Unsigned Senior Games: Left Handed Pitching Analysis

By Steve Nielsen
Scouting Director - Illinois/Wisconsin

Left handed pitching is always at a premium, and we’ve listed our top five left handed arms from the Unsigned Senior Games. Cal Djuraskovic took the top spot topping out at 84 mph. All five of the top southpaws got into the 80 mph range and four of the five are 6-foot or taller.

Take a look at all the left handed pitchers from the Unsigned Senior Games and how they broke down.

Top Left Handed Pitching Prospects

1.Cal Djuraskovic, LHP, Bishop Noll (IN), 2014
6-foot-3, 180-pound southpaw with a tall and fall delivery and solid projectability.  His delivery has an up tempo rhythm, with solid direction and an athletic finish.  He throws with a short arm action, from a high ¾ slot.  Showed outstanding feel for the fastball, throwing it in the 80-84 mph range, with quality, late, arm side run.  The changeup is a high level pitch with excellent fading action and fastball arm speed, at 75-76 mph. His curveball was 72-74 mph with a short, sweeping action.

2. Brett Struebing, LHP, Wheaton Warrenville South, 2014
6-foot-2, 185-pound, solid bodied, left-handed pitcher.  On the mound he throws from a high ¾ slot with a drop and drive delivery.  He showcased solid command of his fastball with late, running action, sitting 81-82 mph, flashing 83 mph.  He also showed feel for his breaking ball, throwing it with 11/5 tilt and a sweeping slurve action at 64-66 mph.  Also threw his changeup for lots of strikes with occasional sinking action, at 70-72 mph.  In two innings of work his ability to command three pitches allowed him to dominate hitters, striking out four batters and working to short and sweet 1-2-3 innings.

3. Brett King, LHP, Lincoln Way North, 2014
5-foot-8, 155-pound, lefty pitcher who throws 3 pitches for strikes.  He delivers the ball from a high ¾ slot with above average arm speed.  He threw a straight fastball, sitting 80-82 mph.  He threw an above average changeup, with great deception, at 70-74 mph.  His curveball was 66-71 mph, with solid break and showed the ability to be a swing and miss pitch.  His ability to dominate hitters (4 strikeouts in two innings) was due in large part to his swing and miss off-speed offerings and command of the strike zone with all pitches.

4. Dylan Roskin, LHP, Schaumburg, 2014
6-foot, 160-pound left handed pitcher. Delivery repeats with all pitches, works out of the same window, deceptive arm action when changing speeds. High ¾ arm slot, regular effort. Fastball displayed cut action, showed control of the baseball, 77-80 mph, touching 81 mph. Breaking ball had slurve type action, occasional depth, 65-67 mph. Changed speeds well keeping hitters off balance with a repeatable arm action and release point.

5. David Keaton, LHP, Lake Forest, 2014
6-foot-6, 200-pound, southpaw pitcher with a large, athletic frame.  On the mound he throws from straight over-the-top with a short arm action.  His fastball was 76-80 mph, touching 81 mph with occasional cut to it.  He threw his changeup in the 67-71 mph range that had cutting action.  His curveball was 63-64 mph.  In game action he showed dominance by striking out 4 of the 6 batters he faced over two innings.

Best of the Rest (Listed Alphabetically)

Zachary Alexander, LHP, Geneseo, 2014
6-foot, 165-pound southpaw with a tall and fall delivery style.  He throws from a high ¾ slot with standard arm speed.  His fastball sits 75-79 mph and showed occasional action.  His changeup is thrown with similar arm speed to the fastball with plus action, at 65-69 mph, for consistent strikes.  His breaking ball had a slurvy, 11/5 tilt to it, at 64-67 mph.  In one inning of work he struck out two batters.

Anthony Corrado, OF/LHP, Minooka, 2014
5-foot-11, 165-pound, left-handed hitting, two way player who ran a 7.15 60 and stole one base in game action.  At the plate he showed a solid setup with a short stride, and a balanced swing.  He had an exit velocity of 72 mph that played better than that in game action as he collected two base hits.  In the field he uses a long arm action and a high ¾ slot to throw the ball.  His positional velocity was 78 mph.  Average actions in the field.  On the mound, he throws with a long arm from the same high ¾ slot and lands across his body.  His fastball flashed occasional sink at 74-79 mph.  He also featured a changeup at 66 mph that flashed a fading action.

Ian Grant, LHP, Libertyville, 2014
Lanky frame, 6-foot, 150-pound left handed pitcher. High ¾ arm slot, delivery shows regular effort with some rhythm. Fastball sat at 74-76 mph, mostly straight. Breaking ball lacked action at 63-65 mph.

Nick Jones, OF/LHP, Lake Zurich, 2014
6-foot-1, 180-pound, rand hand hitting, two way player with an athletic body.  Defensively, he has a short arm action with a high ¾ slot.  When fielding, his actions showed athleticism, and he had a positional velocity of 68 mph.  At the plate he showed a balanced setup, smooth loading action, with a short stride.  The swing is simple with a slightly uphill path, solid extension, and above average bat speed.  His exit velocity was 87 mph off the tee.  In game action he collected multiple hits, including one triple.  He ran a 7.04 60.  On the mound he throws from a high ¾ slot, with a short, stiff arm action.  Throws a straight fastball sitting in the 74-75 mph range.  His curveball was 62-65 mph with loose action.

