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The Wisconsin Scout Blog provides insider information and scouting notes from the PBR Scouting Staff during the season. This running blog will feature information on underclass prospects, unsigned seniors, draft prospects, and anything else that is notable. We will provide a wide range of information, including player evaluations, velocities, pop times, home to first times, and more. Simply put, the Wisconsin Scout Blog is loaded with information ...

Waupun vs. Catholic Memorial - 6/5/18

Phil Kerber
Assoc. Scout/JUCO Wire

Caden Bronkhorst, RHP, Waupun, 2019
6-foot-3, 188-pound, right-handed pitcher, strong, durable frame. Slot varied between over-the-top and high ¾, long arm action, works downhill towards home, repeats delivery well. Created deception by mixing looks and timing, competed in the strike zone. Fastball, flashed run, mostly straight, 81-82. Curveball, 12/6 shape, depth, maintains arm slot and speed, feel for, manipulated action throwing a more aggressive version with two strikeouts that featured late bite.

Jarrett Bucholz, OF, Waupun, 2020
5-foot-9, 155-pounds, athletically-built right-handed hitting outfielder, raw athlete. Offensively, balanced, athletic setup. Middle-pull approach, hands work loosely, hits the ball where it is pitched, keeps it simple.   

Baron Bucholz, OF, Waupun, 2020
5-foot-9, 155-pounds, athletically-built right-handed hitting outfielder, raw athlete. At the plate, athletic, balanced setup. Middle approach, hits the ball where it is pitched, good hand-eye coordination.

Hortonville vs. Kimberly - 6/5/18

Phil Kerber
Assoc. Scout/JUCO Wire

Donovan Schultz, LHP, Kimberly, 2020
6-foot-2, 170-pound left-handed pitcher, lanky, durable build, projectable frame. Works from a ¾ slot, long arm action, short stab, arm accelerates out front. Shoulders stay level, works towards home, lands square. Fastball, 78-80, located on outer half.

Mason Thiel, RHP, Hortonville, 2020
6-foot-3, 165-pound, lanky, lean right-handed pitcher, projectable frame. On the mound, works from a high ¾ slot, low draw, turns arm over quickly, gets out front with relative ease. Momentum carries home, lands square, finishes crossing over towards first. Fastball, cutting action at-times, 78-80. Changeup, change of pace pitch, mostly straight, flashed some sink, 67-69.

Eli Kramer, OF, Hortonville, 2019
Nebraska commit. Currently ranked No. 15 in Nebraska’s Class of 2019. 6-foot, 155-pound, left-handed outfielder, lean, athletic build. Confident in the box, athletic setup, quick twitch. Line drive approach, level barrel path, hits the ball where pitched. Had three singles in four at-bats in the Sectional Semifinals.

West De Pere vs. Oshkosh West - 6/5/18

Phil Kerber
Assoc. Scout/JUCO Wire

Kaden Kosobucki, DH, West De Pere, 2021
5-foot-8, 175-pound, strong, compact frame, right-handed hitting designated hitter for West De Pere, took pregame at catcher. Confident and aggressive at the plate, attacks fastballs. Open setup, hands load back smoothly, leg kick timing-trigger.   

Cameron Dupont, 1B, West De Pere, 2020
Currently ranked No. 29 in Wisconsin’s Class of 2020. 6-foot-2, 188-pound, right-handed hitting first baseman. Long, lanky frame, projectable, plenty of room for continued physical development. Offensively, open setup, leg kick timing-trigger, loose hands, aggressive pull side approach in-game. First at-bat attacked first pitch fastball, pulling a single through the left side. Picked up a second single in third at-bat, pulled a hanging changeup.

Connor Langreder, LHP, West De Pere, 2019
Northern Illinois commit. Currently ranked No. 21 in Wisconsin’s Class of 2019. 6-foot, 165-pound, athletic left-handed pitcher. Long arm action, ¾ slot, arm accelerates quickly, gets out front, easy effort. Fastball, run action, 82-84. Slider, 1/7 shape, feel for, controlled, 71-74. Worked the outer half of the zone with fastball, then would come inside with a slider and back out with a fastball. Used this sequence effectively.

