Prep Baseball Report

Quick Hitters: Preseason All-State West - Hitters

Brandon Hall & Matt Payne
NC Executive Director & Scouting Director

On Sunday January 26th, ninety-one of the top players in the state of North Carolina converged at the Ultimate Performance Sports Center in Matthews, NC.  The Preseason All-State showcase event is the top winter event in North Carolina year after year and with the increased demand, there are now two sessions, an east and a west.  Below we take our first look at some player notes from the Preseason All-State West.

The day consisted of a full pro-style workout with pitchers throwing controlled bullpens, followed by defensive workouts for the position players.  Hitters were able to go through multiple cages to get loose prior to moving through two exit velocity stations.  Live BP was taken in a large cage, allowing scouts and coaches to see the ball fly off the bat.

Below are the Quick Hitter notes on the hitters.  This is not meant to be a top prospect list, but just a very quick list of players that popped to our PBR Scouts.  As we continue to dive into all of the information gathered, players will receive a full evaluation and the PBR staff will put together top prospect lists from the event.

CLICK HERE to see the full roster and stats from the Preseason All-State West

Preseason All-State West – By the Numbers:

  • 91 players went through the workout at Ultimate Performance
  • 36 pitchers threw controlled bullpens
  • 80 hitters went through offensive and defensive workouts
  • 24 players ran a sub-4.00 on the 30 yard laser timed sprint
  • 33 hitters posted an exit velocity of 90 mph or higher
  • 9 of 19 catchers posted a pop time of 2.10 or lower
  • 7 Outfielders posted a positional velocity of 90 mph or higher
  • 10 Pitchers worked at 86 or higher
  • 3 arms touched 90 or better
  • 2468rpm was the top fastball spin rate at the event.


Preseason All-State West:  Quick Hitters – Position Players

Brandon Goodman, SS/2B, 2020-Quick hands with strength and lift in his swing.  Drove balls throughout batting practice with above average bat speed.

Carson Harris, OF, 2020-Centered lots of balls during his rounds of batting practice with loose hands.  Keeps his barrel in the zone with pop to his pull side.

Colton Stotler, 3B/SS, 2020-Switch hitter who uses both sides of the field during batting practice.  Hit lots of line drives right and left-handed with more lift from the left side.

Jack Shaw, OF/1B, 2020-Balanced stroke with lots of barrel feel.  Strength is present with barrel whip through the zone.  Continues to make lots of hard contact at PBR events.

Gavin Mortenson, SS, 2020 – Lanky and rangy, has outstanding ball skills on the infield with rhythm and fluidity.  Arm has exceptional carry from a quick release.   Offensively, he has added strength and the swing is ready to do damage consistently.

Devin Tonkins, OF/SS, 2021-Short, simple swing from the right side.  Uses the whole field with above average barrel feel and quick hands.

Archie Dean Herring, OF/SS, 2021-Consistently found his barrel throughout batting practice.  Flat stroke driving balls through the middle of the cage with a controlled approach.

Andrew Schuldt, C/SS, 2021-Fluid swing with quick hands through the zone.  Worked through the middle of the cage showing strength off the barrel.  Athletic behind the dish with a quick release and solid accuracy.

Michael Gracer, 1B/3B, 2021-Loose hands with lots of bat speed through the zone.  Strength showed as he hammered balls all over the cage.

Wesley Lug, C/1B, 2021-Strength shows with his barrel working quick through the zone.  Balanced approach working through the middle with loose hands.

Trent Turner, SS/2B, 2021-Loose swing with a short barrel path to the ball.  Sprayed the ball all over the cage with better than average feel for his barrel.

Connor Miller, SS/3B, 2021-Keeps his barrel in the zone with strength to his pull side.  Has above average bat speed and barrel awareness.

Jack Mullane, OF/SS, 2021-Fluid swing from the left side.  Lots of bat speed with some barrel snap through the zone.  Was consistent throughout his rounds of batting practice with lots of loud contact.

John Newton, OF/3B, 2021-Put together two thunderous rounds of batting practice.  Explosive bat speed launching balls all over the cage.  Big carry from the outfield with some ease.

Vance Honeycutt, SS/2B, 2021-Advanced feel for his barrel hitting a ton of line drives.  Short, simple swing with bat speed through the zone.  Looseness and athleticism carried over defensively where the hands and feet have advanced rhythm.

Harrison Bobbitt, C/1B, 2021-Quick hands hitting a lot of line drives.  Has feel for his barrel with pop to his pull side. 

Matt Heavner, SS/OF, 2022-Fluid stroke with a controlled approach during batting practice.  Has bat speed and really keeps his barrel in the zone.  Always impresses with his fundamental skills and the Preseason All-State was just another opportunity to do what he does.

Mason Mozeley, C/3B, 2022-Loose and fluid from the left side.  Hit a lot of line drives middle to his pull side with better than average bat speed.

Brooks Brannon, C/OF, 2022-Swing produced two loud rounds of batting practice.  Bat speed stands out as he looks to crush the ball with every swing.  Loose hips behind the dish.  Received with some ease.

Michael Posse, SS/OF, 2022-Loose and athletic from the right side.  Will use both sides of the field with barrel awareness and bat speed.

Gus Shelton, 1B/3B, 2022-Strength showed as he drove balls through the middle of the cage.  Stayed consistent throughout both rounds of batting practice with the ball jumping off the barrel.

Calvert Clark, OF, 2022-Athlete with leverage in his swing.  Bat speed stood out with his fluid swing crushing balls through the cage.  Looks the part walking into the box.  Checks all the boxes throughout the workout.  Arm has elite carry with accuracy from the outfield.

Ryder Douglas, 1B, 2022-Drove the ball all over the cage with bat speed.  Has strong hands with feel for his barrel.

Tyler Zedalis, SS, 2023-Fluid swing and keeps his barrel in the zone.  Loose hands with bat speed finding his barrel often during batting practice.  Advanced bat that will be in demand.  Solid rhythm on defense and arm should allow him to stay on the left side as needed.

Caleb Williams, OF, 2023-Relaxed from the right side with loose hands.  Has strength and bat speed hitting lots of line drives during batting practice.

Isaac Armstrong, SS, 2023-Quick hands with a short, simple swing from the right side.  Controlled approach working through the middle of the cage.  Solid work defensively with a lot of trust in his hands and a simple release providing easy carry.

Colby Umbarger, OF, 2023 – Athletic and looks the part.  Right handed hitter.  Average barrel feel but with the ability to do damage every time he is on the barrel.  Good leverage throughout the swing.  Frame should add strength in the coming years.