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Throughout the summer the staff of PBR NC will be out watching and covering games, tournaments, and workouts.  Below is a running blog of players from across North Carolina.

18U USA Cup – USA Baseball – Cary, NC (07.31.16)

East Coast Clippers

Patrick Szczypinski, RHP, Northwood HS, NC (2017)
The righty stands at 6-foot-4, 190 pounds and produced a fastball sitting 85-86.  Needing to work down in the zone, he found some barrels but is an intriguing follow moving into the fall.  Strength over quickness in the arm at this time.

Clay Walters, LHP, South Granville HS, NC (2017)
Left hander sat 78-79 in a 6-foot-0, 175 pound frame.  Showed the ability to throw strikes and attack hitters.

Kimball Toone, C, Riverside HS, NC (2017)
A tall, athletic body sat and received nicely, staying low and allowing his hands to work with softness.  At 6-foot-2, 180 pounds, Toone flashed some carry on his throws to second, producing a 2.34 game pop.

Charlotte Stealth

Daniel Alperi, RHP, Lake Norman Charter, NC (2017)
An Air Force commit, the righty is 6-foot-1, 165 pounds.  The lean frame produces a clean, quick arm sitting 83-86.  The breaking ball sat 75-76 with a spin rate of 2367.

Carolina Rebels

Syncere Pittman, OF/RHP, South Central HS, NC (2018)
A long, loose arm swing from the 5-foot-10, 160 pound righty produced a high-3/4 slot that touched 80.  Working on line, with level shoulders, there is some ease with the delivery.  The breaking ball ranged 65-67 with a gradual 11/6 break.

Purpose Driven

Steven Worley, RHP, North Johnston HS, NC (2017)
A strong right hander at 6-foot-2, 205 pounds, Worley works from a high-3/4 slot.  His hands break low and produce some uphill tilt in his front shoulder that adds some torques when the timing is right.  The fastball ranged 80-82 with a breaking ball at 70-71.

Central Carolina Scholastic Summer League (CCSSL) Showcase Event (07.27.16)

Devin Bagley, OF, Cape Fear HS, NC (2017)
Fast twitch player that ran a 6.63 sixty. Demonstrated pull side power throughout BP, including one that left the yard. 

Justin Bowers, RHP, Scotland HS, NC (2017)
Low ¾ arm slot with level shoulders and stayed on line.  Landing was a little stiff and upright.  Curveball worked a 10/4 shape that pounded the zone.  Flashed pull side power during BP and ran a 7.35 in the sixty.

Donta Green, SS, Scotland HS, NC (2017)
Swing produces some uphill leverage that may play with his strength.  Ran a 6.98 in the sixty.  Flashed solid actions on the infield throughout the day

Peyton Creech, OF, East Wake HS, NC (2017)
Left handed hitter who demonstrated an ability to stay on the ball with a flat swing that produced line drives.  Ball did jump off the bat.  Ran a 6.94 in the sixty

Kyle Mott, RHP, Fuquay Varina HS, NC (2018)
A thin frame works with good rhythm, level shoulders, and stayed on line to get to a 3/4 slot.  The breaking ball flashed with command and a sharp break.  Mott punched 4 out of the 5 hitters faced.

Grey Bellenkes, LHP, Northwest Guilford HS, NC (2019)
Solid mechanically and pounded the zone with a downward plane.  Struck out 4 of the 5 hitters faced in the event.

Garrett McCraw, OF, Fuquay Varina HS, NC (2019)
Left handed hitter with a balanced, athletic setup that was slightly open.  A short stride worked back to square and produced high level batspeed.  The ball consistently jumped off his bat throughout the BP session.  McGraw ran a 7.40 in the sixty.

Team Tournament at UNC Charlotte (07.23.16)

Carolina Vipers – 2018

Joe Gregoire, RHP, Marvin Ridge HS, NC (2018)
A strong, lean build at 6-foot-2, 185 pounds, the righty works with a high leg kick, where his foot gets outside his knee.  The arm swing is long and clean producing a high-3/4 slot that is aggressive and has extension.  The fastball sat 84-86 early with occasional arm-side run.  Gregoire's slider is still developing at 75-77 with a small cut action. He was around the zone but did not command his fastball and lacked some game control with runners.

