Prep Baseball Report

Most Valuable Players : Class 4A

Justin Goetz
Assistant Scouting Director

GHSA’s 4A classification shows absolutely no drop off in talent despite smaller school populations. There are just as many draft prospects as the larger classes, but noticeably more under the radar talents. You will read about handfuls of uncommitted players in this article that will become D1 commits in the next year or so. To avoid keeping you waiting any further, here are the 4A Most Valuable Players!

Zach Lyles OF / LHP / Sonoraville, GA / 2023

WKU Commit. 6-foot-2, 195 pounds. For the full story on this unreal athlete, check out “The Best Player You’ve Never Heard Of” There are few players in the Southeast that produce this type of power+speed combo. This is a dual sport legend in Fairmount, GA and all counties surrounding, both on the diamond and gridiron. “Big Lyles” as he’s called around town is an understatement. This is one of if not THE strongest baseball player in the state of GA. But that’s far from all he is. Zach is the truest form of 5 tool player, and every action he takes on the baseball field is unbelievably explosive. He’s a plus or better runner, has plus potential as a defender in CF, and the arm should end up A/AVG. As a hitter, his level swing is a perfect combo of hard contact and raw power with exceptional bat 2 ball skills. With a prototype MLB frame for his position, pro scouts are sure to make the trek up to Sonoraville this spring.

Jacob Vokal SS / 2B / Cherokee Bluff , GA / 2024

Davidson Commit. 5-foot-10, 150 pounds. Few players in the state possess the level of athleticism and versatility this beast brings to the table. Of the tools that play every day (run, field, throw), Vokal has all of them and they speak loudly. He’s a plus runner who ran 6.7 (20.4 mph) for us in 2022, which not only lends him impressive range at SS but impact speed on the basepaths. The glove is Top 3 in the ‘24 class, putting him in the elite company of Bryce Clavon and Jay Abernathy. He’s aggressive to the ball with elite instincts and reads hops incredibly well. The exchange is one of the quickest in the Southeast. Read more about his exceptional defense in the tweet below. The arm is absolutely electric, both from SS and on the bump. His FB works in the mid to upper 80’s with A/AVG spin, and his 75-77 is a future hammer up to 2700 RPM! With all of his stand out tools, the twitch is more of the same as a hitter. It’s a simplified swing with real strength in wrists+forearms and impressive ability to decelerate/accelerate on offspeed pitches. His selective aggressive approach gives The Bluff the best of all worlds.

Parker McCoy 3B / RHP / Benedictine , GA / 2024

North Carolina Commit. This is one of the most versatile players in the state without question. Not only does he absolutely launch baseballs at the plate, but he’s a real arm on the mound and can play a multitude of positions on the diamond. His gradual, well timed leg kick is the engine of his lower half, allowing him to create optimal momentum in the forward move and sink into his backside. This leads to one of the more connected swings in the class. His fluid one piece swing and innate ability to match plane lead to consistent XBHs. McCoy also sits upper 80’s on the bump.

John Calloway LHP / OF / Islands , GA / 2024

Uncommitted. 6-foot, 165 pounds. This is an absolute hidden gem down in Savannah. Not only does he have a connected, well sequenced delivery, but he has one of the best breaking balls in the state regardless of class. The 74-77 SLV has an astonishing 25 inches of sweep and flashes wipeout depth at 2800 RPM! This is not only a pitch that gets a ridiculous amount of whiffs, but he can also paint both corners with it. Calloway produces mid 80’s cheddar (T87) with electric tail and noticeable ease of operation. He has a very repeatable, full mid depth arm action from anear sidearm slot that creates insane angle. The delivery is compact and this is a must see D1 talent this spring for the Sharks.

Hadley Long RHP / 3B / Wayne County, GA / 2023

ABAC Commit. 6-foot-3, 190 pounds. This is a baby faced arm with an extremely high ceiling from a relaxed, funky, deceptive delivery. His long, loose 3/4 arm action gains easy momentum from the drop out of his glove. His running FB works in the 84-87 range and he really pronates well. KCB 70-73 sharp & flashes 2 plane depth! Will jump when stronger on legs. This is a classic RHP frame. The arm speed is present to throw 90+ one day, and I wouldn't be surprised if it was soon. He should make a huge jump in college as he physically matures. With his experience of high pressure playoff innings, Long is no doubt ready to be a starter for the Yellow Jackets.

