Colin Skolaris
Colin Skolaris
Colin Skolaris
Colin Skolaris
Colin Skolaris
Colin Skolaris
Colin Skolaris
Colin Skolaris
Colin Skolaris
Colin Skolaris
Colin Skolaris
Colin Skolaris




Aurora (HS) • OH
6-0 • 195LBS • R/R
Travel Team: Release Baseball
2022 National

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2022 State

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Another solid showing for Skolaris. Quality combination of feel and stuff. Fastball up to 88, changeup was one of the better we’ve seen at this event and spun a sharp, heavy breaker. Made hitters uncomfortable throughout his two innings of work. Scholarship level arm talent.


Colin Skolaris: RHP/RHP, (2022) Aurora, OH. 6-foot, 190-pound athletic frame. On the mound, used a ¾ arm angle with a long arm action while showing quick arm speed. Tilt-and-topple type pitcher who uses easy effort. Showed an athletic balance point. Slider (77-78 mph).Threw his fastball 88-90 mph; shows glove side command and running action. Has plus action on his 11/5 curveball (73-75). His changeup (80-81) has arm side command and fading action. 


6-foot, 185-pound, stronger, athletic frame. Broad shoulders, wider back, already filling out. A right-handed pitcher, an athletic leg raise, small collapse on the backside, drifts and glides out to the plate. Landing slightly open, can keep the front half tracked longer to plate. The arm action is long and clean on the backside, working from a 3/4 slot. Slight recoil on the finish. The fastball was up to 85 mph, heavy arm side sink and run, pounds the 4-seamer to outer half. Throws a harder breaking ball, clocked in the mid 70's, late bit, with tight spin. The changeup is still a working progress, shows fade rotation to it. Look for velocity to continue to rise, arm is good, look for him to be off the board at some point. 


Scouting Notes: Flashed the sharpest stuff we've seen yet from this talented prospect yet. Mid 80s fastball with a breaking ball that was near plus/one of the best of the event.
Fastball: 83-85mph.
Fastball Spin Rate: 1836-2034
Breaking Ball: 71-73mph.
Breaking Ball Spin Rate: 2150-2266
Changeup: 76-77mph.


2/16/20 Pitching
Delivery Notes: Does a good job of keeping his front side closed and using his lower half to drive down the mound. Should be able to add velocity further down the road. 
Fastball: Topped at 86 mph
Curveball: Between 72-76 mph.
Changeup: 78-79 mph.


2/9/20 Pitching Delivery Notes: Skolaris shows good timing and tempo to his delivery. He throws from a ¾ arm slot and shows good balance and posture throughout his delivery. Clean arm action and uses his body well. Fastball: The fastball was 83-85 mph with some arm side life and fade. Curveball: His breaking ball was 73-75 mph with true slider action and shape. Quality pitch. Changeup: The changeup was 77-78 mph. Pitchability: Skolaris showed good feel for his three pitch mix and a good ability to throw both offspeed pitches off his fastball with fastball arm speed.


Body Type: 6-foot,170-pound thin frame.
Mechanical/Delivery Notes: Sits into lower half well driving to home plate. Good separation at foot strike with a smooth and tight arm action.
Fastball: 82-85mph. High 2,200-2,400 rpm spin rate with high 80% efficiency on Rapsodo. Locates well within the zone. Potential for more velocity.
Curveball: 69-70mph. Moves on a 11/5 plane with sharp movement. Solid offering that can be thrown in any count.
Slider: 73-76mph. High 2,600rpm spin rate for a hard slider that has similar break to curveball just harder. Thrown in the zone consistently.
Pitchability: Strike thrower.
Additional Comments: His best performance we’ve seen, showing why he is considered one of the top arms in that class.


Body Type: 6-foot 170-pound thin frame.
Mechanical/Delivery Notes: Long 3/4 arm action. Medium leg kick. Lands slightly open.
Fastball: 81-83mph. Average 2,100rpm spin rate with mid 90% efficiency.
Curveball: 70-72mph. 11/5 movement. Average to above offering.
Changeup: 75-76mph. Has some quality run with added dip when working arm side.
Pitchability: Needs to be in the zone more consistently.
Additional Comments: Athlete to watch develop. 


Body Type: 6-foot, 170-pound athletic frame.
Swing Mechanics: Hits from a taller, upright stance producing a nice loading process prior to attacking pitches. Level bat path shown through the zone.
Hit: Contact with barrel leading to multiple line-drives in his round more so opposite field.
Power: Power exhibited to the opposite field with an 85 mph exit velocity.
Offensive Projection: Multiple roles.
Run: 7.27 seconds 60-yard.
Field: In the outfield he showed playable glovework as he fielded the ball. Footwork presented nice mobility overall. Plenty more coming from this athlete in his future.
Throw: 85 mph from the outfield showing off arm strength and was accurate to home.
Defensive Projection: Outfield.

