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Most Valuable Players : 7A (Regions 5-8) Part 2

Justin Goetz
Assistant Scouting Director

Unsurprisingly, the most densely populated schools of GHSA 7A baseball make for the deepest class in the state by far. So deep in fact, that we have to split up the classifications impact players into multiple different articles! 7A is littered with draft prospects year by year, and this one is no different. But, there are other players with a serious future in baseball that can go well beyond HS and college baseball. To avoid keeping you waiting any further, here is part 2 of the MVP’s to watch in class 7A (Regions 5-8).

Sam PArker
1B / lhp / Kennesaw Mountain, GA / 2024

Georgia State Commit. 6 foot 4, 215 pounds.With the frame of an NFL TE/DE long before physical maturity, few players in the country can impact the baseball like Parker. His quiet, controlled toe tap leads in an effortless forward move & perfect separation timing. Sam’s swing mechanics have even more of an impact on his top of the scale raw power than pure strength. He can really run for his size, and can contribute on the mound with his mid 80’s FB. 


Pete Jezerinac, Jr. LHP / 1B / Kennesaw Mountain, GA / 2024

Kennesaw State Commit. 6-foot-2, 165 pounds. This Mustang Ace suffocates hitters with tempo from the 1st pitch to last. He relies on command of his heavy, tailing turbo SNK (84-87 T88) to both edges  early in the count, putting them behind 0-2 before they can blink. They either bash it into the ground foul or swing & miss. Then you’re at the mercy of his late fading bugs bunny CH at 76-77, and there aren’t many as good in the southeast for his class. But that's not all, he also possesses a sweeping low 70’s SLV with 2 plane snap that he can locate to both edges. Jezerinac’s trio of repeatability, pitchability, and projection are very hard to find.


Reid Worley RHP / 1B / Cherokee, GA / 2025

Kennesaw State Commit. 6-foot-1, 170 pounds. With nearly a dozen impressive breaking balls in this classification, Worley’s magical ability to throw 2 distinct hammers as an underclassmen is eye opening. His 2900 RPM CB (70-72) is an air bender with 12-6 shape that he can locate to both edges with ease in any count. It has plenty of swing & miss potential and becomes more devastating after elevating his mid 80’s FB (bore). The 2800 RPM SL (73-75) is sharper with 11-5 shape and late depth. He also shows feel for a mid 70’s CH. With his athleticism & projectable frame, look for velo to climb as the spring weather warms.


Jackson Bradfield OF / 3B / Cherokee, GA / 2024

Kennesaw State Commit. 6 foot, 195 pounds. In this large, stocky frame stands a stone cold masher. This is a back side dominant hitter who creates immense all-fields power with a very controlled & simplified forward move. Bradfield repeats an ultra efficient, repeatable hand path thru his trigger and load. This allows his hands to work inside the baseball at all times and creates exceptional barrel versatility (can adjust path to match any pitch plane or location). With high level pitch recognition and plate discipline, he could lead 7A in many hitting categories.


Daniel Pierce SS / 2B / Mill Creek, GA / 2025

UGA Commit. 6 foot 1, 165 pounds. As I’ve said since the 2022 GHSA playoffs,  this is one of the purest hitters in the state regardless of class. Going back to look at his two oppo doubles off pro prospect and FSU commit Brett Barfield in a must win series, he limped around the bases like Kirk Gibson with a half healthy quad. This performance as a freshman was the stuff of legend. Entering year 2 he’s only gotten faster, stronger, and more athletic. With pro quality swing mechanics, advanced intangibles (pitch recognition, plate discipline, hitting aptitude), and impressive defensive traits, the sky's the limit in 2023 for the Hawks.


Eli Pitts SS / OF / North Gwinnett, GA / 2025

South Carolina Commit. An explosive prospect who went from slightly undersized to a pro body seemingly overnight. He’s had a serious growth spurt in 2022, putting on two inches in height and 10-15 pounds of lean strength. Pitts has gone from a fast, explosive leadoff hitter with sneaky pop to a near guaranteed five tool player with near plus potential across the board. He backspins balls to all fields w/ ease, and is one of the toughest hitters to beat on an inside FB we’ve seen (for his age group). His plus or better speed plays at a high level both on the basepaths and in the dirt. Pitts is primed to take a huge leap production wise year 2.


Erik Parker SS / RHP / North Gwinnett, GA / 2024

South Carolina Commit. Parker has one of the most projectable skill sets in the country at 6-foot-3, 185-pounds. The swing mechanics remind of some big time names at the games highest level. He has natural loft in the swing and present strength that will only increase. Not only does Parker have all fields power, he’s instinctive with the glove. He’s not just a position player, as his FB works in the upper 80’s range T90 and we’re sure to see some low 90’s heat to pair with his nasty breaking ball as it warms up this spring.


Tyler Bak CF / LHP / North Gwinnett, GA / 2023

Wofford Commit. 6 foot 1, 160 pounds. This is a lean machine with 5 tool potential. Bak looks like a contact hitter, but has some of the better bat speed in his class. We look forward to some eye popping lasers off his barrel this spring. Due to lower half momentum, gradual stretch in separation, and an explosive ability to rotate, T. Bak is ready to take his bat to new levels this year. He’s a human highlight reel in CF, using his instincts, 6.6 speed, and big arm to heavily enforce baserunners. The instincts and wheels show out on the basepaths as well.


Brandon SunWoo SS / SS / Peachtree Ridge, GA / 2024

Uncommitted. This advanced bat will be heavily relied on this spring, and we’re confident he’ll put up big numbers in 7A this year. The actions are simple & quiet, with a patient approach. Sunwoo is a balanced hitter who drives the ball to the oppo gap with carry. His compact swing works easily in tight spaces - hands working close to the body, chest always over the balls of feet, creating power from subtle mechanical differences in sequence. He’s very instinctive and makes impressive reads off the bat, which makes his range play up. It's a sure glove and smooth exchange with an arm that can make all the throws from all angles.


