Prep Baseball Report

Most Valuable Players : 7A (Regions 1-4)

Justin Goetz
PBR Georgia Assistant Scouting Director

Unsurprisingly, the most densely populated schools of GHSA 7A baseball make for the deepest class in the state by far. So deep in fact, that we have to split up the classifications impact players into two different articles! 7A is littered with draft prospects year by year, and this one is no different. But, there are other players with a serious future in baseball that can go well beyond HS and college baseball. To avoid keeping you waiting any further, here are the 20 MVP’s in class 7A (Regions 1-4).

Colin Houck SS / 3B / Parkview, GA / 2023

Mississippi State Commit. 6 foot 3, 200 pounds. Few players in the state had a bigger 2022 than this SS1/QB1, who’s name is the stuff of legend in and around Lilburn, GA. From the PBR ProCase to the National Program Invitational, to East Coast Pro to Area Code Games, Houck delivered every step of the way and then some. We have no reason to believe his spring at The View will be any different. Everything he does on a baseball field is effortless, and it’s because of that ease of effort he's able to maintain body control while creating elite exit velocities. To hit consistently for average, you can’t take 100% effort “dad hacks” vs pitchers with elite stuff. High effort hacks lead to bundles of K’s and inconsistency. This is exactly why we believe Houck will be able to reach the ceiling on his power potential. He’s got the discipline to recognize what pitchers are trying to do to him and will lace an oppo single vs a breaking ball with a smooth inside-out swing for 2 RBI’s. When he faced elite HS arms in 2022, the approach was simplified with the mindset relaxed, focusing solely on squaring them up. The timing and efficiency in his swing lead to consistent hard contact, and the unreal strength in his hands & wrists deliver an equal force to a mid-upper 90’s FB. This bat strength is absolutely key to being able to handle the endless electric arms in pro ball. Not only is this a real bat, Houck is a plus runner with an A/AVG or better arm who is very instinctive on the dirt. Having undoubtedly proved himself on the summer circuit, the only challenge for Houck this spring will be a ridiculous amount of patience, as most teams will pitch around him. This should continue to advance him as a hitter in the pitch recognition, plate discipline area. 

Jake Hembree LHP / OF / North Paulding, GA / 2023

UGA Commit. 6 foot 1, 190 pounds. One of the best performances I saw in 2022 was from this nasty southpaw. With an innate feel of four pitches he can throw in any count, Hembree diced the Parkview lineup for double digit K’s, even registering 4 K’s in one inning.  Pitching from the stretch only, the delivery is the definition of well sequenced. He repeats his delivery and arm path at a level few his age can. The great balance, direction he shows are helped by his fluidity and efficiency through “up, down, and out” phases. It allows his delivery to stay compact and work in a straight line to the plate, which is a huge reason he gets consistent life on all four pitches. His effortless arm action from a high ¾ slot has a slight wrap that seems to help his ability to supinate for 2 dominant breaking balls, but has no impact on his ability to pronate the FB or CH. His high glove side adds deception to his sneaky, tailing FB at 88-89 T90. He has 3 offspeed pitches with above average or better future potential. The 78-80 SL sweeps across the zone with depth, 74-76 CB good shape, tight rotation, and ridiculous tilt. Last but not least, an absolute downer 82-83 CH with late fade. Jake’s arsenal makes him completely unpredictable and confusing to hitters - His FB can work vertically/horizontally with ease, the CB is more vertical that works well off his FB up, the SL gives a completely different horizontal look that pairs well with his FB low, and the CH works perfectly off any FB location. His special ability to throw all pitches in any count make it impossible for hitters to match plane on him consistently. The road to a possible GHSA State Championship for North Paulding starts and ends with this pitching scientist.

