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Georgia Class of 2025 Rankings Update

Goetz & Graham
PBR Georgia Staff

As the GHSA regular season has ended and we’re well into playoffs, it’s the perfect time to adjust the Georgia Class of 2025 Rankings.

As always, the evaluation process is fluid and ongoing with multiple viewings in order to get the best feel for players’ tools and intangibles. It’s important to note that as players continue their development some show marked improvement at a much more rapid pace. That doesn’t indicate that other players got worse or went backwards, it’s just how player development works. As the year unfolds, players make improvements and new prospects pop up on the radar expanding the PBR rankings universe. In addition to the evaluations of players, our scouts, both those in Georgia and nationally, have also had multiple discussions with each other to review our individual lists and then make adjustments based on what we've each seen. 

Our rankings are OFP (Overall Future Potential) based, and they aren’t determined by who will be drafted the highest in HS. The focus is on finding the players who will have the most successful baseball career long term, regardless of path. It’s a combination of a player's ceiling and their likelihood of reaching that ceiling. Below are the updated GA 2025 Rankings!


1 Cannon Goldin GA Buford 2025 OF Ole Miss
2 Eli Pitts GA Parkview 2025 SS South Carolina
3 Dominic Stephenson
GA Harrison
2025 C Georgia Tech
4 Ty Peeples
GA Franklin County
2025 OF Georgia
5 Jax Bishop GA Calhoun 2025 RHP Tennessee
6 Daniel Pierce
GA Mill Creek 2025 SS Georgia
7 Andrew Purdy GA Calhoun 2025 SS/RHP Alabama
8 Jackson Peavy
GA Peach County 2025 LHP
9 Dayson Griffis
GA Appling County 2025 RHP/3B Tennessee
10 Henry Akopov
GA Mt. Paran 2025 CF



Darrell Mcdowell RHP / Lassiter , GA / 2025

Uncommitted. 6-foot-4, 175 pounds. It's not often you find an arm with the perfect mix of projection, pitchability, velocity, and an effortless delivery. DJ finds himself on a rocket ship up the rankings from No. 33 to No. 11, just one spot outside the upper echelon of greatness. This high waisted athlete is built like a college wing (basketball) with arms so long it seems like he’s handing each pitch to the catcher. A delivery that's the definition of smooth with perfect build of pace and takes full advantage of his length. What stands out most to me is his ability to throw strikes in such a rangy frame and repeat his delivery well before filling out. Not only does he throw strikes, but his FB SLV combo shows both consistent life and shape. This is actually uncommon in underclassmen, especially with this type of frame. Whichever big time Power 5 he ends up committing to will be getting the same quality of pitcher and stuff from the 1st INN to last. The FB is a very safe bet for A/AVG run+sink, and we wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up plus. The potential to sit in the mid 90’s as a starter is very real for McDowell, and even if he operates a tick below that the pitch will play up due to extension & command glove side. The next step he can take with his heater is to command it low & in to RHH, taking advantage of the heaviness of the pitch which will lead to more ground ball outs and lower pitch counts. The SLV shape has improved dramatically since last summer, bringing on more velocity and later sweep+depth. His SPL continues to improve with late depth and tunnels extremely well with the FB when it’s on. This pitch can greatly impact his effectiveness in the form of more whiffs and overall unpredictability. In just 2 summers time, DJ will be in many conversations across the country as a Top 5 Rd prospect.

MIchael Dee SS / St. Pius X, GA / 2025

Uncommitted. 6-foot-2, 170 pounds. This is the definition of a hidden gem, as Dee has flown under the radar thus far in his HS career due to being just as good of a basketball player. Once we find a talent of this caliber, PBR Georgia acts quickly. We pride ourselves on evaluation of players and turning over every rock to find the next big thing, and the fact it only took 2 games for Dee to make his debut in our top 20 should tell you all you need to know. But it's not just his freakish athleticism, blazing speed, and slick glove that have teleported him into PBR national conversation with many big names across the country. It is his hit for average tool that lands him near the top of our ‘25 class, and he wouldn’t be here without it. Although he’s a near top of the scale runner, what is a position player without a legit hit tool? They are just a project with potential. Players without natural feel to hit and good swing mechanics rarely end up as starters in the big leagues, and Dee has all the traits we are looking for to be a big time draft prospect before leaving HS. The 1st trait that stands out are Mike’s high level swing mechanics, both simple and efficient, built for hitting velo. His weight distribution is ideal, starting at 55% backside 45% front side and also finishing there at foot strike. This is a powerful position to be in and allows for both optimal linear connection, and just as importantly allows his torso and head to stay behind the baseball at all times. The hip pace is of the same quality, spending 25% of his time on the negative move, and 75% of his time on the forward move. This is a big reason why he’s able to time up release points so well, and continuously barrel baseballs at peak rotational acceleration in front of the plate. The hands start compact to the body, allowing his chest to load the hands for him and create the connection to his largest muscles so he can take advantage of his elite fast twitch fibers. His load+coil are minimal and perfectly timed with the pace of his stride, creating the simplicity needed to be on time with high powered stuff. These efficient actions create a short, direct swing path that he can manipulate to any pitch location with ease. When you mix together incredible athleticism and elite reaction time+twitch with pro quality swing mechanics, you get Michael Dee. He’s an all fields hitter who can play the short game just as well as he can pepper balls into gaps. This is as good of a 5 tool potential as they come who will play at a premium defensive position and use his future top of scale speed to create and save heaps of runs. His innate instincts, quick exchange, and range will make him a dynamic defender.

