Prep Baseball Report

McHenry Rising Stars ID: Takeaways

By Illinois Scouting Staff

On Feb. 12, the PBR Illinois team hosted the McHenry Rising Stars ID at Pro Player Academy in McHenry, Ill. This event served as an open identifier into the state's 2026 and 2027 graduates, providing our staff an early look at the area's top players as they continue to progress as prospects. These early Rising Stars events also serve as key identifiers for future invite-only events, including the Prep Baseball Report Junior Future Games.

Earlier today we published the stat leaderboards from this event inside of our Statistical Analysis story. We’ll be remarking on the players who earned our attention from the scout’s perspective within this piece below.

The prospects below were written and sorted in no particular order.

Class of 2026 PROSPECTS

+ INF Charlie Rosynek (Brother Rice) was one of the top all-around position players at the event. The right-handed-hitting infielder impressed at the plate with a fluid, athletic, loose swing and advanced bat path; stays short and inside the baseball with a feel for the barrel. Rosynek peppered hard line-drive contact to all fields in his round of BP. Defensively, he showed off advanced infield actions, with the tools to be a high-level infielder down the road. His feet are clean and play in rhythm while showcasing confident soft hands and the ability to throw from all platforms. 2026 infielder to follow moving forward.

+ RHP Julian Redmond (Crystal Lake South) was one of the biggest winners on the day, putting together one of the most impressive ‘pens of the entire event. Standing at 6-foot, 170 pounds Redmond’s frame already stands out among other members of the 2026 class. Down the mound, the right-hander works from a long, over-the-top slot while striding with a drop/drive lower-half, utilizing his large frame effectively to gain power. His fastball reached up to 78 mph, tied for the firmest of the event, with ride through the zone. To play off his fastball, Redmond featured a tight 10/4 breaking ball at 65-68 mph, kept primarily down in the zone and thrown with arm-speed. 

+ Listed at 6-foot, 140 pounds, RHP Drew Borkowski (Huntley) came in alongside Redmond with the firmest fastball of the day at 78 mph. The wiry arm has a long arm action and showed advanced finish and arm-side-run to his fastball. Upside right-hander to keep an eye on. 

+ RHP Brady Klepfer (Huntley) gave our scouting staff a strong look on the mound over the weekend. The right-hander works from an over-the-top slot while moving down the mound with an athletic drop/drive lower-half. His fastball sat mainly 74-75 mph, topping at 76, with ride through the zone and notable arm-side life. Klepfer then displayed feel for a breaking ball in the 63-65 mph range, playing off an 11/5 plane with near-fastball arm-speed. With advanced feel for a fading changeup thrown at 64-66 mph, the right-hander’s complete arsenal was one of the best in attendance. Klepfer also made a statement with his right-handed bat. During his round of BP he was making loud, hard contact throughout his round with a level path that stays through the zone a long time. 

+ RHP Josh Rudnick (Huntley) was yet another arm that showed well over the weekend. The 5-foot-11, 120-pound right-hander worked exclusively from the stretch, starting with a back-knee preload before moving into a drop/drive lower-half. His arm plays long out of the glove with a high ¾ arm slot, producing a fastball up to 73 mph with life through the zone and running action to his arm-side. He paired a 62-63 mph curveball off his fastball, showing feel for the zone while playing off an 11/5 plane. Rudnick’s third and final offering was a slider in the 64-67 mph range, working off a short 10/4 plane and acting as a cutter at times while maintaining arm-speed. 

+ RHP Dominic Stottler (United Township) was a fluid moving right-hander who showed some intrigue on the mound. With a fastball up to 71 mph on top of athletic, loose delivery, it would be no surprise to see Stottler gain a significant amount of velocity in the coming years. He also showed off a 10/4 breaking ball that projects well as he continues to progress and mature.

+ Another 2026 infielder to keep an eye on should be Johnny Geisser (Prairie Ridge). Geisser showed a strong, fast right-handed bat in BP and was consistently on the barrel with authority while staying short and repeatable to the baseball. On the infield he flashed advanced actions, quick feet and his arm plays extremely easy and loose, topping at 74 mph across. 

+ 2026 infielder Jonathan Osornio (St. Rita) was one of the more physical, athletic frames in attendance at 5-foot-10, 160-pounds. Osornio has an aggressive, fast right-handed swing and some moxy in the box for his age. Osornio stays short and level through the zone with fluid rhythm and worked gap-to-gap. Defensively, he has advanced feel for the infield with smooth footwork and soft hands. Follow 2026 infielder.

+ One of the top left-handed bats in the 2026 class belonged to 1B Maddon Mckim (Prairie Ridge). Mckim, listed at 6-foot-1, 160-pounds, has a crouched, balanced setup and simple, strong swing with advanced bat speed for his age. Mckim’s strongest swing registered 82 mph off the bat with his furthest batted ball traveling 280 feet, best of the event. 

+ One of the more polished rounds of BP on the day belonged to C/RHP Sonny Marsalla (Woodstock). The switch-hitter works with a simple/repeatable stroke to the ball, remaining level-through the zone with a line-drive approach while consistently being on the barrel from both sides. He also displayed reliable hands behind the plate, framing pitches around the zone while working directionally out of the crouch.

Class of 2027 PROSPECTS

+ Arguably, the top 2027 prospect in attendance looked to be Kaden Wasniewski (McHenry). Wasniewski showed an advanced tool set and ability across the board. On the mound, the right-handed pitcher opened eyes, thanks to a live, quick arm and advanced velocity for his age; fastball jumped out of the hand and sat at 74-76 mph. He also flashed a sharp, tight breaking ball and advanced changeup with sinking action. Offensively, he also impressed. He utilizes his levers in his right-handed swing, creating whip and bat speed for his age; he gets extension through contact and works gap-to-gap throughout his round.

+ INF/RHP Sean Dabe (Huntley) delivered a strong all-around showing over the weekend. At the plate, the right-handed hitter uses a compact/quick swing that remains level through contact with present bat-speed, producing line-drives on the barrel throughout his round of BP. He also showcased a strong arm throughout the day, registering a max infield velocity of 74 mph with a loose/quick arm action while using fluid footwork around the ball, also possessing athletic actions. Dabe’s arm easily translated to the mound as well, reaching up to 72 mph during his ‘pen with an athletic delivery downhill.

+ Another 2027 with advanced arm strength was RHP/INF Kash VanHouten (Canton). The 5-foot-8, 130-pound, Central Illinois product ran his fastball up to 76 mph with life and occasional arm-side-run. The changeup is an above-average offering, thrown aggressively with late fade and feel. He also flashed a tight curveball at times. Offensively, the right-handed hitter takes an aggressive swing, flashing bat speed and pull-side tendencies.

+ One more 2027 who warrants some attention is Andrew Talbert (Freeport Aquin). Talbert recorded the firmest outfield throw of the day at an impressive 79 mph while also running a 4.44 home-to-first. On top of that he showed intrigue in the box with an easy, relaxed confident look and short, level swing and line-drive approach.

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