Alex Karst 1B / RHP / Campbell, GA / 2023

Kennesaw State Commit. 6 foot 8, 230 pounds. This Campbell Spartan could easily be the breakout star of the year in 7A. With a towering XL frame and simplified all stretch delivery, Karst will be fearlessly attacking some of the best hitters in the country this spring as he finds himself in the middle of the most loaded classification in recent memory. Do I like his chances? Absolutely. This is a very athletic mover for his size and his coordination will only increase as he gets stronger. Karst repeats his delivery and loose, clean full circle mid depth arm action incredibly well from an H3/4 slot. He compacts it over the rubber in stride with a surprisingly graceful move down the mound, giving him optimal weight distribution and power at landing. His biggest weapon is a torpedo-like sinking FB that dives toward the feet of RHH, and sprints away from LHH. What’s even more impressive is, he can locate the pitch glove side with similar life to freeze both side hitters. This higher spin sinker has A/AVG or better current life on a pro scale is eye opening to see hitters try and track this pitch from the trajectory of Mt. Everest. Hitters rarely match plane with it, typically beating it into the ground or getting jammed if contact is made. Karst can dominate games just with his sinker, which is why your jaw will drop when you see his 73-76 CB. The pitch rotates tightly with an angry downward tilt and consistent 11-5 shape that repeatedly shows sudden two plane depth. The feel he has for this pitch creates much more versatility for him, as he can throw it for strikes early in counts just as much as he can lock up hitters with it late. With his giant frame, stuff, and athleticism, it wouldn’t surprise me for pro scouts to come looking if there’s a jump in velo this spring.

Ford Thompson LHP / OF / Parkview , GA / 2024

UGA Commit. 6 foot, 175 pounds. This nasty lefty is an exciting blend of athleticism, arm speed, and pitchability. Ford will be gassing up 7A hitters all year with an exciting arsenal loaded with aggressive intent. He has one of the more explosive deliveries in the country. It’s a near perfect gradual buildup of momentum, promoting ease of operation and arm health. The pace is slow to square up, medium through up+down+out phases, and fast after landing. This allows for optimal backside connection with the arm and big muscles, which projects much more velo for Thompson. He keeps control, balance & sequence before landing, and is in a good position to throw with late violence and elite extension after landing. Ford his delivery figured out at a young age well before his physical ceiling. He also creates some of the best hip/shoulder separation in the country for his class, which will only increase his velo as he adds strength. This is a testament to athleticism, work ethic, and passion for the position. His deep, full circle AA is very smooth from a low ¾ slot and creates a nasty late tail on his 89-91 FB that plays up due to extension & angle. It can get a riding effect up in the zone as well. His sweeping 70-72 CB is sharp with two plane depth and it works to both side of the plate. There’s no question Thompson will be integral in a near automatic State Championship run for the Panthers.

Jansen Kenty LHP / 1B / East Coweta, GA / 2023

Alabama Commit. 6 foot 1, 185 pounds. This electric arm repeats a well sequenced, mechanically sound delivery that has pro scouts taking notice. When you add a durable frame and lots of arm talent to an advanced delivery, you get nasty stuff. Jansen's advanced repertoire is going to give hitters fits all spring. The FB (88-90 T92) is a future A/AVG pitch. It’s highly spin efficient producing unreal carry up in zone. He creates nique angle that puts him on top of LHH, and equally tough to track for RHH. Kenty can pepper the arm side edge with tail low in zone. The sweeping SLV (72-74) has A/AVG potential. It’s extremely harp w/ edge to edge sweep and two plane depth. Plays well off FB up vs RHH, FB in vs LHH. Jansen has shown a harder SL in past and has lots of feel to spin, so I am very interested to see what his arsenal looks like earlier in the spring. His CH (79-81) has AVG future potential and he can be a true 3 pitch guy in college and beyond. The pitch gets mpressive fade due to arm slot, maintains FB tempo and has similar life to the pitch. Gets swing & miss anywhere arm side vs RHH.  Kenty has great work ethic and trains with Full Count Baseball, which has taken him to the next level from efficiency to developing a healthy delivery that will last long term. We can’t ignore his work in the weight room over that span, as physical maturity is key to any jump in velo. With Kenty and upper 80’s starter Nathan Huff, the Indians can easily sweep multiple playoff series with their heavy artillery. Check out my article “Picks 2 Click” for a more in depth breakdown of Kenty’s delivery.