Mechanical/Delivery Notes: Efficient, easy delivery that works well. Arm is clean with above average arm speed for class. Looks the part out there.
Fastball: 81-83 mph.  Ball comes out easy. Has the look of a higher velo guy down the road.
Curveball: 67-70 mph. Well above average offering. Sharp, 11/5 shaped breaker with good depth to it. Potential for swing and miss down the road.
Slider: 73-74 mph. Spins the pitch very well, giving it tight/late action across the zone.
Changeup: 75-77 mph. Has feel for the offering that projects to be above average.
Pitchability: In/out of the zone throughout outing.
Additional Comments: High follow in the ‘22 class. Ball comes out easy and stuff was very impressive at times.


Body Type: 6-foot 170-pound prospect.
Swing Mechanics: Starts in a narrow, open stance with an upright posture. Uses a front hip hinge load during his stride forward. Keeps his barrel through the zone with an on plane bat path and pull approach.
Hit: Good barrel control and bat to ball ability.
Power: 87 mph exit velocity. 
Offensive Projection: Projects well as a 2022. Presently shows enough to be a gap to gap guy. As he develops and adds more strength could be a guy who develops into more of a power threat with the natural lift to his swing.
Field: In the outfield he attacks the ball ok but plays through the ball well. Throws seemed to carry well and he had a quick arm.
Throw: 85 mph from the outfield.
Run: 7.11 60 yard dash.
Defensive Projection: As a 2022 it would be safe to assume he’s played a good bit of CF due to his raw athleticism and physicality. Presently would project as a guy who could play all three outfield spots at the next level assuming he develops more speed.


Body Type: 6-foot, 170-pound frame with some projectability.
Mechanical/Delivery Notes: Really liked what I saw from Skolaris. Efficient, easy delivery that he can repeat.
Fastball: 80-83 mph. Arm works and he generates easy velocity. Much more to come.
Curveball: 69-72 mph. An above average offering for class that flashed near plus a few times.
Changeup: 76-78 mph. A playable offering that was in the zone for the most part.
Pitchability: A strike thrower that has a high ceiling.
Role: Starter.


5-foot-11, 160-pound very athletically built prospect. A righty swinger that starts in a taller,  open setup. Lower half creates energy and timing through a leg kick. Hands stay relatively simple throughout load and into swing decision. Swing is compact on a slightly downhill path. Displays obvious speed and strength to hands through the zone. Natural tools are advanced for class. Barrel gets through contact with ease, generating present gap pop. Shows all the physical signs of a future run producer down the road. Defensively he has has a corner frame and skill set presently. Looks smooth and comfortable out there. Plays one-handed through the baseball showing above average ball skills. Arm plays as a well above average tool for class as well.  On the mound, his delivery shows some choppiness but does display some evident arm strength. Mixes three different pitches and repeats them through a high 3/4 slot. Displays command with his fastball that ranges between 73-75 mph. His breaking ball displays some sharpness on a 10/4 plane while sitting between 58-62 mph. Uses near fastball arm speed with his 66-69 mph changeup. Talented prospect with upside.

60-yard dash: 7.76
Outfield Velocity: 80
Exit Velocity: 86


5-foot-11, 160-pound right-handed pitcher displayed some good arm action out of a ¾ arm slot. Skolaris’ fastball was 71-74 and he touched 75 a couple times while staying low and in the zone for most of his pitches. His curveball velocity was 62-66 with some decent break. It needs some improvement on the command but that will come as he continues to learn to pitch. His lower half was stiff throughout his motion in which he could benefit from being relaxed and having more bend in his knees. That would allow for him to get down the mound with more force and create more velocity. Skolaris has a projectable body for his young age and will be getting stronger over the course of his high school career which will improve his abilities. A right-handed hitter that starts in a tall, open setup. Goes with a leg kick to get things going while keeping hands simple. Creates energy through a well timed weight shift with lower half. Path is slightly downhill with noticeable twitch through the zone. Tends to get to front side early at times but showed impressive jump when he stayed balanced. Moves light on his feet in the outfield with mechanically sound footwork to the baseball. Plays through with confidence prior to getting into his throws. Could eliminate a step between fielding and release.

60-yard Dash: 7.88
Outfield Velocity: 79
Exit Velocity: 81


A two-way prospect in the 2022 class. At the plate he starts in a tall, athletic stance from the right side. Hands remain quiet during his leg kick load and controlled stride. Takes a downhill path to the baseball with his barrel getting in and our of the zone quickly. Swing is compact and he has regular line drive capabilities. Ran a 4.88 home to first and topped out at 78 mph off the tee. Footwork is clean/efficient in the outfield. Plays through the ball well and transitions very smoothly into his throws. Presently shows 74 mph arm strength to home plate with more to come. On the mound, the right handed pitcher throws through a 3/4 slot. Athletic frame. Delivery displays some effort. Fastball displays arm-side run at 72-75 mph. Throws a hard breaking ball with 10/4 break while sitting between 65-68 mph. Uses fastball arm speed with his 68-69 mph changeup.

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