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With our latest rankings release for the 2022 class we decided to dive in deeper with a breakdown of the top 10 in each position. Today we start with right-handed pitchers, SIX of whom are currently uncommitted.

Disclaimer: Players listed below are ranked in order of their PRIMARY listed position on the website that they have chosen. A dual player that is also strong at their secondary position may carry more weight in their overall ranking.

Class of 2022 Rankings Release

TOP 10 RHP / CLASS OF 2022 

Drew Lafferty RHP / 3B / Seton-La Salle Catholic, PA / 2022

Quick Hits: The explosive 6-foot-1, 195-pound primary right-handed pitcher possesses outstanding athleticism working out of a clean high ¾ arm-slot with extreme physicality in all his actions. He made a statement at our Preseason All-State Southwest event in late February with a legitimate three pitch mix while flashing an electrifying 92 mph fastball with late life up in the zone. The righty also shows command of a disappearing, two-plane 70-72 mph curveball and quality feel for an 81-82 mph changeup displaying advanced hand speed. Not stopping there, Lafferty demonstrated real two-way potential with a loud round of batting practice and bat-exit velocities in the low to mid 90’s while peppering the deep pull-side gap with authority. The polish is noticeable in all facets of the game & with above-average flexibility in the body and athleticism in the delivery there should be more velocity on the way soon. 

First Glimpse: 10/5/18 Stormed onto the scene during the fall in Fort Myers running the fastball up to 87 mph. 

Breakout Performance: 2/23/20 Preseason All-State Southwest - 89-92 mph FB, 70-71 mph CB, 81-82 mph CH, 93 mph bat-exit velocity, top performer. 

The Future: The Kentucky commit has a unique blend of athleticism, polish, and strength in the frame which offers a high ceiling in the future for the Wildcats. The feel for all pitches coupled with the depth on the secondary offerings should allow the physical right-hander to slot himself into meaningful innings sooner rather than later with a chance to swing it if given the opportunity. The rising Junior should be a close follow once baseball activities resume and could command considerable draft interest down the line if he continues developing.

Maxwell McGrady RHP / OF / Central Bucks East, PA / 2022

Quick Hits: The 6-foot-1, 205-pound primary right-handed pitcher becomes considerably more physical each time we see him allowing McGrady to showcase a solid pairing of athleticism and raw strength in the movements. The righty commands three pitches for strikes out of a fluid, high ¾ arm-slot including a 90 mph fastball with riding life, a two-plane 72-74 mph curveball with high spin, and a 73-74 mph slider with tight, horizontal action. Leaks a tiny bit with the front side which means additional velocity should be on the way in the near future. The advanced strength in the actions become noticeable when the left-handed hitter swings it, evidenced by a powerful 91 mph bat-exit velocity and above-average barrel speed into the hitting zone. With a strong throwing arm in the outfield (89 mph) and impressive straight line speed for his size (7.25 60-yard dash), you can see the two-way potential. 

First Glimpse: 2/10/19 Bucks County Generals Scout Day - 82-86 mph FB, 67-70 mph CB, 69-71 mph SL, 89 mph bat-exit velocity, 7.59 60-yard dash. 

Breakout Performance: 2/09/20 Bucks County Generals Scout Day - 88-90 mph FB, 70-74 mph CB, 73-74 mph SL, 91 mph bat-exit velocity, 7.25 60-yard dash, top performer. 

The Future: Currently uncommitted, there is a lot to like about McGrady across the board and the two-way prospect should warrant a large following entering his Junior campaign. With whip in the delivery coupled with the ability to add significant velocity due to a slight hip leak, there is a lot to be excited about on the mound. Furthermore, he possesses the ability to command three pitches for strikes with two above-average secondary offerings and middle of the order thumper potential down the road. A complete package with room to grow, McGrady should offer a very high ceiling with a high floor as well.

