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Central Illinois Open: Quick HIts

Illinois Staff

On Tuesday, July 18th the PBR Illinois team hosted the Central Illinois Open at the Corn Crib in Normal, IL. This open event was for all high school classes (2024-27), and gave our staff a chance to get a look at 80+ uncommitted prospects before the summer gets into full swing.

To see a list of those that attended, click here. For all of the statistics from this event, click here

Today, after compiling our notes and digesting the day as a whole, we’ve put together these ‘Quick Hits’ to shine some light on some of the day’s top performers. Below you’ll learn more about a few names-to-know from Last week's trip to the Corn Crib.


RHP/OF Sam McCarthur (Champaign Central, 2024) is an uncommitted senior-to-be, and currently ranked No. 140 in the state’s 2024 class. McCarthur jumped on our radar this spring after a brief outing on the mound where he jumped up 87 mph, earning a mention within our ‘Week 8 Scout Blog’. During his ‘pen in Normal, McCarthur impressed with athletic actions on the mound and his quick arm. His fastball sat mostly 87 mph, topping out at 87.7 mph with an average of 7.3 in. of horizontal movement. His curveball sat 72-75 mph with 11/5 shape, and spun it at an average of 2109 rpm. He rounded out his arsenal with a 10/4 shaped slider that sat 74-77 mph. He throws all his offerings with conviction. His arm played in the outfield, too, where he fired his best bullet at 89 mph (second best at the event) on throws to home. His peak exit velocity at the event was 92.6 mph. The 6-foot-2, 180-pound prospect is a name-to-know in the 2024 class.

OF Colbie Glenn (Lincoln Community, 2024) generated some of the loudest contact, both on average and peak, from this event. Listed at 5-foot-11, 180-pounds with well-proportioned strength, Glenn’s hardest ball jumped off his barrel at 98.8 mph and he averaged 88.7 mph per batted ball according to our TrackMan. Glenn generated some of the highest bat speed (79.5 mph) of this event as well. On top of that, he ran a 6.93 60, reaching 20.1 mph of run speed while also topping at 84 mph from the outfield. 

INF Tyler Cribbett (Gibson City-Melvin-Sibley, 2024) and 1B Lance Weitekamp (Morrisonville, 2024) are two uncommitted left-handed bats to know from this event: Cribbett favored the pull-side throughout his round of BP and elevated the baseball that way, repeating a short, simple, and direct swing as a result. Weitekamp offers more physical projection, standing at 6-foot-1, 185-pounds with lean strength. He backspun baseballs into the right-center gap from a level bat path, offering future intrigue from a power perspective as he continues to further fill out his frame. 

Making his PBR debut, OF Christian Chignoli (Joliet West, 2024) came away from the Corn Crib as a soon-to-be senior to follow that’s still uncommitted. Listed at 5-foot-10, 155-pounds, Chignoli started his workout by running a 6.94 60, which was one of the day’s fastest times. He repeated a short and rhythmic left-handed swing throughout BP, peppering line drives to all fields while staying balanced throughout. Defensively, Chignoli showed quick feet that took proper routes to the baseball with a clean release to pair. 

OF Ashton Ertz (Payson Seymour, 2024) stayed on the barrel to the pull-side throughout his round of BP. Ertz, who holds strength on a compact 5-foot-9, 160-pound frame, showed noticeable bat strength for his age from a short and direct bat path. His furthest batted ball traveled 350 feet, a home run over the left-center field wall, and he averaged an estimated 286 feet per batted ball, which was amongst the day’s highest marks. Ertz’s 93.2 mph peak exit velocity was a six miles per hour increase from this same event last summer and he only elevated the baseball, producing regular line drive contact (67%). 

A standout during the IHSA season to our staff, and earning a mention within the Week 8 Scout Blog, OF Riley Hendren (Normal Community, 2024) has athleticism and projection attached to a 5-foot-11, 165-pound frame. Hendren ran a 6.79 60, reaching a peak speed of 20.3 mph with a 1.66 10-yard split. He showed athletic hands and a short swing that stayed on plane (80%) regularly in BP while spraying line drives to all fields. Hendren plays with pace in the outfield too, and his firmest bullet peaked at 84 mph to home. 

3B/OF Brooks Neuhoff (IMG Academy, 2024) was another right-handed hitter that took a noticeably loud round of BP. The 6-foot, 170-pound Neuhoff flicked balls off his barrel with authority, hitting nearly every ball over 90 mph with a peak exit velocity of 96.8 mph. His furthest ball comfortably cleared the left field wall, traveling an estimated 355 feet, per TrackMan. Neuhoff led all infielders in throwing velocity (85 mph) and he also topped at 83 mph from the outfield. 

INF Noah Steiner (Paxton Buckley, 2024) and INF Bryce Murphy (Glenwood, 2024) are two lanky, long-limbed, and projectable soon-to-be seniors from this event that are still uncommitted. 

Zach Spidle (Bloomington, 2024) was another outfielder who ran a sub-7.00 60 and he also showed a strong arm topping at 88 mph from the outfield. 


