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We continued on with our coverage of the Champions Events tournaments this summer. We've covered the Rochester Rising Stars, Capitol Region and Big Apple Battles and this past weekend we were in the greater Hudson Valley Region for the Hudson Valley Battle.

Hudson Valley Battle Scout Blog

Jack Scanlon SS / 3B / Aquinas Institute, NY / 2020

Wiry, athletic build at 5-foot-11 145 pounds; the RHH put together the most complete at-bats of the weekend grinding out his plate appearances and working the ball all around the field. Steady defender with glove side range, clean exchange and accurate arm across the diamond. Handled off-speed and velocity. Gamer.


Braden Kunda SS / RHP / Eastchester, NY / 2020

Lean, athletic frame at 5-foot-9 155 pounds, room for growth; slightly open setup with a cross-cut swing path. Battles in the box. Accelerates quickly on base paths. Steady defender; accurate arm.


Sean Holley LHP / OF / Pelham Memorial , NY / 2020

Highly projectable build from the 6-foot-2 170-pounds, southpaw with a low ¾ arm-slot. Worked 76-77, touching 78 MPH mph with the FB, showed arm-side run with additional velocity in the tank.



Sean Flaherty 3B / RHP / Shenendehowa, NY / 2021

Stands 6-foot-3 190-pounds LHH with some natural lift in his barrel path. Open setup and keeps the barrel in the hitting zone a long time. On the mound he works from a high  ¾ slot pounding the zone at 75-76 MPH. Strong durable frame that can hold additional velocity.


Sean Butkowski RHP / 1B / Lake George , NY / 2021

Physical specimen at 6-foot-3 207-pounds; LHH sets up open with a slight hang of the stride for timing. Developing juice at the plate; stays inside contact with an occasional left-center approach. On the mound he has an extended reach back; ¾ arm slot. Sat 80-81 MPH with some cut action in his brief outing. 



JT Lapham 1B / RHP / Glens Falls , NY / 2020

Another impressive physical build on the Barnstormers roster at 6-foot-3 190 pounds. The LHH sets up in a slight crouch; features a sweeping swing path with late lift through extension, signs of power to the gaps.



Ryan Brown RHP / OF / Schalmont, NY / 2020

Sturdy 6-foot-0 170 pound build with athleticism. Works from an elevated arm slot at 77-78 MPH; showed solid FB command with a tight, late action slider  with 2-tier break at 70-71 MPH. Flashed a down action change up 74 MPH. 




Matthew Mondrone LHP / OF / Tuckahoe , NY / 2020

6-foot-1 185 pound frame with a low ¾ arm slot; hides the ball well throughout delivery. Worked 73-75 MPH, clipping 77 MPH with arm side run. CB was 61-63 with sweeping action and moderate depth. Showed a change with late fade at 66 MPH.




Cade Bacon 3B / RHP / CBA-Syracuse, NY / 2020

Average frame at 5-foot-11 175 pounds with squared off shoulders. On the mound he worked 76-78 MPH, showed a CB with slight break 11-to-5 shape at 66-68 MPH. Also worked in a lateral action slider/cutter at 71-72 MPH. Filled up the zone with a positive mound appearance.




Brendan Seburn 3B / SS / East Syracuse Minoa, NY / 2020

Lean, wiry frame with athleticism at 6-foot-2 185-pounds. Open setup; short swing path with late lift through extension. Developing power in the gap.  Leadoff triple in game 2 Saturday to deep left center gap after a two-run double in game one. CNY player that continues to impress the more we see him. 




Jared Stanton 1B / 3B / Cicero-North Syracuse, NY / 2020

Full frame at 6-foot-2 215 pounds; slightly open setup with quiet pre-pitch actions. Stays inside contact with lift to his pull side; constantly finds barrels and has gap power.



Logan Stuart C / OF / Cicero-North Syracuse, NY / 2020

Compact build at 5-foot-11 175 pounds; short swing path collecting two hits including a double in game one. Accurate arm behind the plate with a quick transfer; quiet receiver. 




