Prep Baseball Report

The Performance Academy Open ID - Catcher Analysis

Brandon Hall & Matt Payne
North Carolina Director of Scouting & PBR Assoc Scout

On Saturday November 11th, Prep Baseball Report held an open prospect identification, in conjunction with the Performance Academy, at Jim Perry Stadium, on the campus of Campbell University.  With over 70 players in attendance, PBR ran a full pro-style workout, gathering information on each player in attendance.

Position players were up first, going through a full offensive evaluation that included a laser timed 60 on the turf at Campbell, an exit velocity test off a tee in the cage area, and several rounds of batting practice, live on the playing field.  Following the offensive testing, a full defensive evaluation took place with outfielders throwing from right field, infielders working out at shortstop and at first base, and catcher being evaluated on pop times, blocking and recovering, and receiving. 

Following the position players, pitchers and catchers were evaluated in a bullpen setting.  Delivery, arm action, arm speed, stuff, velocity, and command were all taken into account as scouts dialed into each arm in attendance. 

PBR scouts in attendance were able to take stats on each player in attendance, while compiling evaluations on players that will lead to potential invites to the Preseason All-State, Top Prospect Games, the Future Games, and the Super 60.  Player statistics are available, with evaluations and player video coming in the near future.

CLICK HERE to see the full roster from the workout, along with the statistics compiled.

Below is a look at 8 primary catchers.  Each of these athletes had the opportunity to workout behind the dish, and at a secondary position.  We will dual catcher / pitchers in a later entry.  While these catchers are young, ranging in graduation year from 2020 - 2022, several put up impressive numbers in the box and behind the plate.

By The Numbers:

+ 72 players worked out at the event.  All players ranged from 2020 – 2022 graduates.
+ 17 players ran a sub 7.20 sixty on the laser timer.  
+ 7.51 was the median sixty time for the event
+ 91 mph was the top arm velo on the day from Infielder Daniels Stephens (2020)
+ 6 players worked at 83 mph or better across the diamond with a median infield velocity of 73 mph
+ 89 mph was the top OF velocity with 6 at or above 82 mph from right field.  The median velocity was 75 mph
+ 18 catchers worked out with a median pop time of 2.12 and a median positional velocity of 72 mph out of the crouch
+ 2 catchers posted a sub-2.00 pop time with 7 at or below 2.10
+ 2 hitters broke the 90 mph barrier in exit velocity with 13 above 85 mph.  The median exit velocity was 80 mph
+ 87 mph was the top Fastball in the bullpen sessions
+ 6 players worked at 81 mph or better, out of the 16 bullpens
+ 78 mph was the median fastball for the event.



Catcher Analysis


Bryan Arendt C / RHP / Holly Springs , NC / 2021

Physical presence at 6-foot-1, 190 pounds.  Strength and quickness are present with a laser timed 60 of 6.91 paired with an exit velocity off the bat of 90 mph.  Right handed hitter is athletic and slightly open in his setup.  Flat bat has some waggle through the load, settling in slightly different launch positions at times.  Aggressive stride, back to even.  Strength over bat speed right now, but there is quickness through the zone.  Wants extension.  Swing geared to the pull side.  Average barrel awareness, but when on the barrel, the ball comes off different than that of players his same age.  Defensively behind the plate, lacks some bend in his hips, setting up high.  Hands work with a strong exchange across his chest to a short arm action and quick release.  Easy carry with accuracy.  Pop times ranged 1.90 – 2.04 with a positional velocity of 79 mph from the high crouch.  On the infield, the hips stay high with the hands working deep into the body.  Secured the ball and worked to exchange through the middle of the body.  Short arm swing provided some carry and accuracy at 87 mph across the diamond.



Rodney Bonilla C / 3B / Apex Friendship, NC / 2020

Average frame at 5-foot-8, 170 pounds.  Has continued to make big strides behind the plate and in the box.  Right handed hitter is balanced in is setup.  Uses a leg kick and small load down, then  up with the hands to get to his launch.  Short stride.  Works level to uphill in the swing, rotating on the backside.  Stayed gap to gap when on the barrel.  Slight tendency to get long and rollover.  Good rhythm with average bat speed and an exit velocity peaking at 82 mph on this day.  Behind the dish, has good bend through the hips and works low out of the crouch through the ball.  Quick exchange across the chest to a short arm action and high-3/4 slot.  Accurate arm at 72 mph from the crouch with average carry.  Pop times ranged 2.12 – 2.34 in the workout.  Blocked with some ease, keeping the ball within range to recover.  On the infield, the hips play a little higher and the footwork has some effort.  Accurate arm at 77 mph across the diamond.  Ran a 7.78 sixty.



