Northern CA Uncommitted Senior Games: Outfielders

Ryan Ozella
NorCal Area Scout


KENTFIELD, CA - The Northern California Uncommitted Senior Games took place on Sunday October 6th at College of Marin, with nearly 60 talented seniors coming out to be seen by the PBR Northern California scouting staff and a gathering of college coaches on hand. The players participated in a pro-style workout before taking the field for game play. Each position player had three plate appearances in the games, with pitchers facing 5-6 batters in their outings.

There were some state-ranked players in attendance, while some others opened our eyes to the point that they will be in strong consideration for the next 2020 ranking. As we dive deeper into our notes and videos the content will keep coming. We've previously released our Quick HitsStatistical AnalysisCatchersPitchers. Today we focus on the Outfielders, listed Alphabetically. 

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Logan Azem
OF / Serra , CA / 2020

7.15 60yd, 83 OF Velo, 89 Exit Velo
Medium, full frame with strength throughout; quick feet getting to full speed quickly and being an advanced baserunner (7.15 60yd). Even hand stance showing high back elbow working knob to catcher on load; bat gets on plane early and stays firm through the zone with his quick hands producing line drives all over the field in BP (89 EV). In the games squared the ball up with deep F8 and linedrive at the LF giving hard 90’s out of the box. Good first step and shows the ability to stay inline to bases flashing carry on throws from a compact arm (83 OF MPH); profile fits best in CF/LF with the closing speed and accuracy to bases. Continues to show his skills translate.

Jaxson Bates
OF / Benicia , CA / 2020

6.89 60yd, 82 OF Velo, 91 Exit Velo
Small, strongly built frame with athleticism and footspeed that translates to the game (6.89 60yd). Weight over the back hip keeping hands high and high back elbow using small rock to get momentum into the swing; hands are quick and produce late barrel speed working on plane flashing some lift and leverage. During BP showed easy lift to the gaps and ended the round with some big HR’s to the pullside; pop has shown up previously and gets the most out of the frame (91 EV). CF profile with speed and burst in OF and using the loose arm to keep throws on the bag (82 OF MPH); showed the ability to close covering ground in CF during the games. Speed, strength and range fitting in CF for the next level.

Brady Chavez
RHP / OF / Santa Cruz, CA / 2020

7.08 60yd, 88 OF Velo, 89 Exit Velo
Long and lean frame with the space to add some more strength without taking away from profile; moves well with quick bursts (7.08 60yd). Even hand balanced set up showing slow gather with slight foot lift and driving the backside through contact; loose handsy swing with the flat, quick barrel getting through the zone showing the ability to drive balls to the gaps (89 EV). Swing showed the extra-base projection during the game doubling to LF and singling to RF. Easy athleticism in the OF attacking the baseball and allowing his compact loose arm keep throws on the bag with life (88 OF MPH); covered ground in OF during games showing his ability to get to the ball quickly and put throws on the bags. Fits the RF profile for the next level.

Devin Dennis
OF / St. Patrick-St. Vincent, CA / 2020

7.01 60yd, 80 OF Velo, 90 Exit Velo
Athletic, long muscled and lanky frame; moves easy and shows some burst (7.01 60yd). Stands tall with tight hands having limited movement in load; barrel turn deep behind him working upwards through the zone and flashing quickness with the ability to work the middle/opposite side of the field with liners (90 EV). Two hard hit balls during the games with a liner at the 2nd baseman and squared up F7. Deliberate actions in OF working to field on glove side and having compact high release; lofty carry on the throws being able to keep it on the bag (80 OF MPH). Showed his range playing CF during games with easy first step actions.

Steven Dong
OF / Saint Francis, CA / 2020

7.13 60yd, 70 OF Velo, 82 Exit Velo
Long, wirey frame with squared build; moves well flashing burst (7.13 60yd). Wide stance with even hands having a deep load of the hands on a slight foot lift; direct hands with angled barrel to produce line drives as hands stayed firm through zone (82 EV). Showed ability to backspin the ball into gaps and the pullside flashing quick turns from the body. Works through the ball with athletic feet; long arm stays in time with the body through the baseball (70 OF MPH). Showed flashes of defensive ability in the game getting to the baseball quickly.

Kyle Hartmanis
OF / Menlo-Atherton, CA / 2020

6.97 60yd, 82 OF Velo, 88 Exit Velo
Medium, high waist full frame with some strength in the frame; showed quick actions on the field and athletic ability (6.97 60yd). High hands, slightly opened stance with flared elbows; big foot lift and kick as hands work back in load. Fast, flat bat showed strength from the frame driving to the pull side getting the full body into the swings; bat speed showed up in game with a line drive HR to LF and solid single to LF. Moved with quick, choppy steps staying inline to the bag and allowing his compact arm to produce lofty carry to bags (82 OF MPH). First step quickness to stick in CF.

