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Northern CA Open Scout Day - Pitcher Reports

PBR CA Scouting Staff

At The Yard Podcast

LATHROP, CA. - The Northern CA Open Scout Day had nearly 40 players take part in the showcase where players were put through a workout that included the 60-yard sprint, round of batting practice, defensive workouts at respective positions, and concluded with bullpen sessions where the pitchers' stats were compiled. All position reports: Pitchers MIF Outfielders 3B/1B Catcher

NOTE: Pitchers threw scripted bullpens on the main mound, from 15-20 pitches each.



Eric Segura, Soledad (2023)
Positional Profile: 3B/RHP
Body: 6-0, 187-pounds. Lanky limbs with current strength in upper half; athletic mover with good thickness
Delivery: Short sidestep builds tempo in the delivery allowing for back to hip to drive as high front knee lifts with hands. Strong sit and drive down the hill. Powerful delivery and repeated it well.
Arm Action: RH. Loose and easy arm, fluid with short depth out of the glove. Shows good drag and ability to whip through M-3/4 slot.
FB: T88, 86-87 mph. Big arm-side run and very heavy actions. Ball explodes out of hand (14 Max VB/HM) T88, 88 average rpm.
CB: 73-75 mph. Slider break, short tight and hard. Best ones were biting off plate (-13.8 Max HM) T73-75, 73-75 average rpm.
 CH: 77-78 mph. Heavy arm-side run and dive; stays on FB plane early with late actions through the zone (19.4 Max HM) T77-78, 77-78 average rpm.

Craig Yanagihara, Redwood Christian (2023)
Positional Profile: LHP
Body: 6-2, 170-pounds. High waist, long and lean lower half with projectable strength
Delivery: Hands stay at waist lifting with high front knee; stays tall on lift with shallow sink before striding down the hill. Lands more towards outer side of front foot; when more in middle was able to firm up.
Arm Action: LH. Compact out of the glove with shallow depth; loose and fluid through H-3/4 slot. Consistent release height for all three pitches.
FB: T82, 79-82 mph. Down and away with run at the plate (21.2 Max IVB, -21.3 Max HM). Attacked zone consistently T82, 82 average rpm.
CB: 68-71 mph. Short and tight; able to back foot the RHH. Late 3/4 break (-14 IVB, 16 HM) T68-71, 68-71 average rpm.
CH: 72-74 mph. Big dive and sink off 2-seam FB look. Good arm speed to sell pitch (14.1 Max IVB, -24.3 Max HM) T72-74, 72-74 average rpm.

Matt Hood, Aptos (2024)
Positional Profile: OF/RHP
Body: 5-10, 170-pounds. Squared up shoulders with rolled strength present, longer lower half suggesting more growth.
Delivery: Simple delivery with up/down actions of the hands. High front knee tuck showing quick balance over rubber before good shift down the hill. Front foot stays closed on finish
Arm Action: RH. Pulls ball out by elbow, small work towards second base. Quicker actions through H-3/4 slot. Similar release height for all pitches.
FB: T80, 77-79 mph. Up in the zone. Ball has good actions out of the hand (18.7 Max IVB) T80, 80 average rpm.
CB: 65-67 mph. 12/6 shape with long depth through the zone (-14.2 Max IVB, -17.6 Max HM) T65-67, 65-67 average rpm.
CH: 68-70 mph. Arm side bottom/run. (12.6 Max IVB, 10.4 Max HM) T68-70, 68-70 average rpm.

Isaac Gala, Trinity Christian (2023) - Heritage HS baseball
Positional Profile: OF/SS/P
Body: 5-11, 150-pounds. Lean, long and lanky with wiry muscle strength now. Space for frame to take on weight.
Delivery: Stretch only. Shorter stride with small lean over the rubber. Hands stay at chest, some head bounce with good drive off the rubber. Front side gets firm well; stable on the hill.
Arm Action: RH. Very compact swing with higher back elbow. 3/4 release. Quick hand speed out front.
FB: T79, 77-79 mph. Firm in zone spinning tightly, flashed cut glove-side (2572 Max Spin, -5.1 Max HM, 9.5 Max IVB) T79, 79 average rpm.
CB: 66-69 mph. Small depth, short and angled. More of a slurvy blend (-11.9 Max IVB, -23 Max HM) T66-69, 66-69 average rpm.
SL: 67-69 mph. Better consistency than CB. Similar shorter depth with good horizontal action (-19.4 Max HM) T67-69, 67-69 average rpm.
CH: 70-72 mph. Hard actions flashing run/bottom T70-72, 70-72 average rpm.