Gilbert Saunders RHP / 1B / The Hill School, PA / 2022

Quick Hits: The 6-foot-3, 230-pound right-handed pitcher is uber-athletic in his frame and while still raw at the moment, possesses a tremendous amount of potential. The fastball has been up to 88 mph out of a high effort, high ¾ arm-slot showing hip coil in the delivery. Demonstrates a short and tight breaking 75-80 mph curveball and quality 77-78 mph changeup thrown with advanced deception while featuring arm-side fade. The right-handed hitter can swing it displaying light-tower power and a 102 mph bat-exit velocity during batting practice. The raw strength and twitch at the plate is evident which could easily be carried over to the mound in the near future. Couple that with a 6.88 60-yard dash showing off his athleticism and straight line speed and he could potentially project as a power outfield bat as well. 

First Glimpse: 10/03/19 Put himself on the map in Fort Myers with an 87 mph FB and two quality secondary offerings. 

Breakout Performance: 2/15/20 Preseason All-State Southeast - 85-88 mph FB, 75-80 mph CB, 77-78 mph CH, 102 mph bat-exit velocity, 6.88 60-yard dash, top performer. 

The Future: Currently uncommitted, Saunders offers off the charts athleticism in a Division 1 college football recruit’s body. Given he’s still somewhat raw and the measurables are already eye-popping, it won’t be long until he commands a large following from schools all over the Eastern US. The primary right-handed pitcher has one of the highest ceilings in the class and all the makings of a draft prospect down the line.

Aidan Weaver RHP / Central Bucks East, PA / 2022

Quick Hits: The 6-foot-4, 185-pound right-handed pitcher is extremely projectable featuring athleticism in the movements and a clean, high ¾ delivery with fastballs clocking in in the upper 80’s to go along with two above-average secondary pitches. Mixes a 65-67 mph curveball with 11/5 shape and occasional two-plane action and a low to mid 70’s changeup thrown at near fastball arm-speed. Attacks hitters early in counts and can throw any of the three pitches for strikes making Weaver a tough at-bat against. Gets it done on the mound with location and changing speeds at the moment and with more velocity on the way, could project even better as a next level strikeout pitcher in the future. 

First Glimpse: 4/16/19 Central Bucks East vs. Pennridge - Went five strong innings giving up three hits while fanning six hitters en route to earning the win over Pennridge.  

Breakout Performance: 7/20/19 We saw Weaver on the national recruiting scene where he was up to 87 mph with a 67 mph CB and 70 mph CH.

The Future: A Duke commit, Weaver will have the ability to continue honing his skills and adding strength onto that frame before he steps on campus. With the Blue Devils having a good track record of turning pitchers into quality arms at the next level, the Central Bucks East product will be in good hands and should be expected to continue developing as he has one of the higher floors in the ‘22 class. It will be interesting to see when and how much weight will be put onto the frame (6’4, 185) and how that will translate to on the field success.

Robby Porco RHP / 3B / Central Bucks South, PA / 2022

Quick Hits: The 6-foot-8, 210-pound primary right-handed pitcher has the projectable body that scouts dream of. Porco features a long and loose arm out of a high ¾  delivery allowing for advanced whip on a 91 mph fastball with easy downhill action. The athleticism was evident in the arm-stroke and with increased lower half efficiency, the righty could be mid 90’s by next spring. Mixes the changeup extremely well at 69-70 mph using the same hand speed at release creating unique deception and disappearing action down in the zone. The 62-66 mph curveball is inconsistent at times and lacks the feel for spin to be thrown with confidence. The right-handed hitter has registered bat-exit velocities nearing 90 mph and has recorded a 7.32 laser-timed 60-yard dash demonstrating the next level ready athleticism he possesses. With solid footwork and quality feel at the hot corner, Porco offers two-way potential should he be asked to swing it at the next level. 

First Glimpse: 3/22/19 Central Bucks South vs. Audubon - First Varsity baseball action for Porco in the 4-1 loss.

Breakout Performance: 2/08/20 All-In Baseball Scout Day - 88-91 mph FB, 62-66 mph CB, 69-70 mph CH, 88 mph bat-exit velocity, top performer. 