Nikolas Bistrovich 1B / RHP / Westhill, NY / 2020

Full frame at 6-foot-0 250 pounds; even set up with a slight leg kick. Covers the zone and showed the ability to drive both gaps including a smoked triple to right-center in game two and double in game one; battles in the box. Defensively, handles himself around the bag and in the dirt.



Richie Paul RHP / 1B / Camden, NY / 2020

6-foot-3 180 pounds with athleticism; moderate arm swing; ¾ slot. Command varied in first inning. Worked 81-83 MPH early on with an 11-to-5 CB at 65-68 MPH. Sat 83-85 MPH on Wednesday at NYS Games in Binghamton.



Jack Sullivan RHP / SS / Carmel, NY / 2021

Athletic 5-foot-11 175 pounds; up-tempo delivery with a long arm swing working through a ¾ to low ¾ slot with some recoil. FB features life through the zone with at 85-86 MPH with some comeback action; SL worked 74-75 with late tilt and improved as the outing progressed. Swung it well from line-to-line with a triple down the RF line on Sunday. Showed change up with arm side fade in warmups but did not break out in game.



Anthony LoCasto C / New Rochelle , NY / 2020

Well put together 5-foot-10 180 pound backstop who showed plenty of arm strength on Sunday afternoon; steady receiver with athletic actions behind the plate. Turned around an 85 MPH FB early in the championship game with a quick wristed stroke.



Chase Carroll 3B / 2B / Shenendehowa , NY / 2020

Athletic build at 5-foot-10 155 pounds. 81-83 MPH with a short, C/INF arm action. Early command issue led to departure. Did not show off-speed. At the plate he is a top of the order threat with scrappy at bats and a handful of stolen bases; laced a triple on Saturday. Line to line approach.



Steven Richeson LHP / OF / Brighton, NY / 2020

Full framed LHH listed at 6-foot-1 185 pounds; simple timing mechanisms; stays in the zone and consistently finds barrels. Zone awareness and fights off the borderline offerings.



Matthew Wertman OF / C / Mechanicville, NY / 2020

Athletic RHH at 6-foot-0 170 pounds; even setup with a short/direct  swing path through the middle of the diamond. Handles the bat with poise/confidence; strength through the swing.



Jared Drake SS / RHP / Fairport , NY / 2020

Athletic MIF who handles the bat well over the course of the weekend; quiet approach with an even setup in the box; short swing path that stays through the middle. On the mound worked 80-81 from a ¾ slot; mixes a 2S with arm side sink/run. CB backed up early on at 71-72 MPH while working a 73-74 MPH change up.



Anthony Ruzzo SS / RHP / Schalmont , NY / 2020

5-foot-11 165 pound build with athleticism. The RHH covers the zone well with a short/direct swing that stays in the hitting zone; high contact approach.



Jason Rodriguez OF / RHP / Queensbury, NY / 2021

Plus athlete at 6-foot-1 170 pounds; solid/loud contact across the weekend with a lift approach. Developing power that will find the gaps. Intriguing player to follow.



Joel Hayner SS / RHP / Homeschool, NY / 2021

Lean, athletic build at 5-foot-10 155 pounds; controlled pace to delivery with a moderate length arm swing through a standard ¾ slot. FB sat 75-77 with a small break CB at 62-64 (11-5 shape). Showed a down angle change at 69 MPH.



Carson Cotugno RHP / SS / Amsterdam, NY / 2021

High waisted 6-foot-1 170 pound RHP with a clean arm swing through a standard ¾ arm slot. Delivery stays in line to the plate with decent extension. FB worked 85-87 with some late cut. Only showed a slider once which backed up at 77 MPH. Premium RHP in the 2021 class. 



Kolby Anderson C / RHP / Queensbury , NY / 2021

Lean/wiry frame at 5-foot-8 150 pounds; pesky at-bats with a short slashing stroke; high contact/table setter approach. Tough behind the plate; athletic for position.