Dry Pond Blue Sox – 2018

Tyler McPeak, C, North Lincoln HS, NC (2018)
A strong athletic build at 6-foot-1, 175 pounds, that has some looseness through his hips.  Receives with ease in his base, and flashes hand strength to allow him to handle balls outside his frame.  Will punch at balls at times, as he hand works back to his chest to relax.  The arm shows carry and the exchange is clean, but the exchange comes from a vertical stance that lacks aggression through the target.  Pop times should improve from the 2.21 - 2.50 seen.  McPeak did catch 3 of 4 would be base-stealers on the day, with accuracy on those times.  Offensively, he works from a basic setup, with a small stride in a tall base.  A flat barrel in setup loads to vertical and causes some loop in the swing.  Strength is ahead of quickness in the swing

Rawlings Prospects – 2018

Austin Johnson, RHP, Fuquay Varina HS, NC (2018)
An athletic 6-foot, 160 pound righty with an average frame that will add strength.  Working from a high-3/4 slot with a clean, strong, and quick arm action, Johnson worked 82-85 and touched 87.  The fastball command was erratic but filtered into the zone as the pitch count elevated.  The curveball ranged 65-68, was inconsistent, and lacked maturity with a gradual 11/5 shape.  The delivery is athletic with a slight coil at balance, while working on-line.

American Legion State Tournament, Wingate University (07.22.16)

Rowan County Post 342

Chandler Blackwelder, OF, East Rowan HS, NC (2017)
A 5-foot-11, 175 pound right handed hitter that showed a feel for the barrel and some quick twitch tendency in his body.  Balanced setup and small, early stride along with an early, simple load created a direct swing path that was consistently on-time. 

Dalton Lankford, SS, Home Schooled, NC (2017)
Shortstop that played with a high motor.  The 5-foot-8, 140 pound defender made the routine play with some effort in the throwing action.  Tall stance and vertical bat led to some leverage in the swing.  Lankford ran a 4.58 on an infield single. 

John Owen, RHP, East Rowan HS, NC (2017)
The right hander works from a clean, repeat-able delivery and pumped strikes with both fastball and slider.  Starting on the first base side of the rubber and working on-line through the target from a high-3/4 slot and low glove side, Owen topped at 83 and sat 80-81 throughout his outing.  The slider worked from the same slot as fastball, ranging 68-71, with late, gradual tilt.  High game awareness allowed the stuff to play up as well.

Wilmington Post 10

Matthew Suggs, C, Hoggard HS, NC (2018)
Average build with flexibility in his hips.  Sits low with a late shift, while receiving.  Hands begin with some stiffness that causes him to ride some pitches but there is some strength in the wrists.  Quickness over arm strength with throws.  Erratic at times with accuracy.  Quick exchange.  2.00-2.10 between innings with pop.  Hits from the right side with high hands and an average stride length.  Bat path was flat with a patient approach.

JP Graham, OF, Hoggard HS, NC (2017)
Runner that posted a 4.29 on a ground ball to second and a 3.84 on a push bunt.  On the plate with a slightly open stance, the bat path will need to develop with strength.  

Whiteville Post 137

Gage Hammonds, 3B, West Columbus HS, NC (2017)
Right handed hitter with a feel for the strike zone and some discipline.  Enters the box with a basic setup and triggering down and in slightly with his hands.  Ran a 4.72 on a ground ball to short.  Showed the ability to stay on breaking balls.

Brooks Baldwin, INF, Whiteville HS, NC (2018)
Playing first base, the lanky 6-foot, 155 pound switch-hitter showed active feet and good hands.  As a right handed thrower, he should be able to play across the infield.  His arm has carry, with a long arm action he was able to shorten on a double-play feed.  Hitting right-handed, Baldwin uses a small downward trigger, with long levers, to produce a loose swing.  There is some length in the swing but as he adds strength he is in good position to begin to drive the baseball with authority.

Thomasville Post 89

Andy Ramirez, 3B/2B, Southern Guilford HS, NC (2017)
A right handed hitter with a strong base in the 5-foot-9 build.  Open stance with a leg kick and an aggressive approach.  Vertical bat that loaded with some whip but created a little loop in the swing.  Slightly up hill with the swing path, but showed a feel for the barrel.  Played second base and showed average hands with a clean exchange. 

Luke Spiva, OF/IF, Ledford HS, NC (2017)
Aggressive left handed hitter that is on the plate.  Hands load down and in slightly, creating some spinning action from the front side that produces a pull approach.  Showed good hand-eye coordination that could produce solid contact as the swing path is cleaned up.  

SBA Canes 2018 Scrimmages, Charlotte Christian HS, NC (07.18.16 – 07.19.16)

Justin Fox, SS/RHP, Cox Mill HS, NC (2018)

A thin frame and athletic actions, Fox played SS and closed during the scrimmage.  At 5-foot-9, 130 pounds, Fox caught the ball at short, with soft hands and a clean exchange.  The arm played from the left side of the field, but should develop more carry as he gets stronger.  Offensively, the right handed hitter began with a simple setup and his bat on his shoulder.  An aggressive stride and approach, lacked some timing but produced a flat swing that tended to stay in the middle of the field.  As strength is added to the frame, better timing should lead to better power.  On the mound, Fox utilized a submarine slot and occasional over-the-top slot.  From down low, the fastball was erratic at 70-75, with a slider at 65-66.  Over-the-top, the fastball touched 82.

