Prep Baseball Report

NorCal Area Code Tryouts: Day 1 Notebook

Blaine Clemmens & Ryan Ozella
PBR California Staff


Stockton, CA - Over 115+ rising seniors came together at Banner Island Ballpark for the Athletics team Area Code Tryouts vying for an opportunity to represent the team in the prestigious Area Code Games in a few weeks. 

Players were put through a pro-style workout starting with a 60 yard dash before going into their batting practice, defensive workout and concluding with live at-bats against the pitchers at the event.

Below are some notes on players who stood out to us today.


+ 2020 C Tyler Sodertsrom (Turlock) - UCLA commit showed strong rounds of BP with a quiet setup and plus bat speed keeping hands tight to the body as he showed carry and pop to the pullside. The transfer was clean letting his strong arm work quickly as he kept the ball on the bag (1.89-1.94 Pop). Transferred the strong round of BP to in game as he easily tapped into the power driving a pitch deep over the RF wall

+ 2020 C Cole Carrigg (Turlock) - San Diego State commit showed well from both sides of the plate with a quick bat having loose wrists and the ability to square up the baseball from a slightly upward path; worked gap-to-gap with easy carry. Above-average arm that is different from others around him with quick release and ability to let it loose (top of 85 MPH, 1.85-2.01 pop). Overall athlete with high upside (6.96 60-yd hand timed)

+ 2020 C Omar Plascencia (Lodi) - Uncommitted at the time of writing, Plascencia continues to show the strength in his frame and athletic abilities with twitchy actions. Started the day running a hand timed 6.93 60-yd before showing lift and carry as he worked gap-to-gap allowing his strength to come out. Very quick with the transfer showing a strong arm, Plascencia was consistently on the bag with life (80 MPH). One of the top uncommitted catchers in the area

+ 2020 C Carson Blatnick (Oakmont) - Washington State commit has above-average bat-to-ball skills from an even hand setup showing his quick bat and ability to carry the ball deep into the gaps with hard line drives. Strong arm from a side-flick style putting it armside of the bag (1.85-2.0); caught a runner during the scout game as well (2.05 Pop)

+ 2020 C Jacob Weiss (Atwater) - Pacific commit continues to simply not only show off solid average tools but also perform in competitive scenarios. He throws accurately, with arm strength 79-80 mph. He makes those throws in games and workouts. Offensively he has a disciplined stroke, with consistent hands working inside the ball and driving the ball gap to gap. There is some developing power as well. Good athlete behind the plate and overall, just quietly among the better backstops in the class, which is LOADED with catchers


+ 2020 1B Michael Brown (Vacaville) - Brown continues to make people stop and watch him during BP with HUGE raw power and the ability to turn around good pitching on major stages. He showed off the power during BP and then tapped into it during the games when he took an 89 MPH FB at the knees and put it out to RF in a hurry (105 EV). His wingspan and feet help him at 1st base with the ability to go grab the ball and get down low to pull the ball out of the dirt

+ 2020 SS Nick Yorke (Archbishop Mitty) - Arizona commit continues to be a monster with the bat producing loud contact driving balls deep into gaps from an explosive swing. Yorke’s glove work continues to be strong with quick feet able to track down balls all around the field and the body control to make plays on the move; his arm is still working back and will need to be a focus during the offseason for him to stick at the position

+ 2020 SS/3B Brendan Bobo (Harbor) - Big physical and strong, Bobo showed a smooth left-handed swing with some HR power to the pullside and a bat that creates loft; very projectable. The arm is strong (85 MPH) with some lateral agility and ability to make plays on the moves; fits at 3B at the next level given a release that is a tick below what will play up the middle

+ 2020 SS Gunner Gouldsmith (Reno - NV) - Washington State commit really showed well during defense covering range to both sides with strong glove works and a plus arm at the position (91 MPH unofficial). The switch-hitter showed a smooth load showing strong bat-to-ball skills and the ability to have some backspin and carry into the gaps

