Prep Baseball Report

The Triangle Open Prospect Showcase: Pitcher Evaluations

By Brandon Hall
Director of Scouting, PBR NC

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Continuing with our look back at The Triangle Prospect Showcase, today we will focus on the pitchers.  This event saw fourteen arms throws, receiving a brief look at some of their athleticism in a drill series, followed by an extended bullpen session where our coaches and scouts were able to evaluate stuff, command, arm action and projection on each pitcher.  The link to each pitcher will include their up-to-date verified stats and scouting report.

+14 Pitchers participated in Holly Springs
+7 touched better than 81 with their fastball
+6 underclass arms ranging from 2018 – 2020 grads
+8 uncommitted 2017 arms 

CLICK HERE to view the complete Triangle Prospect Showcase, with links to each player’s profile

CLICK HERE to view all of the statistical results.



Kanan Butler, RHP, Apex HS, NC (2017)
At 6-foot-1, 170 pounds with some length in his build, the fastball sat 78-81 and filled the zone.  Working with a short arm swing, high-3/4 slot and level shoulders, the breaking ball was his best pitch, ranging 67-70 with late 10/4 tilt and flooding the zone.  The change is a distant 3rd pitch topping at 73.  

Reid Celata, RHP, Atlantic Shores Christian School, VA (2018)
The 6-foot-1, 170 pound righty sat 78-81 and featured a slider at 67-70, from a slightly slower arm, producing an early acting cutter at times.  The change sat 70-73.  All 3 pitches worked the strike zone, from his high-3/4 slot with an average to above arm speed.  There is some effort in the delivery as it works on-line and finishes athletic. 

Noah Eaker, RHP, Cherryville HS, NC (2017)
Righty creates angle on all pitches from his 6-foot-4, 185 pound frame.  Short arm action with some looseness, works to an over-the-top slot, producing a quick hand.  Fastball ranged 81-84 and cut at times.  The breaking ball sat 66-73 with sharp, late, downer action.  It works with fastball look-alike hand speed and was consistently in the zone.  The change-up cut at times, ranging 77-78 and around the zone.  From a high flexed front-side, Eaker pulls through extension, at times re-coiling and working around the ball.

Randy Floyd, RHP, Fairmont HS, NC (2018)
Righty that showed an ability to spin his slider, with an athletic, lanky build that can add strength.  At 5-foot-11, 146 pounds, Floyd ranged 80-82 with his fastball from a high-3/4 slot with a short, whippy arm swing, and quick hand.  The slider sat 68-70 with late, sharp 10/4 action that flooded the zone and has the makings of an above average pitch he can lean on.  The change-up is a distant third pitch that touched 77 with decent hand-speed.  

Grant Frye, RHP, Lee County HS, NC (2017)
New to the mound in the past few months, Frye works to drop his slot to the side, but ends up floating between a sidearm delivery and a high-3/4 slot.  The fastball showed sink and run, when in the lower slot, sitting 76-78.  The slider lacked action at times, registering 66-67.  

Isaac Gonzales, LHP, Pine Forest HS, NC (2020)
A young frame with some strength already, the 5-foot-10, 170 pound left-handed pitcher worked 69-73 with his fastball and showed a good feel for the strike zone.  A long arm action worked toward a high-3/4 slot.  A slow delivery tempo created some effort from balance into foot strike.  The breaking ball and change-up both worked with near fastball handspeed.  The breaking ball topping at 62, while the change ranged 58-62.  

Joshua Griffith, RHP, Richmond Sr HS, NC (2017)
Intriguing based on his 6-foot-5, 195 pound lanky frame.  Long arm swing, worked to a high-3/4 slot with some effort in a slow, choppy delivery that cleans as he gets deeper into the bullpen.  Fastball ranged 72-75 with the breaking ball at 63-64.  Spin had an early, gradual 11/5 break and filled the zone.  The change-up sat 68-70 with near look-alike hand speed.  There is a little coil and uncoil feature to the delivery with a long turn from pivot to balance.  Stuff and command improved with the pitch count. 

Justin Honeycutt, LHP, Pine Forest HS, NC (2020)
A young player with a good fundamental base as he continues to add strength to his 5-foot-7, 131 pound frame.  The southpaw's fastball ranged 66-69 from an over-the-top slot and long arm action.  The change-up is the most advanced pitch flashing arm-side run and fade, sitting 65-67.  Honeycutt's curveball has gradual, downer type action, ranging 60-61.  Command was erratic in the workout, but did show improvement as the pitch count was lengthened.  

Coby Ingle, RHP, Rockingham County HS, NC (2020)
Lanky and athletic, the 6-foot, 160 pound RHP/OF has a chance to develop into a dual player.  An over-the-top slot and long arm swing worked to 74-77 with the fastball.  The slider is 63-64 with some late tilt, while the curveball, ranging 58-60 is a gradual downer from a slower arm speed.  The change is a distant 4th pitch, working 59-61 with a stiff wrist and pushing it through the release point.  

Zachary Lambeth, RHP, Trinity HS, NC (2017)
An easy fastball and repeat-able delivery flashed a quick hand.  At 5-foot-11, 170 pounds, with a strong, athletic build, Lambeth topped at 86 and sat 84-86 with ease.  The delivery loads at balance with decent rhythm.  The shoulders work uphill to provide some leverage before finishing slightly open with good direction.  Lambeth's change-up and curveball both worked with near fastball hand-speed.  The change sat 74-77, while the curveball ranged 68-71.  

Mason McElveen, RHP, Mallard Creek HS, NC (2017)
A strike throwing right hander that has body control over the rubber and a feel for all three pitches.  Fastball topped at 72, while the curveball ranged 54-59 with a 11/5 action.  The change-up may be the best pitch, sitting 69-70 with look-alike hand speed and flooding the zone.  Loose body with some coil, works his arm through a long arm swing and it is early to the high-3/4 slot.  Head whip at the finish cuts some extension off but does not hurt strike zone command for the 6-foot-3, 165 pounder. 

Antonio Reneo, LHP, Pine Forest HS, NC (2017)
A loose, quick arm that featured a heavy fastball ranging 82-85 and flashing good command to his glove side, from the lefty.  The curveball ranged 64-67, somewhat inconsistent but flashing a sharp 2/8 break at times.  Reneo's change-up worked with near fastball handspeed, sitting 72-74 but lacking feel for the zone.  The ultra quick hand works from a long arm action, with looseness, to a high-3/4 slot.  Side stepping and dragging his pivot foot leads to lower half coil and occasional blocking of his front side.  This tended to clean as the pitch count elevated and he gained feel, increasing his velocity as the bullpen progressed. 

Joshua Tolson, RHP, Manteo HS, NC (2017)
An average build at 5-foot-11, 150 pounds, the fastball sits 81-83 from an over-the-top slot, coiled lower half, and whippy arm.  The curveball ranged 66-67, while the change worked from a stiff wrist, sitting 75-77.

Heath Yow, RHP, Lee Christian, NC (2019)
A young player with some strength developed into his 6-foot-1, 235 pound frame.  On the mound, Yow worked with a fastball - knuckleball mix.  The fastball was erratic early, settling as the pitch count lengthened.  Ranging 70-73 from an over-the-top slot and longer arm action.  The knuckleball had some rotation but did produce a tumbling action, ranging 63-64.  Most knuckleballs were on line but down in the zone, showing some feel for the pitch.