Bryson Linkous, RHP, Stuart Cramer HS, NC (2018)

A tall, lean build this right hander showed excellent body control.  Standing 6-foot-7, 215 pounds the imposing righty showed feel for the zone with downhill leverage.  The fastball ranged 77-79 with slider and change-up sitting 70-71.  Working from a high-3/4 slot with a long, clean arm swing, Linkous worked on line throughout the delivery that begins on the 3B side.  

Impact World Series, Raleigh/Durham, NC (07.20.16)

17U Griffin Dirtbags

Sam Goff, LHP, Apex HS, NC (2017)

Standing 6-foot-1, 185 pounds, the lefty worked both sides of the plate with a solid 2 pitch mix, featuring fastball and breaking ball.  Neither pitch was over-powering with the fastball ranging 73-76 and breaking ball 63-65. The breaking ball worked with gradual break and a 1/7 shape. Mechanically, Goff works with a tuck at balance and is quick to get out of the balance position. He throws from a low ¾ slot with level shoulders, stays on line, finishes square but is a bit upright. 

Tommy Vinson, SS/OF, Pincrest HS, NC (2017)

A balanced setup that is athletic with a small crouch led to a 3 hit day. Vinson, at 6-foot-1, 165 pounds, works with a smooth short load back and a short stride.  The swing is geared to the pull side. Defensively, he has a short loose arm and throws accurately and flashed the ability to work from different angles with his arm slot. His hands are soft, footwork was fluid and he had quick clean exchanges.

East Coast Clippers

Austin Bailey, CF, South Granville HS, NC (2018)

The left handed hitter, standing 5-foot-7, 165 pounds, showed power with a double off the right field wall in his first at bat. Working from a balanced setup with a short stride, Bailey flashed above average bat speed with a direct path, from a fluid, on-time setup.  In center field, Bailey has good 1st step instincts, speed, and used efficient routes to track balls throughout the day.

Nick Kromer, C, Cary HS, NC (2018)

At 5-foot-10, 170 pounds, Kromer has a strong build and works with soft hands and quick footwork. A pop time of 2.13 had quickness over arm strength.  Offensively, it’s a balanced setup with a slight crouch that transitions to a short stride and a tendency to work around the ball slightly.

Tyler Gillespy, SS, Garner HS, NC (2018)

Defensively sound at 5-foot-10, 150 pounds, Gillespy demonstrated soft hands, quick footwork, and quick clean exchanges.  Emphasizing a ready “hop” and aggressive approach to the ball, he is clean through the catch and exchange.  The arm needs to continue to improve, and should with time and strength, as Gillespy needs to “load up” on throws across the infield. Hitting cleanup in the lineup, he showed a patient approach at the plate, with a feel for the strike zone.

17U Team Showcase at UNC Charlotte (07.15.16 – 07.17.16)

On Deck O’s – 2017’s 

Matt Pierson, OF, Piedmont HS, NC (2017)

Right handed hitter that had a solid weekend and flashed athleticism from the 5-foot-10, 160 pound frame.  Using a simple setup, average stride, and small load, Pierson stayed in the middle of the field and on top of the baseball.  He ran anywhere from 4.26 – 4.50 down the line.

Jacob Kuchmaner, LHP, Marvin Ridge HS, NC (2017)

An ECU commit and currently ranked #278 in the Prep Baseball Report National Rankings released last week, Kuchmaner used Sunday to get some work in.  Sitting 83-85 and touching 86, he showed feel for pitch-ability, game awareness, and an advanced presence on the bump.  Kuchmaner’s change-up produced swing and miss, with fade and deception, ranging 73-74.  The breaking ball was not as sharp as past outings, missing up and arm side, but did get swing and miss when down-zone, and sitting 69-71.

Carolina Vipers

TJ McEvilly, RHP, Butler HS, NC (2017)

The 6-foot-2, 175 pound side-armer kept the SBA Aces, of Ohio, off balance for most of his 5 innings.  Sitting 75-78, the fastball created some deception with a loose arm swing that created some arm side run to his arm side.  Lanky and thin, McEvilly has a chance to add strength to his frame and continue to improve his fastball.  The slider is still a work in progress.  At 70-72, it flashed average movement, but acted more as a change-up than slider, with minimal action. 

