action, throwing from an over the top slot.  Arm topped at 78 mph to first base.  Recorded a 4.50 in the 30-yard dash.
Small side step to an average leg kick, slow and controlled to balance.  Average stride, on-line and square.  Long arm swing with a slight stab at the bottom of the arc.  Over-the-top release.  Front side needs to add strength, losing some of his hip speed transition, breaking the front side down, and falling off slightly to the 1B side.  Fastball has run and sink, in the zone at 73-76.  The breaking ball was inconsistent, showing flashes of sharp tilt at 65-68.  Downer action, the hand speed mimics the fastball.  Projection is left in the frame and as strength is added to the lower half, there will be a jump in stuff.

Jared Ryan RHP / 1B / Lake Norman Charter, NC / 2021

6 foot 4, 168-pound lanky, projectable build.  Intriguing athlete that is still maturing.  On the mound, the fastball sat 82-84 with run and down angle, out of a quick, whippy arm.  Breaking ball ranged 64-68 with gradual 11/5 tilt.  Slight hook in the hand and the arm slows a bit, but there is feel and the pitch has a much higher ceiling than we saw.  Flashed some feel for his change-up at 67-69, creating arm side run when on the arm side.  Stretch only, lifts to the chest, slightly closed at balance.  Long arm swing in front and back side, with looseness as the arm works to strong position and ¾ release.  On-line and square, with good extension through the fastball.  Cuts the breaking ball off slightly.  Still a lot of room to his ceiling in the coming years.
Hits from the right side using a tall, slightly open setup.  Hands work back during the load using a medium length stride.  Loose hands with some quickness to the swing.  Looks to lift at times but the bat path can be inconsistent.  Uses the whole field with his exit velocity recorded at 86 mph.  Athletic body on the infield with quick feet and average hands.  Some rawness is present, but the arm has some quickness to it.  Positional velocity topped at 82 mph.  Recorded a 4.25 in the 30-yard dash.

Bain Sipe RHP / C / Maiden , NC / 2020

5 foot 10, 170-pound athletic build.  Features a fastball up to 86 and a feel for a knuckleball as his top secondary pitch.  The knuckleball does have some spin but is thrown with good arm speed, acting as a fastball look-alike pitch, before it begins to tumble.  Fastball ranged 82-86 with down angle when down in the zone.  The knuckleball sat 65-70, around the zone, and looking like a strike out of the hand.  Flashed a change-up at 68-69, slowing the arm some and getting fade.  Breaking balls comes out of a slow hand at 72.   Small rocker to the side and leg lift to the belt.  Controlled, slow temp.  Long arm swing with some reach out of the glove.  Will shorten the arm swing some for the knuckleball.  Over-the-top release that will float down to a high-3/4 slot at times.  Lands on-line and square with easy extension.  Not much effort, stable with the head throughout.  Arm speed is average to above through release.
Hits from the right side using a balanced setup.  Picks his front foot up and sets it back down during his load with not much movement or weight transfer.  Some quickness to the hands through the swing with not much lower half involved.  Level bat path through the zone with average bat speed.  Exit velocity recorded at 92 mph.  Plays through the ball in the outfield using a two-hand catch.  Quick feet and quick arm.  Accurate arm that topped at 88 mph.  Recorded a 3.82 in the 30-yard dash. 

Brycen Turcotte LHP / OF / Bandys, NC / 2020

5 foot 11, 145-pound lanky build.  Frame will continue to handle strength.  Lefties fastball ranged 82-83, hard out of the hand, attacking the zone.  Breaking ball at 67-70 with 1/7 tilt worked with gradual action.  Slightly slower hand on the breaking ball and the front side would act early.  Straight change-up at 73-75, slowing the arm slightly, but around the zone.  Quick arm suggests more could be coming quickly.  Side step and slow rhythm to balance where he kicks to the top of the chest with a sliight crouch and pelvic tilt.  Loose hips.  Some uphill leverage in the shoulders.  Medium arm swing to an over-the-top release.  Average backside action as he lands on-line and square, occasionally falling to the 3B side.  Works for extension.  Quick arm stands out.
Hits from the right side using a tall setup.  Short stride with his hands working down and back during his load.  Some quickness to his hands through the zone with a choppy rhythm.  Looks to stay gap to gap with average bat speed.  Exit velocity recorded at 74 mph.  Uses a two-hand catch in the outfield with his feet stopping at catch.  Medium arm stroke, throwing from a high ¾ slot.  Arm topped at 83 mph from the outfield.  Recorded a 4.05 in the 30-yard dash.