Jonathan Haines
Jonathan Haines
Jonathan Haines
Jonathan Haines
Jonathan Haines
Jonathan Haines
Jonathan Haines
Jonathan Haines




Washington & Jefferson College
Arkport (HS) • NY
5-11 • 190LBS • R/R
Travel Team: Gaffers Baseball/Cadets Baseball Academy


2020 National

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2020 State

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Has a projectable strong frame at 5-foot-11,180 pounds. Ran an 8.27 in the 60 yard dash. Offensively- The right handed hitter stands in the box in a tall stance., slightly open. Uses a high leg lift for timing and balance before attacking the hitting zone. Has a slight lift at the point of contact. Gets good use of the lower half. Shows the potential to hit for power at the college level. Finishes with one hand follow through. The top exit velocity was 96 MPH. Defensively- Showed active footwork. Stays under control and balanced when fielding the baseball. Shows above average funnel actions and a smooth transition. Throws from a mid ¾ arm slot. Top throwing velocity was 85 MPH. Pitching- The RHP displayed a balanced repeatable delivery. And a projectable live arm . Takes time to gather himself into a balanced backside before working downhill on plane. Quick hand separation from a high knee lift. Fast loose arm actions. FB has some downward tilt and peaked at 83 MPH. CB has tight early spin ranging from 70-73 MPH. Shows feel for a CH at 73-74 MPH, The 2020 graduate projects to be a two-way player at the next level .

Physical 5-foot-11, 180 pounds. Offensively- open stance with loose hands which will drop when loading. Stays balanced with a leg kick and lands softly towards the pitcher when making contact. Flat barrel through the zone, and upright finish during the follow through. Displayed power potential with an above average exit velocity of 95 MPH during the hitting portion. Defensively- Has range around the bag. Stays square when attacking the ground ball, will funnel the ball and get into the exchange quickly. Has a ¾ arm slot, good arm strength with an 82 MPH position velocity. Pitching- Stays balanced through a repeatable delivery and hand separation. Stays on the backside and uses lower half to get downhill. Will fall off 1B side with an aggressive finish. High ¾ arm slot. FB topped out at 80 MPH, mixed in sharp CB (71-74 MPH), SL (70-74 MPH), and feel for a CH at 73-74 MPH. The bat of the 2020 graduate will make him a player to watch and an impact player at the next level.  

WNY ASG (September 23, 2018)

Proportional build at 5-foot-11, 177-pounds. Ran a 8.44 60 yard dash. Offensively - Narrow, open stance with rhythm. Uses a controlled leg lift to get into athletic forward move. Creates considerable hip/shoulder separation. Loose, low effort hitting actions. Barrel whips thru the zone quickly. High, one-handed finish. Exit velocity was 91 MPH. Defensively - Balanced fielding approach with soft glove hand. Receives/funnels ball in center of body before quickly exchanging into throws. Loose arm action with 3/4 release. Arm strength was 80 MPH. Pitching - Mechanically sound, repeatable delivery with steady tempo. High, balanced leg lift. Stays on backside while getting into forward stride. Arm action is loose with some length to it. High 3/4 release point. Aggressive finish with some effort out front. FB topped at 80 MPH and sat 77-79 MPH. Flashed a feel for 3 additional offerings. CB sat 67-68 MPH with 11/5 shape. CH was mostly 74 MPH with late run. SL showed sharp bite at 70-74 MPH. 

Campus Series St. Bonaventure (July 31, 2018)
Stands 5-foot-10, 170-pounds, ran a 4.9 home-to-first. In the box, he uses an open stance, loose hands, aggressive and attacks the ball out in front, slightly inclined path through contact, juice to his pull-side, high end bat-speed at 94 mph, full finish. At 1B fields from a wide lower half, fields deeper into his stance, throws from a high ¾ slot with 80 mph arm-strength from the corner.  Pitching – Quick pace to his delivery, high knee lift, stays on the power line, arm-action is back and short, fastball sat 76-78 with late life from a high ¾ arm-action, CB 66-67 with 11/5 shape.

June 25-27, 2018 (NYS Games) 

60 Yard Dash:
Exit Velocity: 
Positional Arm:

Lean frame with some strength to his size, shows a strong strong arm and sound glove from 1B, arm has a long swing. Open stance in the box with high hands, uses a leg lift for timing, produces loud contact with plenty of quick bat-speed through contact, has a high finish after contact. Coninutes to impress us the more we see him. Pitching - Athletic build with compact type body. Fast tempo with quick arm actions. Snappy wrist movement. Arm slot is high 3/4. Tends to fly open towards LH batter box leaving arm behind. Uses good leg push to generate leverage. FB has arm side run and peaked at 78 mph. CB is tight but inconsistent in the strikezone. Works with a quickly tempo. 

June 2018

Strong frame; open and upright stance with a hanging stride foot for timing. Moderate swing path with an elevated finish. Aggressive mindset; RBI double to left center and a walk in game 1. Once timing is consistent he’ll do some serious damage.

Preseason - East (February 22, 2018)

Haines is a 5 foot 10 RHP/1B graduating in 2020. Haines shows a lean build with room to grow as he gets older. Ran a 4.85 home to first. Offensively- Pre pitch Haines stands open with his bat on his shoulder. As the ball is released, he has a toe tap, gets extension to the ball. Hands are quick to the hitting zone. Barrel stays flat through contact, at times dips the barrel. Hips and lower half work with the upper body on the swing. Bat speed is above average. Exit velo was recorded at 92 MPH. Defensively- approaches the ball aggressive, has a strong base. Fields the ball deep in his stance. Has a quick transfer, however the load and stride to first base is long. Brings the ball behind his lower half and tilts body all the way back before releasing to first base. Arm strength is average. Infield Velo was measured at 76 MPH. Pitching- Starts from the windup on the first base side, with a quick leg lift to the chest. Gets full extension the plate, hides the ball well behind his back leg. Has a quick delivery to the plate, uses his lower half to his advantage, explodes off the mound. Has visible life to his fastball, with average run. Fastball was 75-77 MPH.  Slider was sitting 65-68 with loose shape. Change was 68-69.

Last Chance Preview (October 14, 2017)

Haines is a 5-foot-10 168-pound right-handed pitcher and first baseman. 2020 grad with room to mature and develop physically. Ran a 8.55 60. Offensively- Starts open with knees bent and bat resting on shoulder.  Hangs leg as a timing mechanism as he slides hands back. Great bat speed and explosiveness through the zone; 84 MPH exit velocity. Middle of the field/fly ball results.  Defensively- Quick feet and fields the ball smoothly. Strong arm across the diamond for his age and position at 75 MPH. Needs to work on getting back to base for double plays.  Pitching- Starts with both feet on rubber, brings knee high to chest. Throws downhill and with intent. Fastball sits 75-77 MPH. Tops at 77 MPH. Plus curveball, sharp and drops through the zone. Falls off towards first base side. Very explosive and will develop more velocity. Huge potential both at the plate and on the mound

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