Christopher Ubner 2B / RHP / Cooperstown, NY / 2021

Showcases his skills all over the diamond by catching, pitching and playing infield. Popped a 2.33 to 2nd base while catching. Worked a heavy 79-82 MPH FB with a tight 65-66 MPH CB on the mound and offensively had multiple XBH. He also and ran the bases aggressively with plus instincts. A true duel prospect.



Bryce Collis 1B / Whitesboro, NY / 2021

Power hitting 1B at 6-foot 210 pounds. Possesses a short connected swing, with a line drive approach; has a good eye for the zone. Possess’ a plus corner infield arm. Big Target, with above average footwork at 1B. On the mound he has a funky unorthodox arm action that produces plus ASR and good deception hiding the ball. FB 74-77mph and a CB with slurve like action 62-69mph.



Ryan Cardone 3B / RHP / Whitesboro , NY / 2020

Wiry, Strong infielder at 5-foot-10 155 pounds. Possesses a tons of natural torque; barreled several balls up with a slightly elevated line drive approach. Plus arm speed across the diamond. Plays with a smooth quick tempo.



Jake Lanzer LHP / 1B / Newburgh Free Academy, NY / 2022

Long lean 6-foot-1 150 pound frame with tons of upside. Quiet aggressive approach at the plate; has a knack for finding the barrel. Glides through the outfield with crisp routes; displayed a quick transfer and above average arm when he threw a tagging base runner out at home. Dynamic Athlete.



Angelo Bartziokas RHP / Minisink Valley, NY / 2021

Athletic power pitcher at 6-foot 160 pounds who attacks the zone. Threw a heavy FB at 79-80 MPH with run while commanding a 63-64 CB. Smooth left handed swing and plays the game with a good tempo and confidence.



Aiden Riebe 3B / RHP / New Rochelle , NY / 2021

Athletic Frame 6-foot 160 pounds. Starts with a slightly open stance.Generates tons of torque and delivers a strong top hand through the hitting zone. Adequate infield range, with a plus arm. Lots of plus tools.




Cameron Cruz OF / LHP / Salesian , NY / 2021

Smooth, Balanced OF with a lean athletic build.Controlled connected swing with effortless bat speed. Above average speed and acceleration bases.Glides in the outfield taking crisp routes. Average arm, with above average accuracy.


Griffin Snyder RHP / 1B / St. Josephs Collegiate Institute , NY / 2021

RHP 6-foot-3 205-pounder with pitchbility and poise. Works in ¾ arm slot with a 2 Seam, Slider, and Knuckle mix; composed, quick to the plate (1.18) and fields his position well. Heavy FB  works in the 71-73 MPH range topping 75. CB range 60-61 and knuckle at 64. The 3 pitch mix cover the plate well and induced lots of bad contact.



Paul Rockenstyre 1B / LHP / CBA-Albany , NY / 2020

Smooth LHH OF with a developed 6-foot 190 pound frame. Controlled balanced approach with a plus eye for the zone; always puts himself in good counts. Aggressive on the bases; got on base over 6 times this weekend. Average runner with plus instincts.



Cole Clarke SS / OF / Lake George, NY / 2021

Big frame with a heavy FB in the 73-76 MPH range topping 77; flashed the CB in the 60-62 range with the CH working 65-66. Works exclusively out of the set position with a power presence. Showed the ability to throw all three pitches in his 6 innings of shutout ball. 




Brian Tietjen 1B / 3B / Guilderland, NY / 2020

Power hitting corner infielder who showed the ability to play both corner infield positions. Soft hand and a powerful right arm. Hit the farthest ball of the 16u weekend on a quality pitch for a HR. Flashed a 97 exit velo earlier this week at the NYS Games.



Matthew Scarpelli 3B / OF / Fairport, NY / 2021

Quick twitch athlete with a projectable frame. ¾ arm slot with plenty of arm side run. Worked his FB in the 75-78 MPH range topping 80; his CB worked at 65 with good spin.



