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NC Fall Scout Blog - 2016

BY: PBR NC Staff
Prep Baseball Report of NC 

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Throughout the fall, the staff of PBR NC will be out watching games, workouts, events, and teams.  Below is a running blog of players from across North Carolina.  Feel free to keep us updated on your games and workouts, throughout the fall season.

October 29 – 30, 2016

NC Scouting Director, Brandon Hall, spent the weekend at the beautiful BB&T Ballpark, in uptown Charlotte, home of the Charlotte Knights, AAA affiliate of the Chicago White Sox.  Best in Class Showcase held an event with several NC players in attendance.  Below are some of the players that excelled on the weekend

Rohan Handa, LHP, Cannon School, NC (2018)
6-foot-3, 205 pound lefty that has big presence and pitches with pace, pounding the zone with 3 pitches at times.  Featuring a fastball, curveball mix on this outing, the fastball ranged 84-85 while touching 87, with arm side run, when thrown to arm side.  The curveball showed occasional hard tilt at 72, but tended to roll with some downer action between 67-69.  Works from a high-3/4 slot with a slight pause at balance to gather.  Coils the lower half at balance, slightly, and works on line to slightly open at foot  strike.  Some effort in the arm action, but repeats and has the ability to locate to both sides with the fastball.  17 of the first 20 pitches were strikes on this day.

Chase Webb, RHP, Randleman HS, NC (2018)
Strike throwing right-hander, stands 6-foot-1, 185 pounds.  Works tall to balance.  Arm swing reaches and bars slightly at the bottom, working to a high-3/4 slot with good rhythm.  Front side works with a glove point at an average height.  Fastball worked up to 84, sitting 82-83.  Slider tends to roll through the zone, ranging 69-74, and consistently around the glove.  The arm speed and body type will be intriguing to follow.

Luke Little, LHP, East Mecklenburg HS, NC (2018)
Gardner Webb commit that has a presence at 6-foot-7, 225 pounds.  Average leg kick with some body turn at balance.  Long front side action matches the arm swing that works slightly behind the line.  Front side is closed off creating some cross-fire action, while the lower half does land on-line at foot strike.  Arm strength plays above arm speed at this time.  Fastball had a wide range, as the body tried to sync, sitting 81-84, and touching 86 early.  The slider flashed depth, working from the same slot as the fastball with good handspeed.  Slider ranged 68-71.  Video is available for PBR+ subscribers by clicking on Luke’s name.

Nicholas Fajardo, OF, Jordan HS, NC (2018)
Fast twitch and hitterish in the box.  Left handed hitter showed a feel for the strike zone and the barrel throughout the two days of play.  Listed at 5-foot-8, 160 pounds, he ran a 3.84 thrirty yard dash, second best time at the event.  Sets up in the box, as a left hander, with low hands that load to the top of the zone.  Stride lacks rhythm but gets down early, allowing time for evaluation.  The path is direct with some hand strength. 

JP Perez, OF/LHP, Lake Norman HS, NC (2018)
Plays with aggression and some physicality, while listed at 5-9, 165.  On the bump, works with a short arm swing to a high-3/4 slot with some effort, but hiding the ball behind his line throughout the delivery.  Quick hand produces fastballs ranging 80-82.  Some lower half coil at balance creates some inconsistency with his line, especially on offspeed pitches.  The curveball slot floats, but maintains hand-speed.  The curveball swept with a 2/8 action, across the zone touching 68.  As a left-handed hitter, a pull conscious approach and aggression, produce quick AB’s.  Found the barrel throughout BP, and at times in game settings.  Ran a 4.52 on a ground ball.

Aaron Smith, RHP, Grays Creek HS, NC (2020)
Strong build, listed at 5-foot-10, 165 pounds, working from an over-the-top slot.  Simple delivery with a small rocker to an average leg kick.  Hands pump from the waist to the top of the frame at balance, creating solid rhythm throughout.  Fastball ranged 74-76.  Curveball worked with 12/6 action, rolling out of the hand, topping at 62.

Luke Hutchinson, RHP, Jordan HS, NC (2020)
The Durham native has a average build at 6-foot-1, 175 pounds, that is advanced for his age.  Long arm swing, with a barring action at the back.  Front side worked with some glove point, while the glove would hook under the forearm.  Fastball ranged 77-79 with arm side sink.  The curveball rolled through the zone, topping at 66.

Konni Durschlag, RHP, Mallard Creek HS, NC (2020)
Average build in a 5-foot-5, 140 pounds frame.  Some elbow lead in the arm swing, up to a high-3/4 slot and a whippy hand through the zone.  Fastball ranged 75-78 with late arm side run that created takes and soft contact.  Curveball had hard, downer action sitting 67-68.  Flashed advanced command for the age.  Worked with a repeat-able delivery, stable head, and a slight pause before working to balance.

Isaiah Bennett, RHP/3B, Pine Forest HS, NC (2019)
High waisted athlete that stood out throughout the weekend.  On the bump the righty is loose, working from a high-3/4 slot, with a fastball sitting 84-86.  The line is open at foot strike leading to some slotting issues between fastball and slider.  Showed an ability to be around the zone with both pitches for long stretches.  Slider ranged 69-73, with downer action and late tilt, creating bad takes and swing and miss during the 2 inning outing.  In the box, the right handed hitter is geared to the pull side with a quick bat.  Speed played well but flashed well above average when going 1st to 3rd.  Ran his 30 yard dash in a timed 3.87.  Video available for PBR+ subscribers by clicking on his name above.

Caleb Cozart, C/1B, Wesleyan Christian Academy, NC (2019)
A monster build, listed at 6-foot-4, 235 pounds, there is a presence in the box.  Strong with strong hands that work through the baseball on most swings.  Barreled the baseball in most of his live AB’s.  Showed some carry on the arm from behind the plate.  Feet could get heavy at times but should continue to loosen as he grows into the body.   Future power threat as he continues to mature.

Jason Montague, OF/SS, Southern Nash HS, NC (2019)
Aggressive hitter, with a Kirby Puckett type build and demeanor.  Good barrel awareness and does not get cheated on any swing.  Ran a 4.37 on ground ball to short.  Ran a 3.82, the best time recorded, in the thirty yard dash.  Listed at 5-foot-6, 152 pounds, but plays with more strength and speed than the listing implies.