Aden Hall SS / 2B / Wayne County , GA / 2023

ABAC Commit. 5-foot-10, 140 pounds. The aptly named “South Georgian God of Walks” had one of the most memorable playoff performances I’ve ever seen in 2022. In his first 2 games vs Apalachee, he grinded his way to 4 BB and 1 HBP! With a hustle double to the oppo gap, he turned in a cool .1000 OBP on the day. Not only are his approach, pitch recognition, and plate discipline extremely advanced, but he’s a near expert in the art of wasting pitches. The most exciting part of this A/AVG runners game is the defense. Hall shows elite instincts, reads hops with ease, takes precise paths to the ball, and has one of the quickest exchanges in the class. He throws from all angles with a strong accurate arm, and is simply a really good baseball player.

Ajay Jones OF / North Hall , GA / 2024

Uncommitted. 5-foot-8, 160 pounds. The Future Games legend of “Turbo” rings bells all around the country, and there are few players in the state that can match his electric energy, speed, and out of this world defense. An on base machine, Jones not only is an extremely advanced bunter but also shows considerable all fields pop. He’s easily one of the most difficult players to strike out in the class, and is a nightmare for pitchers in a multitude of ways. He extends AB’s with his plate discipline and ability to waste pitches by fouling them off. When he gets on 1B, that's when the real nightmare begins. Not only is he a plus runner, Ajay gets some of the best jumps I’ve seen with elite instincts and reaction time. After that, his 1.67 10 yd split and 20 mph speed take over. He’s just as well known for his acrobatic slides as he is acrobatic catches. Both happen often. Turbo is a plus defender with fluid hips & crisp routes, and has absolutely no fear near the wall. His accurate arm showed improved strength in 2022, adding another element to his dynamic defense.

Ariston Veasey C / RHP / Starr's Mill, GA / 2024

UGA Commit. 6-foot-1, 190 pounds. In the Peach State, few players are as much of a sure bet to play this sport professionally one day. With a prototype, well proportioned frame of lean muscle throughout, Veasey has the look of a pro as a JR in HS. When you deadlift 585 lbs like he does, it’s pretty easy to be explosive in all facets. Not only does he have advanced swing mechanics, he has ridiculous bat speed. At 87.4 mph (26.0 hand speed), it's the fastest bat we’ve recorded in the state! It’s no surprise when you combine the physical strength with the torque he creates in separation. What separates him offensively to me is the ability to manipulate his barrel for an inside-out swing to backspin balls to the oppo gap. Yes there are other catchers with swings built for all fields, but none of them can defend like him. As a premium athlete, he’s very compact behind the plate with advanced footwork and a quick transfer. It will get even faster as he lets pitches travel a little deeper, but his 88 mph from behind the plate is almost a guarantee to stop all base stealers in their tracks. On the mound, the FB is up to 94 and his 2500 RPM low 70’s CB gets swing & miss. Veasey is a cheat code.

Heath Whitlock OF / LHP / Starr's Mill, GA / 2024

Mississippi State Commit. 6-foot, 170 pounds. This is one of the cleanest swings in the 2024 class. Perfect balance is the first thing you notice when breaking down his swing, and with that comes almost zero head movement. His hip pace out of the hole (and in general) is just exceptional as the balance, allowing him to time up high velocity arms with ease. With minimal separation but innate timing of said separation, he creates good stretch to add to his quick twitch fibers. This is an all fields approach with serious buggy whip to the pull side. His efficient, knob led swing path is lightning quick through the zone. He’s a very instinctive outfielder who runs crisp routes. Whitlock is also a D1 LHP, with an upper 80’s FB and nasty hook.

Bo Walker OF / RHP / Starrs Mill, GA / 2024

Georgia Tech Commit. 6-foot-2, 180 pounds. One of the most athletic players in the country for his class, much less the state. Walker is a top of the scale runner with the potential to be an elite defender in CF. His long, gliding strides allow him to cover nearly the entire outfield with his closing speed. But what separates him most is incredible reaction time, fluid hips, and crisp routes. Why are these tracking skills so far above other CF in his class? Football, without a question. Bo is a dual sport recruit for GT, and is one of the better WR/FS in the state. As a hitter he’s got a natural all fields approach and ability to manipulate the barrel. His head stays still in every baseball action he makes, and this allows him to recognize spin & make consistently good swing decisions. To round out his 5 tool potential, he’s quickly developing raw power and already has a rocket arm. 