The Future: Currently uncommitted, it would be wise to get on him sooner rather than later before he explodes. The ceiling is evident with a rare frame blended with uncanny athleticism, and if he develops a true third pitch his stock should be expected to skyrocket. With the aforementioned lower half inefficiencies at times, Porco could reasonably add 15-20 pounds onto the frame and should see improved measurables across the board. If the ceiling is reached sooner rather than later, we’re talking about a legitimate draft candidate down the road.

Nick Finarelli RHP / OF / Lake-Lehman, PA / 2022

Quick Hits: The athletic, 6-foot-3, 180-pound Lake-Lehman product is paired with ‘22 LHP Ty Federici (#1 in our rankings) giving the Knights two top of the rotation studs in the class. The primary right-handed pitcher features explosive arm-speed with late life out of a high-effort, high ¾ arm-slot allowing for 86-87 mph fastballs with arm-side run. Counters with a 70-73 mph curveball showing off shorter, tighter break and 11/5 action in the zone. Has shown the ability to swing it with a 91 mph bat-exit velocity and quick twitch in the hands. Two-way potential is real with a 4.12 home-to-first time and an 84 mph arm-strength from the outfield while taking quality routes to both gaps. A FB/CB pitcher with strikeout potential, Finarelli would benefit immensely from adding a third pitch to keep hitters off balance. 

First Glimpse: 4/09/19 Lake-Lehman vs. Northwest Area - Went 2 for 5 with two XBH (double and triple), RBI, and a run in the lopsided victory. The starting pitcher for the game, Finarelli went 4 innings giving up 3 hits while striking out 7 to earn the win. 

Breakout Performance: 2/15/20 Northeast Pride Scout Day - 87 mph fastball, 70-73 mph curveball, 91 mph bat-exit velocity, 4.12 home-to-first time, 7.17 60-yard dash, top performer. 

The Future: Currently uncommitted, Finarelli offers a high level athlete with natural traits that other hard throwers possess. The stride length and lower half drive to the plate is extremely noticeable and allows him to create downhill momentum towards the bottom of the strike zone. With ability to add roughly 10 to 15 pounds still onto the frame and develop a third pitch, it’s easy to see why we are bullish on the righty. The Lake-Lehman product should be a close follow entering his Junior campaign where he will see a featured role and could enter the spotlight if he can will his team to a deep playoff run. 

Dan Snyder RHP / SS / McDowell, PA / 2022

Quick Hits: The 6-foot-2, 190-pound primary right-handed pitcher is a workhorse on the mound with the perfect blend of athleticism and raw power in the frame. Works consistently in the strike zone out of a high ¾ arm-slot with next level arm-speed allowing for fastballs in the 85-87 mph range. Offers two solid secondary pitches in a mid to upper 70’s changeup with quality deception and arm-side fade as well as a high spin, low 70’s curveball showing off 11/5 tilt. The curveball can get away from him at times, but when it’s on the strikeout numbers go through the roof. The right-handed hitter can swing it as well registering bat-exit velocities in the mid to upper 80’s with quick hands in the box and can pick it at a corner infield position, but most likely will project as a starting right-handed pitcher. 

First Glimpse: 1/06/18 Beaver Valley Scout Day - Top performer. 

Breakout Performance: 8/02/18 PBR Jr. Future Games - 81-83 mph FB, 71-74 mph CB, 67-70 mph CH, 82 mph IF velocity, 80 mph bat-exit velocity. 

The Future: The Louisville commit has the makings of a power pitcher who can accrue strikeout totals in a hurry. With extra work on curveball command, Snyder should be nothing short of an arm that can be counted on getting a big punchout when needed at the next level. The right-handed pitcher should be expected to see some velocity improvements in the near future with above-average flexibility and athleticism in the arm-swing.

Eddie Smink RHP / 3B / West Chester Henderson, PA / 2022

Quick Hits: The 5-foot-11, 195-pound right-handed pitcher utilizes advanced physicality in the lower half and explosive hip drive while sitting 83-86 mph out of a quick, high ¾ arm-slot showing occasional ride and late life on the fastball. The secondary pitches stand out featuring a sharp 67-68 mph breaking ball that sweeps across the zone on an 11/5 tilt and a 70-71 mph changeup commanded with slight arm-side fade. Pounds the strike zone and can mix arm angles (from high ¾ to ¾) on the breaking ball creating different action. It still looks relatively easy coming out of the hand and while the frame is nearing its ceiling, all of the pieces are there for additional velocity to be added sooner rather than later. A finesse pitcher demonstrating some of the better pitchability in his class, Smink could be inserted into a conference rotation upon stepping on campus. 