Trey Tujetsch, RHP/OF, Ardrey Kell HS, NC (2019)
Good athlete that excels in the box and on the bump.  Seems to work with ease throughout much of his process.  Listed at 5-foot-10, 160 pounds, the fastball touched 84, sitting 81-84.  High-3/4 slot, working slightly across his body on foot strike, with a quick arm.  Simple and direct with his delivery and arm action.  The curveball has hard, sharp downer action.  Command was average at best with the spin pitch, but there was chase from hitters.  The curveball ranged 72-73.  Flashed a change-up at 74.  Showed an ability to be around the glove with all 3 pitches at times.  In the box, right-handed hitter works with some coil in the body and wrap in the bat head.  Flat through the zone, with barrel awareness. 

Jesse Harkey, RHP/C, Parkwood HS, NC (2019)
Lean, athletic build at 5-foot-11, 170 pounds.  Arm strength stands out on the bump and from behind the plate.  Flashed pop times in workout ranging 2.00-2.12.  Threw a 2.22 in game.  On the bump, the fastball ranged 83-85, touching 86 with occasional arm side run.  An over-the-top slot with a short, strong arm action.  The delivery can be a little choppy but it is simple and on-line at foot-strike.  Quick hand on fastball and curveball.  The curveball has a 12/5 action and can be early.  Curveball topped at 73.  Defense grades ahead of bat at this time. Video is available for PBR+ subscribers - just click on his name above.

Landen Harris, RHP, South View HS, NC (2019)
Big body that works from an over-the-top slot.  The fastball sat 81-83.  Listed at 6-foot-3, 240 pounds, the arm swing is early to the top of the action with a simple delivery.  Average rhythm throughout with some effort, while on-line at foot strike.  Good energy and presence on the mound.  Slider showed promise at 69-71.  Flashed a change at 72.  Around the zone with all 3 throughout the 2 innings.

Ty Choplin, RHP, Westchester Country Day HS, NC (2019)
An over-the-top slot with some head clearance.  Long arm action and lands slightly open.  Fastball ranged 84-86.  The curveball has downer action at 69mph.  Good arm and a choppy rhythm.  As the 6-foot-1, 165 pound righty figures out his rhythm, the stuff is primed to jump.

October 21 - 23, 2016

The first weekend that felt like a fall weekend saw temperatures drop from the mid-80’s on Wednesday to the mid-50’s, across much of NC, on Saturday.  Players were breaking out their cold gear, while spectators sported hoodies and blankets.  With the change in weather, we saw several athletes working to make a name for themselves. 

Impact Tournaments in Raleigh and Charlotte


Luke Murphy, C, East Gaston HS, NC (2017)
Physical left-handed hitter, standing 6-foot, 200 pounds.  Flashed strength in his swing.  Geared to the pull side.  Tall stance and vertical bat that relaxes on load.  Hands can cast at times.  Behind the plate, showed some carry on his throws between innings.  Flashed accuracy for most of the day.  Between inning pop times ranged 2.30-2.32. 

Jacob MacCallum, RHP, Patton HS, NC (2017)
Long, lean body, righty works from a high-3/4 slot with a long arm action.  The delivery has some stiffness throughout, but it is repeated and stuff was maintained over 4 innings.  Fastball ranged 77-79 on the first cold day of the fall, showing good, late, hard arm-side run.  Flashed the ability to make the ball run on both sides of the plate.  Slider ranged 67-68, was a little forced and lacked tilt. 

Punisher Prospects

Dalton Putnam, SS, Burns HS, NC (2018)
Athletically built and rangy.  Left handed hitter works from a tall stance with a flat bat at setup.  Some waggle in the hands and the bat works to vertical on load with an aggressive stride.  Some length in the swing, through the zone, with a swing that is geared toward the pull side.  Flashed soft hands with a funnel to his mid-section on groundballs.  Long arm stroke, with average carry that should allow him to stay on the left side of the field.

Max Lowe, RHP, Burns HS, NC (2018)
6-foot-2, 150 pound righty with a frame that can handle growth and strength.  Slot worked from a 3/4 to a high-3/4 throughout the outing.  On line at foot-strike, with the front foot closed off, creating a look of a slinger as the hips have to really work to get through the pitch.  Long levers and average speed led to a fastball ranging 73-76 on the first cold day of the fall.  Long arm swing created some scapular load.  Curveball ranged 61-62 with 10/4 or 11/5 action pending the slot.  Typically rolled and was big.  Consistency should improve with reps.  Still working back into form from a knee injury that kept him off the mound for a few weeks.

Thomas Mullinax, LHP, Burns HS, NC (2017)
Standing 6-foot-5, 195 pounds, the frame oozes project-ability.  Works from a high-3/4 slot that will dip to a 3/4 range at times.  Fastball sat 79-82 and touched 84.  Curveball ranged 61-65, while inconsistent did flash the ability to get under a right-handed hitters swing with depth and late action.  Threw one change-up at 72.  Slight lower half coil at balance leads to a foot-strike that is on-line.  The body will rotate off line at times with the coil.  When the body sinks, the ball has depth and angle.  Worked out of the stretch only, setting with high hands and an arm swing that bottoms out lightly in the long action.  Video can be seen on his profile page for subscribers (click his name above).

Carolina Rockies 2019 Black

Will Rice, RHP, Reagan HS, NC (2019)
Right hander’s fastball ranged 72-78, working from a 3/4 slot with a short arm swing.  The curveball was used as the second pitch sitting 61-63 with 11/5 action.  The change-up has promise, although lightly used, sitting 60-61.  Worked around the zone with level shoulders and landing on line from a tall balance point.   

Rawlings Prospects 2019 Kilpatrick

Coley Kilpatrick, RHP, Millbrook HS, NC (2019)
High-3/4 slot from a short arm swing, working with level shoulders and on line.  Finished falling to the 1B side, with inconsistent command on a cold day.  Fastball touched 75, sitting 72-75. 

Patrick Trease, RHP, Holly Springs HS, NC (2019)
Patrick’s fastball sat 73-76.  The breaking ball ranged 57-60 with an 11 to 6 gradual break. Mechanically worked from a 3/4 arm angle with long arm action but with some wrap.  Shoulders worked to balance level & on line.  Lacked some extension on finish but worked to be athletic after release. 

Dirtbags 2018 Haynes

Landon Wright, LHP, North Brunswick HS, NC (2018)
Fastball sat 73-76 with a breaking ball touching 66.  The curveball worked with an 11/5 gradual break.  Long, loose arm action from level shoulders and a tall controlled balance, into a high-3/4 slot.  Slightly across the body at foot strike, finished athletic with extension.  Good rhythm and easy effort

Wilmington Seahawks (Ashley HS)

Kason Valentine, C, Ashley HS, NC (2017)
POP time was 2.22 to 2.25. His setup was low and he demonstrated quiet and soft hands. He had quick feet but his transfer was a little low. Offensively he was open in his stance with a leg lift up and down to a balanced position. He had a short smooth back load with his hands. He was 4.88 to first base. 