Kade Kisz 3B / Blessed Trinity , GA / 2025

Georgia Tech Commit. 6-foot 170-pounds. Kisz had one of the best finishes the last few weeks in the state playoffs. He hit .600 in the first 3 rounds, and faced off against SEC commits the last 2 rounds, and continued his hot streak. He had a grand slam that propelled Blessed Trinity into the elite 8. For the year he hit .436 with 33 RBI’s 4 HR’s and 15 SB’s. He figured things out the back half of the year. The sophomore season is a pivotal time for these young players, and Kisz most definitely got better with time. The top sophomores in the state have always been able to handle their age pitching, but facing arms 2-3 years older can take some time to adjust to, especially in the high classifications. Kisz has proved he can handle himself in one of the most competitive classes, and regions in the state. The competitiveness from Kisz was on full display in the final game of the season against Pope with 1st place in the region on the line. He ended up walking it off with a single up the middle off of a D1 arm. The confidence in the box is the biggest take away on Kisz. The power will continue to climb, and the defense is going to be consistent and solid. Expect a big summer, and junior high school campaign from Kisz.

Collin Brightwell CF / Redan, GA / 2025

Oklahoma Commit. 6-foot-1, 160 pounds. In an age of all or nothing hitters where teams get stagnant because of so many high risk, high reward approaches, Brightwell is a breath of fresh air. This is a throwback baller with some of the best hand-eye coordination in the state regardless of class. He’s like a hitting ninja, slicing any pitch in any location from different launch angles with perfect barrel accuracy in a split second. He covers the entire zone with ease and there’s nowhere you can beat him. Collin has the fast twitch & efficient path to turn on big velo, and can finesse an outer edge pitch over the 3B/SS head to turn it into a hustle double. This Redan Raider has an innate feel for the barrel with an all fields approach and a CF to LC focus. It allows him to be patient with what a pitcher gives him and he never tries to do too much at the plate. Brightwell shows rare discipline at the plate, and his ability to repeat the swing at 70-80% effort regardless of who he’s facing is the mark of the purest type of hitter. When facing violent FB/SL combos in the SEC and pro ball, body control and effortlessness are extremely important to be able to produce consistent contact. At the highest levels of the game, good hitters let the pitcher supply the velocity and focus on timing and catching perfect barrels. This is exactly what Brightwell is, a pure hitter with the potential to hit for a plus average. The offensive game is very similar to future big leaguer and Georgia native Chandler Simpson, with an emphasis of consistent contact and OBP so he can use his near top of the scale speed. The lightning quick 1st step and long gliding strides allow him to wreak havoc on the basepaths as well as routinely grabbing the extra base. He has very good feel for when to be aggressive/selective in all facets, and is in general a very smart baseball player who doesn’t make mistakes. Collin has plus defender potential out on the grass with fluid hips only extended his ridiculous range. His tracking ability is very advanced, and the arm is quite strong for his current strength. He plays loose and fast, and the explosiveness in his overall game will increase dramatically year by year as he fills into his lean frame and long levers. This is the truest form of leadoff hitter who will be one of the lowest risk draft prospects in the class when the ‘25 spring hits.

Cooper Underwood LHP / Allatoona , GA / 2025

Uncommitted. 6-foot-1, 160 pounds. LHP’s are arguably the biggest weapon in baseball, as only 15-20% of MLB pitchers are southpaws. This means hitters are less prepared for them, and they have to prepare for repertoires that typically move in the complete opposite direction of RHP’s. One of the safest ways to find an MLB player is to take a LHP, and Cooper is one of our top picks to click at the position regardless of class. Not only does he have an extremely athletic delivery and good projection, but he’s an incredibly advanced arm in terms of pitchability and secondary stuff. This is an arm who can throw his CB/CH in any count or situation for strikes, and throw them for K’s just as easily. It’s one of the sharpest breaking balls I can remember an underclassmen having, with shockingly consistent 1-7 shape that suddenly snaps off the table. It’s a future plus pitch that creates freeze after freeze due to it’s high spin capabilities, working consistently in the 2800 RPM range. His impressive lower half mechanics create elite direction and allow him to command the pitch to both edges with ease. His other disgusting secondary is the CH, working in the 77-78 range with late fade & depth. Underwood’s delivery and intent on it are identical to the FB, and the 6-8 mph of separation from his FB make it much more deceptive than if he threw it slower. His heater plays well both at the top and bottom of the zone, with late tail grabbing him in zone whiffs on the regular. His clean, full circle (¾) arm action is nearly invisible to hitters, making the pitch jump on hitters and playing up his current velo. To make a hitter’s day even worse, he has a 75-77 SL that adds a more horizontal breaking ball to keep them guessing. Cooper is extremely well balanced throughout the delivery and gets into rhythm very easily on the bump. The strikes don’t waver as he works deeper into outings, and he’s only at the ground floor of his eventual ceiling. This is an arm you want to stay lean and focus more on strength than mass, because there are considerable fast twitch fibers present for his current build that you don’t want to slow down. Underwood is one of the safest bets for a long career in the class due to his advanced pitchability and secondary offerings.