Ethan Murray SS / 3B / Buford , GA / 2024

Georgia Tech Commit. 6 foot 3, 185 pounds. Although we didn't see much of this ultra projection bat in 2022, that’s a guarantee to change this year. He’s one of the leaders of this Wolves team who is deeply talented, and we are excited to see him thrive with this younger roster. We love his simplified swing that maintains exceptional balance and minimal head movement, allowing him to catch the ball on the barrel in front of the plate with unreal consistency and impact. His defensive actions fit the mold of a true SS, and he anticipates at a high level. I look forward to seeing many lofty bombs off his barrel this spring, and am excited to watch his development into a draft prospect this year!


Cannon Goldin OF / LHP / Buford , GA / 2025

Uncommitted. 6 foot, 180 pounds. We’re beyond excited for his HS debut as a starting CF. With legit 5 tool potential we feel Goldin will make a quick impact on Buford’s 2023 season, and will be one of the most important pieces to the Wolves success. He has the potential to be an A/AVG bat with plus or better raw power, just on that alone you see why he’s so highly sought after. Then you add the plus speed, future plus defense and a current A/AVG arm from CF and you start to get the picture of what type of value he can bring as a player. With elite makeup and a love for laying out on the basepaths & grass, there are few better competitors in the classification than Goldin.


Jared Glenn 3B / RHP / Dacula , GA / 2025

Uncommitted. 6 foot, 185 pounds. If you spent a lot of time at LakePoint this summer, it’s no secret why Glenn went from unranked to the top-50 in the state in a 6 month span. The dude just flat out rakes. Over the multi tourney span I saw of him this year, he hasn’t been overmatched by quality stuff in any single AB and is able time up good arms with ease off zero or minimal looks against them. The powerfully built Dacula Falcon has every tangible & intangible needed to be one of the best bats in the class. But don’t sleep on him as a defender, where the smooth actions stand out. A metal bat in his hands is almost unfair.


Cooper Johnson 1B / LHP / Mountain View, GA / 2024

Uncommitted. 6 foot 4, 190 pounds. This Future Gamer has an impressive blend of tools, fundamentals, and projection. His bat is built on a good approach, consistent hard contact from foul line to foul line. At the plate he's a pure hitter who can manipulate his barrel to square up any pitch in any zone. He’s one of the best defenders I’ve seen at the position in a long time here. Cooper has smooth hands, can pick any throw, and turns the 2 ball easily with a strong & accurate arm. Johnson gets into the upper 80’s on the mound, with a delivery as effortless as his swing.


Colton Sweat SS / 2B / West Forsyth, GA / 2026

Uncommitted. 5 foot 10, 160 pounds. This is one of the more advanced players in his class, with an extremely well rounded game. His baseball IQ is very impressive, and a big reason he’ll be an immediate contributor for the Wolverines. He anticipates well as a defender and shows dependable hands. Offensively, the swing works in near perfect sequence, allowing him to time up quality arms with ease. His initial sink into the back side leads to optimal linear connection as the hands are thrown. Sweat’s centered approach and compact swing path will do immediate damage in 7A.


Bubba Coleman
ss / buford , GA / 2026

LSU Commit. 6 foot, 175 pounds. The best hit for average player in Georgia’s 2026 class makes his HS debut this year for a young but loaded Wolves squad. With his experience on the biggest of national stages (Team USA) and many tournaments facing arms well above his age, there are few more prepared for HS pitching than Coleman. His fearlessness at the plate is a perfect match for the high end stuff he will face, and will only rapidly increase his development as a hitter. With elite bat 2 ball skills, reaction time, and ability to track pitches, we expect Bubba to strike quickly in his debut season.


Conner Williams 
RHP / west forsyth , GA / 2024

Old Dominion Commit. 6 foot 3, 170 pounds. This high projection arm is only at the floor of his eventual ceiling. Conner’s patience, rhythm and timing through up+down+out phases leads to big time hip shoulder separation. Combine that with long levers and you get a jump in velo when strength comes. He repeats a highly deceptive short circle arm action (H3/4) allowing him to dot corners with his 2 main pitches - FB 85-87 T88 (late cut), CB 73-76 (11-5, late depth). The SL & CH are improving at a rapid pace. Congrats on yesterday’s ODU commitment! West Forsyth is going to open eyes in 2023!

Part 2 Honorable Mentions

 Tyler Bayer / OF / South Forsyth / 2024
Alex Urias / OF/LHP / South Forsyth / 2023

Jake Gaskill / OF / North Gwinnett / 2025
Hayden Bradley / LHP / Buford / 2025
Kyle Krause / RHP / Buford / 2026
Cole Taylor / SS / Buford / 2023
Nate Taylor / RHP / Buford / 2024
Ayden Lockett / SS / Buford / 2026
Nick Lanning / RHP / Norcross / 2023
Matthew Simay / SS / Mill Creek / 2023
Beau Brailey / RHP / Mill Creek / 2023
Tyshon Patty / IF/RHP / Mountain View / 2023
Malachi Jeffries / IF / Mountain View / 2023
Jayce Jones / IF / Cherokee / 2025
Eliud Poventud / C / Kennesaw Mountain / 2023
Brian Rivera / 3B / Kennesaw Mountain / 2024
Isander Poventud / IF/C / Kennesaw Mountain / 2026
Trey Majette / OF / Peachtree Ridge / 2024
Liam Bestermann / RHP/3B / Peachtree Ridge / 2024
Luke Clanahan / LHP / Peachtree Ridge / 2025
Anthony Manbeck / OF / Peachtree Ridge / 2023 

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