Michael McBriar, RHP, Oshkosh West, 2018
McHenry County JC commit. Currently ranked No. 63 in Wisconsin’s Class of 2018. 6-foot, 205-pound physically built right-handed pitcher, wide shoulders, strong upper body. Tall and fall delivery, quick, smooth rhythm, maintains good balance throughout, some coil at balance point, momentum works down the mound towards home, finishes athletically. High ¾ arm slot, clean arm action. Fastball, 82-84, running action, high volume of strikes with. Curveball, repeated slot and arm speed, 11/5 shape, depth, commanded, went in and out with, 66-67. Changeup, fade and sinking action, mixed in later in the game effectively keeping batters off-balance, 73.

Union Grove vs. Westosha Central - 5/23/18

Steve Nielsen
Scouting Supervisor - Wisconsin/Illinois

Luke Hansel, RHP, Union Grove, 2019
Uncommitted junior. 5-foot-11, 190-pound right-handed pitcher, solid durable build. Simple delivery, medium lift, works directionally to target, repeats, will use slide step in the stretch. Arm action is short and over the top, catcher type. Fastball is mostly straight, four seam, slight tilt when worked down early in game, flashed glove side command, 85-88 mph early, settled in at 84-86 through the sixth, got flat late in game. Curveball is plus offering for his age, hard 12/6 action, 72-76 mph, ability to command, throws for strikes in hitters’ counts to get back into at bats, CB got better as game went along, has depth and swing and miss action, go to pitch in pressure situations. Showed poise and competitiveness throughout, continued to attack hitters late in game when fastball started to elevate.

Cooper Griffiths, RHP, Westosha Central, 2020
Uncommitted sophomore. 6-foot-2, 195-pound two-way player, strong athletic build. Best upside may be on the mound. Delivery is raw, slight effort, recoil finish at times. Plus arm strength for his age, action is loose and live high ¾ slot. Fastball played with slight arm side run, sat 85-86 mph, touching multiple 87’s in first inning. Decels on curveball, soft at 65-69 mph, has depth and was able to get swing and misses in the dirt, lacked control. Shows rawness on the mound, pitchability not present yet, projects for more fastball velo. Third base defender, easy poised actions, hands showed softness. Above average arm showed carry. Right-handed hitter, five-hole, athletic swing, above average bat strength, showed pitch recognition.  

Austin Glidden, RHP, Westosha Central, 2019
Uncommitted junior. 6-foot-1, 160-pound right-handed pitcher, loose wiry frame. Toe lift to top of delivery, squared balanced finish. Arm plays out of high ¾ slot. Fastball showed arm side action, 81-84 mph early on, consistent control for two innings. Curevball has 11/5 shape, 72-75 mph, ability to throw for strikes.

Catholic Memorial VS. Burlington - 5/22/18

By Phil Kerber
Assoc. Scout/JUCO Wire

Trey Krause, LHP, Burlington, 2019
Currently ranked No. 17 in Wisconsin’s Class of 2019. 5-foot-11, 165-pound, left-handed pitcher, lean, loose frame. Confident presence on the mound. Long, loose arm action with a slight wrap and cup on the back-side. Repeats delivery with a high leg kick. Fastball, run and sink actions, sat 83-85. Curveball, 1/7 shape, depth with late break, swing and miss type pitch, feel for, used in any count. Changeup, mostly straight, good change-of-pace, introduced second and third times through order, 77. Shows good level of pitchability.


Trent Turzenski, RHP/1B, Burlington, 2019

Currently ranked No. 36 in Wisconsin’s Class of 2019. 6-foot-6, 220-pound two-way prospect, extra-large frame, long limbs. Started at first base, pitched in relief. On the mound, long, loose arm action, at-times would get out front with quick arm speed. Drop and drive delivery, gets downhill. Fastball, when on top gets good tilt, 82-84. Curveball, 10/4 shape, gained feel for to glove-side, 67-70. Changeup, used infrequently, kept down in zone, 76.

Rich Byhre, RHP/1B, Catholic Memorial, 2019
Currently ranked No. 68 in Wisconsin’s Class of 2019. 6-foot-5, 225-pound right-handed pitcher and first baseman, extra-large frame, strong build, projectable arm. On the mound, works from a high ¾ slot, with loose arm action Simple delivery, lifts leg to to 90 degree angle and goes, works towards home, landing square. Free and easy effort. Fastball, located arm side, gets downhill, sat 84-86, touched 87. Mixed in a cutting fastball to the glove-side, 78-80. Curveball, 12/6 shape, struggled with command, 68. Changeup, flashed fade, 76.