CJ Phelps C / 2B / McQuaid Jesuit, NY / 2022

Strong compact backstop with a true feel for the game. Controlled the game with a plus baseball IQ. Popped several 2.3 throwdowns to 2nd. Offensively, possesses a smooth aggressive approach, barreling several baseballs through the weekend.



Braden Consaul 3B / C / Fairport, NY / 2022

Power hitting CIF that showed the ability to defend both sides of the diamond. Balances offensive approach with a controlled swing. Showed some plus opposite field power. Big Target at 1B with natural instincts and feel. 



Sam Orcutt 2B / RHP / Canandaigua, NY / 2022

Strong LHH MIF/P with some juice in his bat. Possess’ several plus tools. Upright stance with some quality barrel whip. On the mound flashed a 73-75 MPH FB with some hop; flashed the CB in the 63-64 range and threw a CH in the 62-63 range.



Daniel Barbero SS / 2B / Colonie, NY / 2022

The 5-foot-8 165 pound incoming sophomore showcased a next-level feel for the game on both sides of the ball. On the defensive side of the ball he displayed smooth hands and a strong arm with some style and comfortability. The 2022 RHH MIF also showed a good approach at the plate; good discipline, and a swing that stays in the zone. Also showed some power potential in the gaps, peppering a few doubles in both gaps and consistently making hard contact. With some more work on the mental part of the game, has the make-up of a high-level player.



Andrew Alexander OF / C / Shaker , NY / 2022

The 5-foot-9 145 pound RHH second baseman, consistently impressed at the plate. The incoming sophomore has an open set-up, keeping his hands high and generates a good transfer of weight by getting into his back hip during this load.



Jacob LaDuca SS / 2B / Canisius, NY / 2021

The 5-foot-10 Junior shows great potential up the middle playing at the next level. He showed great comfortability at shortstop with a good sense of timing when fielding ground balls. He also displayed a strong arm across the infield making a few plays in the 5-6 hole. At the plate, LaDuca again showed comfort and a good sense of the game, putting the ball hard in play in crucial RBI situations.



Scott Raymond 3B / OF / Clarence, NY / 2022

The 6-foot-2 180 pound LHH sophomore showed a nice approach at the plate working some good at-bats and showing some big time power potential at the plate. Raymond has a natural lift in his swing, that creates great backspin on the ball.



Drew Chiarmonte C / Lancaster, NY / 2021

The strong bodied catcher showed a good feel for the game behind the plate, calling a good game and wasn’t afraid to body up the baseball. He flashed a pop time from 2.2-2.34 but with a few tweaks in mechanics, could easily drop sub 2. At the plate Chiamonte worked some good at bats, drew a few walks and made the pitcher come to him to set him up to hit the ball hard.



Logan Kral SS / RHP / Clarkstown North , NY / 2022

The 5-foot-7 135 worked well up the middle with Lopez also showing a good feel for the game and got the ball out fast. At the plate he showed good potential using the whole field for a number of hits.



Danny Witters C / OF / Walter Panas, NY / 2023

The Incoming freshman catcher impressed behind the plate reading and reacting well on pitches in the dirt and received the ball well. Witters also ranged his pop from 2.04-2.15, with a little growth and maturity his pop could drop significantly. At the plate Witters showed a next-level swing and approach, and clutched up for a big-time solo shot for his team.



Kolongi Goins OF / OF / FDR, NY / 2022

About 6-foot-1 and 150 pounds Goins impressed in the outfield showing off great range stealing a handful of hits from opposing players. Goins has a linky frame with room to put on muscle, which gives him plenty of room to progress. At the plate, RHH Goins has a very open set up which allows him to see the ball deeper and has a short path to the ball, creating less unnecessary movement.



Chris Thorne SS / 2B / Marlboro, NY / 2022

The incoming freshman displayed a good bat path through the zone creating some natural lift allowing him to work the gaps. Overall Thorne has the potential to be a solid next-level prospect with some growth and maturity.