Perhaps the day’s biggest standout: OF Liam Arsich (Lincoln-Way Central, 2025). Standing at a highly projectable 6-foot-3, 160-pounds, Arsich glided effortlessly to a 6.68 60-yard dash, reaching nearly 21 mph of run speed with a 1.60 10-yard split. For his size and age, Arsich controls his long levers well, staying short to the baseball and peppering line drives to all fields throughout his round. As he continues to add strength, Arsich should start to impact the baseball at a higher rate and that, coupled with his present feel to hit, will only greatly improve his production at the plate. Defensively, Arsich moved comfortably around the outfield, reaching back for a 90 mph max on his firmest bullet. He continues to prove himself as a high-follow prospect in the Illinois’ 2025 class. 

Another name-to-know prospect in the Illinois’ 2025 class that has shown well in a number of looks this summer and again at the event was OF/RHP Cooper Eggert (Providence Catholic). Physically, Eggert really looks the part in a uniform, boasting a presently strong 6-foot-1, 180-pound frame with plenty of room to add on. A left-handed bat, Eggert got off several ‘A’ swings throughout BP and the ball jumped off his barrel with ease when he found it. He averaged 87.4 mph per batted ball, reaching a max exit velocity of 96.4 mph and peak distance of 346 feet, per TrackMan. Eggert is also a follow on the mound, pitching in the low-80s at this event with feel to spin a 2300+ RPM breaking ball. 

C Eli Craft (Monticello, 2025) was another name that caught our eye this past IHSA season, earning a mention within our ‘Week 3 Scout Blog’ as a result. On Tuesday, Craft made the trip to Normal and came away as an arrow-up name in the state’s soon-to-be junior group. The 6-foot-1, 175-pound backstop worked gap-to-gap in BP from a strong, short, and uphill right-handed swing with all kinds of fluidity and rhythm. He averaged 255 feet per batted ball and peaked at 326 feet, two metrics that should trend upward as he continues to physically fill out his frame. Defensively, Craft was an active worker in the bullpens, receiving with intent and soft hands. During the workout his arm played around the bag with a low pop time of 2.04 on his quickest bullet.  

Kolin Adams (Mount Carmel, 2025) is a talented left/left outfielder who hit at the top of the varsity lineup and started in center field for Mount Carmel this spring.  Adams continues to show well everytime we see him. Offensively, the 5-foot-10, 174-pound left-handed hitter has highly athletic hands that are present in his swing, manipulating the barrel, creating whip with above-average bat-to-ball skills. The 7.04 runner was on the barrel throughout (80%), consistently sending line drives (60%) to the big part of the diamond.  Adams' arm played at 85 mph from the outfield.

OF/LHP Braden Arrenholz (Delavan, 2025) is a left/left two-way prospect that warrants some attention from the event, especially his left-handed bat. Listed at 5-foot-11, 160-pounds, he has loose and easy hands and short and direct path that drove line drives to all fields. In the outfield he has easy actions and plays with body control on the move. His arm topped at 79 mph and  also played on the mound. His fastball sat in the upper-70s with some sink. He went to a knuckle-curve that sat in the mid-60s with an average of 14.2 in. of horizontal movement and 10.1 in. of induced vertical break. His changeup sat 67-72 mph, was thrown for strikes and has out-pitch potential.

C/INF Carson Wort (Pawnee, 2025) is a multi-positional prospect who flashed above-average actions behind the plate at times and synced up for the second lowest pop time of the event (1.97), T76 mph. At the plate Wort showed quick hands with a level bat path that sent balls gap-to-gap. He sent his hardest ball 90.2 mph and his farthest batted ball 323. Wort was on the barrel throughout his round (80%) and 50% of his swings were line drives. The 5-foot-9, 165-pound junior-to-be is a name to know out of Central Illinois.

OF Eli Olson (Routt Catholic, 2025) is a high-ceiling left-handed hitting prospect who stood out at the event. The 6-foot-3, 175-pound, junior-to-be fills out the uniform with his athletic, high-waisted frame and he ran one of the top 60 times of the event (6.78). From the left side of the plate, he has flashed a fluid, upside swing that stays short and direct at times, producing a 95.8 mph max exit velocity to go along with a max distance of 344 feet. He was on the barrel 70% of the time, throughout his round according to TrackMan. From the outfield Olson has active feet and easy actions with a quality arm that produced a max velocity of 82 mph on his best throw to home. Olson is left the event as a name to know in the 2025 class.

LHP/1B Chance Payne (Mt. Pulaski, 2025) was another 2025 left/left two-way prospect to know from the event. Payne has a 5-foot-11, 190-pounds, athletic build with developing strength and is a fluid mover that displayed a three-pitch mix headlined by a fastball that sat 81-83 mph, topping out at 84.1 mph with ride through the zone (17.3” max induced vertical break). Payne’s offspeed offerings consisted of a gyro-type breaking ball that he controlled well to the glove-side, and a developing changeup that had a similar profile to his fastball. Payne also showcased developing bat strength at the plate, topping at 90.1 mph off the bat. His swing works level and creates leverage out front, elevating baseballs to the pull-side. Payne rounded out his workout with a solid showing with his glove at first base where he showcased the ability to be light on his feet paired with steady hands, and a clean release from a ¾ slot. 