Christian Brenner, C, Burlington, 2020
6-foot, 175-pound left-handed hitting catcher, athletically-built. Fills a need as catcher for Burlington, projects best elsewhere. Offensively, open setup, hands load back smoothly, short stride to square. Line drive approach, level barrel path, uses the whole field.

Chris Byhre, CIF, Catholic Memorial, 2020
Currently ranked No. 30 in Wisconsin’s Class of 2020. 6-foot, 195-pound, two-way prospect, strong, physical build, present strength. Hit in the three-hole and served as DH. Offensively, swings aggressively, resulting in hard pull-side contact. Turned on a ball, hitting it off the left field wall for an easy double, following at-bat drove in a run on a single to the outfield. Hit a walk-off home run against Burlington.

Alex Cyskiewicz, UTL, Catholic Memorial, 2019
Currently ranked No. 62 in Wisconsin’s Class of 2019. 6-foot, 200-pound, athletically-built, strong lower half, started at first base, later shifted to the outfield. Defensively, arm plays from both a corner outfield position and corner infield. Offensively, swings with intent, aggressive, natural uphill barrel path, gains extension through the zone. Made hard opposite field contact in first at-bat, taking a ball off the right field wall for a double. Runs hard out of the box and on the basepaths. 

Janesville Craig vs. Sun Prairie - 5/5/18

By Phil Kerber
Assoc. Scout/JUCO Wire

Jacob Campbell, C, Janesville Craig, 2018
Illinois commit. No. 2 ranked prospect in Wisconsin’s Class of 2018, No. 101 Overall. 6-foot, 200-pound, muscular, durable frame, defined lower half and advanced forearm/hand strength. Continued to solidify himself as one top catchers in the the 2018 class with a strong defensive showing on Saturday afternoon. With plus arm strength behind the plate (87 mph at the Super 60), routinely put throws at infielder's chests from knees and out of chute during pregame. Repeats a short arm action from over-the-top slot, throws carry with ease. Advanced footwork, powerful first movements, stays low, gains ground, consistent, pop time ranging between 1.95-1.98 in between innings, popped a 1.79 during pregame. Defensive reputation preceded him as opposition running game was immediately shut down. Was not afraid to throw behind runners at any base, kept runners honest. Moves athletically behind the plate, blocks everything he can get to and keeps it within arms reach. Strong receiver, natural movement, remains quiet. Offensively, right-handed hitter, crouched, slightly open setup, short stride, hands load back smoothly, good balance throughout. Level barrel path, gap-to-gap type hitter. Saw nothing but fastballs and breaking balls away. Recognized this early on, making hard contact to the opposite field in three of four at-bats. Still much more strength to be incorporated to the opposite field. Finished game 0-for-3 with a sacrifice fly, was robbed of a hit on a diving play by the right fielder.

Taylor Jansen, RHP/2B, Sun Prairie, 2018
Madison JC commit. No. 22 ranked prospect in Wisconsin’s Class of 2018. On the mound, athletic tall and fall delivery, high front-side, works down the mound in-line with home. Fastball, armside run, glove-side cut at-times, sat 88-90 in the first, still 87-88 in the fifth, effective command. Changeup, sinking action, thrown aggressively with fastball arm speed, number of swing and misses on, 76-78. Curveball, tight spin, 11/5 shape, gets around on occasion, 68-71, struggled with command but dropped for a strike in high pressure situations. Slider, used infrequently, tight downer action, 82. Upped his game and focus when facing the higher profile bats of Janesville Craig. In a winning effort went: 6.0 IP, 1 R, 3 H, 6 SO, 4 BB vs. Janesville Craig.

Joe Hauser, DH, Sun Prairie, 2020
Currently ranked No. 7 in Wisconsin’s Class of 2020. 6-foot-1, 190-pound right-handed hitting infielder, athletically-built with broad shoulders. Did not play the field as he is recovering from injury, did DH and hit in the 9-hole. Balanced setup, short stride, maintains balance. Athletic hands, short, level barrel path, drives the ball. Comfortable in the box, selective eye. Went 2-for-3 with a double and an RBI. Drove the ball into the right-center gap with ease on his double.