Price King, LHP, Ashely HS, NC (2018)
Lefty worked from a 3/4 slot pounding the arm side of the zone.  Showed an ability to work to glove side to keep hitters honest.  Fastball ranged 77-79 with arm side life.  The breaking ball sat 66-70, with slurve type action and a gradual break.  Repeated his delivery, lacking some extension at times.  Flashed an awareness on how to pitch.

October 15 – 16, 2016

A great fall weekend with moderate temperatures and blue skies filing the state made for a good weekend of baseball.  Many underclass players returning to action after a trip to FL or a weekend off from the weather, while the 2017’s were working to finish their fall strong.  PBR was out watching as much as possible and putting together some reports on players who stood out over the weekend. 

Asheboro Fall Baseball League

Chatham County

Logan Crabtree, SS, Northwood HS, NC (2017)
Committed to Wake Tech CC.  Fluid actions on defense and flashed range to his left.  Plays with confidence and a high level of communication on the infield.  Athletically, a loose, quick twitch type player.  Right handed hitter works from a an open stance, striding to an even base.  Bat begins verticle with some waggle, leading to some issues with barrel awareness through his load.  Some swing and miss but flashed power potential with whippy bat speed, working predominately to the pull side.  Ran a 4.76t on a double off the LF wall. 

Patrick Szczypenski, RHP, Northwood HS, NC (2017)
Uncommitted righty stands 6-foot-4, 190 pounds.  Simple delivery from the big body.   Repeats, landing on line, with good extension.  Ball is hidden through the arm swing, working to a high-3/4 slot.  There is some head whack and effort through release.  Fastball worked 84-86, consistently cutting.  The cut action was hard, with late movement, at times working across the entire plate.  Slider ranged 71-73 with late tilt.  The ceiling on the slider is high, although inconsistent with the action at this time. 

Chatham Central / Bear Creek

Tyson Measamer, 3B, Chatham Central HS, NC (2019)
6-foot, 215 pound left handed hitter that has an aggressive swagger in his offensive approach.  Working from an open stance, working back to even with a toe-tap stride.  Dives with front side to the baseball and showed some quickness, handling 85 throughout the day.  Strength over quickness at this point, but with looseness in the swing, flashing a feel for the barrel. 

Lee County

Tyler Toro, SS, Lee County HS, NC (2017)
Uncommitted MIF that plays with energy and pace.  Clean actions at SS, consistently catching the ball on artificial turf, with ease.  Arm has some whip to it, showed accuracy from multiple angles.  May have to get stronger to stay on the left side of the field.  Offensively, the right handed hitter, works from an open base, striding to even, and working with a direct path to the ball.   Good barrel awareness.  Worked gap-to-gap against lower and average velocity arms.  Easy, confident approach.  Ran a 5.63 on a ground ball to 3B – better times should be in the frame.


Parker Clayton, MIF, Asheboro HS, NC (2017)
Intriguing uncommitted athlete.  Flashed average range for a MIF, especially at 2B, where the arm may play slightly above average.   Left handed hitter works from an athletic setup with high hands, a small stride, and a slight load downward.  The stride creates a little dive, as the front side leaks a little early, limiting some current power potential.  Flashed good barrel awareness. 

Tristan Marsh, SS/RHP, Asheboro HS, NC (2017)
Loose, quick twitch athlete that brings batspeed and quickness to the field.  Athletic setup from the right side, quiet, and aggressive to anything near the zone.  Showed an ability to stay on breaking balls, working with some uphill leverage in the swing.  No run times, but the footspeed looked to be above average.  On the mound, a bit of a thrower working from a high-3/4 slot, landing slightly open, and working through an arm swing that was late on foot strike.  Fastball worked up to 85, ranging 81-85.  The slider flashed tilt in put-away counts touching 70.  Average build, raw, but with easy extension.

Levi Kinney, C, Asheboro HS, NC (2020)
Left handed hitter with an advanced approach for a FR.  Strong lower half.  Works from a tall stance with high hands and a short stride.   Good load back and sets to stay inside the ball, showing good hand path.  Some swing and miss on breaking balls.  Really worked to pepper the LCF gap.  Power should develop as there is an increase in strength and quickness.  Defensively, flashed a solid arm with pop times ranging 2.36-2.39 in games.  Pop times between innings were down to 2.21.  Feet work behind the hands and the front side floats during the exchange, leading to some accuracy issues that can be cleaned.


Greater Raleigh Fall Baseball League

Raleigh Hawks

Grayson Bailey, RHP/OF, Home Schooled, NC (2020)
The 3rd hitter in the Hawks lineup. Grayson is a big freshman who walked twice and had an opposite field single in his 3 at bats. A right handed hitter with an open stance, a slow smooth load and short soft stride. He demonstrated good rhythm and had a short path to the ball. A RHP, he came on late to close the game for the Hawks. He threw from a ¾ angle with level shoulders and with a fastball topping at 80. He stayed in line and had good rhythm in his delivery.

Wakefield Warriors

Hunter Stephens, RHP/SS, Wakefield HS, NC (2017)
A small body type with a balanced athletic stance. His hands are above his shoulders in his stance and he has a short smooth stride and fluid rhythm. He barrels the ball and has good bat speed with a short path to the ball and demonstrated gap power.  As a RHP, his fastball ranged 83-86 with a breaking ball touching 75.  The curveball worked with a 11/6 sharp break. He throws from a ¾ angle with a long loose and smooth delivery. He was tall and controlled at balance. His shoulders were level and he was in line with an athletic finish. He consistently threw strikes with his fast ball and breaking ball. 

Nolan Murray, LHP, Wakefield HS, NC (2018)
The lefty used a fastball, ranging 70-76, and a breaking ball, sitting 66-68.  The breaking ball used a gradual 12/7 break. His arm angle was over the top with a short arm swing. The shoulders remained level throughout the delivery leading to a little cross-fire on the landing and then falling off toward the 3B side.  Controlled the strike zone with both fastball and breaking ball.  Flashed the ability to locate the fastball to both sides of the plate.

Jake Norris, C, Wakefield HS, NC (2017)
Flashed ability behind the plate.  In game pop time of 2.10, while throwing 1.94 between innings.  Quick transfer and release maximized the pop times.  Upper body tends to be ahead of lower body actions on throws, but did demonstrate accuracy throughout the day.  Setup low and used soft hands to received.  A left handed hitter with an open athletic stance and a short stride to balance. He holds his hands slightly below his shoulders and demonstrated quick hands and excellent control of the barrel of the bat. He was balanced with a short path and good bat speed. A line drive hitter.