Tai Peete 3B / RHP / Trinity Christian, GA / 2023

Georgia Tech Commit. 6 foot 3, 190 pounds. On the bump, he’s one of the smoothest operators in the country with big time stuff. At the plate, he’s got a compact, efficient swing path that allows him to turn the barrel in tight space with no effort. In the field (SS), Peete uses his length, instincts, and A/AVG speed to lend him A/AVG range at a premium defensive position with a plus or better arm. Quite simply, this is one of the best athletes on a baseball diamond in the entire country. Because of this athleticism, it’s likely there will be some MLB teams that like him as a position player over pitcher despite his unreal stuff on the hill. I see no reason why he can’t play SS at the pro level, as his smooth actions combine with every tangible/intangible skill needed for the position. The footwork will continue to improve as he fills into his lengthy frame. He shows the bat speed, reaction time, and the ability to manipulate the barrel vs elite HS arms to the pull side and shows current feel for an inside out swing that he will keep growing to make him even more dynamic offensively. Since he’s unlikely to pitch this spring, we will just focus on him as a hitter unless he throws late. But the 2 way potential is as real as it gets. 

Dillon Stiltner RHP / 1B / Trinity Christian , GA / 2025

Uncommitted. 6-foot-2, 165 pounds. Why am I so certain another big jump is coming this year for Stiltner? Firstly, turning from a young teenager into a man is the number one way to increase velocity. With Stiltner being tall and far from physically developed, his first jump in velo was mostly due to a growth spurt & athleticism. The second will come as he gets stronger - which will give him elite balance, explosiveness from head to toe, and the good athleticism for his age should start to become elite. Dillon already moves through his delivery with ease you’d see in a much older prospect. Although he’s currently the No. 7 pitcher in our 2025 class, his FB (84-86 T87) movement is top 3 in the state for 2025. When he works low & in on RHH, the pitch is nearly impossible to match plane with. The ball takes off like a torpedo, with violent sink and edge to edge run. Due to his angle and slot it shows the most movement arm side, and plays up his 78-80 Cutter with gyro profile. The pitch has short break and depth, but has proven effective when he can repeat it.

Wyatt Land RHP / OF / North Oconee , GA / 2023

UGA Commit. 6-foot-3, 180 pounds. When Land steps on the mound, he’s equivalent to a bull in a rodeo. He’s coming out head hunting, ready to blow the doors down with violent arm speed. But he throws blazing FB’s quite gracefully, with shocking ease of operation for what comes out of the hand. This is my favorite delivery in the 2023 class, and it's only going to get better. This is without a doubt one of the best pitching prospects in the state of Georgia. Land’s ease of operation, body control, connection & separation are unreal, and the arm action is perfect. His 90-92 FB T94 shows consistent plus life already (bore) that eats the hands of RHH & sprints away from LHH. His 79-82 SL has taken leaps & bounds in the past year, with very tight rotation and short, late break. The pitch stays on FB plane for extended time, depth continuing to improve. Land will DOMINATE 4A this spring, and would do the same in any other classification. Look for him to develop into a heavily scouted pro prospect as the spring rolls on.

Cale Stricklin C / 2B / North Oconee, GA / 2023

UGA Commit. 5-foot-11, 190 pounds. The captain and pulse of this team, the Titans go as Cale goes. His durable, strong, stocky frame is a perfect fit behind the dish. The toughness, advanced receiving, footwork, and lightning quick transfers are what stand out most about him as a defender. Offensively it’s an advanced all fields approach and simplified swing that is difficult to punch out. He consistently makes good swing decisions. It’s no surprise that he has elite baseball IQ and does everything well with exceptional fundamentals, as his dad (UGA HC Scott Stricklin) has been a coach his entire life. Learning higher levels of the game at such a young age puts Stricklin light years ahead of all others mentally, and his intangibles are tough to match.