+ 2020 1B Ryan Pierce (Clayton Valley) - Made strong adjustments from 1st-to-2nd round showing off power and easy lift to the pull-side with an upward barrel showing ability to drive through contact. At 1st he moved well with a good arm having easy actions on throws to both bases; glove had flashes of ability to grab the ball out of the dirt with space for development

+ 2020 SS Brian McClellin (Vacaville) - Cal commit had strong bat-to-ball skills during BP showing a quick, level bat with the ability to spray the ball around the middle of the field. Defensively he moves smooth and easy with good actions through the baseball and the arm to make throws on the move (82 MPH). McClellin is consistent on defense with the bat skills to be an on-base machine

+ 2020 SS Theo Hardy (Berkeley) - Impressed on defense with a very strong arm (89 MPH) and covering ground with quick feet making plays on the move. Switch-hitter flashes some projectable bat-to-ball skills with loose wrists having some whip through the zone as he worked gap-to-gap. Frame still has some projection left in it with length and square shoulders 

+ 2020 SS Ryan Jackson (Heritage) - Ran a 6.78 60 yd dash and using that athletic ability at the SS position with easy movements showing strong hips and 1st step quickness for the range; arm fits the position with high release and quick wrist (85 MPH). The direct hands matched well with the level bat and quick turns as he lined balls through the middle of the field

+ 2020 1B Sam Brown (Petaluma) - Portland commit showed some two-way skills with some pull-side HR power and a strong, lofty bat. Worked the bag well at 1st using his ability to adjust to throws and soft hands to pick balls out of the dirt. Brown has long been seen with good tools, both with the bat (his power is real) and with soft hands and good feet around the bag. Seeing him on the mound up to 88-89 today also gives a glimpse of the arm talent that does play on the first base side of the game, where he plays and throws confidently. 


+ 2020 OF Chase Davis (Franklin) - Arizona commit showed why he’s so highly regarded with easy bat speed and plus power to the pull-side of the field; multiple HR’s with easy carry. The quick, upward bat path does damage to baseballs showing extension through contact. Arm fits the RF profile getting up to 94 with easy actions, plus carry and accuracy; showed in game the range and ability to go get the ball. Ceiling is very high and shows it during big-time events. His overall talent rates with the very best players in California and the nation

+ 2020 OF Keith Jones (Heritage) - Jones confidence continues to grow as he continues to perform. Batting practice was very strong with bat speed and ability to lift the ball to the pull-side; easy power as he continues to play and mature. Really athletic in the OF with good range and strength (84 MPH) in the loose and easy arm keeping it on the money. Ceiling is high and though it may not happen overnight, in the long run, Jones is equipped to emerge as a professional prospect. Uncommitted. 

+ 2020 OF Rylan Charles (Bishop Marogue - NV) - UNLV commit really impressed during the workout with physical build and strong athletic ability (6.82 60-yd hand time). At the plate, Charles stays behind the baseball well showing upward lift and ability to backspin the ball with strength through the pullside. Showed carry to the bag with lots of air under the baseball (81 MPH); with speed would fit best in the middle of the OF

+ 2020 OF Carson Yates (Leland) - Showed he’s clearly an elite athlete with top of the charts speed. Ran a 6.75 60 twice while slipping on the start both times; easily could be under 6.6 on the 60 without the slips. Barrel is compact and quick with direct hand showing strong bat-to-ball skills and the strength in the frame; had a 99 EV on a line drive through the middle in game that was a rocket off the bat and ran a 4.1 down the line on a routine ground out to SS. Uncommitted. 

+ 2020 OF Jared Breedwell (Vacaville) - Oregon State commit. Showed strong timing at the plate with ability to square the ball up and find barrels to all fields with a compact swing showing strength. Moves well in OF with a compact, high release showing decent carry (84 MPH)


+ 2020 RHP TJ Nichols (Oakmont) - Nichols showed off his arm and pitching skills with a live FB 94-95 MPH pounding the zone and blowing the pitch past hitters. His SLD was late and hard with short break (80-81 MPH) having sharp actions under barrels. Body projects to the next level and is top 2020 arm available in Northern California. That he has gone from upper 80s to low-90s in the spring and now sat comfortably 94-95, albeit in a short burst, was certainly impressive. It's not only high velocity, but he's doing it with feel and athleticism. Recently became Uncommitted. 

