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PBR Scout Day: The Performance Academy - Statistical Analysis

Brandon Hall
North Carolina Director of Scouting

Prep Baseball Report was on hand early last week to take in The Performance Academy Scout Day.  Close to 50 players ran through a modified pro-style workout that included a laser timed 60, defensive workout, offensive evaluation, and controlled bullpens for pitchers.  

The Performance Academy (TPA) runs several teams at the high school age levels, based out of Raleigh, NC.  Players are given a unique opportunity in the TPA system to collect measurables and train to continue to better their baseball performance and overall athletic prowess.  

The PBR Scout Day took place at the beautiful Ting Stadium in Holly Springs, NC.  Ting Stadium is home to Wake Tech CC in the spring and the Holly Springs Salamanders, of the Coastal Plains League, in the summer.  TPA is able to use Ting Stadium throughout the summer to train for on field execution, as well as improving overall athleticism of their players.

Today we take an in-depth look at statistical performances of the players from the event.  Each player was able to go through testing throughout the day, running a laser timed 60, having their arm speed measured from their position, and posting an exit velocity off of a tee in a controlled setting.  Pitchers threw controlled bullpens with velocities recorded on each pitch. The complete statistical analysis is linked below. We also look at some of the top performers from the day.

CLICK HERE for the complete roster from the TPA Scout Day with PBR

CLICK HERE for the complete statistical analysis from the TPA Scout Day with PBR

PBR Scout Day: The Performance Academy - Top Statistical Performers

Top 60 Yard Dash Times

The sixty was laser timed with players running on an artificial turf surface.  Evan Harding put up a blazing time of 6.50 while 9 total players ran 7.00 or better.  Twenty players ran 7.20 or better in the workout.

Top Infield Velocity

Infielders worked out from shortstop, fielding ground balls and making throws across the diamond.  Several arms showed true carry with Ben Peterson touching 86 on his throws.  20 total infielders threw, with five working above 75.

Top Outfield Velocities

The outfield group featured 16 players throwing from right field, working to the plate for carry, arm speed and accuracy.  Evan Harding has elite quickness that transfers to the arm, touching 89 from his position.  Zane Taylor also worked up to 89, showing some accuracy with the carry on his throws.  Seven outfielders worked above 80 mph, with another six at 75 or better

Top Catcher Pop Times

Each Catcher in attendance was able to go through a full workout behind the dish, throwing for accuracy, pop time, and velocity out of the crouch.  They also worked to block and recover and accurate throws. 8 catchers from the TPA program worked out with Jonathan Fain producing the top pop time at 2.00.  Lane Rhodes had the top positional velocity at 73 mph from the crouch with a pop times ranging 2.05-2.19.

Top Offensive Exit Velocities

42 hitters worked out as part of the TPA Scout Day.  The exit velocity is tested off of a tee in a cage setting.  12 hitters worked at 85 or better off of the tee, with Jayson Arendt leading the way at 89 mph off the barrel.  Brendan Burke and Richard Hooks were right on Arendt heels at 88 mph.

Top Fastball Velocity

Workouts with pitchers, in season, can at times be tricky.  Several arms in the TPA program were on a no-throw or light-toss day, and for that reason, several arms did not throw during the workout.  Eleven arms did climb the bump with Tyler Masie touching 85.  He sat 80-82 with sink and run for most of his bullpen but cut a couple of 4-seamers loose at the end, bumping the radar up.