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PBR OK Sandlot Scout Day Upgrade: First Basemen Analysis

Andy Urban
Oklahoma Scouting Director

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The third annual PBR Sandlot Scout Day was held at Broken Arrow HS on May 18th and at Oklahoma Christian on May 19th. This two day event feature most players in Sandlot organization. Covered here are only those players who chose to upgrade to a PBR profile at the event.

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Owen Bailor 1B / LHP / Bixby, OK / 2023

A 6-foot, 158-pound left-handed hitting first baseman hits from a feet shoulder wide stance with some rhythm and hand movement, uses small negative movement to start swing, lacks separation with hands. Short stroke to the baseball, level plane, front foot lands straight, allowing spin through the front side. Lacks balance throughout, still strength to gain in young frame. Has feel with the bat, consistent line drives to middle of cage in BP, 72 mph exit velo. Runs a 8.50 60. Defensively, LH 1st baseman showed raw range and glove actions, good stretch and reach, still figuring out young frame. On throws, shows short arm stroke coming through at a low 3/4 slot with arm side accuracy at 62 mph around the bag on the run. 

Garret Baker RHP / 1B / Mustang, OK / 2021

A 6-foot-5, 235-pound physical frame, hits from a wide, slightly open stance with heavy gather on the back side, using a simple movement to load. Flashes some explosive movements at time, strength in the swing, drove the ball with some lift. Smooth simple gather to load the hands, under strides at times finishing on heals and upright. Has more length in frame and swing to generate more stretch, 84 mph exit velo. Runs a 8.10 60. Defensively, deliberate pace to field and throw, long reach and stretch. Pace of feet and transfer can quicken. On throws, shows longer arm stroke coming from lower arm slot with arm side sink to the bag at 74 mph. 

Hunter Hayes RHP / 1B / Norman, OK / 2022

 A 6-foot-3, 157-pound first baseman, hits from the right side of the plate with balanced setup, uses leg lift to stride and hit, dives towards the plate with front foot. Hits around closed front side, inconsistent barrels to spray and hook. Long, wiry frame, has much to grow in to and add strength for more stability in swing. In BP, shows a flat/ground and opposite field approach, 74 mph exit velo. Runs a 7.80 60. Defensively, circeled baseball to field baseball on glove side, spin to throw at tall upright position. Long arm swing with some stiffness in the reach, ¾ arm slot with glove side spin to finish at 68 mph.

Caleb Kalcich RHP / 1B / Heritage Hall , OK / 2022

A 6-foot, 205-pound sturdy framed RHP/1B hits from a slightly open right handed stance, small push of the weight on to the back side to load. Lacks separation, weight leaks ot the front side through swing. Flat barrel throughout, produced lots of line drives middle to pull side. Simple approach, has room for larger movements in swing to generate more power,84 mph exit velo. Runs a 8.60 60. Defensively, showed slow deliberate feet to field, glove works out front with soft hands, aggressive motion to throw. On throws, shows long arm stroke coming through at a high ¾ slot at 73 mph.

Ethan Louthan 1B / RHP / Deer Creek, OK / 2021

A 6-foot-3, 240-pound physical left handed 1st baseman uses big leg lift and hand pull to launch baseballs in BP. Steep attack angle, at times late to the pitch, catching it deep in the strike zone to opposite field in the air. Big hand load with barrel popping up above helmet in strong starting position, back elbow and knee disconnect towards contact with small front foot dive to the plate. Generate some loud contact and pop in BP, 79 mph exit velo. Runs a 7.80 60. Defensively, good actions for size, fields baseball with two hands left side of body, circeled to field and spun to throw each baseball off the bag. Big arm swing and effort to throw, ¾ arm slot with ball coming out at 79 mph.

Ryan Lynn RHP / 1B / Broken Arrow, OK / 2020

A 6-foot-4, 215-pound long, len framed 1st baseman hits from a slender stance, narrow knees and hands inside the shoulders. Small, controlled load and stride, much more separation to be created in big frame. Lands athletic on front foot to start swing, small arm bar leads upper half to the baseball. Not overmatched, average pull side pop and bat speed with more to be developed, 84 mph exit velo. Runs a 7.15 60. Defensively, showed good pace and fluid actions, feet and hands work through the baseball. Showed feel front hand and back hand side, low ¾ arm slot, made throws on the run to second base. Infield velo at 76 mph. 

Payne Maga LHP / 1B / Norman, OK / 2020

A 5-foot-11, 160-pound left handed swinging first baseman uses athletic stance and setup, quiet gather and load on the back side using a leg lift. Floats to stride, front foot lands in athletic position with small dive towards the plate. Front side closed, hits through front hip, drives baseball middle to LCF gap. One move towards the baseball, hands work through the hitting zone with some looseness, relaxed easy effort. Line drive approach with lift, 83 mph exit velo. Runs a 7.20 60. Defensively flashes of athleticism, bounce off the bag to field with good glove actions and footwork. Throws with long to short arm action, high ¾ release, good follow and momentum on throws at 81 mph. 

Jaxon Smith LHP / 1B / Seminole, OK / 2022

5-foot-9, 160-pound first baseman, hits from tall stance on the left side, simple short stride and hand path to the baseball from starting position. Lacks separation or a load, strides to hit in one motion, collapses to the baseball. Level bat path throughout with low finish, ground balls pull side, spray fly balls to opposite field, 77 mph exit velo. Runs a 7.41 60. Defensively, flashed some lower half acceleration to throw, aggressive to throw with some arm speed. Fields baseball with glove hand, works with good momentum to throw to the bag.  _footwork, _hands. On throws to second, short, spiral arm stroke coming through a low ¾ slot with arm side run at 82mph.