Brendan Burke C / 3B / Panther Creek, NC / 2021

Physical for his age with an average frame at 6-foot-2, 190 pounds.  Left handed hitter creates some leverage with an exit velocity peaking at 88 mph off the barrel.  Open in his stance, strides back toward the plate.  Slight leg kick to load his weight.  Some waggle in the bat head through the launch, but repeats his launch position.  Strength over quickness, the swing is geared to the pull side wanting extension.  Barrel awareness should improve with more quickness.  Behind the dish, shows some bend through his hips but when working to exchange, the hips cheat up and there is an early false step.  Exchanges across his belly to a medium arm swing and high-3/4 release.  Positional velocity of 74 mph yielded pop times ranging 2.10 – 2.12 with misses to the 3B side.  At first base, tends to catch the ball deep but secures it to the midsection.  Feet fight for rhythm.  Arm showed accuracy on throws peaking at 74 mph.  Ran a laser timed 60 at  8.18.



Charlie Everhard C / OF / Ravenscroft, NC / 2020

Average build at 6-foot, 195 pounds.  Left handed hitter is slightly open using a rhythmic load back.  Short stride works back towards the plate.  Some strength and quickness in the hands, flashing pull side power.  Flat through the zone with average to above bat speed.  Finished on the back side with a top hand release and high hands.  Exit velocity peaked at 79 mph.  Behind the plate, average bend in the hips and tends to let the ball ride deep into the receiving area.  Clean exchanges across his chest to a short arm action and release.  Misses were to the first base side and the ball tend to tail out of the hand.  Out of the crouch, pop times ranged 2.20 – 2.40 with a positional velocity of 71 mph.  In the outfield, works to play through the ball.  Feet can get choppy and the exchange can lack rhythm at times.  Long arm swing to an over-the-top release.   Average carry and accuracy at 78 mph out of the hand.  Ran a 7.61 sixty.



Jonah Oster C / OF / Middle Creek, NC / 2021

6 foot 1, 150-pound athletic build.  Hits from the right side using a balanced setup.  Works back during his load with a short stride.  Creates some momentum into the ball, getting his lower half through.  Works mostly middle to his pull side with average bat speed.  Looks to get extension out front, but barrel works in and out of the zone to quickly at times.  Exit velocity recorded at 84 mph.  Athletically plays through balls in the outfield with fluid feet and average hands.  Long arm action, throwing from a high ¾ slot.  Accurate arm with some carry to his throws peaking at 82 mph from the outfield.  Athletic setup with ok feet behind the plate.  Long arm action with pop times ranging from 2.19-2.26.  Positional velocity peaked at 77 mph.  Recorded a 7.72 in the 60.



Matt Pollard C / OF / Leesville Road, NC / 2021

6 foot, 160-pound build.  Offensively he works from the right side using a slightly open setup.  Low hands during his setup with some upper body lean into the plate. Small leg kick during his load and gets his lower half through the ball when on time.  Barrel works around the ball at times.  Bat path should improve with added looseness to the hands.  Exit velocity recorded at 73 mph.  Average hands in the outfield with his feet stopping at catch.  Long, clean exchanges with a long arm action, throwing from a high ¾ slot.  Arm topped at 72 mph from the outfield.  Athletic setup behind the plate with a long arm action, throwing from a high ¾ slot.  Pop times ranged from 2.22 - 2.32 with positional velocity peaking at 67 mph.  Recorded a 8.58 in the 60.



CJ Powell C / 3B / Lincoln Charter-Denver, NC / 2022

5 foot 8, 180-pound build.  Hits from the right side using a tall, balanced setup.  Leg kick during his load with his weight and hands going down and back.  Aggressive momentum into the ball, using his legs but raising up a bit through contact.  Above average bat speed with an uphill path, getting extension.  Looks to lift the ball to his pull side.  Showed pop to his pull side leaving the yard during batting practice.  Exit velocity recorded at 86 mph.  Plays through balls on the infield with quick exchanges.  Has some stiffness in his hands at catch.  Short arm action, throwing from a ¾ slot. Accurate arm that peaked at 74 mph across the diamond.  Athletic set up behind the plate with quick, fluid feet and quick exchanges.  Some accuracy to his throws to second base with his positional velocity at 72 mph.  Short arm action, throwing from a high ¾ slot with pop times ranging from 2.08-2.22.  Recorded a 7.61 in the 60.



Reid Richards C / 3B / Middle Creek, NC / 2020

Athletic frame with length in the limbs at 6-foot-1, 150 pounds.  Quickness and strength are present with plenty of room to continue to add to the frame.  Ran a 7.15 on the laser timed 60.  Exit velocity of 87 mph off the barrel from the right side.  Offensively sets up balanced using a short stride.  Quick hands through the zone.  Works for extension, staying gap-to-gap with a line drive path.  Choppy in his rhythm at times, the hands can scoop or cast.  Behind the dish, the pop times ranged 2.04 – 2.29 from a high release.  Narrow base, works to a vertical throwing position through his exchange.  Good carry at 75 mph out of the crouch, with most throws near the bag and slightly high.