KJ Moon 3B / SS / North Oconee , GA / 2024

Mercer Commit. 6-foot-2, 195 pounds. This is without a doubt of the best and most versatile 2 ways in the state. This Future Games legend can lift the baseball like few others, and proved in 2022 that he can hit the highest quality of pitching. There are very few players in the country who showed such a consistent display of power at PBR events last year. He will be the key power source for the Titans, and also keep the dugout loose at all times with his hilarious personality. On the bump, his compact & powerful delivery is built from the ground up. The 86-88 T90 FB sprints at the hands of RHH, making his lateral 2500 RPM SL all the more devastating. He has just as much feel for his high spin CB and CH. This is one of the most advanced repertoires in the state for his class, and is only certain to become more electric as he fills into his large frame.

Trey Robbins LHP / 1B / Whitewater, GA / 2026

Uncommitted. 6-foot-3, 205 pounds. This is the definition of a beast with a large frame, present strength, and much more to come. Few have taken the jump on the bump like Robbins 2022. He came out with a much more dynamic, connected arm action, and the core & lower half were more involved. It went from short & conservative to a loose, more full AA with noticeably more separation at landing & extension! He earned a Future Games invite last July (youngest player on team) with his FB jumping 6-7 mph to 85-88 (bore). The pitch has just as much life as it has velo. He also featured a new mid 70’s SL 16 IVB, -9 HZB that has big time tilt and huge potential. At the plate he’s a good bet to have top of the scale raw power, and has very impressive swing mechanics for his size. Don’t sleep on him there!

Terrence Kiel II OF / Pace Academy, GA / 2024

Texas A&M Commit. 5-foot-11, 175 pounds. Few players in the country have this combo of elite athleticism and endless potential. Not only does Kiel have top of the scale defensive potential as a defender in CF, but he shows very good aptitude for playing multiple IF positions. With most plus or better runners, the bat is typically a bit behind their run tool. With TK, the bat speed and elite reaction time is even more rare than the run. With such compact, advanced swing mechanics and impressive timing, the Pace Knight produces every bit of his usable power on a consistent basis. He proved himself on all the big stages in 2022, and is going to challenge for the No. 1 spot in our national rankings this year as he gets bigger, stronger, faster.

Ethan Rucker RHP / SS / Pace Academy, GA / 2024

Georgetown Commit. 6-foot-3, 175 pounds. This is a high projection arm with rare compactness in the delivery for his lanky build. His smooth mechanics stay well connected and build momentum gradually for ease of operation. Rucker works from the stretch only with a high leg kick and short circle arm action from an OH slot. The sophomore creates power by keeping his upper body over the rubber and getting a gradual uphill tilt in his shoulders as he strides. His sinking 85-87 T88 FB is as steep & heavy as they come, producing ground balls with regularity. This allows him to attack the bottom of the zone without being barreled and reduces pitch counts. The low 70’s CB has tight rotation typically which creates a good 11-5 shape, can get SLV shape at times but has a good feel for it. With such a well connected delivery, efficient arm action, and putting on 10 lbs of strength since last summer, I can feel a jump coming in 2023.

Noah Brocklebank SS / 2B / Druid Hills , GA / 2025

Uncommitted. 6-foot-2, 165 pounds. This is one of my picks to click for the class, and he will put himself on the map this spring & summer. Noah announced his presence this fall at Campus Tour UGA where he was Top 10 in all blast categories. He also ran a 7.0 60 yd, threw 87 from SS with his developing cannon, and showed impressive footwork for his lengthy frame. Not only are the metrics already eye opening, but he’s only at the floor of his eventual build and strength. This is a nearly identical swing from both sides of the plate with perfect rhythm and momentum created in the hips. He doesn’t stray far from his center of balance as a hitter, and few in his class create Brocklebank’s torque in separation. This is one of the most intriguing prospects in 4A and should end up with A/AVG or better raw power from both sides of the plate.

Zach Jackson OF / RHP / Holy Innocents, GA / 2024

Uncommitted. 6-foot, 170 pounds. Not only does he have a dozen D1 football offers, but a similar amount of D1 baseball programs recruiting him heavily. Jackson is a top of the order masher who’s got the hand eye & bat speed (27.0 hand speed, 96 EV at PAS23) to barrel elite arms. He’s very instinctive in all facets with legit 5 tool potential. This is a plus runner who will only get faster and is going to steal bag after bag this spring for the Bears. The arm is above average on a pro scale currently and will easily end up plus. When he toes the bump this spring, hitters will have little chance at his 86-90 FB with a nasty upper 70’s SL that tunnels extremely well. This two way, dual sport athlete is as versatile as it gets on the diamond and will have one of the most impactful springs in the state.