Jason Walk MIF / SS / Harrison , GA / 2023

Oklahoma Commit. 5 foot 10, 160 pounds. This Harrison Hoya and ECP Alumni has one of the better run tools in the entire 2023 class and uses it extremely well in game. His plus speed in the 60 doesn’t do justice to what he is in game, with reports all over the industry of ++ run times in big events including our own PBR Cup. As a LHH, Walk has a compact, more level inside-out swing and a slashing style where he puts the ball on the ground/low line drives to use the absolute most of his speed. This style puts enormous pressure on opposing defenses, and will undoubtedly be a cheat code in 7A baseball this year. As a RHH, Walk has an all fields approach with a steeper launch position that creates more backspin and carry. He makes consistent contact from this side as well as the left. Not only has his run speed taken off in the past year, the bat speed has too. We saw a noticeable uptick in exit velocity from Walk in 2022, meaning he will be grabbing more doubles, triples, and RBI’s this spring. As you can guess, Walk shows elite traits defensively with plus range and instincts. His fluid hips are a big part of that range, adding crisp routes to make unlikely catches seem easy. I wouldn’t be surprised if he comes out this spring much stronger, as there are no doubts about his work ethic from his big jump in 2022.

Jackson Barberi RHP / 3B / Brookwood, GA / 2024

Uncommitted. 6 foot 3, 160 pounds. With this being the No. 2 starter for Brookwood, you can make a clean argument for this being the best 1-2 punch in GHSA baseball this year. Barberi has jumped 10 mph in the last calendar year, sitting in the 88-90 range with his FB. There are endless eye opening positives about Jackson’s game, but let's start with the fact that he’ll be 17 years old when the 2024 MLB Draft arrives. Let's follow that with an opinion that's not as bold as you’d think, the Bronco has the fastest arm speed in the state for 2024. The ease of operation, sequence and flow of his delivery are eye opening. This is an elite mover with a perfect build up of pace and momentum in the delivery. After seeing one pitch, you immediately see how athletic this dude is. He flows like water through the up+down+out phases, wasting no energy before landing or any extra movement to impact his direction. His arm action is incredibly loose & quick, with a perfectly efficient full circle (mid depth) arm action from a unique L3/4 slot. Not only is the arm speed elite, so is the deceptiveness. He hides the ball extremely well naturally, due to his arm action being very well connected with his largest muscles on the backside. The timing he shows in hip/shoulder separation is textbook, building healthy rubberband-like tension gradually into pure jet fuel post landing. There are few deliveries in the class or nation that possess every single quality you’d find in a top of the rotation MLB starter with nothing to fix mechanically, and Barberi is one of those few. We could write a book on Barberi’s delivery, but his pure stuff is just as exciting. His 88-90 FB has ridiculous IBV/HZB numbers and hovers in at 2600 rpm. Its the definition of bore arm side and he’s able to produce comeback horizontal life on the glove side edge, which is such a strength vs hitters on either side of the plate. Vs RHH, he can freeze them on the outer edge with what starts out as a ball after buzzing them in on the hands. This adds a different dimension to his FB and plays up both secondary offerings. He can also freeze LHH in after getting them leaning over the plate with his disgusting CH. The 2500 rpm SL is a power sweeper of the same quality in the 74-77 range, a pure nightmare for hitters. It’s one of the sharpest pitches in the class with late depth and plays up due to unreal angle. Even better, he shows plus control of the pitch - throwing it for 75% strikes over all summer outings. It's more of the same with his 78-80 CH, his other secondary pitch with an endless ceiling. The fade and depth combo is very similar to the FB low in the zone and generates easy swing and miss. This future front end starter has 3 pitches with plus potential, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he led all of GHSA in K’s in 2023.