RHP Joseph Stewart (Mattoon, 2025) emerged as a 2025 arm to know in Central Illinois. Standing at a physical 6-foot-1, 210-pounds, Stewart had one of the liveliest fastballs of the day, sitting 84-87 mph and topping out at 87.2 mph. He threw two offspeed pitches, one being a slider that sat 68-72 mph with 10.9 in. of horizontal movement, on average. His changeup sat 75-77 mph with an average of 12.7 in. of horizontal movement and 10.8 in. of induced vertical break. Stewart is a name to follow in Illinois’ 2025 class after an impressive look in this event. 

LHP Tanner Rogers (Monmouth United, 2025) is a 6-foot-1, 170-pound, projectable prospect with a clean delivery and long, fluid arm action. His fastball sat 79-81 mph, topping out at 82.3 mph with an average of 19.6 in. of induced vertical break. His curveball sat 65-67 mph with short depth and he mixed in a slider that sat 68-69 mph that played similarly to the curveball. 

LHP Mason Orton (Mahomet-Seymour, 2025) was arguably the top southpaw in attendance. Currently ranked No. 65 in the state, the 6-foot, 158-pound Orton shows a simple, easy delivery from the left side paired with a long arm action that plays from a low ¾ slot. Orton worked a four-pitch mix, with his fastball sitting 83-84 mph, topping out at 85.7 mph flashing life and run to the arm side. Playing off his fastball was a cutter that sat 77-78 with slight horizontal movement. Orton rounded out his repertoire with a sweeping curveball and a developing changeup that had a similar profile to his fastball.

INF Camden Fenton (Pontiac) and OF Braden Mehn (Normal University) were two sub-7.00 runners who handled the bat well in BP while AJ Arrivi (Lemont) was one of the more natural infield defenders on the day playing with pace and soft hands. 


3B Luke Martin (Mt. Pulaski, 2026) took one of the top rounds of BP when it comes to 2026s in attendance. The physical 5-foot-8, 180-pound, right-handed hitter was on the barrel throughout (77%), taking intentful swings while looking to elevate the baseball throughout. Martin sent his hardest hit balls to the pull-side, producing a max exit velocity of 90.8 mph (84.5 mph avg.) with his farthest batted ball traveling 327’. From the infield he showed easy actions with soft hands and a clean release. Name to know in the 2026 class. 

OF/RHP Aiden Lauritzen (St. Anthony, 2026) has a 6-foot-1, 175-pound, advanced frame and upside left-handed swing. He stays short and uphill through the zone, creating above-average bat speed, registering a max velocity of 93.8 mph. Lauritzen’s hardest hit balls were mostly to the pull-side, averaging 86.7 mph on batted balls, and he sent his farthest hit ball 353 feet, well above-average for his age. In the outfield he attacked baseball with confidence, gained ground through release and topped at 83 mph. He also jumped on the mound and showed a three-pitch mix with a fastball that sat 75-78 mph, topping out at 79.2 mph.

C/1B William Walsh (Mount Carmel, 2026) is a physical 6-foot, 205-pound backstop that flashed bat strength in BP. Walsh consistently elevated to the pull-side in BP from a short and uphill left-handed stroke, getting off aggressive hacks throughout and flashing potential middle-of-the-order upside as he continues to mature. He was regularly on the barrel (83%) and almost exclusively elevated the baseball (91%), too. 

RHP Landyn Corbin (Normal Community, 2026) made his PBR event debut on Tuesday at the Corn Crib. He showed an advanced feel to pitch for his age with all three pitches in his repertoire. His fastball sat 78-79 mph with an average 12.1 in. of horizontal movement. His curveball sat in the low-60s with 11/5 shape with an average 15.5 in. of horizontal movement and 14.1 in. of induced vertical break with an 83% spin efficiency. He rounded out his three-pitch mix with a changeup that he threw with the same armspeed and had quality movement (14.5” HM/16.5” IVB). Corbin showed aptitude for an incoming sophomore and should continue to see his status climb as he matures. 

INF/C/RHP Brody Phillips (Arcola, 2027) was one of the few 27s in attendance and he impressed our staff in Normal. He started the event by running a 7.06 60 times, an advanced time for his age. He showed a flat bat path during BP, producing a max exit velocity 85.4 mph. Working quick out of the crouch, Phillips recorded a 2.10 on his best pop time with a 72 mph throw down to second. On the mound, his fastball sat 74-78 mph with ride through the zone. His curveball sat in the low-60s and played with 12/6 action, showing out-pitch potential. He rounded out his arsenal with a changeup that had a similar profile as his fastball, sitting 67-68 mph. 

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