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Fab 50: Shooter's Future Games Standouts (26-50)

Shooter Hunt
Vice President, Scouting

Each year the PBR Future Games is the marquee event of the summer. More than 500 uncommitted underclassmen in what is the ultimate one-stop-shop for college recruiters of which there were nearly 400 at this year’s event. Below, a look at 50 position players in the 2025 class that made an impact on Vice President of Scouting, Shooter Hunt’s, look while at Lakepoint.

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Joey Arend OF / LHP / St. Charles East, IL / 2025

Likely to fill multiple roles at the next level, Arend exhibited a highly valuable look for college coaches while at the Future Games. The high-waisted, 6-foot, 158-pound left-handed hitter took sweet strokes throughout the week, even without the loud production to go with it. Impressively balanced with some sneaky strength on a projectable frame, the hands flowed freely into a power position with a leg hang stride before working the barrel slightly uphill through the zone. A 6.9-runner with effortless athleticism, he also demonstrated upside on the mound where a quick arm produced mid-80s fastballs with feel for secondary. Most notably, a quiet confidence and competitiveness pervaded, and is likely to push him to new heights in coming years.

Nick Diaz 1B / 3B / Stoneman Douglas, FL / 2025

The long, thin, and athletic 6-foot-5, 174-pounder out of Florida looked the part of the next wave of big bats set to come out of prospect factory, Stoneman Douglas HS, as he hammered a home run off the scoreboard in game play along with an impressive double to the opposite field. The right-handed hitter posted a 7.04 60-yard dash time with a max exit velocity of 96 mph, but his most impressive swings came in game play. Maintaining connection through a fluid load of the hands, which rocked back before driving the barrel flat through the zone, Diaz enjoyed impressive use of the lower-half which included noticeable rotational acceleration as he looked to inflict damage early in counts. Only aiding his upside as an all-around hitter, he demonstrated a willingness to battle with two strikes, spreading out his base and allowing the hands to work in covering the plate to all fields. Still adding strength, the pitch recognition stood out as advanced in this look, and given the present barrel accuracy, there is a chance that Diaz will continue to excel moving forward.

Ben Toft OF / LHP / New Trier, IL / 2025

A future top-of-the-order player at the next level, Toft took quality at-bats all week en route to a 3-for-7 (2B, BB) performance. The 5-foot-9, 164-pound outfielder comfortably rocks the hands down and back at a controlled pace before generating bat speed via quick hands with some length in the zone. Quiet with the head while staying behind the baseball, he was perpetually on the barrel throughout two batting practice sessions that included a max exit velocity of 96 mph with some sneaky strength to the pull side. Athletic in the outfield, his 6.81 speed played up with a quick first step in center field and advanced instincts. Toft’s ability to slow things down at the plate while showcasing impressive decision making abilities is something that is sure to generate plenty of interest from college programs who are looking for a player that will undoubtedly boost a recruiting class.

Peter Mershon C / 3B / Eastside, SC / 2025

There might not be a more athletic catcher in the country than Mershon who posted a 6.58 60-yard dash time while putting strong throws on the bag from behind the plate and smacking balls up to 95 mph throughout batting practice. Impressively built with lean strength on a 6-foot-2, 187-pound frame, the right-handed hitter showcased fast hands at the plate with a slightly uphill past that triggered with a minor late coil of the hands. The hard-working defender showcased strong leadership qualities even in a short look, and combined with the power potential, will likely aid a strong program.

Zackary Johnson C / OF / Bob Jones , AL / 2025

Looking for a premium backstop? Johnson might have been the best combination of receive plus catch-and-throw at the event, and helped elevate the entire Alabama staff while shutting down the run-game with pop times as low as 1.86. An athletic, 6-foot, 180-pounder, his twitchy, confident hands provided for stolen strikes even when entertaining unfamiliar arms for the first time. At the plate, the right-handed hitter utilized a more handsy, semi-forced load that worked down and back into a power position with some intent to do damage to the pull side. He went 2-for-6 on the week with a double, and looked to be a future captain type with elite upside defensively.