Adam Agresti C / 1B / Kennedy Catholic, NY / 2023

The 5-foot-11 175 Catcher put on a catching clinic for the Taconic Rangers this weekend. Agresti showed off some plus blocking, quiet hands receiving and a mechanically sound pop time ranging from 2.3-2.4. At the plate RHH Agresti has a slightly open stance, starting his hands low and creating separation on his load-stride.




Anthony Greco / Chaminade , NY / 2016

The 5-foot-10 150 pound pitcher ranged his fastball from 75-78, topping at 79 and a curveball that was 67-69. At the plate Greco has an even set up with his hands shoulder high and used a toe tap for time. With some growth and maturity Greco could very well be an asset to various programs at the next level.



Tyler Baughman 2B / OF / Canisius , NY / 2021

The 5-foot-5 165 pound junior showed sure hands at second base and a strong arm. The second baseman seems to have the strength and conditioning part of the game down, showing a strong body. And at the plate he showed a good approach working well into counts to draw a few walks.



Jacob Yager 1B / RHP / Tri-Valley, NY / 2021

Big projectable athletic body with plus strength both on the mound and at the plate. An imposing presence at the plate, with a smooth swing that stays in the hitting window a long time. He showed plus power gap to gap and ran well for a big guy. On the mound he features an over the top FB 78-82 mph, a 11/6 CB 58-66mph. Yager works with a good pace and goes right after hitters using both sides of the plate effectively to set up his pitches. As he progresses on the mound he will need to keep the same arm action on the breaking ball. Overall if he is able to continue to use that big frame and plus athletic ability he will be a nice prospect to keep an eye on.



Anthony Foglia 1B / LHP / North Salem , NY / 2021

A 6-foot-2 220 pound prospect with a big frame with room/upside to tighten up and get stronger. At the plate Foglia has a powerful long swing with a clear approach to do damage in the box. He makes good adjustments at the plate pitch to pitch, understanding how pitchers are trying to attack him. As he gets stronger and shortens up his swing he could progress into a nice hitter at the next level.



Lucas Rodriguez 3B / RHP / Middletown, NY / 2018

Very athletic build who is well put together, with a big strong body 6-foot-0 190 pound. A pure line drive stroke at the plate, showing pull side doubles power going off the LCF wall. Rodriguez showed a good plate discipline/strike zone knowledge, really locking in on pitches he wanted to hit. He flashed average speed, however as a corner guy/catcher he moves well. Plays the game the right way and a true hardnose baseball player with exceptional hustle from first to last pitch. In the field he has good hands and feet, with lateral quickness and a good first step at 3B. 

Peter Fasciglione SS / 2B / Iona Prep, NY / 2022

A lefty bat who throws with his right, the 6-foot-0 170 pounds Fasciglione showed impressive actions both at the plate and in the field. An above average runner, with good instincts on the bases. At the plate he has a smooth swing with an advanced approach at the plate. He has an inside out swing clearly trying to stay middle/oppo. However for a guy who could add some size and strength he handles velocity well with quick hands having no problem turning on low 80s FBs inside. A raw prospect, but flashes good actions and a frame that could fill out.


Benjamin Raphael SS / RHP / Briarcliff, NY / 2023

A lean athletic body with room to fill out and get stronger. Possessed good command staying in the zone and working with good tempo. A straight over the top FB 72-74 mph peaked 75 mph; Possessed a 11/5 CB with small sharp late break. Needs to get more consistent with break on the CB 66-67. potential upside if this prospect fills out and develops consistency with his breaking ball.




Tristan Weigand C / 2B / St Joseph Collegiate Institute, NY / 2021

A strong athletic build, with some upside to fill out. A short quick compact stroke that consistently barrels baseballs up. An above average runner for his position, showing the ability to steal bases and possesses good instincts on dirtball reads. Behind the dish Weigand showed his ability as a plus blocker and receiver. Along with his blocking and receiving he showed good actions with his hands and feet making a quick transfer. A true hustle player and a clear field general.