Jordan Rutchena, San Ramon Valley (2023)
Positional Profile: RHP
Body: 5-9, 155-pounds. Athletic build, high waist, current strength in chest and shoulders.
Delivery: Big side step with full over head delivery before sit and drive down the hill; good drive off the rubber from the backside. Fluid leg swing and slight tuck at highest point. Big stride down the hill; times where cross-body on the finish.
Arm Action: RH. Loose arm, small downward action out of glove with full swing to 3/4 slot
FB: T79, 76-78 mph. Stuck to arm-side with run that way and times where better angle (16.8 Max IVB, 13.8 Max HM) T79, 79 average rpm.
CB: 63-65 mph. Slurvey with horizontal action and later depth. Times where it had big sweep (-25.9 Max HM, -13.4 Max IVB) T63-65, 63-65 average rpm.
CH: 69-71 mph. Through the zone run; will drop his elbow on it. T69-71, 69-71 average rpm.

Bryce Berry, Granada (2024)
Positional Profile: RHP
Body: 6-7, 188-pounds. Strength in XXL frame with plenty of space for added projection. Very advanced build for age.
Delivery: Full overhead delivery with early lean and shallow front knee. Times where the front foot will slide externally in landing, but overall was fairly consistent having some firmness over the front side.
Arm Action: RH. Arm goes down to the ground out of glove being compact to H-3/4 slot. Stays connected with frame on rotation.
FB: T78, 75-77 mph. Downwards angle when going glove-side; 2-seam had short run arm-side (13.5 Max HM, 22.1 Max IVB) T78, 78 average rpm.
CB: 61-63 mph. Sharp and fluid 3/4 break (-22 Max IVB, -16.1 Max HM); able to spot the pitch T61-63, 61-63 average rpm.

Caleb Franks, Poly (2025)
Positional Profile: RHP/OF
Body: 5-10, 135-pounds. High waist, long legs, squared upper half; Should make quick jumps based on current strength.
Delivery: Simple side step before higher front leg. Starts to sink back hip at top of balance before having short drift; stays over the rubber well with body. Gets front leg into ground well staying stiff; showed good ability to brace.
Arm Action: RH. Shallow out of glove with compact swing to 3/4 slot. Quick arm works well for frame/age. Jumps in velo in near future.
FB: T77, 75-76 mph. Worked both sides of the plate; bits of run, angle. (14.4 Max IVB, 11.2 Max HM) T77, 77 average rpm.
SL: 67-69 mph. 3/4 break, short and tight with good horizontal shape. Projects for good shape at full growth. T67-69, 67-69 average rpm.
CH: 71-73 mph. Straight change with bottom. From similar release and extension plays it up. T71-73, 71-73 average rpm.

Ken Blankenship, Lodi (2023)
Positional Profile: RHP/1B
Body: 6-2, 220-pounds. Strength and Physicality present in proportional frame.
Delivery: Direct step back with early arm out. Early lean down the hill, having glove/shallow knee tuck before stability in front leg and ability to stiffen up there.
Arm Action: RH. H-3/4 release; Arm out of glove early and hangs there fluid up and through the zone.
FB: T75, 72-74 mph. Firm in the zone. Attacks upper half of the zone T75, 75 average rpm.
SL: 63-67 mph. Short and quick actions, breaking through the zone with late horizontal actions (-21.2 Max HB, -11.1 Max IVB) T63-67, 63-67 average rpm.
CH: 67-69 mph. Straight change, heavy and flashes of dive in action. (12.7 Max IVB) T67-69, 67-69 average rpm.

KC Karbowski, Heritage (2024)
Positional Profile: 1B/LHP
Body: 5-8, 170-pounds. Wide shoulders on compact build with length in limbs. Current strength in upper half.
Delivery: Small side step with very high, athletic front knee. Deception in actions with ability to really sink into the back hip. Times where he almost drags his entire back leg.
Arm Action: LH. Mid-slot, loose and easy actions; good speed out front and extension
FB: T74, 69-72 mph. Heavy run/sink arm-side; uses it well (-18.6 Max HM, 14.6 Max IVB) T74, 74 average rpm.
CB: 58-60 mph. Slider shape, small with later actions (14 Max HM) T58-60, 58-60 average rpm.
CH: 62-64 mph. Best ones had really good horizontal run; times where he would cut it and have more bottom (22.3 Max IVB, -18.6 Max HM). Shortens the release on pitch. T62-64, 62-64 average rpm.
KN: 61-63 mph. Threw a couple with really good turn over late at the plate.