Dominic Stephenson C / OF / Harrison, GA / 2025

Georgia Tech Commit. 6 foot 1, 175 pounds. A player must have a very strong mindset to start behind the plate as a freshman in the highly competitive Cobb County area, where some of the best athletes in multiple sports come from. Dominic achieved this goal with lots of success and has only gotten stronger from learning on the fly. In 2023, he’s much stronger, more experienced, and that much more confident to go in and dominate year 2 of his HS career. When Dom had to face arms 1-2 years older than him who all threw 88-90 or better at our biggest event of the year (Future Games), it was barrel city! This is a player that's comfortable being uncomfortable, maybe the most important trait a player needs mentally to make it to the games biggest league. This is a dream of an athlete at catching position with easy five tool potential. His high waisted, lean muscled frame is what many catchers wish they looked like. As he gets stronger the tools will only get louder. Dom has some of the best swing mechanics in the nation for his class, by a long shot. There are many pros who would be shocked by Stephenson’s rhythm, ease, swing  path, and ability to repeat. The swing develops in perfect sequence and he’s as handy as they come, with great rhythm in hips creating good direction taking pressure off his upper half. He manipulates the barrel to any pitch in any spot, and is showing lots of improvement in pitch recognition & plate discipline. This is a smooth receiver who has the awareness and arm to shut down the run game, and has plenty of toughness for the position. This is a sure bet for A/AVG tools in all 5 categories, and we feel a couple of his 5 tools will end up plus. The comparison of a larger Harry Ford definitely exists and his career trajectory will likely be similar, but Stephenson will pave his own way as the unquestioned No. 1 backstop in the 2025 class.

Noah Thigpen RHP / 3B / Lowndes, GA / 2024

Troy State Commit. 6 foot 2, 180 pounds. You could make an argument that this is could be the most valuable player in 7A baseball for the spring of 2023. Few arms in the state have made as large a jump as this newly committed Troy Trojan. He went from low mid 80’s to touching 90 in 8 months time! His prototype frame, athleticism, and projection, make another jump seem imminent. Thigpen has one of the most fluid, rare deliveries in the state regardless of class. Everything happens in perfect sequence, unreal lower half mechanics & hip/shoulder separation you only see in elite college/pro guys. His rhythm & tempo are perfect, as well as his actions through the up+down+out phases. Sequence is the biggest reason he’s been a 75% strikes guy at LP. The arm action is incredibly clean with a loose mid depth arm swing that stays connected with his largest muscles on the backside, arm is never in a bad position. His FB is 88-89 T91 23-2400 with ride+run (elite IVB numbers), the SLV at 76-78 has sweep+late depth for strikes, and the 80-81 CH is a fader w/ big potential. With the athleticism, projection, and delivery being his separators, you get a feeling Thigpen could be in an entirely different stratosphere a year from now. With the power combo of Thigpen and Sirmans, Lowndes will have 2 standout leaders to make a serious run at a State Championship.

Garrett Lambert RHP / 1B / Parkview, GA / 2023

Mercer Commit. 6 foot 2, 200 pounds. This future No. 4 or 5 starter has one of the smoothest, low effort deliveries in the entire country. It's a very durable build with proportional strength throughout and the frame, lower half of a college wrestler. I’m a big fan of the gradual buildup of pace from start to finish, and his ability to control the body well with good direction (starts with good footwork). Garrett lets his loose, lengthy arm action develop in perfect sequence. His patience in the upper body over the rubber as he works downhill is exceptional, as most pitchers with this sort of length in the arm action miss up & away arm side. Instead, he only benefits from his effortless arm action. Due to the depth of the AA, it connects with his largest muscles in the legs+core and creates more momentum from hand break to throwing position. It also gives him impressive extension as his chest works over the front knee and arm nears release, causing his FB to explode out of hand and play up his velo. These are all big keys to why Lambert throws consistent strikes with 3 pitches. The delivery is so clean that his arm can work freely and easily, with no negative impacts on his stuff. He has advanced lower half mechanics - sits into legs very well and they hold up strong at landing, maintaining connection to rubber in stride. He’s in a powerful position to throw near landing with balanced weight distribution between the backside and front side. Nothing Lambert throws is straight, as he gets different life to both edges with his FB and has two breaking balls with much different action. The repertoire has taken a big jump since spring and he’s gone from a college guy to possible draft guy - added a big time out pitch in the SL, sharpened up the CB, now pronates on the FB arm side to get running action, and is using the CH more. This is a very good athlete who just happens to pitch, and his incredible aptitude to develop his stuff in such a short time is the reason he’s on this list. He was more of a FB+CB guy this spring and is now opening the eyes of pro scouts. What you see with Lambert is constant progression from spring to fall, and I believe the momentum will continue in 2023. He will largely benefit as a prospect from playing for Coach Chan Brown and the Parkview Panthers for many reasons. The two most notable are - 1. Parkview is one of the most heavily scouted HS in the country each year with big talent in each class. 2. His teammate and fellow 2023 Colin Houck is a slam dunk day 1 draft prospect, so every time scouts come to see him they’ll see Lambert dominating. I feel the velo will tick up as it gets warmer in spring, and Garrett will start to grow on teams quickly.

