Unsigned Senior Showcase - Pitcher Analysis

By Steve Nielsen and Sean Duncan

The Unsigned Senior Showcase was a pitcher heavy event where we saw plenty of college caliber pitchers. After compiling all the stats and scouting reports we have put together our top 20 pitchers from Sunday’s Unsigned Senior Showcase. Here’s how the top 20 shook out.

1. David Schurr, Oswego East HS, LHP, Class of 2013
Schurr earned top prospect honors at January’s Unsigned Senior Showcase after the 6-foot-4, 170-pound left-hander shined in his bullpen session. Schurr has long limbs and an extremely projectable frame. Coming from a high-3/4 slot, Schurr’s arm works effortlessly. His fastball topped at 85 mph, sitting in the 83-84 range, with easy arm-side life. Mechanically sound and smooth, he showed the ability to throw three pitches for strikes, including a 64-67 mph curveball and a 68-69 mph changeup. All three pitches he throws with confidence, and out of the same window. With his body type and fluidity, it looks like Schurr’s best days are still ahead of him.

2. Zachary Lewis, St. Laurence HS, RHP, Class of 2013  
Originally committed to Evansville, Lewis is back on the market. He is an athletically built 6-foot-3, 205-pound right-hander who features an explosive fastball that topped at 89 mph, sitting consistently at 88. The ball is explosive out of his hand, coming from a high-3/4 arm slot. He showcased impressive acceleration and athleticism in his delivery. His changeup showed promise, coming in at 79-80 mph with some sink. Lewis also threw a 69-74 mph curveball, a pitch that is still in the development stages.

3. Welby Malczewski, Prospect HS, LHP, Class of 2013
At a physical 6-foot-6, 235 pounds, Malczewski cuts an imposing presence on the mound. The left-hander has made tremendous strides since we saw him as a junior. He cleaned up his mechanics and have subsequently enjoyed a significant velocity spike. His fastball sat 84-86 mph, working from a high-3/4 arm slot. His arm works with little effort, and he demonstrated good rhythm throughout his delivery. For his size, he maintains balance and showed solid lower half athleticism. Malczewski also showed feel for a 71-73 mph curveball that had some sweeping action. His 70-73 mph changeup also looks to be a good pitch, as it demonstrated arm-side sink down in the zone. Malczewski could be that prospect who, when you look back in three years, is a low-90s guy.

4. Matt Testa, Joliet Catholic Academy HS, LHP, Class of 2013
Testa is a 5-foot-11, 176-pound left handed pitcher who showcased himself as one of the top pitchers at the event. Testa operates from a high ¾ arm slot out of a tall and fall style delivery showing rhythm and ease in his mechanics. His fastball sat comfortably between 84-85 mph while touching 86. He also showcased a true slider which broke two planes and flashed the ability to be a power pitch as it touched 75 mph with late sharp action. He threw the pitch with excellent arm speed and threw it for strikes. Testa also located a changeup with sink at 73-74 mph. Testa looks to be one of the premier left handed pitchers still left on the market.

5. Alex Shake, Canton HS, LHP, Class of 2013
The 6-foot-3, 200-pound is an interesting left-hander who has a long, loose arm action, coming from a 3/4 slot. He works across his body, which created significant arm-side run on his 83-84 mph fastball. Shake showed the ability to throw four pitches in the zone. His curveball, in the 66 mph range, demonstrated two-plane action, and he flashed 75-76 mph changeup with some sink. Shake also threw a 67-68 mph knuckleball.

6. Connor Ryan, Lockport HS, RHP, Class of 2013
Slender right handed pitcher, projectable frame, 6-foot-1, 175-pounds. Arm works well, clean and repeatable, high ¾ arm slot, arm shows quickness. Tall and fall delivery with easy effort, smooth rhythm, directional delivery stays on line, athletic finish. Showed a four and two seam fastball, four seam sat 83-85 mph with control and little movement. Two seamer showed late hard arm side run at 82-83 mph, also thrown with command. Changeup showed plus deception, thrown with excellent arm speed, commanded the zone with run and sink at 76-79. Slider needs polish, sat 72-74 mph with minimal action, flashed a 75 with late sharp action.

7. Cal Placher, Joliet Catholic Academy HS, RHP, Class of 2013
Placher is a wiry 6-foot-1, 165-pound right-hander who impressed with his loose, quick arm. Placher’s fastball sat at 85-86 mph, coming from a 3/4 slot, with considerable arm-side run. Although there’s effort in the delivery, the ball jumps out of his hand. Placher also throws a slider and curveball. His 72-74 mph slider could be an effective pitch when harnessed; his curveball sat in the 66-67 range with 11/5 action.