October 6 – 10, 2016

With Hurricane Matthew bearing down on the east coast, many of the top Underclass players headed to Fort Myers for the weekend.  While dodging the storm, the PBR staff was in full force with multiple representatives covering the action of players in PBR states.  National underclass Director, Shooter Hunt, was able to check in on several high profile players.

Underclass at Fort Myers

Brett Kerry, RHP, Wesleyan Christian Academy, NC (2018)
Utilizes a simple motion with a slight pause at the top of his leg lift to generate power down and out.  Fastball comfortably sits 86-88 and touches 89.  Short arm stroke reminiscent of a catcher producing fastballs that jump on hitters appearing to pick up speed at the plate.  Slider flashes sign of being a hard, multi-planed out pitch in the future.  Strike thrower with excellent command of his fastball. 

Jordan Harley, C, Parkwood HS, NC (2018)
Solid base with loose hips behind the dish.  Presents a wide target for pitchers to throw to.  Good footwork and quick transfer with a current average arm.  Hands are good but get stiff at times.  Manages pitchers well.  Hits from a wide, crouched stance with hands drawn back past his shoulders.  Small knee-knock stride with slight hitch of hands.  Solid bat speed through the zone. 

Garrett McKinstry, SS, Charlotte Catholic HS, NC (2018)
Left-handed hitting infielder who uses the whole field to spray line drives.  Still developing physically.  Starts from a slight crouch with an open stance and hands slightly above his ear.  Waggles bat before giving way to a pronounced and fragmented crouch down and back.  Hands work well in the zone, but sometimes stop during the load.  Good, athletic runner. 

Owen White, RHP/SS, Jesse C Carson HS, NC (2018)
Premier athleticism on the mound.  Strike thrower who pounds the zone with a fastball that ranges from 89-93 thrown to both sides of the plate.  Rocker step initiates a wind up that he easily repeats and explodes towards the plate.  Arm works extremely quick with short stroke giving way to a ¾ slot.  Slider is a true swing and miss pitch with late, sharp break thrown at 75-78.  Features a developing changeup (74-75) that he gets under at times causing it to fly high to his arm side. 

Jaylen Guy, RHP/SS, Southeast Guilford HS, NC (2018)
Athletic infielder who moves around fluently in the field.  At the plate, hits from a crouched stance with hands at shoulder height.  Shows good balance, and triggers his load with a hand cock before getting them going slightly back slicing down on the ball.  Good runner.  Line drive hitter who looks to keep his hands inside the ball. 

Nick Solomita, SS, North Lincoln HS, NC (2018)
Athletic, strong infielder who hits from a crouched stance with his hands starting at, but out away from his shoulder.  Has slight leg kick with a short stride as he loads his hands back smoothly.  Average runner. 

Reed Hedberg, CIF, South Mecklenburg HS, NC (2018)
Tall, lanky corner infielder with a slight arm bar.  Hands sit at shoulder level.  Hands move up and down creating momentum along with a  short stride.  Struggles being on time with the hitch load which causes him to scoop his swing at times. 

Devin Bartley, OF, Southeast Guilford HS, NC (2018)
Sets up from a crouched stance with the bat on his shoulder before lifting it back with a leg kick to load.  Athletic base, with balance throughout. 

Quin Ferguson, OF, Hopewell HS, NC (2019)
Athletic outfielder who runs well.  Simple opposite field approach that produces consistent line drives. 

Jake Benoit, SS, Providence HS, NC (2018)
Hits from a balanced stance with a minor crouch loading his hands down and back in a long rocking motion triggered by a leg kick 

Aaron McKeithan, C, TC Roberson HS, NC (2018)
Big, physical catcher who moves around well behind the plate and receives well with soft hands.  Good base and footwork with a solid arm.  At the plate has a slight crouch with an open stance, and does not utilize much of a load.  Powerful through the zone with his hands with upward angle of the shoulders.

Aaron Beasely, LHP, Voyager Academy, NC (2018)
Wide shouldered, physical left-hander who creates downward angle without much leg drive.  Fastball sat 81-84 and produced multiple swings and misses from a good Marucci Elite line up.  Utilizes an elbow kick back to create catcher-like arm action.  Slider is late and multi planed at 71-72.  Fastball really got on hitters and appeared very difficult for them to pick up.

October 1 – 2, 2016

A weekend used by many teams to set themselves up for the trip to Ft Myers, the PBR staff was able to get to several venues to see an array of talent.  One area PBR will continue to concentrate on is development Fall Leagues; leagues designed to get players reps and action without a lot of travel.  Keep us posted on your upcoming schedule as PBR NC will continue to search for players throughout NC.

ERDS Fall League – East Rowan High School

Charlie Klinger, C, East Rowan HS, NC (2020)
Left handed hitter that barreled two balls and drove them into each gap.  Ran a 5.06 on the turn.  Front side can leak but there was feel for the barrel.  Behind the plate, somewhat raw but shows hip flexibility and mobility.  Arm showed some carry with accuracy between innings.  Was an easy target to throw to for upper classman arms. 

Pierce Willhelm, C, West Rowan HS, NC (2017)
Physical build that flashed solid arm strength and accuracy behind the dish.  Between inning pop times ranged 2.07-2.24.  In game, threw a runner out with a 2.39 pop on the bag.  Exchange was troublesome at times but the arm strength played.  Receiving was adequate and should improve as he showed a willingness to want to catch.  In the box, the right handed hitter works with a vertical bat and a tall stance.  Flashed some barrel.  The strength is advanced and flashes when on the barrel.  Ran a 5.12 on a ground ball to 3B. 

Hayden Setzer, LHP, East Rowan HS, NC (2018)
Lanky build that worked from a high-3/4 slot with some effort in the arm swing.  Fastball sat 78-80 with solid arm-side run and occasional tilt.  Was able to get swing and miss on the fastball due to the action.  CB has some depth, with a slurve shape, but flashes a bit early, sitting 67-70.  Showed feel of the spin pitch to both sides, but lacked the ability to tighten it in later counts.  Lanky frame and athleticism suggest a higher ceiling than we see now. 

Olin Stamper, RHP, West Rowan HS, NC (2018)
Lanky righty that ranged 77-80 from a high-3/4 slot with some effort in the arm swing.  Long frame that can add strength.  CB ranged 66-67, with 11/5 shape and a tendency to roll through the zone.