Dan Blomgren, 3B, Janesville Craig, 2019
Michigan commit. Currently ranked No. 11 in Wisconsin’s Class of 2019. 5-foot-11, 170-pound, lean, athletic infielder. Stood out defensively for his smooth, athletic actions. Advanced feel for glove, soft hands, quick, clean on exchanges, fluid footwork. Short arm action, quick release from an over-the-top slot, throws carry and are on-target. Offensively, leadoff hitter, patient eye at the plate, feel for the zone, drew two walks including one to start the game.

Alex Oakley, OF, Sun Prairie, 2018
Uncommitted senior. Currently ranked No. 74 in Wisconsin’s Class of 2018. 6-foot-4, 210-pound strong, physically-built outfielder. Offensively, right-handed, open setup, armbar load, maintains balance and strength. Strong hands, uphill barrel path, hard contact. Went gap-to-gap in game, driving a ball into the gap for a double in one at-bat and going opposite field with an off-speed pitch in another. Defensively, started in right field, makes above-average reads, covers ground well for size, made a diving play in the outfield.

Luke DePrey, OF/LHP, Sun Prairie, 2018
Uncommitted senior. Currently ranked No. 39 in Wisconsin’s Class of 2018.  5-foot-11, 180-pound two-way prospect. Stood out offensively for his consistent approach. Short, level barrel path, contact approach with pull-side pop, found holes in the infield. Delivered in high pressure situations, drove in the go-ahead run in the third and added to the lead with an RBI single into center in the fourth. Finished 3-for-4 with one run scored and two RBI, his only out coming on a ball driven to right field, caught on the warning track. Also picked up the two-out save on the mound.

Mitchell Woelfle, RHP, Janesville Craig, 2019
Air Force commit. Currently ranked No. 27 in Wisconsin’s Class of 2019. 6-foot, 185-pound, physically-built, strong lower half, right-handed pitcher. Over-the-top slot, tall and fall delivery, stays on top, works down the mound. Fastball, came in heavy, 84-86, touched 87. Curveball, 12/6 shape, depth, big break, change of pace type pitch, 65-66. Although has a changeup/splitter in arsenal, relied heavily on fastball-curveball combo. Went 4.1 IP, 6 H, 4 ER, 3 SO, 2 BB.

Wilmot, Kimberly and Arrowhead - 4/21/18

Steve Nielsen
Scouting Supervisor - Wisconsin/Illinois

Jeff Holtz, 1B/C, Arrowhead, 2018
Indiana commit. 6-foot-4, 226-pound catcher/first baseman, large frame carries strength. Right-handed bat is carrying tool, barrel aware hitter, middle of the lineup type. Protected approach, looked mostly to the opposite field, lets ball travel. Contact is consistently hard, rarely misses barrel, hardest contact of the day were all to right field, double and two line-outs to right. Hit four-hole in both games, DH’d and played first base.

Nic Wohlfiel, OF, Arrowhead, 2019
6-foot-1, 195-pound right/right outfielder, strong athletic frame, multi-sport athlete (football). Centerfielder, hits three-hole. Raw approach at the plate, athleticism makes up for it, above average hand eye, hands are loose and finds barrels, hunts early in counts. Strength translates, ball jumps off abt at times, gap to gap doubles guy. 4.43-4.51 down the line. Above average outfield defender, shows a knack for routes and going to get the baseball (free safety in football). Above average arm. Intriguing follow, uncommitted outfielder in the 2019 class.

Carter Endisch, RHP, Arrowhead, 2020
6-foot-1, 170-pound right-handed pitcher, long lean frame. Worked exclusively from the stretch, high ¾ slot, arm worked loose with regular effort. Fastball runs to arm side, occasional hard sink, ranged 78-82 mph. Curveball played at 68-69 mph. Worked in both games, showed above average feel early, lost the strike zone late in second outing. Follow 2020 prospect.  

Leo Falletti, OF, Wilmot, 2021
5-foot-10, 160-pound right/right outfielder, athletic frame, above average strength for age. Hits leadoff, plays multiple outfield positions. Confident in the box, path is flat through contact, showed ability to find the barrel. Sprayed contact to all fields on the day, hard contact for age. 4.54 runner down the line.

Gunner Peterson, OF, Wilmot, 2018
Illinois State commit. 6-foot-1, 185-pound left-handed hitting outfielder, lean athletic frame. Hits three-hole, center and right field. Highly offensive prospect, balanced approach with a knack for finding the barrel. Sprays to all fields with line drive type contact, hard contact guy, speed will ear extra bases. 4.25-4.35 down the line, 4.51 on the turn of a triple. Defensively can play any of the three outfield spots, precise route runner, heavy communicator in the outfield.