DeMarini Stars NC – 2017’s

Cameron Kepley, RHP, Central Cabarrus, (NC) 2017

The 6-foot-2, 165 pound right hander made a statement on Sunday working 83-86 and touching 88 from an over-the-top slot with a quick arm.  The lanky, thin build suggests continued growth in the near future.  Kepley’s slider needs to continue to develop, ranging 74-77 but lacking consistent action.  Using a regular leg-kick, with a slight tuck at balance, direct line through the target, the fastball jumped on hitters and showed swing and miss when elevated. 

Will Madairy, RHP, Providence Day, NC (2017)

Good rhythm and a mature build led to an above average feel for pitching.  At 6-foot, 193, the RHP showed an ability to locate all three pitches, using a heavy mix of fastball and spin.  The fastball played at 75-77 and showed an ability to jump when needed touching 81.  The slider has a sweeping, late break sitting 70-72.  Madairy worked from a high-3/4 slot with an easy arm swing.  The delivery is clean and repeat-able. 

Jack Ryan, RHP, Ardrey Kell HS, NC (2017)

Thin righty with long levers, standing 6-foot-1, 160 pounds and working from a 3/4 slot with a long arm swing that gets behind his body line.  The arm has above average quickness, coming from a quiet delivery that lands on-line with a slightly opened front foot.  The fastball touched 85 and sat 82-84 with command to both sides of the plate and featuring the inner half.  Ryan would work to a high-3/4 slot when going to his glove side.  The slider was inconsistent but flashed average to above, especially to left handed hitters.  At 73-75, the tilt and break was small early, acting more as a change-up, but he began to show better feel for the pitch in his fourth inning of work.

Central Carolinas Summer Scholastic League – CCSSL (07.13.16 – 07.15.16)

Dominic Rodts, RHP, Millbrook HS, NC (2017)

Demonstrating effective command working off a high percentage of fastballs in a downward plane, this 6 foot, 180 pound righty worked from a high ¾ angle with level shoulders.  Rodts landed square and finished in an athletic position and showed pitch-ability with his fastball while his breaking ball is still developing.  He appears to slow his arm and lack confidence in the hook, as he threw only four breaking balls and none for strikes over four innings.  Rodts is a baseball player, with the ability to play multiple positions and is developing the pitching aspect this summer.

Greg Jones, SS, Cary HS, NC (2017)

The UNC Wilmington recruit was back in action after missing a little time with a hand injury from the State Games of NC in mid-JuneJones athleticism was well ahead of the competition as the left handed hitting short stop, who starts from an open stance but comes to balance with a short stride, demonstrated opposite field gap power with above average bat speed.  Jones also demonstrated his foot speed with a triple down the right field line, where he ran a 4.78 on the turn, but found an explosive gear after hitting first base. On the defensive side, he had athletic actions and above average arm strength. Jones has an average body type but his long legs indicates he has the potential to mature into a bigger body type.  Jones is currently ranked #147 in the PBR National Rankings for the 2017 class.  

Scouting Underclass action (07.08.16 – 07.09.16)

SBA Canes 14U

Quin Ferguson, OF, Hopewell HS, NC (2019)

Hitting leadoff and creating instant offense while standing 5-foot-9, 150 pounds, the left handed hitter exuded patience at the plate and speed on the bases.  While he walked or struck-out in each AB, Ferguson ran pitch counts up and showed a loose swing.  With an athletic build, simple setup that allows the bat head to load to a flat angle he has the makings of a solid swing that should produce harder contact as he adds strength. 

Ethan Woodard, INF/RHP, Stuart Cramer HS, NC (2020)

A simple approach and strong hands led to a big day at the plate.  Woodard barreled 3 balls, staying in the middle of the field exhibiting balance and extension with some quickness through the zone.  Woodard also pitched, topping at 82 from a high-3/4 slot.

Dirtbags – Jenkins 15U

Daniel Layne, INF, Surry Central HS, NC (2019)

Left-handed hitter, hitting at the top of the order, Layne exhibited a good feel for the strike zone while maintaining his aggression.  With good rhythm, a flat bat, that had some waggle, and an aggressive stride, this 5-foot-6, 135 pound infielder created a loose whippy swing through the zone.  As he adds strength the barrel ability will play up with higher exit velocity.

Akadema West 14U

Tyler Strickland, RHP, Gray’s Creek HS, NC (2020)

From a tall, lanky body, with long levers, this right hander was dominate with a two pitch mix that included a ton of strikes.  The fastball sat 75-77 and occasionally flashed 78 with arm side run, when thrown to the arm side.  The high-3/4 slot came with some effort.  The front hip swings open to landing in a simple, and direct mechanical setup that Strickland was able to repeat over 6 innings.  His curve ball had late hard sweep, and he showed an ability to add and subtract from the hook, as velocity ranged from 60-66.