Cade Cosper RHP / Carrollton, GA / 2023

Mercer Commit. My last look on Cosper was at the GDC Tournament just over a year ago, where he was wildly impressive, showing he was one of the most twitchy arms in the class. We’re extremely excited to be able to see him there again in a few weeks, and wouldn’t be surprised at all if he’s taken a jump from his last time attending. Cosper’s dominant spring earned him a PBR Pro Case invite, which he couldn’t attend due to arm soreness. All reports out of West Georgia are that he’s completely healthy, and primed for another run at the State Championship with this versatile roster. Cade easily has one of the most athletic deliveries in the class, with incredible compactness through “up, down, and out” phases creating a connected, tightly wound rubber band that fires perfectly post landing. For the past year this has been one of my picks to click as far as making a huge jump in velocity when he hits the college ranks. All he needs is strength, as there are few in the class with more arm speed than Cosper. He has an impressive 3 pitch mix, and ridiculous explosiveness in a highly efficient delivery. See the scouting report below from the last time I saw him -

Landon Stripling 3B / OF / Parkview , GA / 2023

Texas Tech Commit. Since our last GDC Tourney at the end of February 2022, this has been one of my favorite swings in the state. A beautifully balanced, one piece swing that flows like water. From the start of his negative move to the end of his forward move, the swing develops in perfect sequence. It’s more of the same post landing, as Stripling lands with textbook weight distribution (55% back side, 45% front side). This allows him to create optimal power from the ground up, gives him the ability to decelerate without losing balance, and slowly stretch the hips/hands in separation to keep his hands from stopping or drifting. This Pro Case alumni has an extremely versatile swing path that can not only front arm shrink on inside pitches to turn the barrel in tight space vs quality velocity, but -  it can go inside-out to drive outer half pitches, hands can work above the ball & level path at the top of the zone, he can steepen the barrel late to loft low balls into the gaps. When you can get to every ball properly in every quadrant of the zone at this level in HS, you’re an automatic gut feel guy for me. There are only a handful or 2 of players I’ve seen in the past year with this level of swing versatility. Look for Stripling to have a banner year for the Panthers.

DeShawn Morgan RHP / North Paulding, GA / 2024

Memphis Commit. 5 foot 11, 175 pounds. There are few arms in the state, much less the region, with more velocity potential than Morgan. This is an elite athlete who’s all stretch delivery is an art form. He creates some of the most explosive lower half actions in the state due to the stack of his upper half over the rubber in stride, and sheer lower half strength. He has a perfect build for balance and repeatability on the mound - DeShawn is compact height wise with long legs/arms and a shorter torso. This gives him the ability to have elite body control throughout the delivery, but also create a long, loose, absolutely electric arm action that you’d typically see from a pro arm in the 6’4 - 6’5 range. His arm action is elite and one of the cleanest in the state regardless of class. This is a big arm swing from a very repeatable minimal depth that creates a fully loaded scap and extensive hip/shoulder separation at landing. The extremely natural L3/4 slot creates a much different angle than hitters typically see, adding extra life to the violent bore (future + life) on his 89-91 T92 FB. His 2500 RPM SL is a frisbee type in the 70-74 range that's sure to be a plus pitch sooner rather than later. We wouldn’t be surprised at all to see a jump in velocity in 2023, especially with added strength to his frame. Developing a consistent CH with his two currently dominant HS pitches is entirely possible with his level of athleticism. We’re excited to monitor this impact players progress this spring.