Tanner Peterson, OF/RHP, Wilmot, 2019
Illinois State commit. 6-foot, 180-pound left-handed hitting outfielder, strong build, athletic sloped shoulders. Hits two-hole, outfield and pitched. Similar profile to older brother, left-handed bat is calling card, slightly more lift in swing, hard contact off the bat, doubles type hitter. 4.51 down the line. Defensively may profile more at a corner outfield spot. On the mound fastball ranged 80-84 mph, pounded the zone from a high ¾ slot. Curveball plays 70-71 mph, 12/6 shape, flashed slider mostly ahead in counts, 75 mph, slinging action.

Logan Pye, 2B, Wilmot, 2020
5-foot-10, 160-pound middle infielder, average frame. Second base, seven-hole hitter as a sophomore. Defensively hands are soft, showed above average actions, plays easy defensively, quick transfers around the bag, feet work well. Right-handed hitter, two-hole type approach, works counts, will see a lot of pitches. Opposite field contact, line drive type. 2020 follow.

Zach Lechnir, SS, Kimberly, 2019
5-foot-10, 155-pound shortstop, lean athlete. Lead-off hitter and shortstop. Prototypical top of the order hitter, sees a lot of pitches, tough out, rarely swing and miss, high on base guy. Sprays contact to all fields, will hit where pitched, line drive type contact. Speed plays up on the bases, plus runner, 3.81 on a drag bunt, 4.51 turning a double. Captains the infield, will make all the routine plays, turns the ball well at second base.

Drew Lechnir, CF, Kimberly, 2019
5-foot-9, 155-pound left/left outfielder, lean athletic frame. Centerfielder and two-hole hitter. Plus jumps in the outfield, gets great reads off the bat and positions himself well. Speed plays well going into the gaps and coming in on balls, will take away hits in the outfield. Left-handed bat plays well at the top of a lineup, plate disciplined approach, walked five times in eight plate appearances. Plus runner on the bases, plus reads on contact.

John Nett, RHP, Kimberly, 2019
5-foot-10, 185-pound right-handed pitcher, strong build. Arm works from an over the top slot, clean and loose out front. Fastball sat 80-84 mph, will comfortably pitch 80-81 and reach for 83-84 mph throughout, straight four seam action, occasional late life. Slider has short lateral action, 70-74 mph.

Connor Chitko, OF, Kimberly, 2019
5-foot-10, 190-pound right/right outfielder, strong physical build. Four-hole hitter, balanced setup, repeated hard contact, gap to gap hitter for extra bases. Barrel aware hitter with above average pop. 4.33 runner down the line.

Beau Schumacher, C, Kimberly, 2019
6-foot-2, 175-pound catcher, right-handed hitter, strong build. Finds barrels while taking competitive at bats, middle of the field approach, hands are loose and on time. Hard line drive contact type. 2.08-2.20 pops. 4.79 on a turned double.

Jordan Purdy, RHP, Kimberly, 2019
6-foot, 185-pound right-handed pitcher. Easy delivery, works up tempo, creates good rhythm. Fastball pounds the zone, ability to command, 80-82 mph, straight four seam type. Curveball drops for strikes, ranged 63-67 mph. Flashed changeup at 75 mph.

Hitters Spring League - 3/25/18

Phil Kerber
Assoc. Scout/JUCO Wire Editor

Hitters 2018 and Iowa Select Black played a simulated game Sunday March 26th at Hitters Baseball Academy indoor facility in Caledonia, WI. We had the unique opportunity to capture the entire game with a FlightScope Strike unit. The game drew a large crowd of scouts (20-25 in attendance) with a handful of high school draft prospects in attendance, including: OF Jarred Kelenic (No. 2 Overall; No. 6 PBR Draft Board), 3B Alex Binelas (No. 103 Overall), RHP Max Alba (No. 106 Overall), RHP Clayton Nettleton (No. 294 Overall) and RHP Tyler Lewis (No. 370 Overall).

