Prep Baseball Report

Corpus Christi Open: Top Statistical Performers

Toby Bicknell
Texas Scouting Director

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX - We had a fantastic trip down to south Texas for the first event in Corpus Christi. Roughly thirty players attended. Profile pictures and statistics have already been updated in profiles and videos will go up within the week. Yesterday, we posted our Quick Hits scout notes. Today, we bring you the top statistical performers, along with the complete stat sheet.

60 Yard Dash

Gilbert Mata  6.99
Scott Siebenthall  7.11
Gray Harrison  7.12
Michael Ziegler  7.13
Dylan Butcher  7.14
Troy Johnson  7.14
Luke Smith  7.14
Jacob Evangelista  7.16

IF Velocity

Gray Harrison  90
Dave Wilson  88
Camden Guarnere  84
Parker Tennill  82
Jacob Evangelista  81
Andrew Garcia  81

OF Velocity

Dave Wilson  91
Aaron Munson  90
Parker Tennill  85
Hunter Nevilles  84
Jose Amador  84

C Velocity (Pop Time)

Scott Siebenthall  76 (2.0-2.18)
Tuffy Dornburg  74 (1.97-2.12)
Dane Swoboda  74 (2.10-2.28)
Dylan Butcher  74 (2.12-2.15)
Christopher Bernal  73 (1.93-2.08)
Michael Ziegler  73 (2.04-2.16)

Exit Velocity

Dylan Butcher  98
Christopher Bernal  94
Dave Wilson  93
Brandon Deleon  91
Tuffy Dornburg  90

Max FB Velocity

Derek Saenz  89
Gray Harrison  86
Hunter Nevilles  85
Seth Trevino  84
Oscar Zepeda  84

CLICK HERE to view the entire stat sheet.

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