Cade Brown 3B / 2B / Parkview , GA / 2024

UGA Commit. 6 foot 2, 190 pounds. The last time we saw Future Games Alumni Cade Brown, he had a dominant four game stretch at the PBR Cup, collecting five hits, one home run, four RBI, all while striking out only once. You can’t help but attribute much of this success to the several adjustments Brown has made at the plate since we last saw him at the PBR Future Games. First, he cut his base and stride in half, which has allowed him to reach the fastball up and get more loft on the ball low in the zone. Second, he cut his load in half, creating a quicker and more efficient path to the zone. The dividends appear to have been immediate. He still possesses some of the top raw power in the state, but has now evolved into a more complete hitter at the plate. With his large, broad shouldered frame that's always created special bat strength through contact, he’s now able to access all of that strength through a more efficient swing. Let’s not forget that this is an A/AVG runner who’s speed plays up from 1st to 3rd, where he will spend alot of time visiting this spring. With elite makeup, work ethic, and some standout tools, we expect another leap forward for this Parkview Panther.

Thorpe Musci RHP / OF / Parkview, GA / 2024

Georgia Tech Commit. 6 foot 1, 175 pounds. Our last look on Musci was an electric performance in the PBR Cup. When you add his electric stuff with Ford Thompson and Garrett Lambert, their 3 aces are rivaled only by the likes of Mt. Paran and Blessed Trinity. This is the scouting report from the last time we saw him this fall - He has long been one Georgia’s top power arms, with a lethal FB/SL combination. Up against a strong South Charlotte Panthers team, Musci showed exactly why he is so highly regarded. His fastball sat 89-92, touching 93, and was simply overpowering, blowing it by batters. Coming from an over-the-top slot, he can create a difficult angle at-times. The slider plays at 79-82 with late bite, a proven swing and miss pitch. The interesting take away from this outing was the use of a changeup. Music has sparsely used it over his career, but it looked like a more than serviceable pitch, with heavy sink at 84. The right-hander has an explosive drop and drive delivery, and shows no signs of slowing down velo-wise. Our No. 22 player in the 2024 Class (216th Nationally) shows how much we believe in this high level arm.

Tate Sirmans 3B / SS / Lowndes, GA / 2024

South Carolina Commit. 6 foot 1, 180 pounds. This is one of the more exciting bats to watch, with big EV after big EV during the summer circuit. If you had just walked up and saw 95 - 100 EV on our boards at LakePoint, there’s a solid chance it was from Tate. I love how he sinks into his lower half during the negative move, allowing him to “work up” on an incline plane to the baseball with ease due to proper chest/shoulder rotation (diagonal plane). Sirmans has one of the most compact forward moves in the class which leads to a short, explosive hand path. This allows him to turn on big velocity with ease in what seemingly looks like a flick of the wrist. He has the actions, nice arm strength and the ability to play all infield positions to help solidify the Lowndes defense. But make no mistake, the bat is going to be very loud this spring.

Preston Bonn C / OF / Brookwood, GA / 2024

Kennesaw State Commit. 6 foot, 180 pounds. Brookwood’s MVP at the end of the 2023 spring could quite easily be Bonn, who holds much more responsibility than himself on the team. He’ll have to help make sure the outings of Lonergan and Barberi go smoothly, control the run game, and be the one to save a rare passed ball. It’s quite rare to find a backstop with this type of athleticism, as those players usually are found playing SS/CF. The extremely athletic actions he shows in all facets of the game will only become more explosive as he fills into his frame. Bonn simply makes the game look easy. Offensively, he shows great rhythm and fluidity in the swing, and it starts in the slow flow of the hips. His hands stay active from the moment he sets up, but the most important part is that they stay in one compact area. This allows him to feel the timing and stretch of separation and prevents his hands from stagnating at any point in the forward move. The relaxed upper half and looseness in his elbows allow the hands to work close to the body throughout the swing, creating a dynamic path that can work in tight space or to the opposite field with ease. His good separation timing brings exceptional torque at landing. The hip pace, momentum gaining stride, and front hip clearance before landing are highly impressive actions. They are big reason for why he shows gap to gap power and is able to hit velocity with the best of them well before physically filling out his frame. Although an average-ish runner in terms of 60 time, his run tool plays up in the game with lengthy strides and easy explosiveness. Defensively is where he separates himself even more, with some of the best catch and throw in the class. He regularly turns in 1.95 to 2.00 pop times due to advanced footwork, a quick transfer, and a textbook arm action for a backstop. His athleticism and lateral agility shows in blocking and he’s as smooth as they come as a receiver. Strength is the only thing needed for another big jump in tools for Bonn.

