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Inside the Rankings: Top 10 Class of 2022 LHP

Jared Carrier
Scouting Director

With our latest rankings release for the 2022 class we decided to dive in deeper with a breakdown of the top 10 in each position. Today we start with right-handed pitchers. 

Disclaimer: Players listed below are ranked in order of their PRIMARY listed position on the website that they have chosen. A dual player that is also strong at their secondary position may carry more weight in their overall ranking.

Class of 2022 Rankings Release

Top 10 LHP / Class of 2022

Michael Kennedy LHP / Troy , NY / 2022

Quick Hit: 
6-foot-1 195 pounds with a strong lower half. Long, loose arm action that works in the mid to upper 80's. Above average feel for CB.

First Glimpse: Preseason - Hudson Valley (February 2019). Worked 80-83 while showing off that impressive breaker.

Breakout Performance: 2019 NYS Games.

The Future: The Capitol Region resident quickly went from relatively unknown to being an LSU commit in a short span last year. Initially a Future Game roster pick, Kennedy made his decision in July not long after the NYS Games.

Evan Chaffee LHP / Hamburg , NY / 2022

Quick Hit: 
Long and loose at 6-foot-2 165 pounds. Works in the low to mid 80's with a low to mid 3/4 arm slot.

First Glimpse: Scouting tournament in June of 2019.

Breakout Performance: 2019 NYS Games.

The Future: The WNY resident was taken off the board early in 2020 with a verbal commit to Alabama. Extremely high ceiling for this southpaw; hopefully we are able to track his progress this summer.

Maxx Yehl LHP / Portville, NY / 2022

Quick Hit:
The most projectable frame at 6-foot-4 185 pounds across all classes in NY. Can easily add 20 pounds to his broad shouldered frame. Worked 81-84 recently with a short take back arm action from a high 3/4 slot. CB is a pitch he can spot and expand with.

First Glimpse: Campus Series - St. Bonaventure (July 2019). Impressed working 81-83 with a big time sweeping CB that he could land for strikes.

Breakout Performance: Campus Series - St. Bonaventure (July 2019).

The Future: Top uncommitted LHP in the class; his high ceiling should surely point him in the direction of a Power 5 program. Expect plenty of eyes in his direction when he toes the rubber at the 2020 NYS Games.

Tyler Blake LHP / Cortland , NY / 2022

Quick Hit:
Another long and lean lefty that checks in at 6-foot-3 170 pounds. Works in the 80-82 range from a high slot with a steady velocity gain last year.

First Glimpse: Campus Series - Ithaca (August 2019)

Breakout Performance: 2019 Fall Top Prospect Games (September 2019).

The Future: Blake, similar to several of his other left-handed counterparts, has a favorable build that screams next level projection. The arm works and the delivery repeats. Another highly touted arm slated to be at the 2020 NYS Games.

Zachary Fike LHP / Medina , NY / 2022

Quick Hit:
Proportional 6-foot-2 190 pound build. Has always shown the ability to pitch as he's progressed from the low to mid 70's to 80-83 MPH. Also a solid defender around 1B and can handle the bat.

First Glimpse: Rising Stars (June 2018). Showed feel on the mound with a CB that he was able to land for strikes.

Breakout Performance: 2019 NYS Games.

The Future: We've followed Fike's progress from an impressive Jr. Future Games effort in 2018 through his latest velo uptick this past February. Another well put-together LHP who can also offer something at the 1B position.

Jake Lanzer LHP / Newburgh Free Academy, NY / 2022

Quick Hit: 
Athletic 6-foot-3 175 pounds. Similar to Fike, Lanzer offers two-way projection at 1B. Last two times out has worked in the 81-83, T84 MPH range with late action to CB.

First GlimpseRising Stars (June 2018). Was 5-foot-10 130 pounds and worked 71-73 MPH.

Breakout Performance: 2019 NYS Games.

The Future: Adds depth to deep talent pool of LHP. With a big summer we could see Lanzer making another jump in the rankings. Expecting big things from the Hudson Valley resident.

Preston Prince LHP / Hilton, NY / 2022

Quick Hit:
The biggest riser on this list. Prince grew 6 inches, added 35 pounds and and added 7-8 MPH to his FB in 12 months. High waisted build at 6-foot-2 175 pounds, Prince showed good hand speed from a high 3/4 slot.

First Glimpse: Rochester Cougar Workout (February 2018). 

Breakout Performance: Preseason - West (February 2020)

The Future: The list of projectable LHP lengthens with Prince's latest efforts. Another arm we are ecstatic to have at the 2020 NYS Games. Looking forward to seeing his complete arsenal in game play.

Jerek Hobb LHP / Schalmont, NY / 2022

Quick Hit: 
Hobb has a strong track record to date with the PBR-NY staff. Low slot lefty who presents a different look. Above average spin to breaking ball.

First Glimpse: Preseason - East (February 2019). Caught everyone's attention with mound presence and breaking ball.

Breakout Performance: 2019 NYS Games.

The Future: Expect to see continued up tick in velo. Creates tough left-on-left matchup and will look for continued development of the change up. Another arm to follow at the 2020 NYS Games.

Samuel Falace LHP / Niskayuna , NY / 2022

Quick Hit: 
Rangy 6-foot-1 174 pound frame. Stop and go arm action from a high 3/4 slot. Worked 81-84; up 6 MPH from February 2019.

First Glimpse: Preseason - East (February 2019). Was 5-foot-11 152 pounds working up to 78 MPH on the mound.

Breakout Performance: Preseason - Capitol Region (February 2020).

The Future: Another arm that has made recent bumps, similar to Prince, his bursting on the scene this preseason will have coaches out in droves to follow his progress this summer.

Chris Civetta LHP / John Jay Cross River, NY / 2022

Quick Hit: 
Slight 5-foot-10 145 pound build. Short arm swing with late acceleration out in front.

First Glimpse: Northeast Pride Workout (February 2020).

Breakout Performance: Northeast Pride Workout (February 2020).

The Future: Newcomer to the rankings, look for Civetta to continue to climb as he fills out physically. Has shown feel for for his secondary offerings with a change that fades off the edges. Present pitchability will help draw attention to his outings this summer.



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