September 24 – 25, 2016

The South Atlantic Border Battle headlined the weekend’s events and PBR was on hand with scouting directors from NC, VA, and MD, as well as our National Supervisor, Nathan Rode on hand.  PBR NC was also able to cover a few other teams from around the state.  We will continue our coverage each week – be sure to update us on your schedule and where games will be played. 

South Atlantic Border Battle – Holly Springs, NC 

Jacob Brown, RHP/OF, Northwest Guilford HS, NC (2017)
A physical build at 5-foot-10, 185 pounds.  Works from an over-the-top slot with a quick arm, after a slow tempo leg raise.  Long arm swing with some glove point from the front side resulted in the fastball ranging 85-87.  Very aggressive with the fastball, showing good feel to his arm-side with the pitch.  The curveball is a downer type topping at 77.  Offensively showed some raw power with uphill leverage.  Hands begin from a low position, using a leg kick, he is geared to pull.  Flashed some barrel awareness in BP and above average batspeed.  Batspeed translated to game situations, but the barrel awareness was lacking against higher velocity.  Ran a 7.08 in the sixty. 

Reid Johnston, RHP/IF, Rocky Mount Academy, NC (2017)
Lean body type that will add strength.  Standing 6-foot-2, 190 pounds, topped at 86 from the mound.  Worked from a high-3/4 slot, with a slightly closed line, while landing with good direction.  Has good handspeed on all pitches and creates great extension through the delivery.  Curveball was thrown to both sides of the plate, ranging 69-70.  Good feel for the zone and was able to lean on the breaker throughout the outing.  Offensively, there is raw power, resulting in a double to LCF on an 86mph fastball.  Swing tends to be pull conscious and produced top spin throughout BP. 

Seth Caddell, C/1B, Pinecrest HS, NC (2017)
Physically strong and mature frame at 5-foot-9, 190 pounds.  Produces whip and batspeed with strong hands.  Works with some bat waggle in his setup and an average stride, to get into a swing that is leveraged uphill slightly.  Feel for the barrel tends to come and go, but there is a fear of damage when he is on the barrel.  Played 1B throughout the weekend, becoming more comfortable with each play.  Arm showed carry in the workout, from a short arm stroke.  Hands worked and caught ground balls cleanly.  Footwork and glove work got better around the bag each day.  Ran a 7.36 in the sixty. 

Spencer Smith, C, Northern Durham, NC (2017)
Athletic and lean at 6-foot-1, 205 pounds with room to continue to add strength to the frame.  Defensively continues to make strides receiving, sitting relaxed with good presentation and some feel for calling a game and working with his pitchers.  The arm is a separator, with plus carry and good velocity on his throws.  The exchange and feet can be long at times, to load the arm, allowing for continued projection in his pop times.  In game Pop times ranged 2.13 – 2.33 on the weekend.  Accuracy can continue to be cleaned up as his feet work with his arm.  Offensively, Smith works with advanced batspeed, out of a heavy bat waggle, through his leg kick and load.  The waggle gets in the way of barrel awareness at times.  Raw power exists and can be projected, as the ball jumps off the bat when squared up.  Also ran a 7.02 in the sixty. 

Noah Campbell, SS, Cardinal Gibbons, NC (2017)
Currently ranked #2 in NC, for the 2017 class, and lived up to expectations throughout the weekend.  Running a 6.65 sixty, followed by a 4.38 down the line, from the right side.  He also flashed a quick bat from both sides, with consistent barrel.  Loud contact and exit velocity shown throughout the three rounds.  In games, scouts got a good look at him from both sides of the plate.  Staying in the middle of the field, with a flat path, he took advantage of hitter counts, allowing the barrel to be aggressive out front.  Defensively, Campbell has good actions, fluid feet and good hands.  His arm works with a little effort, but the ball has carry.  We will be watching his accuracy as he continues to mature.  

Tyler Mangum, SS, Northern Durham HS, NC (2017)
USC Sumter commit that looks the part in his uniform, standing 6-foot-3, 165 pounds.  Showed a good feel for his barrel throughout BP, working with a leg kick and a small hand load to a verticle bat stature.  Ran a 7.18 sixty, while the best time down the line registered at 4.77, as he looked to finish each swing.  Defensively, there are athletic and fluid feet.  The hands tend to work better on athletic plays than on the routine play, where he can be a little stiff with the glove.  The arm action has some effort while producing average at best carry.  

Greg Hardison, SS, JH Rose HS, NC (2017)
Left handed hitter showed a good feel for the barrel in the BP rounds, as well as in game.  Positioning his hands low to start, and utilizing a leg kick, the body can be rotational at times, producing some top spin on a pull conscious swing.  In game, he tended to stay on the ball a lot longer.  Ran a 7.00 sixty and followed it up with a 4.56 down the line on a ground out to second.  Defensively, has some effort in his feet and hands, but tends to catch the ball and transition with a clean release.  The arm angle stays in a low-3/4 slot, creating occasional run on the throws.  Continues to exhibit accuracy from across the diamond. 

Nick Jodway, RHP/OF, Draughn HS, NC (2017)
A physical presence on the mound at 6 foot, 210 pounds.  Some effort in the delivery, with stiffness in his leg raise and long arm action to the high-3/4 slot.  Fastball sat 88-89, creating swing and miss in the zone.  Works from the stretch at all times, but will quicken the delivery with runners on first.  Curveball is the second offering, topping at 74 with a late, hard 10/4 bite.  Was around the zone but struggled to command the glove. 

Collin Watt, 3B, TC Roberson HS, NC (2017)
Athletic infielder with above average arm strength.  Feet are very active and the arm has the ability to create carry from multiple angles and on quick exchanges.  Offensively, there is better than average batspeed, but barrel awareness is lacking at times.  Ran a 7.14 sixty 

Kendall McGowan, OF, East Rutherford HS, NC (2017)
Athletic, quick twitch player, standing 5-foot-11, 185 pounds.  Ran a 6.68 sixty and 4.41 home to first on a ground ball to second.  Worked without a load, throughout BP, staying on top of the ball with a pull conscious approach.  In game, stayed a lot later in the approach, shooting most of his swings to the right side.  

Isaiah Finerty, OF, Eastern Guilford HS, NC (2017)
A small frame with a lot of quick twitch inside it.  Ran a 6.72 sixty.  Swing can tend to be a little up hill and at times long.  Showed an ability to track balls in CF. 