South Charlotte Cougars 14U

Parker Holler, RHP, Cuthbertson HS, NC (2020)

Listed at 6-foot-5, 180 pounds, the right hander does not want for length.  The body is wiry and will continue to add strength which make this young hurler intriguing.  Holler works from an over the top slot and the arm works early to the slot.  The fastball sat 75-78 and the curve ball was 64-69 with gradual 11/5 tilt.  There were flashes where the fastball played up and jumped on opposing hitters.

On Deck O’s (2019 Grads)

Matthew Hill, OF/INF, South Mecklenburg HS, NC (2019)

Hitting leadoff, Hill is a table-setter that can create offense on the bases.  The right handed hitter hits from a tall base and begins slightly open.  A small stride, that keeps his base slightly open, and limited load allow him to be on time consistently with minimal effort.  Where Hill makes his money is with his motor, playing at a high tempo and with aggression.  He was steady in CF making several nice plays look routine.

Braden Smith, C, Carmel Christian, NC (2019)

A receiver that seemed easy to throw to with an athletic setup, wide base, and some strength in his hands and wrist to receive balls well.  At 5-foot-10, 135 pounds the slender catcher made several good throws on the day and likes to throw and show off an arm that has carry.  Between innings, Smith’s pop times ranged from 2.10 – 2.30, and each was accurate.  Defense is ahead of offense at this time, but the frame can add strength and the offense will come as he gets stronger.  Smith ran a 4.83 on a ground ball to short.

Josiah Barhite, LHP, Home Schooled, NC (2019)

A loose, whippy arm swing that landed in a high-3/4 slot produced fastballs in the 78-79 range.  Barhite’s slider is the separator.  While inconsistent it flashed as an above average pitch that could turn into an out-pitch with age and reps.  The slider sat 69-70 with hard late tilt, when down in the zone.  The slider got chase from left and right handed hitters.  The arm swing gets behind the body line and the arm is early to the slot, but there is quickness with the arm through release and extension.  Starting on the 3B side of the rubber and striding slightly closed, there are some moving parts.  The fastball had some run to the arm side.  

NCBA Golden Spikes (2019 Grads)

Hunter Hutchins, 1B/RHP, East Forsyth HS, NC (2019)

A right handed hitter with some thunder in his wrists.  Standing 6-foot-1, 180 pounds the Hutchins produced some exit velo when on the barrel, driving a ball off the 325 sign in LF (with wood), and again driving a ball off the wall in the LCF gap.  Hutchins tended to drift and have some issues getting on time with a late, choppy load but that can be cleaned and the strength may be a separator if he continues to develop.  As a RHP, he touched 81 from a high-3/4 slot with a quiet front side.

Danny Fish, C/INF, East Forsyth HS, NC (2019)

An athletic backstop that does a lot of things on instinct and with ease, Fish showed off his ability to receive and throw.  Catching both ends of the double-header, the 5-foot-8, 140 pounder showed some strength, enduring the heat and continuing to perform.   Throws in-game ranged from 2.21 – 2.28 with advanced accuracy.  On the day, he caught 2 base-stealers, picked off a runner at first, and cut down a runner on a relay he cut off in front of the plate.  Fish blocks with athleticism over form, but showed an ability to keep the ball range to hold runners.  Offensively, the swing is geared to pull.  Fish ran a 4.80 on a barreled ball to short.

Tim Cao, RHP, Southeast Guilford HS, NC (2019)

With an athletic presence, matched by an athletic delivery, the 5-foot-9, 145 pound righty showed an advanced feel for pitching.  Utilizing an easy arm stroke to a high-3/4 slot, Cao produced a fastball ranging 78-80 and touching 82.  The curve ball was 66-68 with average tilt and top to bottom shape.  He had advanced feel for the hook and was able to throw it for strikes and expand with it.  

Scouting the Charlotte 49er’s 16U Team Tournament (07.01.16 – 07.03.16)

16U South Charlotte Panthers

 Jaylen Guy, RHP/SS, Southeast Guilford, NC (2018)

An athletic build at 5-foot-10, 150 pounds, Jaylen works with some ease around the field.  As a RHP, his fastball sat 82-84 with easy effort from a high-3/4 slot.  A simple, repeatable delivery allows for command of three pitches.  The CB has late tilt with 10/4 type action and was 67-69 throughout the outing.  Defensively, Jaylen caught the ball and showed range and feel for speed of the game, moving left.  The arm has carry and accuracy with an easy action.  Jaylen ran a 4.36, utilizing a swing that is geared slightly uphill at this time.