8. Joshua VanBeek, Illiana Christian HS, RHP/3B, Class of 2013
VanBeek is an athletically built 6-foot-3, 195-pound two-way player who especially impressed with his bullpen session. Coming from a high 3/4 slot, VanBeek has a long and loose arm action. His fastball topped at 86 mph, sitting at 84-85. He showed athleticism in his delivery and solid hand acceleration. His 69-71 mph curveball flashed sharp two-plane bite on occasion, and he threw his 76-77 mph changeup for strikes. Defensively at third base, he showed solid glove work and arm strength (80 mph). Offensively, he hits from an open setup, using a leg kick trigger.

9. Trayvon Johnson, St. Joseph HS, 3B/RHP, Class of 2013
Johnson is a 5-foot-7, 180-pound two-way player who showcased a lively arm. On the mound Johnson featured an 85-86 mph fastball while touching 87. His drop and drive delivery style delivery consistently delivered his fastball down while flashing hard life through the hitting zone. He showed an above average curveball that he threw with 12/6 action that flashed late sharp bite. He showed the ability to control the pitch throwing it with similar arm speed to his fastball. Defensively, Johnson again showed an above average arm across the diamond. His ball showed carry and stayed on line through his target. At the plate, he hits from the left side using a balanced setup and short stride. He showed an active lower half in his swing while driving the baseball exclusively to his pull side.

10. Nick Huskisson, St. Charles East HS, LHP, Class of 2013
Huskisson is a 5-foot-11, 175-pound left handed pitcher. He operates from an over the top arm slot producing an 80-82 mph fastball. He showed the ability to control his fastball while displaying slight action in the zone. He has an 11/5 curveball that flashed early biting action at 65-67 mph. His changeup showed sink and was located consistently down at 72 mph.

11. Jack Foote, Naperville Central HS, RHP, Class of 2013
Foote is a physical 6-foot-2, 210-pound right-hander who showcased an 83-84 mph fastball. He works from a high-3/4 slot with a longer backside arm action. He also threw a 64-67 mph curveball in which he threw for strikes, in addition to a 70-71 mph changeup.

12. Brent Bergeson, Seneca HS, RHP, Class of 2013
6-foot-3, 190-pound right handed pitcher. Delivery showed direction, square landing, choppy delivery, recoil finish. High ¾ arm slot, short arm action, displays quick arm action. Fastball showed some hard sink, command of fastball, 82-84 mph. Curveball showed depth, 12/6 action, flashed sharpness, fastball arm speed, 66-68 mph. Also threw split-finger at 70-74 mph.

13. Jack McLaughlin, Lane Tech HS, RHP, Class of 2013
6-foot-3, 185-pound right handed pitcher, lanky, athletic frame, shows projection. Delivery shows rhythm, shoulders stay on line, slightly upright finish. Long arm action, ¾ arm slot, moderate arm speed, arm works well. Fastball produced slight run, command, 80-83 mph. Curveball sits 67-69 mph, shows control, early, gradual 11/5 action. Changeup shows sink, thrown with control, 72-74 mph.

14. Jack Spicer, Grayslake Central HS, RHP, Class of 2013
Spicer is a long-limbed 6-foot-5, 190-pound right-hander who has plenty of room to fill into his frame. He has a long, loose arm action, coming from an over-the-top slot. He demonstrated a smooth, repeatable delivery, which produced fastballs in the 80-82 range. Spicer filled the zone with three pitches, including a changeup in the 70-71 range that exhibited some late fade. He also threw a 70-71 mph curveball for strikes.

15. Jimmy Brandt, Herscher HS, LHP, Class of 2013
Athletically built left handed pitcher, 6-foot-1, 190-pounds. Clean delivery, smooth rhythm, works on a direct line, tall and fall approach, athletic finish. Good balance throughout, long arm action from a high ¾ slot, moderate arm speed. Fastball showed control with slight sink, pitched comfortably at 76-78 flashed an 80 mph. Curveball (62-64 mph) showed sharp action on 11/5 tilt, thrown for strikes with fastball arm speed. Slider sat 65-67 mph. Changeup also showed feel with sink, fastball arm speed, 64-66 mph.

