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Wisconsin Class of 2025 Rankings: Update

By Wisconsin Staff

Every year, the fall circuit features more and more must-see events that host the top prospects in the region, creating some post-summer movement on the rankings just before the offseason. We’re unveiling Wisconsin’s updated Class of 2025 rankings today, and while there’s no movement inside the top-10, there was some tinkering elsewhere – and we also added 25 names to the board, creating a top-50 overall as we coast into the winter months.

In this piece, we’ll outline the players who’ve since committed at the top of the class in between these summer and fall updates, and we’ll highlight some of the prospects who should garner plenty of attention in the new year.

Friday, we’ll also break down more of the new names and faces debuting on this list. For now, here are highlights from these past fall months.


Carter Kutz 3B / c / RHP / Hartford Union, WI / 2025

Kutz holds onto his top overall spot in this rankings update after yet another productive year. Even at his young age, Kutz possesses some of the states loudest raw power, reaching max EVs in the mid-90s in front of our staff before and he continuously puts this on display live in game. He also does flash some two-way potential as his wiry strength carries over to the mound where he has been up to 86.2 mph in our looks, with reports of him adding even more velocity. Also, his ability to spin his breaking ball (2,362 rpm) points to some high upside on the mound as well. While both his breaking ball and changeup are still somewhat developing, they do offer some significant upside in their own right and as he continues to develop these pitches, it will only add to his already impressive prospect stock.

Greyson Zach SS / RHP / Pewaukee, WI / 2025

Zach is the new No. 2 prospect in the states 2025 class after showcasing improvements throughout the summer and into the fall. Built at a premium 6-foot-3, 190-pounds, Zach offers some significant upside either on the mound or at the plate, or both. Despite his large stature, Zach is a 6.91 runner in the 60, which speaks to his above-average athleticism. Our most recent look at Zach came at the Fall Championships at Grand Park in Indiana and there he continued to just flat-out hit in the weather shortened tournament. He also hopped on the bump for his GRB-STiKS squad down at Grand Park and sat in the mid-80s. Zach has always been a name-to-know in this 2025 class, but this summer and fall, he took it another level and looked every part of one of the classes top prospects. 

Peter Kussow RHP / 3B / Arrowhead, WI / 2025

Simply put, this young righty blew up during the summer and fall circuit, and it ultimately culminated in his commitment to Louisville back in October, becoming the first and only committed player in this class. Back in the winter, we saw Kussow at the Madison Preseason ID, where we could see some upside inside his lanky 6-foot-4 frame, but the velocity wasn’t quite there yet. Then throughout the summer, we heard reports of more and more velocity coming, and down at Grand Park during the PBR Fall Championships, we got the chance to see it firsthand. During his brief relief stint, Kussow ran his fastball up to 87 mph and sat in the mid-80s throughout. He was also able to rip off a handful of mid-70s breaking balls with swing and miss upside. Even with this big velocity jump that Kussow found this year, there have been even more reports of him adding even more velocity. After putting together one of the most productive years inside this 2025 class, Kussow is set to also make a splash inside our national rankings as well.


+ Due to some names above him making some considerable jumps throughout the year, RHP Sawyer Deering (Kimberly) drops a couple of spots in this update, but he is still one of the states top prospects nonetheless. Listed at an athletic 5-foot-10, 170-pounds, Deering features some truly clean mechanics on the mound and pairs it with feel to pitch, too. In our looks, Deering has run his fastball up to 87 mph with feel to spot it up, too. He also features an innate feel for a sharp, 11/5 breaking ball that he is able to throw in the zone and also bury it in the dirt as well. 

+ C/OF Peter Visconti II (Kenosha St. Joseph) rounds out the top-five as one of the premier offensive threats in this class. Visconti regularly hit in our looks, doing so most recently at the Illinois State Games, which is the most prestigious event our neighbors to the south ran in 2022. He has the offensive skill-set, swing repeatability, and feel for the barrel to repeatedly perform at the plate - both now and in the future. Defensively, Visconti is quick to release behind the plate and accurate on the bag, showing that in-game at the aforementioned State Games. 

Peter Visconti II (8/9/22)

+ MIF Preston Yaucher (Edgewood) rises one spot in this update after positive reports that he performed throughout the fall circuit. Yaucher’s added mass and strength since we last saw him at Creekside, and that’s added more impact to a right-handed bat that already owned an innate feel to hit. Coupled with that offensive skill-set is Yaucher’s abilities defensively, where he’s a true standout up the middle capable of impacting a game positively with the glove. His hands, feet, internal clock, and ability to cover ground have him penciled in up the middle moving forward. Yaucher’s skill set is amongst the most well-rounded in this class and he’ll certainly be one we’re eager to see at the Madison Preseason ID in March. 

Preston Yaucher (3/13/22)

+ OF Trevor Vande Hey (Wrightstown) owns one of the state’s most physical skill sets packed into a powerful 6-foot, 195-pound frame. He’s a 7.03 runner in the 60 that we’ve seen blister balls in the past, all while playing center field rather well with advanced arm strength to pair. Vande Hey’s tools equate to a rather high ceiling down the road, and he’s slotted at No. 7 in this update. 