Blayne Newman RHP / 1B / Richmond Hill, GA / 2023

USC - Aiken Commit. 6 foot 3, 185 pounds.
One of the better arms you’ve never heard of has easily some of the most aggressive stuff in 7A baseball. Blayne was a standout at our Top Prospect Games and had D1’s from all around the southeast on him post event. We feel he will develop into a serious prospect at USC - Aiken. His high energy delivery brings electricity in any ballpark, and his deceptive full circle arm action stays very connected from an OH slot. He moves fearlessly, ripping every pitch 100%. Newmans ability to move at a high level of explosiveness while maintaining body control speaks just as much to projection as low effort does in my book. The FB work in the 87-90 range with steep plane, bore arm side. CB 74-76 2600 rpm!! There are few who have as much feel to spin as Newman, this advanced ability will take his career beyond college. Pro bloodlines. But first, he will look to dominate Region 1 in 7A this year.

Andrew Carter OF / McEachern, GA / 2024

Uncommitted. 5 foot 10, 155 pounds. This is a bottle rocket of explosiveness who can make a huge impact on the 7A standings this year for McEachern. This is a well balanced swing with eye opening bat speed. Each time he squares the ball up, it’s coming out scorching hot to all fields. It’s a very quick stroke where the hands work close to the body and get in and out of launch position with ease. The knob leads his path and the hands are balanced with the top hand staying palm up through contact (strong wrists), which means you won't see him rolling over often. There is some disconnect at times on the back side due to inconsistent hip pace out of the hole, and not clearing his front hip in stride. But as a high level athlete, I’m sure he will advance through that quickly. Carter is an A/AVG runner with the arm to match, which will save runs for the McEachern pitching staff weekly.

carson page
ss / lowndes, GA / 2024

Georgia Tech Commit. 5 foot 8, 150 pounds. This is pound for pound one of the strongest players in the class. As far as baseball players go, this is without question one of the best in the state. This ball of muscle brings a high level of energy and explosiveness, both offensively and defensively. He’s incredibly balanced at the plate due to both athleticism and his ability to recognize and decelerate on offspeed pitches. But don’t think you can get a heater by him either, as his efficient swing path and elite reaction time allow him to adjust to any pitch in any location. He’s a nightmare to any pitcher, with high end pitch recognition and plate discipline ruining pitch counts from the first inning to the last. Page is an instinctive defender at SS with the effort, footwork, range, and arm to play anywhere on the diamond. Carson is an A/AVG runner who’s speed plays up largely in game, especially on the basepaths. The Region 1 Player of the Year in 2022, it’s almost a guaranteed bag every time he reaches 1st. That happens quite often. He’s the engine of this Lowndes team and a big reason for their State Championship capabilities this spring.

Honorable Mentions

Clinton Harris / RHP/OF / Brookwood / 2024
Craig Kalkbrenner SS, Harrison, 2024
Xavier Hill OF, Harrison, 2025
Brett Leseman 3B, Harrison, 2025
Jayden Reid SS, Westlake, 2023
Jordan Bright RHP, McEachern, 2024
Ethan Carroll RHP, McEachern, 2023
Cayden Sheffield C, North Paulding, 2024
Caden Hewitt RHP, North Paulding, 2024
Porter Berryman LHP, Parkview, 2025
Sinjon Lash RHP, East Coweta, 2025
Isaiah Haygood / LHP / Valdosta / 2024

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