Aidan Kelly
OF / 3B / Bellarmine College Prep, CA / 2020

6.89 60yd, 83 OF Velo, 87 Exit Velo
Physical large frame with wide shoulders and current strength in the build; athletic, quick strides moving easy in the field (6.89 60yd). Wide stance keeping high back elbow with hands working back on small foot lift; direct hands with the barrel working flat through the zone and lifting through contact. Strength in the frame shows up with the ability to drive the ball into gaps during BP (87 EV); during game lined a shot right at the SS. Athleticism translate in the OF with ability to move through the ball and keeping throws on the bag; arm gets out flat with some length showing firm throws (83 OF MPH). Profile to fit at multiple corner positions with the frame to keep adding and making jumps.

Mitchell Kley
OF / RHP / Alpha Charter , CA / 2020

7.75 60yd, 77 OF Velo, 80 Exit Velo
Very lean build with lanky frame; wide, squared shoulders show space for the frame to keep adding strength being young physically (7.75 60yd). Balanced stance with very high hands using soft sway to get momentum as hands worked back; barrel is compact tending to hit off the front foot sapping some strength (80 EV). Direct hands worked opposite field with liners; showed ability to get barrel through more consistently in the game with hits to CF and RF showing his baseball knowledge and advancing to 2nd on the throw through. Quick actions in the OF with a quick release; high glove side and long arm keeping throws straight to the bags (77 OF MPH).

Harrison Kohagura
OF /  Vintage , CA / 2020

7.43 60yd, 83 OF Velo, 95 Exit Velo
Muscular, physically strong squared up medium frame (7.43 60yd). Low hands, crouched with front toe turned inward; big foot lift transferring weight into back hip and producing some stretch. Barrel has some length producing lift to the pull side; strength in the frame came out when he tightened up the barrel turn and getting the full body into the turns (95 EV). Works to field the ball on the glove side staying in his legs and shuffling to keep throws on the bag; compact arm flashed some carry on throws (83 OF MPH).

Drew Lombardi
OF / 3B / Cardinal Newman, CA / 2020

7.01 60yd, 81 OF Velo, 92 Exit Velo
Long frame with muscular upper body and twitchy speed in OF (7.01 60yd). Tall in the box with slight foot lift on load keeping hands in the pocket; hands direct to the baseball creating stretch between the lower and upper half allowing strength to come out with upward path. Easy lift showed up in BP with works to the gap and showed some power to the pull side (92 EV); lift showed up in game with a deep flyout to CF. Arm has length out of the glove to high release showing scap load; throws keep it on the bag but can improve overall strength (81 OF MPH). Used his speed in games moving around easy and being able to cover ground.

Tyler Pearson
OF / 1B / Bellarmine College Prep, CA / 2020

7.36 60yd, 78 OF Velo, 79 Exit Velo
Burly, full build on large frame (7.36 60yd). Tall, narrow stance keeping high hands wide away from the body; uses big knee lift having hand work down and body sinking into the lower half before forward momentum. Barrel works up through the zone keeping the hands away from the body on turns; stuck to the pullside flashing liners (79 EV). Stays in time through the baseball in the OF moving with some bounce as the loose arm produces a high release flashing carry to the bags (78 OF MPH).

Riley Phelan
LHP / OF / Sonoma Valley , CA / 2020

7.07 60yd, 73 OF Velo, 80 Exit Velo
Broad athletic body type with well proportioned lanky frame; moves well in the field (7.07 60yd). Slightly opened, tall stanec with high hands and high back elbow; toe-tap with hand load back getting wider on the stride. Hands are direct, steeper in path slicing liners to LCF (80 EV); similar approach in game with hard liner to LF. Easy footwork in the OF moving through the ball with timing and using mid-slot throw; arm strength can improve to help profile (73 OF MPH).

Xavier Ramirez
OF / C / McClatchy, CA / 2020

7.41 60yd, 78 OF Velo, 89 Exit Velo
Physically full, medium frame proportionately built (7.41 60yd). Tall stance with high back elbow, keeping bat relaxed on back shoulder; sway in load as hands lift before slight foot lift. Barrel turn is longer working barrel upwards through the zone; when the hands stay connected to the body turns, the ball has jump off the barrel especially to the pull side (89 EV). Took defensive portion in OF with easy demeanor to the baseball; compact high release arm with limited carry/strength in throws (78 MPH OF) but able to keep the ball straight. Has previously worked out at Catcher position and raw OF skills suggest there is some growth available on the defensive side of the ball.

Casey Vogan
OF / RHP / Liberty , CA / 2020

7.61 60yd, 80 OF Velo, 86 Exit Velo
Long, squared up frame with lean muscle throughout (7.61 60yd). Tall stance keeping flared elbows with high hands; small foot lift utilizing quick “U”-shaped barrel path making contact out front to drive liners into the middle of the field (86 EV). Really swang the bat well during the game with long, hard 2B to CF and lined shots to RF/CF. Moved easily in the OF during workout and in the game staying tall with the compact swing of the arm producing lofty throws (80 OF MPH); closes well in OF fitting corner profile with more growth in skills upon maturity.


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