Michael Lombardi
Michael Lombardi
Michael Lombardi
Michael Lombardi
Michael Lombardi
Michael Lombardi
Michael Lombardi
Michael Lombardi
Michael Lombardi
Michael Lombardi
Michael Lombardi
Michael Lombardi
Michael Lombardi




Fox Lane (HS) • NY
6-2 • 190LBS • R/R
Travel Team: Team Citius
2022 National

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2022 State

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Physical: Highly athletic, mature 6-foot-2, 190lb build. 6.87 runner in the 60-yard dash.

Offensively: RHH - Simple, slightly open stance with the barrel resting calmly just above the shoulder. Quiet start and utilized a controlled leg-lift to initiate the swing through a flat path with bat-speed evident. Finished with two-hands on the backside, featuring natural lag on the ball. Recorded a T94 mph bat-exit velocity (89 mph AVG) and notched a 77% sweet spot rate during his round. Balanced approach that can plug either gap depending on where he’s pitched. 

Defensively: The primary shortstop set the pace with above-average tempo while rounding the ball in line to the target. Fielded off of the left side and stayed under the hips on the touch. No trouble making the rangy play to either side with good reads off the bat and a soft glove hand inside/outside the frame. Ran it up to 89 mph across the diamond.

Pitching: RHP - Slightly offset from the left side of the rubber. Slower, adjusted tempo into the stack before exploding down the slope from a H ¾ slot. Gets on top of the plate and finishes the pitch, landing an 87-88 mph FB with heavy action at a 50% clip. Mixed a sharp, two-plane mid-70’s breaker that held 11/5 tilt and then flashed a harder 78-82 mph SL along the horizontal axis. An 80 mph CH danced to the arm-side at 1370 rpms.


Physical: Well put together, strong 6-foot-2, 190-pound frame with projectability and plenty of athleticism in the movements. 7.15 runner in the 60-yard dash / Tulane commit. Legitimate two way candidate at the next level. 

Offensively: RHH. Crouched, balanced stance with the hands resting on the shoulder in the setup. Utilized a leg kick stride into a leg hang to initiate a flat barrel path into the hitting zone. Showed efficiency in the swing with little waisted movements, got on plane early and let the hands ride through extension, got slightly negative at times on the attack angle, but repetitively barreled up hard line drives towards the LCF gap. Impressed during a quality batting practice round with ability to stay in the legs displaying high level usage of ground power in the box. Recorded a 30% line drive rate compared to a 40% fly ball rate / generated a peak bat-exit velocity of 92 mph per Trackman Baseball / 310 foot maximum batted ball distance. Took over during game action with a simple approach and a multitude of hard barrels against top level pitching, the timing mechanism works early and often and the hands are repeatedly on time at the front of the plate; solid hitter overall. 

Defensively: The primary shortstop featured smooth and fluid footwork while arriving to the ball on time at the fielding window, soft glove hand played out in front of his left side / medium-low center of gravity, showed adequate pace across the diamond, high ¾ arm-slot on live throws with carry across the diamond. INF - 87 mph

Pitching: RHP - Starts from the middle of the rubber with a side rocker step, medium leg lift with moderate pace throughout the delivery, medium-tall posture with a quick, high ¾ release out of a medium arm circle. FB ranged from 86-87 T88 mph with good downhill plane creating heaviness into the zone (upwards of 2256 spin per Trackman Baseball), mixed in a sharp 71-73 mph CB showing 11/5 shape and late depth, countered with a quality third offering; a 78-79 mph CH commanded with downer action and arm-side fade. 


Physical: 6-foot-2, 185 pounds; athletic, projectable build. 7.19 runner in the 60.

Offensively: RHH. Crouched, wide stance; small lift and replace leg lift. Aggressive with quick, direct barrel path uphill finish with good extension after contact point.  Line drive approach to pull side; peak Trackman exit velocity of 86 MPH.

Defensively: Starts upright; aggressive approach of the ball, plays downhill. Smooth hands, clean transfer; medium arm swing with a 3/4 arm slot.  INF - 91 MPH.

Pitching: Sets up slightly offset, simple delivery with a leg lift to his waist and he powers off of his back leg. Long take back with a high 3/4 arm slot. FB: Peak velo of 87 MPH, while sitting 84-87 MPH. Plays well up with some ride through the zone. CB: 71-74 MPH. Late, sharp break. CH: 78-81 MPH. Deceptive arm speed with late fade.