Trey Tujesch, OF/RHP, Ardrey Kell HS, NC (2019)

A baseball player that was in the middle of the action for the Panthers throughout the weekend.  A compact swing that has barrel awareness produced 8 hard ground balls or line drives, routinely in the middle of the field.  Running a 4.34 to 1B from the right side, Trey’s athleticism also showed while tracking balls in CF.  On the mound the 5-foot-10, 150 pounder produced a fastball topping at 83 from an over the top slot and slight crossfire from foot strike.

Jeremiah Boyd, C, Hickory Ridge HS, NC (2018)

With a strong, durable build and thick lower half, Jeremiah took a bulk of the catching duties over the 4 game schedule.  The 5-foot-9, 195 pounder seems to enjoy catching using a stance that exaggerates his left foot forward slightly, and allows his glove hand to work with some freedom.  Jeremiah worked to block throughout the weekend and corralled most breaking balls.  His arm showed carry with only a little fade.  The better his feet worked through the ball and on line to 2B, the better the ball carried.  His best in game pop time was a 2.33 while throwing out several runners.  Offensively, Jeremiah’s hands work to the ball from a balanced setup and aggressive approach.  There was exit velocity to the pull side.

Reed Hedberg, 1B/RHP, South Mecklenberg HS, NC (2018)

A lanky, loose swing from the 6-foot-4, 180 pound right handed hitter flashed on day 1 of the 3-day event.  Slightly open and striding to even with a small trigger down, Reed consistently produced barrel contact and the ability to drive balls into the pull side gap.  On the mound, the righty touched 81 from a delivery that has a lot of moving parts getting to his over the top slot.  Around the zone with three pitches, there is room for quick improvement as the body has room to add strength.

Ryan Sutton, RHP, Weddington HS, NC (2018)

A young body that has room to add strength in his 6-foot-2, 185 pound frame flashed with a fastball topping at 89.  A delivery that has some tension in the strong arm swing, gets to a high-3/4 slot.  The front side builds some torque at balance and clears the line early.  The fastball sat 84-87 throughout the outing and the control continued to tick up each inning.  The 2 pitch arsenal also featured a CB ranging 69-73 with a hard downer shape.  The CB was a bit inconsistent but has tremendous upside with the hand speed used.

Rohan Handa, LHP, Cannon School, NC (2018)

A rangy 6-foot-3, 195 pound lefty with a high motor, high tempo approach to pitching.  Flooding the zone with a fastball that sat 82-85, Rohan had the ability to sink the ball to his arm side and occasionally cut the fastball to his glove side.  A high-3/4 slot with some coil and effort in the delivery produces a slightly open line at foot strike.  The fastball jumps on hitters and his change up produced some swing and miss at 78.

Clayton Gilmore, RHP, AL Brown HS, NC (2018)

An intriguing righty with a small frame and really quick arm that produced a fastball that sat 85-87.  The 5-foot-10, 150 pounder worked from a high-3/4 slot with a long, clean arm stroke.  There is some effort to extension but the delivery starts with a simple setup, slightly turned on the rubber to begin.  At foot strike, Clayton is slightly closed and utilizes the torque to create arm speed.  The torque led to some arm side misses early in the outing.  The control was cleaned as the outing progressed.

16U Golden Spikes

Connor Norby, SS/RHP, East Forsyth HS, NC (2018)

At 5-foot-9, 155 pounds, Norby plays SS with a calm demeanor.  Consistently catching the ball, his hands work efficiently and funnel to the mid-section before transitioning to a low arm slot that showed carry and accuracy.  Norby showed athleticism and an ability to change slots on a charge play.  Offensively it is a basic setup that sprays the ball all over the field from a compact swing with average quickness.  Norby also pitched, utilizing a simple delivery that flooded the zone with his fastball ranging 81-84.

Bennet Nooe, INF/RHP, Morehead HS, NC (2018)

An extremely effective weekend offensively saw 8 barrels in 11 AB’s.  An athletic setup with an aggressive load and average stride produced some leverage in his swing.  Nooe is equipped with strong hands that allow for above average bat-speed and a high level of barrel awareness.  Moving around defensively, he played 3B and SS.  He also pitched, touching 79 from his 6 foot, 175 pound frame.

Brett Kerry, RHP, Wesleyan Christian Academy, NC (2018)

Working from a simple delivery that allowed for head stability and had a slight upper body coil at balance, Kerry showed advanced pitch-ability, especially with his fastball from a high-3/4 slot.  The fastball sat 84-86 and touched 87 with command to both sides of the plate.  He flashed an ability to expand the zone to both corners and elevate when he wanted.  The curve ball was 70-71, had gradual sweeping type action. 