Prior to the game, Kelenic and Binelas held batting practice on field for the scouts in attendance. Both prospects continued to show why they are held in high regard in terms of their offensive prowess. Left-handed hitters, sprayed the ball around the field with ease and strength through contact. In-game, Kelenic was his usual self, proving to be a tough out. He showed an advanced feel and eye at the plate, routinely putting pressure on the defense. His best hit ball of the game was line a drive up the middle that nearly took off RHP Will Christophersen’s head, captured by FlightScope below.

LHH OF Jarred Kelenic - RHP Will Christophersen (3.25.18)

Jarred Kelenic (3.25.18)

Hitters 2018

Max Alba, RHP, Franklin (WI), 2018
North Carolina signee. Ranked No. 4 in Wisconsin’s Class of 2018 and No. 106 Nationally. Showed sharper feel and command for his three-pitch mix since last seen at the Super 60 in February. 6-foot-5, 190-pounds, long, lanky projectable frame. Working from a 3/4 arm slot, quick, clean arm action, long on the back, quick to get out front. Drop and drive delivery. Fastball, mostly straight, was most effective down in the zone, sat 88-90, touched 91 multiple times and 92.6 once, spin rates 2200-2500 rpm. Curveball, 11/5 shape, sharp bite when kept low in the zone, 79-82, spin rates 2300-2500. When consistently locating fastball and curveball low, had batters guessing and chasing.

Max Alba (3.25.18)

Max Alba (3.25.18)

Elijah Campbell, RHP, South Milwaukee (WI), 2018
Bradley signee. Ranked No. 27 in Wisconsin’s Class of 2018. 6-foot-5, 185-pound right-handed pitcher, large, physical frame, broad shoulders and thick lower half, proportional weight distribution. Turned a number of heads after his first inning of work, used approximately 10 pitches to record three outs. Fastball, gets on-top, works downhill with tilt, 87-88, touched 89 in his first inning. Inconsistent velocity in next two innings, 84-88 in second, 83-85 in third touching 86 once. Spin rates mainly sit in the 2000-2200 rpm, with a few scattered in below and above. Curveball, 12/6 shape, commanded, good feel for, confident in, sat 72-73, ranged from 70-75, spin rate 1800-2200.

Elijah Campbell (3.25.18)

Eric Torres, LHP, Sussex Hamilton (WI), 2018
Kansas State signee. Ranked No. 25 in Wisconsin’s Class of 2018. 6-foot, 170-pound, athletic left-handed pitcher. Slot varies between low ¾ and side arm, long arm action, slight wrap on the back. Tall and fall delivery, works across body, strides towards first base, lands square, toe open at-times. Fastball, located armside with run (spin tilt 2:00-3:00 o’clock), 83-86, touched 88, spin rate 2000-2200. Breaking ball, sweeping action on a 2/8 plane, worked both sides of the plate with, up to 75.2 mph (2145 rpm), settled at 71-73 (2000-2145 rpm). Changeup, same slot and tilt (2:00-3:00 o’clock) as fastball, similar arm speed, similar armside run as well, 79-80.

Eric Torres (3.25.18)

Sean O’Brien, RHP, Marquette University (WI), 2018
St. Louis signee. Ranked No. 36 in Wisconsin’s Class of 2018. 6-foot, 180-pound right-handed pitcher, athletic, muscular build. Drop and drive delivery, long draw,  quick arm action, high ¾ arm slot, repeats. Fastball, sat 84-86, up to 87.1, commanded. Curveball, 11/5 shape, 70-73.5, 2000-2180 rpm. Threw a high volume of strikes, pitched to contact.

Sean O'Brien (3.25.18)

Following the game between Hitters 2018 and Iowa Select Black, Hitters 2019s played Hitters 2020/2021s. Throwing in that game was high-level 2020 RHP George Klassen (Port Washington, WI). Klassen stands 6-foot-1, 150-pounds, lean, wiry-frame with apparent athleticism. Arm is electric, highly athletic, loose and easy. Long draw on the back side, reaching back, arm is athletic and loose enough to get out front quickly, high ¾ slot. At-times, his arm lags behind, leaving the ball up in the zone. Strides towards third, lands toe-closed. Fastball, comes out live, 88-90.97 mph, spin rate 2100-2400 rpm. Curveball, 11/5 shape, aggressive with but still lacks command, 77-78.

George Klassen Fastball (3.25.18)

George Klassen (3.25.18)
*All Spin Rates and Velocities captured through FlightScope Strike unit.