Prep Baseball Report

Unsigned Senior Showcase: Catchers Analysis

By Steve Nielsen
Scouting Director - Illinois

The Unsigned Senior Showcase saw plenty of solid receivers with strong frames that can hold up to the rigors of catching. Solid pop times and some strong arms topped our list of catchers. Here’s how we ranked the list of top catchers from the Unsigned Senior Showcase on October 14 at The Max.

1. Bill Hayes, Lemont HS, C, Class of 2013
Hayes is an athletically built, strong 5-foot-11, 170-pound catcher. Hayes recorded pop times ranging from 1.93-2.15, showing a strong arm to second base at 80 mph. Hayes also excelled during bullpens, as he demonstrated soft hands and athletic feet. Offensively, Hayes hit out of a balanced setup, showing solid bat speed, resulting in some pop to both gaps. Using a short stride and smooth load, Hayes showed a well-rounded offensive game.

2. Gabriel Dwyer, Niles North HS, C/3B, Class of 2013
Dwyer is a well-built catcher at 6-foot-1, 185-pounds. He impressed by recording multiple pop times under 2.0, while he was clocked at 78 mph from the crouch. Offensively, he hits out of a balanced setup that is slightly open, using a leg kick that dives back to the plate. He showed solid balance throughout his swing, displaying a line drive approach. Dwyer also showed solid foot speed, running a 7.07 60.

3. Evan Regez, Herscher HS, C, Class of 2013
Regez is a lanky left-handed hitting catcher at 6-foot-1, 160-pounds. Defensively, Regez showd solid arm strength at 73 mph from behind the plate. He displayed athletic feet behind the dish, while showing soft hands, receiving the ball well. He recorded pop times of 1.97-2.13 while displaying loose actions. Offensively, Regez hits from the left side out of a tall open stance. His bat path was short, producing line drives. Regez also ran a 7.19 in the 60.

4. Michael DiViesti, Buffalo Grove HS, C, Class of 2013
DiViesti is a 6-foot-2, 185-pound catcher. He showed a solid arm at 78 mph out of the crouch, recording pop times as good as 1.9 and on the bag. At the plate he showed a solid presence in the box making aggressive passes at the baseball. He showed barrel awareness with a line drive approach working to both gaps. DiViesti uses a leg kick to produce bat speed and some pop.

5. Johnny Stevenson, Morgan Park HS, C, Class of 2013
Stevenson exhibited a balanced approach at the plate. He displayed a gap to gap approach showing solid bat speed on a level bat path. Showcasing plenty of whip through the zone and a strong frame, Stevenson has the makings of a powerful bat. At 6-foot-1, 200-pounds Stevenson has a strong build. He showed pop times of 2.13-2.25 while running a 7.00 60.

6. Brian Sobieski, St. Charles East HS, C/1B, Class of 2013
Sobieski is a solid 6-foot, 195-pound catcher. Sobieski showed pop times of 2.06-2.28 showing excellent accuracy, delivering the baseball on the bag every time. Offensively, he hit from a balanced setup using a smooth load and short stride. His bat path was level and showed aggressiveness in the zone producing some pop working to both gaps. Sobieski showed barrel awareness making repeated solid contact and recording exit speeds of 85 mph from the tee.

7. Drew Diaz, Galesburg HS, C/1B, Class of 2013
Diaz is a 5-foot-10, 180-pound multi-positional player who showed soft hands in the field. Defensively, Diaz showed well behind the plate exhibiting pop times in the 2.01-2.09 range. Offensively Diaz also showed well. He hits from an open stance while slightly diving back over the plate and uses a good lower half to get the barrel to the baseball. Diaz produced solid line drives to the opposite field while showing good barrel awareness. His bat path was level and showed extension as well, exhibiting an aggressive approach.

8. Steven Glochowsky, Clemente HS, C, Class of 2013
Glochowsky is an athletically built 6-foot-1, 160 pound catcher. Glochowsky exhibited a clean exchange behind the plate while registering 75 mph throws from behind the plate. His pop times ranged from 2.09-2.19. Glochowsky also displayed foot speed for a catcher running a 7.01 60. Offensively, Glochowsky hits from a wide, balanced setup using a slight leg kick. He uses a line drive approach to the opposite field showing occasional pull side action.

9. Steven Yeater, Waukegan HS, C/RHP, Class of 2013
Yeater is a strong 6-foot-1, 190-pound two-way player who showed well at the plate. Offensively, Yeater hits with a short stride showing some pop and bat speed. Behind the dish Yeater recorded pop times of 2.03-2.16. On the mound his fastball was recorded at 77-78 mph showing slight run out of a high ¾ arm slot. Yeater pitched exclusively out of the stretch where he also displayed a breaking ball (66-69 mph), changeup (71 mph), and a split (67-68 mph).

10. Cody Heidbreder, Lincoln Community HS, C/OF, Class of 2013
Heidbreder is a 5-foot-10, 160-pound multi-positional player. Heidbreder recorded pop times of 2.06-2.25 while showing a short arm action with some accuracy. In the outfield, his arm strength was clocked at 87 mph. Offensively; Heidbreder uses a balanced setup with a short stride, producing 81 mph exit velocities from the tee.

Best of the rest (Listed Alphabetically)

Brandon Aguirre, Leyden HS, C, Class of 2013
Aguirre is a 5-foot-8, 175-pound catcher with a strong lower half. Aguirre showed well at the plate, his setup is balanced and stays inside the ball well. His bat path is level and showed solid bat speed. Defensively, Aguirre recorded pop times of 2.17-2.50. He also ran a 7.86 60.

Ryan Fetzer, Romeoville HS, C, Class of 2013
Fetzer is a lanky 5-foot-11, 155-pound catcher. Fetzer recorded pop times of 2.26-2.35 while throwing 72 mph to second base. Offensively he hits out of a crouch using a short stride that produced exit speeds of 70 mph.

Nick Genova, St. Joseph HS, C/MIF, Class of 2013
Genova is a 5-foot-8, 155-pound catcher. Genova showed arm strength of 73 mph from the crouch, recording pop times of 2.28-2.41. His bat path was short and level, hitting with a line drive approach from an open stance using a short stride.

Matt Shimonis, Sandburg HS, C/OF, Class of 2013
Shimonis is an athletic catcher who stands 6-foot-1, 180-pounds. He displayed pop times of 2.1-2.25. Shimonis also ran a 7.71 60. Offensively, he took a line drive approach working gap to gap hitting from an open stance. Shimonis showed a solid presence at the plate.

Zachary Weaver, Southeast HS, C/1B, Class of 2013
Weaver is a 5-foot-10, 170-pound catcher. Weaver recorded pop times of 2.44-2.48. Weaver uses a flat bat path at the plate while consistently being able to find the barrel. Hitting out of a slightly open stance, Weaver uses a short stride and smooth load making hard contact. Weaver also ran a 7.45 60.

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