16U DeMarini Stars NC

Devin Faggart, OF, Northwest Cabarrus HS, NC (2018)

Verticle stance with a slight “C” load from his hands, Faggart creates a loose, whippy swing that showed occasional power.  The 6 foot, 160 pound right handed hitter had some swing and miss, but created backspin when staying in the middle of the field.  Faggart ran a 4.81 on an infield ground ball.


Braxton Boddorf, SS/2B, Athens Drive HS, NC (2018)

At 5-foot-5, 115 pounds, Boddorf has a good defensive fundamental base.  Soft hands and the ability to work through the baseball allow the arm to play from 2B.  Boddorf showed a good feel for working the second base bag on double-plays, with an advanced transition and the ability to throw from multiple arm angles.  Offensively, the left handed hitter has a simple setup and approach.  He needs to continue to add strength to see the exit velocity increase.


Daniel Bagwell, RHP, Kings Mountain HS, NC (2018)

Absolutely flooded the zone throughout his outing with a constant 50/50 mix of fastball and curve ball.  The fastball sat 75-78 from a high-3/4 slot.  The arm swing included a slight pause and hook at the bottom of the action, but was consistently on time, repeated, producing some arm side run on the fastball.  The curve ball came out of the same slot as fastball, with a gradual tilted action, ranging 66-70. 

16U Charlotte MegaStars

Stephen Shrewsbury, 2B/OF, Olympic HS, NC (2018)

An athletic, simple setup with a small stride and load produced a direct, flat swing that peppered balls throughout the middle of the field. Shrewsbury ran a 4.38 on a ground ball to SS and utilized his speed to create offense once on base.   Defensively solid at 2B making the routine play, routinely.

Luke Drumheller, SS, Olympic HS, NC (2018)

The left handed hitter showed an at-bat per at-bat approach that could go from ultra aggressive to very patient.  Drumheller ambushed a 1st pitch fastball off the 335 sign, to the pull side, with quick hands from an open stance that dives toward the plate.  Defensively, the high energy, high motor SS plays through balls and showed enough arm to stay on the left side moving forward.  Drumheller ran a 4.38 on a ground ball and 4.13 on a push bunt.

Seth McAulay, 1B, Davidson Day HS, NC (2018)

A physical right handed hitter that may be limited to 1B defensively, showed impressive power throughout the weekend.  Belting an opposite field HR (350 ft) with wood, and routinely showing high exit velocity, McAulay worked to get extension from a swing that favored strength over quickness. 

Tim Townsend, RHP, Providence HS, NC (2018)

An intriguing lower slot righty that has a lean body and some quickness in his arm.  The low-3/4 slot would occasionally shift to a sidearm slot.  Townsend’s fastball sat 77-80 and touched 83.  The slider was a little inconsistent due to inconsistent slotting, but did touch 72 with some hard sweeping action when it was on. 

16U On Deck O’s

Elijah Hunt, C, Covenant Day, NC (2018)

At 6 foot, 195 pounds the right handed hitter starts open, striding to even while a flat bat loads to a vertical launch position.  Occasionally late with his load, Hunt could be tied up, but he showed an ability to work the middle of the field with back spin.  Hunt showed accuracy on his throws, registering a 2.32 game pop time.

Josh Swartz, RHP/1B, Sun Valley HS, NC (2018)

Working from a high-3/4 slot, Swartz produced a fastball up to 84 with some effort in the delivery.  The high tempo outing featured fastball control but not command.  Swartz flashed a hard sweeping slider in warm ups but did not utilize it during the game setting.  Offensively, the right handed hitter created some uphill leverage early through his shoulders, at times producing top-spin to the pull side. The swing was strength over quickness.  

Scouting the South Charlotte Braves Workout – 07.06.16

Ethan LeGrand, LHP, Sun Valley HS, NC (2018)

Lanky LHP with a quick arm from a high-3/4 slot.  Loose arm that sat 78-81 in the bullpen.  Change-up was best secondary offering at 72-73.  Showed fade and command with look-alike hand speed.  Raw delivery that can be cleaned over time to allow for better FB command.  CB flashed 10/4 action with late break at 67-68.

Landon Dennis, RHP, Sun Valley HS, NC (2018)

Athletic and lanky, FB sat 82-83 with room for quick growth.  High-3/4 slot with a long arm action, high front side, and decent rhythm in the delivery.  Pounded the zone with FB throughout the bullpen.  CB had a gradual 10/4 shape and sat 66-68.  CH was 74-75.