16. Thomas Colletti, Wheaton North HS, RHP/1B, Class of 2013
6-foot-3, 205-pound two way player. Showed promise at the plate, balanced stance, short stride, smooth load, good balance. Short, level bat path shows extension, gap to gap style with occasional pull side power. Quiet approach, flat path, consistent barrel awareness. On the mound shows short arm path with average arm speed. Fastball sat 81-82, touched 83, straight with control. Curveball shows 11/5 shape, gradual bend, 68-70 mph. Slider needs work. Changeup is solid pitch, shows fade and occasional sink, 72-73 mph.

17. Daniel Patterson, Whitney Young HS, RHP/INF, Class of 2013
6-foot-2, 195-pound two-way player; projects more on the mound. Right-hander works out of a high-3/4 slot, short/high backside elbow with solid hand acceleration. Works with quick tempo, maintaining rhythm throughout delivery. Showed some feel for three pitches. Fastball showed some arm-side run in the 81-83 mph range. Slows arm action down on curveball, which flashed 10/4 action, in the 65-70 range. Changeup ranged between 71-73 with occasional sink when down. Positionally, clocked at 80 mph from outfield, 77 from shortstop. Ran a 7.52 60. Offensively, takes aggressive approach. Hits from an open setup with a high back elbow.

18. Joe Lomnicki, Walter Lutheran HS, LHP/OF, Class of 2013
6-foot-1, 175-pound two-way player. Athletic frame with projectability. More upside on the mound, throws from a high ¾ arm slot. Athletic delivery, repeats well, tall and fall mechanics. Fastball sits 78-79 flashed an 81 at the knees. Fastball also shows slight run and sink. Changeup is his best secondary pitch, thrown with similar arm speed to the fastball with fade. Curveball shows 11/5 gradual action, lacks control. Offensively, hits from a balanced setup and short stride. Shows athleticism in the outfield, accurate arm, plays through the ball well.

19. Patrick Brown, St. Joseph HS, RHP, Class of 2013
Lanky build at 6-foot-2, 155-pounds. Right handed pitcher with ¾ arm slot, long – loose arm action. Delivery is directional and on-line, smooth rhythm, square and athletic finish. Above average command of three pitches, strike thrower, lacks explosiveness but will produce outs. Fastball has above average arm side run at 77-79 mph, touches 80 mph.  Curveball sits 65-67 mph, gradual sweeping action, thrown for strikes, lacks tight action. Changeup has fading action (70-71 mph), shows command. Brown shows some projectability, above average command, shows some pitchability.

20. Tyler Long, Solon Springs HS (WI), RHP/MIF, Class of 2013
Physically strong, 5-foot-10, 180-pounds. Showed better on the mound, delivery shows effort, high ¾ arm slot. Fastball sits 80-82, slight sinking action, showed command. Curveball shows above average action, 12/6 tilt, late action, flashed bite, fastball arm speed, showed control, 69-70 mph. Changeup lacked feel, consistently down, 72-73 mph. Offensively, slightly open stance, short stride, strong forearms, hits with high back elbow, some bat speed, 83 mph exit velocity.

Best of The Rest (Listed Alphabetically)

Daniel Bedore, Lake Forest HS, , LHP, Class of 2013
6-foot-1, 180-pound left handed pitcher. High ¾ arm slot, delivery lacks direction, improved balance and direction in upper body will enhance control. Fastball sits at 76-77 mph flashed 81 mph, shows slight sink to fastball. Curveball showed some control (61-63 mph), 11/5 tilt, flashed occasional sharp action. Also featured changeup at 62-64 mph.

Jared Bloom, Rockford East, LHP, Class of 2013
Bloom is 5-foot-7, 120-pound left handed pitcher who operates from a ¾ arm slot. His arm action is long and loose and showed solid balance throughout his delivery. His direction is on line and finishes in an athletic position. He showed command of his fastball at 69-71 mph with slight run to it. His curveball shows sweeping action with gradual break at 58-60 mph. He also showed the ability to command his breaking ball as well. Bloom also throws a changeup that he controlled at 62-65 mph flashing some sink and fade. Overall he showed solid command of all his pitches.

Hector Duran, Providence HS, RHP, Class of 2013
Duran is a 6-foot, 175-pound right handed pitcher. Duran worked from a high ¾ arm slot in which he produced a 78-79 mph fastball with arm side run. His changeup proved to be an excellent pitch for him as he threw it for strikes down in the zone with above average action running to his arm side. Duran rounded out his repertoire with a 68-70 mph curveball.

Matthew Figora, Minooka HS, RHP, Class of 2013
Sturdy 6-foot, 200-pound frame with strong lower half. High 3/4 arm slot. Showed a loose, clean arm action. Curveball is solid pitch, showing sharp 11/5 break, at 69-71 mph. Fastball topped at 84 mph, thrown for strikes with some heaviness. Changeup (75-77 mph) is work in progress.