David Harrison, LHP, Rocky Mount HS, NC (2017)
High-3/4 slot with a long, athletic arm swing and stable head posture.  Sinks on his backside at balance, staying on line with his shoulders, and is aggressive with his backside turn at foot strike.  Fastball sat 81-83 with a good change-up at 76-77.  The change has good handspeed, extension, and deception.  Located the fastball to both sides and flashed an advanced feel for the change.  The 6-foot-4, 182 pound frame has room to add strength and continued improvement to the pure stuff. 

Eli Ellington, LHP, Covenant Day School, NC (2017)
Charlotte 49er commit has good athleticism for his size. Listed at 6-foot-4, 250 pounds, he has a feel for his delivery and the ability to repeat. Working from the stretch only, with a slow tempo delivery to a high-3/4 slot.  On-line throughout the delivery, there is a slight up hill tilt to the shoulders that creates some leverage when he gets extension through the line.  The fastball touched 83, flashing swing and miss while in the zone and some late arm-side run.  The slider ranged 68-70 with a late, cutterish type action.  The change-up sat 72-73 with flat arm-side run.  Neither the change or slider were in the zone enough for hitters to respect. 

Gavin Williams, RHP, Cape Fear HS, NC (2017)
Lanky, athletic, and projectable.  Williams looks the part at 6-foot-5, 205 pounds and backs it up with the pure stuff.  The arm stroke is average in length with a strong, athletic feel, working to a high-3/4 slot.  Loose and relaxed, he loads his hips at balance and the backside works early with power.  The fastball ranged 89-92 and was located down in the zone.  The change-up flashed above average, with good hand speed and arm-side run, ranging 80-82.

Noah Jones, RHP, DH Conley HS, NC (2017)
Listed at 6-foot, 160 pounds with a thin build, works to an over-the-top slot with a quick arm.  Simple delivery that uses a hand pump and average leg raise resulted in a fastball that ranged 83-85.  The arm swing looks to be lengthened a little from early in the summer. 

Caden O’Brien, LHP, Maiden HS, NC (2017)
Works from an over-the-top slot with an exaggerated high front side arm action.  Uphill leverage is created in the shoulders and he fights to get back down hill, creating angle on pitches.  Some head whip action, along with a really quick arm, the fastball ranged 85-87, but saw a significant drop out of the stretch.  Flashed good hand speed and deception on a change-up, that got swing and miss, sitting 70-71.  The curveball has downer type action and tends to release early and roll through the changing planes.  Curveball topped at 65.

Landen Roupp, RHP, Faith Christian, NC (2017)
UNCW commit that stands 6-foot-2, 165 pounds.  Works from a 3/4 slot with looseness and ease.  Loads the hips at balance and still creates a defined line through the plate, with a good backside turn.  The fastball ranged 82-85 with occasional arm-side run.  The curveball ranged 66-73, flashing the ability to add and subtract from the pitch.  Able to throw for strikes early in counts and create a sharper break in put-away situations.  Change-up touched 77. 

Tylan Reece, MIF, South View HS, NC (2017)
Plays with some aggression and fast twitch.  Flashed an average tool set on defense, showcasing the ability to be fluid with his hands and catch the ball.  Transitioned with ease to the a high-3/4 slot that has some shoulder restriction.  Good accuracy, but need to follow an increase in carry as he matures.  In the box, the right-handed hitter works without a stride and tends to rush his load.  Has some feel for the barrel.  With higher velo, struggled to get the bat head out, but can be fixed with increased strength.  Ran a 7.28 sixty and got down the line on a ground ball to second at 4.69. 

Bobby Dixon, 1B, Cleveland HS, NC (2017)
Physically mature at 6-foot-2, 210 pounds.  Right handed hitter works from a tall setup, with even feet, to an aggressive stride, landing slightly open, producing good weight shift.  Has quickness with the bat and strength in his hands that leads to some raw power.  Pull conscious, does not get cheated.  Lacks some barrel awareness but the ball jumps when he finds it.  Hit a homerun to LF on a 83mph fastball elevated in the zone.  Defensively shows comfort at first base.  The arm works through some stiffness in the arm swing, with a long arm action, to produce average carry.  Ran a 7.51 sixty.

Peyton Creech, OF, East Wake HS, NC (2017)
Player that made a jump on boards this week.  Flashed athleticism and a feel for the barrel with a good approach.  Left handed hitter, ran a 6.93 sixty, works from a tall stance with a small, simple load.  Lacked some barrel awareness in BP, but found several barrels in game situations.  Aggressive, especially in positive counts, stayed gap-to-gap, with a short, direct swing path.  Defensively, left handed thrower, flashed better than average arm strength with a long arm stroke, showing some accuracy.

Cameron Allen, RHP, Rolesville HS, NC (2017)
6-foot-3, 180 pound righty that touched 85, while sitting 82-84.  Lanky, with a high tempo delivery and sinks on his backside at balance.  Long arm action works to a high-3/4 slot with some head clearance through the release point.  Occasionally thin through the fastball, almost turning it over, but lacking signs of arm-side run.  The curveball was interesting with tight 11/5 action, ranging 73-76.  The handspeed and body sync was better on the curveball, vs the fastball, at times.  The change-up is the third pitch touching 81 with sink and fade. 

Max Hildreth, MIF, New Hanover HS, NC (2018)
A good defender that flashed soft hands, active feet, and the ability to bend with athleticism.  Arm showed average carry with minimal effort through the arm swing.  Has the ability to alter the slot when needed.  Stands 6-foot, 172 pounds and ran 7.07 sixty.  Offensively, works with a short stride and flat bat path.  Swing can get a little long and there are occasional barrel awareness issues. 

Gray Betts, C/IF/OF, Cardinal Gibbons HS, NC (2018)
A baseball player that flashed average tools in a range of environments.  Left handed hitter, works slightly open from a tall stance with a vertical bat.  A small stride leads to good barrel awareness with an average to above quickness level.  Defensively, worked out in the infield, outfield, and behind the plate.  Flashed pop times ranging 2.05-2.13 in the workout, with average carry and some accuracy.  Similar arm strength presented from the infield and outfield.  Caught balls he got to on the infield, as the feet can play heavy at times.  Ran a 7.59 in the sixty 

Chris Thorburn, OF, Cardinal Gibbons HS, NC (2018)
UNCW commit stands 6-foot-1, 170 pounds.  Lefty works with a vertical bat and tends to sit and rotate on his back leg.  Average batspeed and flashed some feel for the barrel.  Ran a 7.11 in the sixty.  There is some effort in the arm swing that produced almost average carry.  The body type and quickness in the body suggest projection left in his development. 