Zach Covington, RHP/OF, Sun Valley HS, NC (2017)

Solid player that showed well from a number of spots on the field.  High-3/4 slot produced a whippy long arm that sat. 82-83 and touched 85 in the bullpen.  Flashed command and fade from a change-up at 76-77.  As a right handed hitter, showed a good feel for the barrel and decent hand path.  Above average batspeed flashed some power.  Zach’s frame can continue to add strength.  Ran a 4.38 on his home to 1st.

Ryan Dula, LHP, Porter Ridge HS, NC (2017)

Lefty that maximizes an average build.  Fastball sat 83-84 and touched 85 in bullpen setting, from a high-3/4 slot and long arm action.  Some effort in the delivery that is a little choppy as it builds from a slow tempo to a quick arm.  Command improved throughout the bullpen as he gained feel for his release point and direction.  A newly developed cut-fastball showed late side to side action at 79-80.  CB has downer action with good handspeed.  It was erratic at 68-70.  Change-up is behind the other offerings and sat 74-75 with some fade but the arm did slow.

Caleb Bruce, OF, Sun Valley HS, NC (2018)

Aggressive demeanor from the left handed hitter that produced a lot of barrel in the BP session.  Gets to his front side and is loose with his extension from a balanced setup and smooth load with a short, early stride.  Topped at 87mph on the radar tee and ran a 4.30 to 1B.  From the OF, touched 75 with a short over the top action with a little stiffness.

Parker Chapman, 2B, West Lincoln HS, NC (2017)

Wiry build with some athleticism in his small frame.  Showed advanced feel for his glove and fluid footwork into an exchange that plays through the ball.  Short arm action produced accuracy on his throws.  Infield velocity sat 74-75.  Offensively, Parker starts in an athletic setup with a slight dive on his stride.  There is some uphill leverage as he sits on his backside.  Consistent head discipline allowed for some feel of the barrel.

Parker Ledford, OF, Ardrey Kell HS, NC (2018)

Lanky body with long levers and room for strength has some athleticism.  Parker ran a 4.27 and 4.45 to first base and showcased in the OF and on the mound.  A long, over the top arm action produced some carry and good accuracy from the OF.   Velocity topped at 79 during the defensive workout.  On the mound, Parker showed feel for a change-up, ranging 63-66 with fade and control.  His fastball topped at 79.

Jake Brown, C, Cox Mill HS, NC (2018)

Easy to throw to as a receiver, with an early, wide setup.  Worked to block and was aggressive with his actions.  Short arm action and high-3/4 release produced pop times ranging from 2.13 – 2.35.  Accuracy improved as his footwork worked the pitch and target.  Offensively the right handed hitter has some barrel awareness.  Balanced setup and short stride allow for a repeatable swing.  The hands load down and in some, forcing a better feel for pull side.  Jake touched 84 off the radar tee.

Brian McKinsey, 3B/2B/RHP, Cannon School, NC (2018)

Small frame with some strength.  Right handed thrower showed carry from SS during the workout, topping at 82 across the infield.  High-3/4 slot with a long arm action showed accuracy too.  A little stiff at times with his hands, Brian did catch the ball with clean transfers.  Offensively, there is good balance from a low key setup and load.  Vertical bat head and a little loop to get the bat head going created average batspeed from a fluid swing.

Mitchell Cope, SS/RHP, Covenant Day, NC (2017)

Loose arm from a high-3/4 slot that produced carry and topped at 86 across the infield.  Aggressive with high energy through the ball and clean exchanges, Mitchell shows good hands that can get a little hard on the routine play.  The right handed hitter has some coil in his body with very little load from a flat barrel setup.  Mitchell is able to produce a level path and has good head discipline.  The most intriguing portion of his workout came on the mound where Mitchell has started to play with a side arm delivery.  It is raw but he flashed some command of fastball and topped at 83 with an athletic feel for the slot.

Caleb Barwick, 3B/RHP/C, Porter Ridge HS, NC (2018)

A jack of all trades, Caleb showcases as a baseball player.  Working out on the IF, behind the plate, and on the mound, this is typical of his game days.  The right handed hitter is slightly opened with a short stride, allowing for a smooth “C” load in his hands.  Vertical bat creates some loop and whip as it enters the zone.  Good rhythm in the setup but occasionally is not set as the swing begins.  Arm topped at 75 across the infield and showed a pop time range of 2.21 – 2.42 from behind the plate.

Chase Rappe, 2B, Independence HS, NC (2018)

Right handed hitter with easy action to the ball.  Closed off to begin with a short load, Chase has good balance throughout the swing.  With some strength in his small frame, Chase ran a 4.44 to first base.  Defensively, Chase played through the ball with clean exchanges that lead to a long, over the top arm slot.