Jin Kasuya SS / 2B / Seckinger , GA / 2025

South Carolina Commit. 5-foot-10, 160 pounds. This is an extremely advanced player in all facets of the game, with an equal amount of tools & intangibles. Offensively, he’s one of the most balanced hitters in the ‘26 class with a smooth forward move. But it’s the intangibles Kasuya possesses as a hitter that separate him from the pack. He’s very disciplined and rarely strays from his all fields, line drive approach. His ability to see spin and work himself into advantageous counts stand out. The ease of effort is very impressive, focusing on consistent barrels at 80% over the risk of swing and miss caused by 100% effort. This is an on base machine who will have high on base numbers throughout HS. Good feet defensively, arm plays up due to quick exchange & good reads off bat Rangy, arm accuracy should continue to improve. This is a huge get for Seckinger.

Taylor Fuller SS / Holy Innocents Episcopal School, GA / 2026

Uncommitted. 5 foot 10, 150 pounds. This is a proportional, lean muscled frame with 5 tool potential. Fuller showed us throughout 2022 that he was one of the most advanced bats in the class and quickly becoming an elite athlete. With his good rhythm at the plate and advanced swing mechanics for his age - good feel for sinking into his lower half during negative move, quiet toe tap with timed up separation, and he’s in & out of launch in one fluid motion. I loved the patient LC to RC approach he shows not only against RHP’s but LHP’s, as nothing changes production wise when he faces same side arms. Few have the ability to manipulate the barrel like Fuller at such a young age, and he’s one of the most proven bats in his class.

Stephen Taylor 1B / OF / Stephenson, GA / 2024

Uncommitted. 6-foot-5, 220 pounds. There are few players in the state with this gigantic frame, and this type of power potential. In an extended look on him during the PBR MBP Tourney last spring, he showed out with barrels on barrels into both gaps. He showed impressive speed for his size, with two triples in the blink of an eye. He’s very quiet and simplified at the plate with a good feel for separation timing.  Although a bit raw mechanically, we look forward to tracking his progress in 2023 as he is an under the radar name to keep an eye on. This could end up one of the strongest players in the state. 

Dylan Cupp SS / 3B / Cedartown, GA / 2023

Mississippi State Commit. 6-foot-2, 190 pounds. One of our favorite players in the history of PBR’s time in the Peach State is going to have a special spring season for the Bulldogs. Known for his legendary walk off to a Team USA championship, he’s got every intangible you look for in a big leaguer. There are no equals in this state as far as the glove goes at SS. I call him “The Magician” because his instincts and defensive actions are so slick that if you blink, you’ll miss a Sports Center Top 10 play. Cupp makes the impossible look easy at SS, and few can read a hop like him. His lightning quick exchange is smoother than silk, and he throws from all angles accurately. With Cupp leading the squad, there’s nothing Cedartown can’t accomplish.

Xavier Holiday SS / Cedartown, GA / 2024

Uncommitted. 6-foot-1, 160 pounds. This is one of the more exciting players in 4A who plays the game cool, calm, and collected. He is very quiet and controlled at the plate, keeping his head still for tracking and enabling him to recognize spin early. It’s a contact oriented approach that works from the LC to RC gap with a flick of the wrist. His swing matches the approach identically, as his smooth swing path stays inside the ball at all times for optimal backspin. Xavier is an A/AVG runner gliding from bag to bag who is sure to be plus, as he’s far from his eventual physical ceiling. His athleticism fits perfectly in CF, and SS will be his home next year. 