Phillip Cole, RHP/OF, Western Alamance HS, NC (2018)
NC State commit, is highly regarded on the mound.  This weekend he only played the outfield and stood out with his raw power potential.  Clearing the scoreboard during BP, and consistently finding the barrel with a bit of a pull conscious approach.  In game, Cole stayed to the left side of the short-stop, but showed high exit velocity on a double down the line and a shot off the LF wall.  Ran a 7.45 in the sixty. 

Aaron McKeithan, C/IF, TC Roberson HS, NC (2018)
Physical at 6-foot-2, 200 pounds.  Flashed athleticism behind the plate with his receiving and blocking.  Pop times ranged 2.07-2.17 in the workout but lacked some accuracy.  The arm showed above average carry, with a short arm stroke.  The exchange was not always clean.  Offensively, works with a tall setup and a leg kick.  Uphill leverage and extension is emphasized with the strong swing.  Lacked some barrel awareness in BP.  In game showed an ability to make adjustments during at-bats, staying on balls with o strikes and working for extension when ahead in the count.  Ran a 7.58 sixty. 

Jeremiah Boyd, C, Hickory Ridge HS, NC (2018)
Strong build and thick lower half in the 5-foot-10, 205 pound backstop.  A short, clean arm swing, with clean exchanges and an average, at least, arm produced workout pop times ranging 2.13-2.17.  Game pop registered at 2.21, on the bag.  A right handed hitter, Boyd works with a simple approach, from a tall stance, with minimal load.  Has barrel awareness and tends to be a little pull conscious.  Aggressive approach in games, produced 4 barrels in 6 at-bats.  Ran a 7.37 sixty. 

Hunter Christopher, SS, JH Rose, NC (2018)
NC State commit that works from a simple setup in the box, without a stride.  Direct approach with the barrel and hand strength produced some raw power, when on the barrel.   Defensively flashed good hands and active feet in the rangy 6-foot-2, 180 pound frame.  The arm slot has some restriction and tends to stay in the 3/4 to low-3/4 range, limiting some of the carry at times.  Ran a 7.14 sixty. 

Colby Emmertz, C, Topsail HS, NC (2018)
Solidly built at 5-foot-11, 180 pounds.  Pop times ranged 2.15-2.25.  The ball flight tended to fade arm side on most throws, hurting accuracy at times.  Exchanges were clean and the feet work with some athleticism from the crouch.  Offensively, the right handed hitter is set to an uphill approach and lacks a load in the simple, direct approach to the ball. Showed some feel for the barrel with decent bat speed.  Ran a 7.68 sixty. 

Will Sandy, LHP, Leesville Road HS, NC (2018)
Lanky lefty that stands 6-foot-3, 175 pounds.  An average leg raise works with a short arm swing to a high-3/4 slot.  The fastball sat 83-85 and touched 86.  His change-up is advanced.  Ranging 75-76, it produced swing and miss, as well as unbalanced takes.  The change features good hand speed and fade to his arm side.  The curveball is the third pitch right now, featuring a downer action and tight spin, ranging 68-71.  The hand speed mimics the fastball but the pitch does not present as a fastball look-alike.

Justin Jarvis, RHP, Mooresville HS, NC (2018)
Thin frame that works with athleticism at 6-foot-3, 170 pounds.  Works to an over-the-top slot, creating leverage on the baseball.  Simple delivery with quiet hands and head leading to a clean arm swing and high front side, with a little glove point, for deception.  Fastball has good angle, while lacking sink or run, sitting 84-86.  The curveball has late hard downer action topping at 72.  Pounded the zone with both fastball and curveball, flashing fastball command to both sides of the plate. 

Sam Ellis, LHP, Harrells Christian Academy, NC (2018)

Big body with maturity, standing 6-foot-2, 200 pounds.  High leg kick closes off the front side at balance, working back to slightly closed at foot strike.  Simple delivery with the hands and head presenting ease, but lacks some rhythm.  A short to average arm swing, with some elbow lead on the back and a slight hook of the hand at the bottom.  The fastball ranged 79-82 with some arm quickness.  The change-up touched 67, while lacking fastball hand speed. 

Logan Adam, RHP, Hoggard HS, NC (2018)
Thick body type with long levers, standing 6-foot-5, 215 pounds and looks to have projection left.  Works from a high-3/4 slot and is slightly closed at foot strike.  Longer arm swing, clean, fights for rhythm with the front side.  Fastball ranged 81-84, while lacking some movement.  The slider ranged 73-76 with early action. 

David Dobson, RHP, DH Conley HS, NC (2018)
Works with a short arm swing, an over-the-top slot and an exaggerated long and high front side.  Up tempo delivery with an average leg kick and hand pump leads to a quick hand with exaggerated extension.  The fastball sat 84-86 with downhill angle, jumping on hitters.  The curveball is a big, early downer ranging 68-71.  Flashed his change-up, the third pitch, at 80. 

Evan Mauldin, RHP, South Point HS, NC (2018)
A high-3/4 slot from a 6-foot, 160 pounder that produced a fastball ranging 84-85 with late sink.  Early to the top of the arm arc, from a loose, long arm swing with good direction.  Simple, repeatable delivery with good posture in the head throughout.  The slider touched 74. 

Eric Orlowski, RHP, Alamance Christian, NC (2018)
Lanky and projectable at 6-foot-4, 200 pounds.  Works from an over-the-top slot with a high front side action.  Lands slightly open with some head tilt to the glove side. Fastball ranged 84-86.  Uses an average to short arm swing and fights some rhythm issues at times to repeat.  Command was average at best as he was around the zone but rarely to his location.  Change-up sat 70-71, at times cutting, but flashing depth when it stayed to the arm side.  The curveball is the 3rd pitch for now, rolling through the zone with loose rotation at 70-71.  

Grant Millay, RHP, South Johnston HS, NC (2018)
Physical at 6-foot-4, 205 pounds.  Works with a leg swing that loads the lower half working to a 3/4 slot.  The front side leaves the line early, creating a little bit of a slinger type action forward.  Around the zone and the fastball tended to jump on hitters while producing early arm-side run.  Fastball topped at 84, ranging 82-84.  Slider had early side to side action, from good hand speed, topping at 68. 

Sean McQuillan, OF, Green Hope HS, NC (2017)
Strong in his 6-foot, 190 pound frame.  Ran a 7.00 sixty.  Shows strength in his hands with the swing but lacks some barrel awareness at times.  Load and path can be rushed at times, limiting the ability to recognize spin.  Flashed an average arm with carry and accuracy from the outfield. 

