Prep Baseball Report

Quick Hitters: 2021 ProCase Arms

Brandon Hall
Mid-Atlantic Executive Director

Prep Baseball Report of North Carolina has quickly become the most trusted independent scouting source in North Carolina, and across the country.  Each of the past two years, PBR of NC has hosted 20-30 of the top draft prospects in North Carolina as part of their ProCase.  On March 28th, PBR of NC continued the tradition with 22 players performing in front of pro scouts at Diamond Xtreme in Kernersville, NC. 

Pitchers and catchers were up first. Catchers were able to go through a full defensive workout, throwing through to 2B at the spacious indoor facility.  Pitchers threw controlled bullpens, one at a time, with Trackman gathering advanced analytics.  Following the pitchers, hitters took live BP in the open atmosphere of Diamond Xtreme with Trackman gathering ball flight data. The event ended with the infielders and outfielders going through a defensive workout. 

Located in Kernersville, Diamond Xtreme features a 90'x90' cage that allows for ground balls and throws across the infield.  Catchers are able to make full length throws to 2B.  During BP, scouts and coaches are able to watch and track the ball off the bat to get a better gauge of each hitter in attendance.

Below we begin our breakdown of the players at the event. Each player in attendance has been graded out by PBR scouts as a potential draft follow for their senior year, and moving into their college years if they choose to attend school.


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Quick Hitters - Pitchers


Bryan Arendt (C/RHP, Holly Springs HS, 2021) – New to the bump but carries his arm strength over, touching 92.82, with some feel for the down zone.  Good arm speed and well above average arm strength.  Slider and change-up are still raw, which is to be expected for someone so early in their mound development.

Merritt Beeker (LHP, North Davidson HS, 2021) – Strength is present in a 6-foot-1 frame.  Long arm swing has cleaned a lot of his high school career working to a high-3/4 slot with good arm speed and solid direction.  Fastball peaked at 90.56 mph.  Average spin and movement metrics.  Slider has out-pitch potential, with length at 76-78, tunneling with the fastball out of the hand.

Michael Forret (RHP, Providence HS, 2022) – Long, lanky frame with a quick arm through an over-the-top slot.  Interesting fastball that was up to 89.77 mph.  There is run, with an average movement of 11 inches, peaking at just over 15 inches.  The induced vertical break is well below average for a fastball hovering at 88-89, with 12.5 inches of movement, suggesting an ability to create ground balls and soft contact.  Fastball paired with a tight breaking ball, with early 10/4 tilt, and an advanced change that again has fade and sink with excellent arm speed. 

Brandon Hudson (RHP, Cuthbertson HS, 2021) – Lanky 6-foot-4, frame that should continue to add strength with some ease.  Fastball ranged 89-90, playing true out of the hand with average induced vertical break.   Long arm swing, reaching out of the glove toward 2B, occasionally wrapped behind the body line, works to an over-the-top slot.  Good arm speed.  Arm strength over arm speed right now.  Top to bottom breaking ball showed occasional tight, late tilt.

Jackson Humphries (LHP, Fuquay-Varina HS, 2022) – Best command we have seen out of Jackson with good feel for three pitches and flooding the zone.  Fastball has continued to gain, bumping 90.56mph in this bullpen.  Heavy horizontal movement with a low induced vertical break, suggesting an ability to work down in the zone and create soft contact with the fastball.  Slider spun up to 2454 rpm with length, up to 16.5in of horizontal movement. 

Carson Kelly (RHP, Lee County HS, 2021) – Interesting athlete with a solid feel for multiple arm slots, producing strikes from both slots with multiple pitches.  Over-the-top, the fastball peaked at 88, sitting 85 from the side slot.  Slider is firmer from the side slot, working with length and should create some issues for right handed hitters, when paired with the fastball from the same slot.

Mason Murdock (RHP, Northwest Cabarrus HS, 2022) – Big righty with broad shoulders and strength present in the lower half, standing 6-foot-4.  Fastball peaked at 90.15 mph with a spin rate averaging 2197rpm.  Firm, downer breaking ball was consistently in the zone, impressing with the type of action he was controlling.  Good feel for a change-up with run out of the hand.

Cyle Phelan (LHP, Fuquay-Varina HS, 2021) – Strong, athletic presence at 6-foot-2.  Works out of his sleeve from an over-the-top slot.  Choppy rhythm at times, but when on time the ball worked out of the hand and through the zone with some ease.  Fastball ranged 88-89 with sink metrics in the vertical break.  Curveball spun up to 2580 rpm with tight, sweeping action out of the hand.  Change-up is still developing into a 3rd weapon.

Jackson Roberts (RHP, Northern Guilford HS, 2022) – 6-foot-1, 185 pounds.  Short arm action, loading the scapular and working to a high-3/4 slot.  Solid arm speed.  Fastball peaked at 88.58 mph with over 19in of induced vertical break.  Fastball spin peaked at 2391 rpm.  Sharp, tight, late break on a curveball that worked with 11/5 and 10/4 tilt through the zone.  Curveball spun up to an event leading 2828 rpm with -13in of induced vertical break and -14.6in of horizontal movement.

RJ Sales (RHP, Pinecrest HS, 2021) – Big winner on the day with arm strength and athleticism on the mound.  Stands 6-foot, 163 pounds.  Strength present.  Fastball ranged 91.80 – 93.30mph, spinning at 1964 rpm on average.  Played true out of the hand with sink metrics, including 12.1in of induced vertical break.  Two separate breaking balls.  Curveball spun up to 2195 rpm with big 10/4 tilt.  Good arm speed and feel.  Slider peaked at 80.51 mph.  Slider flashed shorter action and with hard downer action entering the zone. 

Cole Schiff (LHP, Heritage HS, 2021) – Large frame with broad shoulders, standing 6-foot-4.  Strong arm through a high-3/4 slot.  Fastball up to 89.19.  Good arm speed on the breaking ball.  Consistently commanded the zone with the spin pitch with a max spin rate of 2144rpm.

Win Scott (LHP, Ragsdale HS, 2021) – Long, loose arm swing to a high-3/4 slot.  Athletic through the delivery with good direction and intent.  Fastball peaked at 88.55 mph, spinning up to 1969 rpm.  Tight breaking ball with 2/8 tilt.  Good arm speed.  Threw the breaking ball for a strike.  Solid change-up giving him three pitches to attack hitters with at this time.

Aubrey Smith (RHP, South Brunswick HS, 2022) – Only uncommitted arm in attendance.  Big framed righty ranged 90.02 – 91.49 mph.  Fastball averaged 2355rpm with a 15.4 induced vertical break.  Curveball spun up to 2350rpm with 10/4 tilt, early at times.  Solid change-up with good arm speed and feel.

Cade Miller (RHP, Alexander Central HS, 2022) – 5-foot-10, 190 pounds.  Short arm action, loading the scapular.  Works out of his sleeve to a high-3/4 slot.  Fastball up to 88.86 mph with some sink metrics.  Slider is short working across the zone with a max spin rate of 2346rpm.