Samuel Schofield RHP / 1B / Morgan County , GA / 2023

Georgia State Commit. 6-foot-2, 190 pounds. This impressive pro prospect attacks hitters with a power arsenal that plays well both vertically and horizontally. A physical arm with a strong lower half and very good deception in his methodical delivery. He works down the hill at a calming pace which keeps the delivery well sequenced and allows his deep, funky 2 piece arm action (OH) to develop. The Morgan County Magician shows his back to hitters with a gradual twist to the back hip in knee lift, only squaring up his shoulders just before landing. Every part of his delivery is deceptive and throws off the hitter's timing. His 89-92 T93 FB is very spin efficient, 2300-2400 rpm to go with it. Makes pitch a weapon up in the zone. Crossfire puts him on top of RHH and the steep plane allows it to play just as well down in the zone. Mid 90’s offering in future. ight rotation, sharp sweeping action. New pitch that adds a different element to his arsenal, forcing hitters to worry about horizontal life. Plays up due to angle. His 77-80 SL show tight rotation, sharp sweeping action. New pitch that adds a different element to his arsenal, forcing hitters to worry about horizontal life. Plays up due to angle. Schofield doesn’t even need his 2 other serviceable secondary pitches to dominate 4A.

Ty Tillery RHP / SS / Morgan County , GA / 2026

UGA Commit. 6-foot-2, 170 pounds. This elite athlete for his age left me one of the most memorable performances of 2022, and undoubtedly put himself on the map with a viral tweet due to his incredible stuff on the mound. But it all starts with his delivery. Not only is it one of the most well sequenced I’ve seen nationally in the ‘26 class, but he has the best hip/shoulder separation I have ever seen in a player his age. If you don’t know, the timing and stretch created hip/shoulder separation is the biggest reason for big velocity in a pitcher (or EV’s in a hitter) other than athleticism. Ty creates more torque in separation than many college arms, and even many pros. When you add year by year strength to that equation as he matures physically, the velocity will steadily incline. His 85-88 FB is already the best in the class due to exceptional extension and wicked movement (bore up, run+sink down). His sweeping 73-75 SL is right there with it, tunneling extremely well with sudden bite. The CH shows similar life to the FB and has tons of potential. We look forward to scouting Ty more as a position player as well, where his range at SS and impressive bat speed make you think.

Thomas Burke / Walnut Grove, GA / 2024

Uncommitted. 6-foot-5, 185 pounds. It’s no surprise that one of the tallest players in the class with coat hanger shoulders made one of the biggest jumps in 2022. Burke is well entrenched in the “most projectable” conversation after his electric bullpen at Full Count Scout Day at the end of July. His eye opening performance had every school’s attention, as he fired elite IVB riding FB’s in the 85-87 range. His impressive ease of operation is the first thing we noticed, created by his gradual build of pace in the delivery. Burke has impressive balance for his size, and creates nasty angle & deception from a slight crossfire, low ¾ arm slot. The loose, deep full circle arm action is smooth throughout and he repeats it well. This is an arm that's certainly going to rise even higher in our rankings as we get more looks on him. A big separator for Burke is his nasty 69-70 sweeping CB that he spins tightly with consistent shape and two plane depth. Everything he throws plays up due to extension, and this one is far from done climbing! Can’t wait to see him this spring!


Jaxon Pate / SS / Sonoraville / 2024
Jack Harper / IF / Morgan County / 2023
Hudson Reed / 3B / Morgan County / 2026
Jon Jon Read / SS / North Hall / 2024
Mills Lothridge / SS / North Hall / 2025
Cole Dingler / 1B / Cedartown / 2024
Antonio Ware / OF / Cedartown / 2024
Ty Corbin / C/OF / Cherokee Bluff / 2023
Landon Kemp / IF / Cherokee Bluff / 2024
Ben McDow / RHP / Perry / 2023
Brady Bearden / OF / Perry / 2024
Braxton Brooks / C / Walnut Grove / 2023
Landon Yates / C / Burke County /
Nik DeBerry / C / Islands / 2023
Jaxon Dolan / IF / Wayne County / 2023
Tyler Walling / C / Wayne County / 2024
Carson Shaver / RHP / Wayne County / 2023
Nathan Huff / OF / Trinity Christian / 2023
Ryan Melton / C / Trinity Christian / 2025
Jacobi Brooks / OF / Whitewater / 2023
Shawn Sower / RHP / Whitewater / 2023
Trent Ellington / SS / Whitewater / 2025
Henry Levenson / IF / Pace / 2024
Miles Mador / C / Pace / 2025
Chandler Ketchup / SS / Holy Innocents / 2023

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