+ Another upside prospect to note in this group, ranking at No. 8 on our latest board: INF/RHP Jaxon Clayton (Brookfield Central, 2025). Clayton, who’s highly projectable physically at 6-foot-1, 182-pounds, has shown our staff loud tools in the past and flashed them in-game, too. He swings a loose right-handed bat with lean strength, is a 6.80 runner in the 60-yard dash, and we’ve seen him pitch in the low-to-mid-80s with a sharp slider inside his arsenal. Clayton’s certainly a name to watch following the off-season, and a productive one could have him trending up this board next update. 

Jaxon Clayton (3/6/22)

+ INF Ethan Bauerschmidt (Tremper) bumps up a few spots in this update, rising just inside the top-10 at No. 9 overall. Bauerschmidt’s 6-foot-2, 165-pound lean, thin frame stands out, and there’s plenty of room for him to fill out over the next few years. He’s one of the best pure hitters in the class, staying short and on top of the baseball while working to all fields in the process. Bauerschmidt’s actions on the infield are steady and sure-handed, and it’s likely he’ll stick on the dirt in some capacity moving forward, though he's shown athleticism in the outfield as well. 

Ethan Bauerschmidt (3/6/22)

+ Perhaps one of the biggest winners from our fall circuit, regardless of class, was INF/RHP Eli Bryant (Beaver Dam), who completes the top-10 after a four-spot jump. Bryant’s two-way skills were on display at the Southern Wisconsin Open in October, catching our attention as a position player to start. He swings a loose, easy right-handed bat and can really defend at a premium infield position up the middle. Bryant’s ultimate upside may be on the mound, however, where the highly projectable 6-foot-2, 180-pound sophomore is a fluid, easy mover downhill. He’s pitching at 82-84 mph right now with a feel for three quality secondary offerings and an arsenal that should only tick up as he continues to fill out physically.


+ OF Clayton Kroschel (Wayland Academy) is another prospect who has seemed to make some considerable strides to his game since we saw him during the winter circuit, and he now holds down the No. 11 spot as a result. We came away impressed from Kroschel after his performance at the Madison Preseason ID, and he debuted at No. 15 on our initial ‘25 rankings as a result. Since then, Kroschel has seemed to be hard at work which has helped him in multiple facets of the game. In the right handed box, Kroschel sets up with some more width in his legs and he still has a short, direct stroke that is able to rip line drives to the entire field.

+ RHP/SS Adam Urban (Wauwatosa West) jumps up to No. 12 in this rankings update after stringing together a productive fall circuit. Urban, listed at 6-foot, 175-pounds, is a quick-armed righty who has reportedly made some pretty intense strides on the bump, with his velocity climbing into the mid-80s. Urban does also flash some two-way potential as he features quick hands while in the left handed box, and uses them to consistently backspin line drives to all fields. With still some upside left inside his frame, paired with the talent that Urban possesses, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him keep climbing up this ‘25 board as he continues to develop as a prospect. 

+ C/1B Nathan Schopf (Oak Creek) stands at 6-foot, 185 pounds whose bat stands out as his calling card. With bat speed approaching 80 mph, Schopf consistently makes hard contact that has produced a max EV of 99 mph in our looks. His offensive skills transfer over to live gameplay, too, most recently at the Badger State Battle where he collected two hits in front of our staff. Schopf’s explosive athleticism is also an intriguing quality as he is a 7.15 runner and he is an agile defender behind the plate, too. Overall, Schopf is another prospect who was hindered by prospects above him making some considerable strides to their game but nonetheless, he is still one the states top catching prospects and is certainly a name-to-know in the Badger State.

+ RHP/MIF Jack Poellot (Kettle Moraine Lutheran) is a prospect that looks to have some 2-way potential, capable of playing in the middle of the infield. Built at an athletic 6-foot, 170-pounds, with present strength, Poellot possesses quick hands and above average bat speed that he uses to spray line drives all over the field. Defensively, he is sure-handed and exchanges clean and efficiently, which allows him to project as an up the middle defender. On the mound Poellot has been up to 85 mph in front of our staff, with mainly two pitches, a fastball and curveball pairing. Poellot has shown the ability to consistently throw strikes with the fastball and is also able to land his breaking ball in the zone or also bury it in the dirt for swing and misses. 

+ RHP Loren Georger (Appleton West) is an upside arm inside this sophomore class, standing at 6-foot-1, 170-pound. On the mound, Georger is an easy mover with considerable arm speed that helps him reach highs of 84.8 mph with his fastball. What really makes this pitch intriguing is the spin traits it possesses, roughly 2,400 rpm on average which helps it play up in the zone. His innate spin traits carry over to his breaking ball as he has the ability to rip off a 2,470 rpm breaking ball with 12/6 action that plays well off of his fastball.  Rounding off his repertoire is his changeup that is thrown with intent and has hard fading action to the arm-side. Georger is a performer on the mound that is likely to see an uptick in stuff as he matures and grows into his body more.

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