Charlie Criscola SS / RHP / Uxbridge, MA / 2025

An athletic, 5-foot-11, 155-pound left-handed hitter who posted a 6.69 60-yard dash time, Criscola enjoyed a strong showing at the Future Games which included going 3-for-3 with a pair of doubles in game play. Peppering gap-to-gap with line drive strength in batting practice, his left-handed swing was even better throughout live action. Standing athletically in the box with a low-pulse, Criscola’s ability to slow things down with a fluid approach allowed the hands to work freely in generating quality bat speed with firm contact to all fields. A gamer who plays at full tilt without effort, look for the tools to continue to climb with future strength and at-bats.

Michael Dee SS / 2B / St. Pius X, GA / 2025

Dee’s biggest in person impact came on the final day where a combined pregame infield session saw him tower above the rest with regards to hands, transfer, and footwork. The wiry-athletic, 6-foot-1, 154-pound shortstop looked the part of future elite defender as his silky-smooth glove-to-hand abilities shined amongst some other elite defenders. A graceful runner with 6.86-speed, that athleticism is seen at the plate where his quick hands deliver a semi-compact stroke. Still maturing physically, added strength in the future might deliver significant boosts to his offensive game.

Connor Larkin 1B / OF / Cherry Creek, CO / 2025

One of the buzziest names throughout the week was the 6-foot-3, 181-pound left-handed hitter who enjoyed a productive week of game play. Mashing a home run to go along with two doubles, the 6.99-runner exhibited quality bat-to-ball skills with a glimpse at future power with a frame that is still developing. His fast hands provided some bat speed, and being a cold-weather hitter, it was promising to see the production against some of the top arms in the country.


Kiernan O'Neill SS / RHP / North Broward Prep, FL / 2025

Not the biggest guy on the field, O’Neill did have one of the biggest impacts with regards to looks at the Future Games. The 5-foot-11, 171-pound two-way player was a sure-fire ballplayer who appeared set to impact any program looking to win. His 7.14-speed didn’t represent the quick first step that he showcased defensively, and he moved much better in-game than the time represents. At the plate, he hunted pitches early in the count with a minor late coil triggering quick hands and barrel turn. He went 2-for-6 on the week showcasing a willingness to change planes and spray the ball to all fields. Only amplifying his upside, he hopped on the mound and dominated at 88-89 with a fastball that exploded through the zone in collecting whiffs.

Quinn Schambow C / RHP / Libertyville , IL / 2025

Schambow first made his way into the notes column with impressive defensive work that included 1.9’s on the bag between innings and quality receiving. However, it was the offensive production which featured an exclamation point double on the final day that belted off the wall in right field, that elevated his status as a must-follow prospect moving forward. The sturdy, 6-foot, 194-pound backstop finished the week going 4-for-5 with a double and five walks, and even hopped on the mound to showcase his arm strength in a clean inning that saw him work up to 89 mph. In all, it was a stellar all around performance that cemented Schambow’s presence on the national scene.

Judson Hartwell 3B / OF / Prince Avenue Christian, GA / 2025

Hitters hit, and much as he has done all summer at Lakepoint, Hartwell produced in-game at the Future Games. Going 3-for-9 from the right side in his final showing of the summer, the 6-foot-3, 194-pound corner infielder maintained his residency as one of the summer’s top producers. A stagnant start sees the hands load back deeper before a strong bottom hand pulls the barrel through the zone on a flat path with a loose, single-handed finish along with innate bat-to-ball skills. Less distinguishing in short looks, those who chose to follow Hartwell closely at the event (and throughout the summer) are likely envisioning a middle-of-the-order stalwart who will handle any level of arms.

Noah Lewis OF / 3B / Catholic High, LA / 2025

Post an event-best 6.35 60-yard dash and you’ll immediately get on everyone’s radar, but Lewis showed much more than just elite speed and athleticism. Still semi-raw with regards to polish at the plate, the bat speed stood even from a late, dean hands start. Pulling the barrel through the zone on a flat path, there was a noticeable gap-to-gap approach with some adjustability, but the pressure applied from his speed on ground balls to the left side was an absolute weapon. An obvious impact defender in the outfield, the 6-foot-1, 185-pound outfielder possesses one of the higher ceilings in the class, and might be leaps and bounds beyond where he is today in a year.