Ethan Garrett RHP / Pope, GA / 2025

6-foot-2 160-pounds. Garrett has burst onto the scene for Pope as their 3rd starter. The frame is imposing and projects some of the best stuff in the class. He was up to 88 in the outing we were in attendance for, but has been creeping into the low 90’s the last couple rounds of the state playoffs. He showed a true 3 pitch mix, and showed the ability to work ahead with the off speed early in the count. His fastball is full of life, and has some late run. The change up is going to be a big pitch for him moving forward. It has all the right action, so if the fastball continues to trend up then the FB/CH combo to righty’s is going to be very tough to hit. The curveball has really good shape at 66-68. It should tick up in velocity as he gains more confidence with it, and logs more innings on the mound. Garrett has produced some of the best numbers this spring, and is going to a big name in the summer months.

John Davis OF / Tift County , GA / 2025

5-foot-10 155-pounds. The lefty bat has emerged this spring, and has been one of the most completed ball players of the spring. He is a competitor, and will find ways to produce. He proved he can hit good pitching down at Houston County when he drove an upper 80’s fastball from a lefty over the shortstops head. He has some of the cleanest swing mechanics in the class, and will continue to add strength. He already has the pop to the pull side, but will soon be putting balls in the left center gap with the way he stays through the zone with the barrel. He can also get it done on the mound. He will be low-mid 80’s with the fastball, and flashed an above average change up at 75-76. The mechanics on the mound are just as effortless as the plate. He threw a CG shutout with 10 strikeouts in the sweet sixteen with the season on the line.

Eston Simpson RHP / Jefferson , GA / 2025

6-foot-6 180-pounds. Simpson is on the steady climb to be one of the top right handed arms in the class. He grew up to 6’6 last year, and his fastball was in the low 80’s over the summer. He has already ticked up to mid 80’s this spring, and will soon be reaching the 90mph mark. He is a strike lower, and is extremely tough to hit when the fastball is down in the zone. He is still filling into the frame, and figuring out the lower half with the long limbs. He has some of the best feel for off speed in the class, and can flip over the curveball in the low 70’s in any count. We saw him early in the spring, and he will be an early follow in the summer.

Terrance Bowen 2B / SS / Alexander , GA / 2025

6-foot-2 185-pounds. Bowen had to finish his season on the hard wood before getting on the baseball diamond. The athleticism from Bowen has been on display the last few years, and now he is growing, becoming more physical and emerging as one of the top high school infielders in the state. The tall, upright stance has not changed, but the power is beginning to. He had 3 home runs compared to 0 a year before. The power is going to be his biggest upward trend this summer. Bowen is going to be a guy that can hit for average and strong enough to be a gap to gap guy. The actions are smooth and effortless in the infield. He can stick at SS or 2B. The arm is getting stronger and stronger, so he could be over at 3B if needed. This summer will be the turning point for Bowen, he came on strong towards the end of the season, and will look to carry that over into the summer. He has one of the biggest ceilings in the class, and will be a big name to follow this summer.

Brady Christman C / OF / Mary Persons, GA / 2025

Uncommitted. 5-foot-11 195-pounds. Christman has made some of the biggest physical gains in the class, preparing him for a breakout summer. He had a strong high school season hitting .444 with 20 doubles, 4 triples, 4 home runs, 42 RBI’s and 18 stolen bases. The 20 doubles puts him in the top 10 in the GHSA history books for doubles in a season. The hands have always been the key in Christman’s swing, it always seems like they are quick enough to get to any pitch. Now that he has added some strength in the frame, especially in the lower half those line drive singles are turning into gap shots, and home runs. He is as solid as they come defensively, and is versatile enough to stick in the OF. A true workhorse behind the dish that can handle velocity and shut down the run game.


Michael Hunter Stonecipher, C, Clarke Central

Judson Hartwell, 3B/RHP, Prince Ave

Landon Ludwig, RHP/C, Savannah Benedictine

Jake Howell, LHP, Wilcox County

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