+ 2020 RHP Isaac Ayon (Buchanan) - Cal Poly commit, big strong build, loose and strong arm, aggressive letting it rip and when on time the fastball has heavy life down in the zone. Having seen him multiple times in events and high school game action, this was the best velocity we had seen and it was quite a jump. The FB came out at 90-93 (multiple 93's) with angle, SLD 79-82, CHG 87

+ 2020 RHP Juron Watts-Brown (Hanford) - Texas Tech Commit. FB 88-90 oozes potential from easy fast arm; projectable. CB 74-75 big plus actions that brought to mind a Matt Garza curveball, which is obviously a lofty comp. The arm speed, the body type, the feel of the zone along with the stuff, and to complement it with a big tight curveball, yep, there will be quite a few trips into the Central Valley city next spring. In regard to ceilings among this group of pitchers, his is among the highest

+ 2020 LHP Rio Britton (Capital Christian) - Simply dripping with projection and the imagination when watching him starts to elicit visions of big time MLB left-handers. FB at 88-91 easy velocity with long arm actions. SL 81-82 late sharp bite and though he does need to improve his feel of both pitches while in the stretch and holding runners, but the way the ball comes out of his hand, along with his body and silky smooth arm, it feels like he's just getting started. Having seen him around 85-87 last year this time, his development curve is still on the upside. Uncommitted. 

+ 2020 RHP Treven Crowley (Hilmar) - Fresno State commit. Lean and wiry, he is another we have seen multiple times and it seems that he continues to not only gain velocity, but he also is gaining polish with his secondary pitches and his feel of the zone with the FB (88-91). The CB was 74 mph and was a sharp, biting snappy breaker. CHG 85-86 and he used it well, like a BP fastball. Plus arm speed to say the least

+ 2020 RHP Kade Morris (Pitman) - Loose quick arm 88-91 CB 73, flashing plus with sharp break. One of the later pitchers and it was worth the wait. Thin lithe body type, but long and not small. Arm is quick and clean, ball jumped out of his hand and his feel of the zone on the glove side was really impressive. Broke off a couple of two plane curveballs and like with the fastball, on the glove side with control. Had heard the name recently and he was as good as we'd been told. Nevada Commit

+ 2020 RHP Noah Beal (Clovis) - UNLV commit. FB 87-89 easy velocity, CHG 78 CB 72 Carved through hitters. Beal threw a gem in front of us at the Fresno Easter Classic, showing polish and pitchability well beyond his years. Today he effortlessly got up to 89 a few times and simply carved up the hitters he saw. A good athlete who also plays up the middle for his HS team, given how easy he was throwing today and with the same feel of his repertoire he had at less velocity, his arrow is pointing WAY up

+ 2020 RHP Jadon Bercovich (Damonte Ranch - NV) - San Diego State commit. H-3/4 release clean arm with easy velocity 87-90. SLD 77 with sweep, CB 69, CHG 76-77 feel and some deception. A very impressive outing, the ball just jumping out of his hand with ease and given the good frame and loose arm, along with well developed mechanics, he's got plenty more in the tank. The change-up played very well off the fastball. Will have the area scouts coming into Reno (vs Charles and/or Gouldsmith?) next spring

+ 2020 RHP Andy Owen (Jesuit) - USC commit. FB 89-92 pounding zone and putting it by hitters. SL  (78-82) flashed as a potential out-pitch with swing and miss capabilities but it's not a consistent pitch for him. His last one of the day was quite good but the previous breaking balls showed an area of potential growth. The arm is quick and strong and though there is some effort, he has been in this velocity range going back to the spring


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