Jordan Jacob 3B / SS / Bill Crothers, ON / 2025

Jacob’s 6-foot-198-frame comes equipped with present durable strength, and the right-handed hitter utilized it well in presenting the look of a future power-bat. Upright in the approach before separating into a power position, a simple stroke delivered louder outputs as he worked on an uphill path with some ability to manipulate the barrel. A solid defender, he profiles at a corner position, and given the 100+ mph exit velocities and hitterish vibes in the box, schools are likely to envision a run-producer at the next level.

William Mahala OF / Seton Hall Prep, NJ / 2025

Stepping on the diamond with a lean 6-foot-2, 180-pound frame with natural strength throughout, Mahala filled out the uniform and immediately passed the eye test walking around. Asserting himself as a premium athlete, he blazed a 6.59 60-yard dash time with real potential of sticking in center field. At the plate, his left-handed swing hardly jumps out in a workout setting. The hands rest low with some quickness on a direct path as he cuts off the finish awkwardly after making contact. However, those who wrote off his unorthodox stroke after the workout missed out on one of the better performances of the week as he went 4-for-9 with a double against some of the top arms at the event. The balance and bat-to-ball capabilities allowed Mahala to adjust and change planes with a simple approach that sprayed firm line drives to all fields. A standout out in game-play, there was toughness to the way he handled himself throughout the week, and while other 5 o’clock hitters shined in pregame, Mahala’s 7 o’clock performances are likely to draw the attention of some big programs.

Ryan Stalony OF / Loyola Catholic , ON / 2025

Hobbled by a hand injury, Stalony never so much as flinched or mentioned that fact, and his toughness on the diamond perpetuated throughout the event. Physically-gifted at 6-foot-1, 190-pounds with the look of a hockey defenseman, the right-handed hitter exhibited some controlled-aggression at the plate with obvious toughness to go along with innate leadership qualities. It wasn’t a loud production week for the outfielder, but those who locked in for four days likely left loving what the young Canadian is all about.

Jonathan Lopez SS / RHP / Taravella, FL / 2025

Lopez took one of the more mature batting practice rounds where he ran exit velocities up as high as 96 mph from the left side. Still adding strength to a 6-foot, 165-pound frame, the left-handed hitting infielder loaded the weight onto the back side with the hands separating with a minor toe-tap before creating torque with the barrel flying through the zone on an uphill path. The young infielder flashed intriguing power potential with a heavier barrel, and while he did not find production in game play, coaches are likely to see that production in future looks. Defensively, he likely profiles at second or third base, but the bet is ultimately to be placed on the bat.

Nolan Behm SS / 3B / Central Bucks East, PA / 2025

Behm featured a similar wide-shouldered, athletic frame of many former projectable Pennsylvania products who utilized the Future Games as jumping off points en route to future stardom. The 6-foot-3, 176-pound infielder moved gracefully for his size while on the infield, and while the physicality that he will enjoy in coming years might shift him to third base, he looked comfortable moving around at shortstop while at the event. At the plate, the right-handed hitter slowly loaded the hands before ripping the barrel through the zone with present plate coverage that included a propensity to drive the ball to the backside gap. There is a strong foundation to build upon in coming years, and the tools will quickly be elevated as he gains strength, especially given his athleticism as a 6.8-runner.

Ethan Reynolds 3B / RHP / South Warren, KY / 2025

The sturdy, 6-foot, 205-pound two-way player made the most of his moment on the big stage, and likely had recruiters walking away with his name circled. Ripping balls in batting practice with near triple-digit exit velocities, the right-handed hitter remained compact to the frame with the hands throughout a powerful stroke that showcased some uphill intent. His simple, yet strong, approach carried over into game play where he ended the week on a 4-for-7 clip with two doubles. Only amplifying his upside and value, Reynolds also hopped on the mound featuring a quick arm that allowed him to work 86-88 with a breaking ball that spun north of 2600 rpm.