Justin Sechler, Serra (2024)
Positional Profile: 3B/RHP
Body: 5-10, 165-pounds. Wider shoulders, length in limbs, strength there with good thickness, still space to tighten.
Delivery: Slow sidestep with back foot set. Picks up tempo on higher front leg with back leg bending early allowing him to sit and drive off rubber. Open front foot on landing; times where he can stiffen up front-side.
Arm Action: RH. Full swing, fluid and controlled. 3/4 release.
FB: T72, 70-72 mph. Pitched to upper part of zone and arm-side (19.4 Max VB, 10.3 Max HB) T72, 72 average rpm.
CB: 59-62 mph. Short shape, breaks similar to SLD at the plate and into zone (-23.5 Max HM) T59-62, 59-62 average rpm.
CH: 65-66 mph. Straight change with flashes of depth T65-66, 65-66 average rpm.

Harry Pelzman, Serra (2024)
Positional Profile: 1B/LHP
Body: 6-1, 175-pounds. Lanky frame with squared shoulders; size suggests another growth and added strength.
Delivery: From stretch. Hands lift from waist having them stay tight to the frame. Average front leg lift under control and keeping leg flatter. Small sink and drive down the hill; stays closed on the finish for small cross-body.
Arm Action: LH. Compact with high back elbow, wider 3/4, shallow swing.
FB: T69, 67-68 mph. Moves between arm-side run and ability to go up in zone (15.4 Max IVB, -8.8 Max HM) T69, 69 average rpm.
CB: 59-60 mph. Inconsistent break. Best ones showed small depth. T59-60, 59-60 average rpm.
CUT: 68-70 mph. Held FB shape out of hand with good horizontal actions at plate.

Nick Chow, St. Francis (2025)
Positional Profile: RHP/SS
Body: 5-10, 150-pounds. Lean strength, firmness in arms/shoulders; athletic look.
Delivery: Slow down and up with hands using average front knee. Times where he gets cross stride on front-side. Front-side/hip opens early before landing.
Arm Action: RH. Long arm out of glove, fluid and controlled with high back elbow out of glove to H-3/4 release. Chance for more jumps in near future.
FB: T68, 65-67 mph. Stuck to down/away location; stays straight and good angle T68, 68 average rpm.
CB: 54-56 mph. Blended between true short overhand and long slurvey break. (-18 Max IVB, -22.1 Max HB) T54-56, 54-56 average rpm.
CH: 59-60 mph. Short arm-side run; comes off FB release with similar tunnel T59-60, 59-60 average rpm.

Joshua Mirob, Crystal Springs Upland (2023)
Positional Profile: 1B/LHP
Body: 5-8, 190-pounds. Good thickness and muscular build on wide shoulder, athletic frame.
Delivery: Small side step keeping glove at waist lifting on average front knee. Small glove tap before getting extension down the hill. Creates strong stretch and gets front foot into the ground well for stability.
Arm Action: LH. Shallow out of glove, fluid through 3/4. Keeps hand above ball throughout arm action.
FB: T68, 66-67 mph. Run and dive arm-side (19.3 Max IVB, -17.1 Max HM) T68, 68 average rpm.
CB: 59-60 mph. Knuckle version. Small and short overhand bend at the plate T59-60, 59-60 average rpm.
 CH: 61-63 mph. Straight with bottom (19.3 Max IVB, -16.6 Max HM). T61-63, 61-63 average rpm.

Aaron Harkov, Serra (2024)
Positional Profile: OF/RHP
Body: 5-8, 135-pounds. High waist, length in lower half, young muscle.
Delivery: Slow paced. Small sidestep with hands raising on higher front knee; stays tall early. Front leg reaches a bit and when it does front foot will open.
Arm Action: RH. Full swing, fluid and higher 3/4 release.
FB: T67, 64-67 mph. Up in zone, times where it can have better run (15.1 Max HM, 17.8 Max IVB) T67, 67 average rpm.
CB: 58-60 mph. Small overhand action. Times where it spins (-11 Max HM) T58-60, 58-60 average rpm.
CH: 58-61 mph. Good depth off FB look. Times where the pitch can really dive (18.4 Max IVB) T58-61, 58-61 average rpm.



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