First Glimpse: 4/19/19 West Chester Henderson vs. Malvern Prep - Gave a quality start going 5 innings while allowing 2 runs. 

Breakout Performance: 2/22/20 Preseason All-State Southwest - 83-86 mph FB, 67-68 mph CB, 70-71 mph CH, 89 mph bat-exit velocity, 7.31 60-yard dash time. 

The Future: Currently uncommitted, Smink profiles well with polish in the delivery and an understanding of how to pitch. With a track record of success in-game against formidable opponents, the West Chester Henderson product can be trusted to get the ball in big time situations. A hard worker in the weight room who continues becoming more physical each time we see him, the righty should see velocity creep up on all pitches across the board and will likewise be more dominant entering his Junior campaign.

Brandin Anderson RHP / 3B / DuBois Central Catholic , PA / 2022

Quick Hits: The Dubois Central Catholic right-handed pitcher features noticeable feel for a physical 6-foot, 190-pound frame with present athleticism in his actions. The fastball has been up to 85 mph out of a live, high ¾ arm-slot with seemingly more in the tank. Anderson commands a 73-76 mph curveball with late depth flashing 11/5 movement and a 76-78 mph downer changeup thrown with advanced sell. Everything is tunnelled and thrown with confidence, and the fastball can appear quicker to the plate at times due to effective velocity. Though the frame is nearing its ceiling, this high floor prospect should get better over the next year and a half and should be considered a strikeout pitcher by those projecting him. 

First Glimpse: 4/01/19 Bradford vs. Dubois Central Catholic - Contributed a multi-hit effort in the 15-0 win over Bradford. 

Breakout Performance: 2/22/20 Preseason All-State Southwest - 82-85 mph FB, 73-76 mph CB, 76-78 mph CH, 83 mph INF velocity, 88 mph bat-exit velocity, top performer. 

The Future: Currently uncommitted, Anderson has noticeable pitchability allowing him to dominate high school hitters. With an additional velocity improvement, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine this same formula working at the next level. While showing advanced leg drive on the mound, the right-handed pitcher can still get more out of the arm and it will be interesting to follow over the next year + to see how the arm-speed develops on all pitches.

Liam Del Guerico RHP / Neshaminy, PA / 2022

Quick Hits: The 6-foot-1, 210-pound right-handed pitcher has added two inches and 30 pounds over the past year and now features a de facto starting pitcher’s build for the next level. The Neshaminy product sits 83-86 mph with hip coil in the delivery out of a high ¾ arm-slot demonstrating riding life on the fastball. Curveball shows two-plane break at 69-71 mph with 11/5 tilt in the zone and has displayed command of an above-average 76-79 mph changeup with arm-side run and quality deception. With a strong three pitch mix and power in the drive leg creating downhill action on occasion, Del Guerico has all the makings of a plug and play recruit who can get even better over the course of the next couple years. The advanced pitchability is there and if the improvements over a year’s time from 2019-2020 didn’t convince you, this next year might. 

First Glimpse: 2/09/19 Bucks County Generals Scout Day - 80-81 mph FB, 64-67 mph CB, 75-76 mph CH. 

Breakout Performance: 2/08/20 Bucks County Generals Scout Day - 83-86 mph FB, 69-71 mph CB, 76-79 mph CH, top performer. 

The Future: The Army commit is athletic in the frame as well as honing legitimate raw power in the actions. With a hard work ethic as well as a high floor, Del Guerico gives the Black Knights a recruit that fits their system and a guy that should be able to contribute earlier rather than later. The fastball will most likely get to the 90 mph range by the time he steps on campus and with some of the better secondary offerings in the class you can see where the excitement for this right-handed prospect comes from.


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