Robert Leonard, LHP, Naperville North, 2014
6-foot-1, 180-pound pitcher with a tall and fall delivery.  He has a loose, short arm action and throws from a high ¾ slot.  He displayed a fastball with occasional sink, at 68-71 mph, that he commanded for strikes.  His curveball had a 12/6 shape to it, with gradual breaking action at 62-65 mph.  He also threw a changeup that showed occasional sink.

Ian Luttrell, LHP/OF, Oak Park River Forest, 2014
5-foot-11, 180-pound two way player. On the mound he showed the ability to pound the strike zone from the left side. Repeats his delivery with ease, high ¾ arm slot, tall and fall approach, worked on line with solid direction. Fastball has arm side run, occasionally late action, 76-78 mph. Curveball has 11/5 action with feel, 62-63 mph. Offensively hits from a balanced stance, short stride and smooth load. Posted strong exit velocity at 88 mph from the tee. Hard contact, mostly pull side hitter, displayed whip through the zone.

James Pagni, LHP, York, 2014
Lanky build, 6-foot-3, 175-pound left handed pitcher. Works out of a full windup delivery, choppy rhythm. Arm action is short, high ¾ arm slot. Fastball is mostly straight, 78-79 mph, touched 80 mph, showed some control. Breaking ball featured slurve action, 65-69 mph.

Brandon Popp, LHP/1B, Lake Park, 2014
5-foot-11, 170-pound two way player. Offensively hits from the left side, slightly open stance, short stride. Shows occasional whip, 75 mph exit velocity from the tee. Defensively arm played at 70 mph from first base. On the mound works out of a full windup, stays online with square landing. Arm action in short and loose, high ¾ arm slot. Fastball featured arm side run, showed control at 75-78 mph. Breaking ball had 11/5 tilt, 64-68 mph with the ability to throw for strikes.

Kyle Sabie, LHP, Huntley, 2014
6-foot-1, 195-pound, southpaw who throws from a high ¾ arm slot.  He had a short arm action with average arm speed.  His threw a running fastball that sat in the 74-79 mph range flashing 80 mph.  He also showcased a 64-67 mph breaking ball with a slurve action to it.  In game action he showed the ability to repeat his delivery, and struck out 2 batters in one inning of work.

Matthew Skarzynski, LHP/OF, Carmel Catholic, 2014
6-foot-1, 180-pound, two way lefty with a strong body.  In the outfield he moves athletically, throwing from a ¾ arm slot with a long arm action, with average to above average carry at 82 mph.  In game action he showed off his athleticism by making a solid diving catch.  In the 60 he was clocked at 7.41.  As a left-handed hitter he has a balanced setup with a short stride, and explosive lower half.  He showcased above average bat speed and produced an exit velocity of 81 mph off the tee.  In game action he showed the ability to drive the ball, collecting two base hits, one for a double down the right field line.  On the mound he throws from a high ¾ slot, with easy effort, with a tall and fall style delivery.  He has a fastball that sits in the 76-79 mph range, with consistent run and sink action.  He throws a sweeping breaking ball at 65-68 mph.

John Sykora, LHP/1B, St. Charles North, 2014
6-foot-1, 186-pound, left-handed two way player.  Offensively, as a left-handed hitter, he showed a balanced setup with a short stride.  Showed average bat speed with an exit velocity of 80 mph off the tee.  Defensively he threw the ball across the diamond at 67 mph from a high ¾ arm slot.  He had a 60 time of 8.06.  On the mound he throws with a loose arm, from a high ¾ slot with a tall and fall delivery, with minimal effort.  His fastball was 68-72 mph, touching 73 mph.

Jordan Taylor, LHP, Brother Rice, 2014
6-foot, 165-pound, submarine pitcher.  On the mound he had a sinking fastball in the 58-65 mph range.  He threw a breaking ball with side-spinning action at 52-53 mph.

Matthew Tometz, LHP, Deerfield, 2014
6-foot, 160-pound southpaw who fills the zone up with strikes.  He has a mechanically sound delivery and throws from a high ¾ arm slot.  His fastball was straight and sat in the 75-78 mph range.  His breaking ball came in with 11/5 tilt, and a sweeping slurve action that showed occasional depth, at 62-65 mph.  His changeup 69-71 mph.  He showcased the ability to generate swings and misses in game action by striking out two batters in one full inning of work. 

Matt Trembly, LHP, Trembley, 2014
6-foot-1, 180-pound left handed pitcher. Delivery has regular effort, drop and drive tendencies. Arm works from a high ¾ arm slot, short arm action. Fastball has run and sink 74-76 mph touching 77 mph. Flashed a breaking ball at 63-64 mph as well as a changeup at 70-71 mph.

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