Alexander Pearson 1B / LHP / Tigard, OR / 2025

The 6-foot-3, 199-pound Oregon native passed the eye test during workouts thanks to a smooth, strong, left-handed stroke that delivered heavy barrels to the tune of 102 mph exit velocities. A more spread out stance consumed the box as Pearson rocked rhythmically into a load before showcasing quick hands with fluid movement through impact. The barrel stays in the zone, and he provided an intriguing glimpse at future power potential. A likely corner outfielder who can move around athletically at first base, he also hopped on the mound and flashed a three-pitch mix.

John Davis OF / LHP / Tift County , GA / 2025

Unassuming at 5-foot-10, 149-pounds, Davis featured one of the nicer swings at the event with some sneaky strength that delivered exit velocities up to 95 mph. An easy mover whose hands turn the barrel some thanks to some quality forward movement through impact, Davis enjoyed in-game success to the tune of 3-for-7 with a double. There is nothing loud about his presence on the field, but his innate ability to cover the plate while staying on the barrel is likely to garner interest from many programs moving forward.

Cash McDade C / 1B / Gonzaga College, VA / 2025

McDade erased runner after runner with some of the top catch-and-throw ability at the event. The 6-foot, 190-pound backstop was routinely below 2.9 (1.86-1.93) throughout workouts, and the advanced defensive tool continued to shine in game play. At the dish, the right-handed hitter featured a simple approach that yielded firm results with in-game exit velocities near 100 mph. He finished the week 3-for-5 with two RBI, and demonstrated innate ability to move the ball around the field.

Trevor Vande Hey OF / RHP / Wrightstown, WI / 2025

“Bet on the athlete” and after posting a 6.57 60-yard dash time with a max exit velocity of 101 mph, Vande Hey’s athleticism deserves plenty of attention. The strong, 6-foot, 197-pound, barrel-chested outfielder went 3-for-7 in game play including a loud home run and a triple. There is some rawness at the plate as he looks to club balls with quick hands getting the barrel on-plane early. Given the propensity for Wisconsin prepsters to blossom later in their high school careers, Vande Hey is a name that coaches will want to circle as one to follow closely over the next 12 months.

Matthew Ferrara SS / 2B / Toms River East, NJ / 2025

Almost unassumingly, Ferrara took some of the nicest cuts throughout batting practice, and while his 5-foot-11, 158-pound frame is still developing, he still managed to drive the ball from gap-to-gap. Balanced with a short-to-long approach through the zone, the right-handed hitting infielder went 3-for-9 on the week. Coming off a strong sophomore spring, the versatile infielder who is likely to play any spot on the dirt, put a stamp on a strong summer with his showing at the Future Games.

Brendan Horne SS / 2B / Pinkerton Academy, NH / 2025

Twitchy with some buggy-whip at the plate, Horne’s athleticism was on full display throughout the week. The wiry 5-foot-10, 158-pound infielder exhibited some rawness to his all-around game, but the fearless aggressiveness in the field and at the plate shines well on his future potential at the next level. A right-handed hitter, he delivered barrels with upwards of 94 mph exit velocities, and carried that over with loud home run in game play that cleared the wall in no-doubt fashion. Turning the barrel with some intent, there is some flick with plane-changing capability, and even though the frame is clearly still adding strength, his athletic approach provides swings without fear.

Jack Lutz SS / 2B / Whitnall, WI / 2025

Lutz entered the event as a player that coaches would want to get a 4-day look at, and those who did were treated to a sensational, stat-filling performance. Still very much developing physically, the wiry-thin, 6-foot, 150-pound shortstop looked solid throughout the workout day, but it was when the lights came on that his tools and upside stood out. Confident at shortstop with soft hands and an athletic release, he moved around with ease in portraying the look of a player who sticks at the premium position at the next level. Less impactful at the plate throughout a batting practice round that saw him spray line drives from gap-to-gap, his in-game approach was a bit more aggressive with maintained control. A late coil triggered the hands as he demonstrated innate barrel accuracy with plate coverage and adjustability. There is obviously more strength on the way, and as he matures, there is a chance that ultimately blossoms into a table-setter at the top of an order while locking things down defensively.


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