Samuel Graham, Jacobs HS, RHP, Class of 2013
Graham is a 6-foot, 175-pound right handed pitcher who operates from a high ¾ arm slot. Graham’s fastball sat between 78-80 mph while flashing occasional run. He also threw a sinking changeup for strikes at 69 mph. His curveball is an 11/5 breaker that showed gradual action at 68-69 mph.

Austin Hall, Harlan HS, RHP, Class of 2013
Hall is a 5-foot-8, 140-pound right handed pitcher who showcased a solid curveball at 66-68 mph. His curveball showed 12/6 action flashing sharpness to it. He also showed the ability to throw the pitch for strikes. Hall’s short, high ¾ arm action produced a 73-75 mph fastball with slight sink on occasion.

John Hopkins, Kaneland HS, RHP/OF, Class of 2013
Hopkins is a lanky 6-foot-1, 160-pound two-way player. On the mound, Hopkins worked from an over the top arm slot producing a 78-80 mph fastball which he showed control over with slight movement. He showed control over a fading changeup at 67-68 mph and also displayed a breaking ball at 65 mph.

Kyle Jagminas, Lincoln-Way East HS, LHP, Class of 2013
Lanky 6-foot-6, 175-pound frame with long legs. Works from an over-the-top arm slot. Fastball topped at 78 mph, sitting 76. Off-speed is work in progress. Curveball registered at 57-58; changeup inconsistent range of 65-71.

Brian Jones, Maine South HS, LHP, Class of 2013
Athletically built 6-foot-2, 190-pound left handed pitcher. Delivery shows some rhythm, shoulders open early, lacks direction. Operates from ¾ arm slot, loose arm action. Fastball shows erratic action, never straight, 77-80 mph. Curveball shows sweeping action, gradual action, lacks control, 63-65 mph. Changeup shows slight cut action, 71-75 mph.

Adam Kowalski, Buffalo Grove HS, RHP, Class of 2013
Lanky, athletic right handed pitcher, 6-foot-3, 195-pounds. Arm works from a high ¾ arm slot. Fastball has slight movement, shows control at 78-80 mph. Curveball is thrown hard, 69-71 mph. Changeup is straight (75-76 mph), lacks control.

Zack Koziol, Notre Dame College Prep HS, OF/RHP, Class of 2013
6-foot-3, 185-pound athletically built two-way player. Long over the top arm action on the mound, lacks arm speed, showed rhythm. Fastball sat 75-78, minimal movement. Curveball showed 12/6 action, early gradual action, slows arm speed. Changeup sits 63-65 mph, lacks fastball arm speed. Defensively, long over the top arm action, 79 mph, showed accuracy. Offensively hits from open stance, short stride, 78 mph exit velocity.

Jared Lengacher, Waterloo HS, RHP, Class of 2013
6-foot-2, 180-pound right handed pitcher. High ¾ arm action, arm shows some quickness, delivery is max effort, lacks feel, shoulders work uphill, finish falls off, improved direction will improve control. Fastball showed sink at 80-82 mph, touched 83, erratic control. Curveball works 11/5 (69-72 mph). Changeup shows fastball arm speed (75-79 mph), lacks deception from fastball.

Ryan Maziarka, Lake Zurich HS, RHP, Class of 2013
Maziarka is a 6-foot, 175-pound right handed pitcher who featured a 78 mph fastball that was consistently thrown for strikes. His curveball showed gradual 11/5 break at 62-64 mph while showing the ability to throw the pitch for strikes. His arsenal is rounded out by a 70-73 mph changeup with sink.

Jalen Purchase, Rich Central HS, RHP, Class of 2013
Solid 6-foot-1, 205-pound frame with strong legs and wide shoulders. Operates from high-3/4 slot with loose backside arm action. Curveball has chance to be out-pitch, showing sharp 12/6 break, in the 67-69 mph range, and throws it with conviction. Commands curveball for strikes. Slider (70-72 mph) not nearly as effective. Fastball topped at 81 mph. Also showcased a 73-74 changeup.

Mike Zlogar, Lincoln-Way West HS, RHP, Class of 2013
6-foot, 185-pound right handed pitcher with solid frame. Delivery shows max effort. Works from a high ¾ arm slot with short arm action. Fastball showed control at 77-80 mph with slight action. Curveball sits 66-69 mph with gradual action. Also showed a changeup at 71-72 mph.

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