Physical: 6-2, 185-pounds. Strong, long frame. 7.22 runner in the 60; 4.34 home-to-1B.
Offensively: RHH. Crouched stance with some bend in the knees, feet just wider than shoulder width apart, hands level with his chin, uses a bug leg kick for timing Direct barrel path, flat barrel path to the ball and finishes uphill on finish, good use of the lower half. Lots of hard contact to pull side. 88 MPH raw exit velocity.
Defensively: Controlled, consistent footwork, works well from the ground up, gets rid of the ball quickly. Medium arm swing with a 3/4 arm slot.  INF - 86 MPH.
Pitching: Fundamental balanced delivery with a leg lift above the waist, sits into backside as he strides out in line to a repeatable release and follow through. Long, whippy arm action with a 3/4 release. FB: T84, 82-84 MPH. 4-seam has ride through the zone; 2-seam has arm side run. SL: 70-73 MPH. Late, sharp 2 plane break. CH: 72-75 MPH. Maintains hand speed with arm side fade. 


Lombardi, who has added 2 inches to his frame over the past year shaved his 60 down to a personal best 7.27. Offensively - The RHH works from a slightly open stance with the bat resting on his shoulders; slight barrel tip during his load. Middle of the field approach with line drive results. Defensively - The glove plays out in front with clean exchanges and enough arm to stick to the left side of the field; was able to make the play on move. Also took to the mound for an inning working in the 81-83 MPH range with a repeatable delivery. Long term projection could lead to some 3B play as well. 


A physical frame at 6-foot-0 tall, 180 pounds. Ran a 7.28 in the 60 yard dash. Offensively- Stands in the box with feet shoulder width apart. Uses a slight leg lift before attacking the baseball. Simple load. Quick to the hitting zone. Showed hard consistent contact to the middle and pull side of the field. Has slight lift at the point of contact. Gets good use of the lower half. Stays balanced throughout the hitting zone. Top exit velocity was 84 MPH. Defensively- Shows active footwork. Gets himself in a good position before making the play.  Takes his time to gather himself before making the throw across the diamond. Moves well side to side. Throws from a high ¾ arm slot. Top throwing velocity was 84 MPH. The 2022 graduate has tons of upside and a projectable frame and is a must follow going forward.


A physical 6-foot-0, 180 pounds. Ran a 7.29 60 yard dash. Offensively- stands in the box in a wide stance with loose hands. Direct bat path to the baseball. Good use of the lower half and gets full extension. Balanced throughout the swing. Hard consistent contact to the center of the field. Top exit velocity was 87 MPH. Defensively- stays under control when attacking the baseball. Smooth funnel actions. Gets himself into a good position. Easy arm action on throws across the infield. Top throwing velocity was 84 MPH. Pitching- the right handed pitcher displayed a repeatable delivery. Low effort projectable arm action. Smooth hand separation from a balanced backside. FB has some downward tilt and peaked at 82 MPH. CB ranged from 68-71 MPH, and feel for a CH at 70-71 MPH.


Proportional frame with an athletic build at 5-foot-11, 175-pounds. Ran a 7.64 60 Yard Dash. Offensively - Balanced, athletic set-up in the box. Stays relaxed with loose hands before getting into load and forward stride. Compact swing. Hands stay inside of the ball. Kept the ball in the middle of the field during BP. Power should improve as he gets stronger. Exit Velocity was 82 MPH. Defensively - Shows body control with fluid fielding actions. Smooth tempo when transitioning from fielding into throwing. Clean, compact arm action from 3/4 release. Receives ball with a soft glove hand. Arm strength was 76 MPH. Pitching - Smooth, repeatable delivery. Mechanically sound actions. Keeps weight on back leg as he works down the slope but maintains level shoulders. Aggressive finish out over his front side. Loose, fluid arm action from 3/4 release. FB sat 76-77 MPH and topped at 78 MPH. Also showed SL at 70-71 MPH and CH at 68-71 MPH. Quality feel for pitching. Overall, young 2-way prospect who could show big improvement with additional strength.


Jr. Futures Games participant. Proportionally built with a projectable frame at 5-foot-11, 175-pounds. Offensively – Wide, balanced set-up in the box with slight knee bend. Starts square to the pitcher. Loose, quick hands and level swing thru the zone. Shows natural feel for finding the barrel. Continues to produce easy, line drive contact. Loose hitting actions that project well for future power. Defensively – Balanced, mechanically sound defensive actions. Shows consistent body control. Receives ball in center of body and stays low while funneling in. Loose, fluid arm action with ¾ release. Arm strength continues to improve. Pitching – Fluid, low effort throwing actions. Remains balance throughout delivery. Stays tall on back leg, creates good downward plane on all offerings. Loose, projectable arm action with ¾ release. Consistent finish with quality hand speed. Shows a feel for the strike zone with all of his offerings. Continues to display advanced, 2-way actions.

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