Thomas Gleason RHP / 1B / Iona Prep, NY / 2022

Strong build, that could show potential if he gets stronger and more athletic. On the mound Gleason FB topped out at 80-81 mph.. His ¾ slot produces good ASR and he uses his FB to set up his curveball at 62-63 mph with 11/5 shape. Good projectable frame and interesting prospect to keep eyes on. 


Jeremiah Vega 2B / RHP / John Jay - East Fishkill, NY / 2022

A really solid athlete, with a ton of quick twitch actions. Vega shows plus speed on the bases coupled with great instincts and baseball IQ. His speed makes him a potential stolen base guy at the next level. He has a flat bat path that generates line drives to hit for average, but won't hit for much power. He possesses good lateral quickness and the ability to get to the ball deep in the hole at SS and make a strong accurate throw. These actions make him a plus defender in the middle.



Scott Scheppy RHP / Newburgh Free Academy , NY / 2021

A short powerful build with good athletic ability. Scheppy Possesses a FB 77-80 mph from a high ¾ arm slot; a CB 65-66mph; and a CH 73mph. For his size and build he gets the most out of it, generating a lot of power driving down the mound working through his legs. He works with a good pace and tempo keeping the hitters on their heels. He has a good feel for all 3 pitches and mixes them well using both sides of the plate to keep hitters off balance.



Christopher Moroz 3B / RHP / Canandaigua, NY / 2021

Athletic build; possesses a lot of quick twitch actions both at the plate and behind the dish. He stands at 5-foot-10 170 pounds and has plenty of room to fill out and get stronger. Moroz shows above average blocking abilities and flashes of quick actions behind the plate on throws to the bases. At the plate he possesses a balanced stance with a flat bat path. If Moroz could get a little more polished behind the dish and work on getting stronger he could be a real potential catching prospect. Very raw/tools prospect.



Anthony Falciglia 1B / 3B / Archbishop Stepinac, NY / 2021

With a large frame at 6-foot-2 245-pounds, FB sat 78-79 mph from a true ¾ arm slot; KNCV 56-60mph; CH 70mph. His arm slot produces a lot of ASR which sometimes causes the ball to catch the heart of the plate. He has a loose delivery and throws a heavy ball. Several swing and misses during his outing. If he can get stronger and tighten up that already athletic frame he could develop into a big time prospect to watch.



2021 RHP Kevin McKeon (Mahopac)
Average, athletic build at 5-foot-11 160 pounds. Up tempo pace with an elevated, over-the-top arm slot. FB ranged 77-78 MPH early on with a 12-6 CB checking in at 67-68 MPH. 

2020 OF Matt Luongo (Mahopac)
Wiry, athletic build. Open setup with deep flexion on the back side. Table-setter approach; spoils off the edge pitches and can serve the ball the opposite way. Tough out.

2020 3B Xavier Pietri (Somers) 
Athletic, proportional build at 6-foot-0 175 pounds. Balanced approach in the box with an easy effort stroke. Made several plays on the move and showed some glove side range. 

2021 RHP/3B Edward Hall
About 5-foot-11 170 pounds; hall displayed a solid build and huge upside, displaying plus command on his fastball and a good two pitch mix. Hall was 77-79, topping at 80, and dropping off his curveball at 61-63. At the dish, Hall showed a good approach, with a slightly open set up and generating power from his rock-back stride timing.  

2022 C/3B Derek Paris (Mount Greylock)
The 5’10 155 RHH Catcher was solid behind the plate, with quick feet, a quick transfer and release, and a strong arm behind the plate; he tallied in a pop-time ranging from 2.08-2.2. Paris also showed off some plus blocking, and called a good game behind the plate. Paris then flashed sure hands at the hot corner turning a few double plays. At the plate Paris has an open set up and gets his timing from a circular leg swing.

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