Rawlings Prospects 2019

Tim Heflin, RHP, West Johnston HS, NC (2019)
He pitched with level shoulders, in lined, and with long loose arm action. He had a slight hook in his hand in the arm’s back swing from balance. Fastball velocity at 74 and breaking ball at 68.  Threw strikes but command of the strike zone was erratic.

Will Willis, RHP, West Carteret HS, NC (2019)
Stands 5-foot-10, 145 pounds.  Worked from a 3/4 slot with a short arm swing from balance.  The fastball topped at 75, flashing feel for the zone but lacking command.  The breaking ball flashed at 60 with slow break through the zone. Willis works across his body, was balanced and had a square athletic finish. 

Wills Woodruff, RHP, Reynolds High School, NC (2019)
Tall, athletic build with fastball at 75 and breaking ball at 67. His breaking ball had a 11 to 5 gradual break. He was able to command the strike zone with both pitches. He threw from a ¾ arm angle, was in line with level shoulders. He rushed through balance with runners on base and had an athletic finish. He was 1.4 to the plate from the stretch. 

Luke Stephens, RHP, Reynolds High School, NC (2019)
Deceptive with multiple angles.  Fastball touched 73 from a side slot while ranging 75-79 from a high-3/4 angle.  The breaking ball was 67 with a 10 to 3 gradual break. He commanded the strike zone with both pitches and from both arm slots. He rushed through balance at times and was 1.3 to the plate with runners on base. 

NC Premier

Sam Stewart, LHP, Heritage HS, NC (2020)
Showed command of the strike zone with his fastball, topping at 72, with arm side run away from right handed hitters.  A log leg lift to balance, working to a 3/4 slot, worked off his fastball throughout the outing.  Rushes out of balance at times, landing on line and finishing in an athletic position.  The breaking ball lacked some hand speed at 57mph. 

Caleb Fluno, 3B, Home Schooled, NC (2019)
Tall, lanky right handed hitter, standing 6-foot-3, 190 pounds. He started open in his stance with a short stride and short backward load with his hands that took him to a balanced athletic stance. He exhibited pull power by hitting a shoulder high fastball over the left field fence (300 feet) for a grand slam home run. 

Akadema Baseball

Ian Gilreath, RHP, Cape Fear High School, NC (2018)
Long and loose from a 3/4 slot.  Finished high, and stiff at times, as he rushed through balance.  Fastball flashed 75-79.  The change up had similar hand speed touching 69.  He was 1.3 to the plate. 

Norman Showcase Academy (NSA)

Brendan Shea, LHP, Jack Britt High School, NC (2018)
From a high-3/4 slot the fastball tailed away from right handed hitters, touching 76.  The breaking ball has a gradual 1/7 break sitting 67.  Flashed command of the strike zone with both pitches and showed pitch-ability.  Breaking ball early in counts for a consistent strike, followed by an ability to work away to hitters induced weak contact with swing and miss coming later in the outing.  Slightly across his body, with level shoulders and a long, loose, easy effort in the arm swing.  

September 17 – 19, 2016
A full schedule for most fall programs, along with the beginning of High School workouts after their Dead Period… This was a busy week.  PBR’s staff was out and looking to see as many games as possible.  Keep us posted on your upcoming schedules as we will be out in future weeks as well.

82 Baseball

CJ Mayhew, LHP/OF, Crest HS, NC (2019)
Athletic 5-foot-10, 165 pounds.  Works from a high-3/4 slot with some effort, and the arm arriving early at the top of the arm swing.  Deliberate tempo to balance.  Simple delivery with a quiet front side.  Working from the stretch only, the fastball ranged 79-81, peaking at 82.  The change-up flashed average, sitting 67-68.  The curveball lacked some depth and tended to work early, touching 63.  Command should improve with time as he is around the zone, but worked into deep counts with most hitters.  Played CF with some ease.  Showed a feel for the barrel in the box with multiple competitive at-bats. 

Jacob Carter, RHP, Crest HS, NC (2019)
Lanky build at 6-foot-4, 155 pounds.  Fastball touched 80 with some arm-side run.  Closes off the front side, landing slightly closed as well.  Some effort in the arm swing, as it works behind the body line with a  long arm to a high-3/4 slot.  Both curveball and slider flooded the zone throughout the outing.  The slider works with a big sweeping action, sitting 65-67.  The curveball rolls through an 11/5 arc, topping at 64.  Frame can handle strength and weight.  Carter projects to continue to make jumps.


Logan McNeely, C/RHP, Crest HS, NC (2017)
Athletic build with some room to add strength.  6-foot-1, 185 pounds and flashed plus accuracy on throws to second ranging 2.09-2.32.  Feet worked with some quickness and allowed for a clean exchange of the ball.  Tended to hop to hit setup, late for most pitches, causing some receiving issues, but his hands looked to work with some ease and strength.  Offensively, works from a balanced, slightly crouched setup.  Lacks a load and uses a short stride.  Average batspeed and good barrel awareness was disrupted at times with some timing issues.  On the mound, the short arm action worked to a high-3/4 slot with good extension and line through his target.  The fastball sat 77-78, toucing 80.  The slider was around the zone with an early sweeping action, ranging 64-65.


Riley Cash, 2B, Crest HS, NC (2020)
A young frame at 5-foot-6, 130 pounds.  Flashed a feel for the game throughout the day.  Right handed hitter is balanced with a smooth load back and short stride.  Average batspeed leads to an aggressive approach and short, direct path through the zone.  Consistently found the barrel, staying gap-to-gap.  Ran a 4.80 on a groundball to 2B.  Arm should continue to develop, but displayed enough to make the pivot at 2B right now.  Hands worked to funnel to the mid-section and there is rhythm in his feet on D.


Dakota Caughey, OF, Forestview HS, NC (2018)
Physically strong, the right handed hitter works from an athletic setup with a short stride.  Bat head is flat through the smooth load back.  Batspeed is average to above, at the least, with a level path, working gap-to-gap.  Has hand strength and flashed a feel for the barrel.  Good presence in the box. 


Ethan Shell, C/RHP, South Point HS, NC (2018)
Received with some athleticism and showed carry on throws through to second.  Lacked accuracy at times, with the ball sailing to arm-side.  Offensively, tended to sit late in the zone, showing good recognition of spin and the ability to handle any offspeed up in the zone.  Strong hands and build, was late to a few fastballs.  Hands start high and work to load back easily, utilizing a leg kick and tending to stay on the back side at times.  Batspeed was average to above, working gap-to-gap.  On the mound, a deliberate delivery, with a high leg kick, and shoulders working uphill.  High front-side and long arm action led to a high-3/4 slot with his fastball toucing 81.  Curveball rolled and tended to stay elevated in the zone, ranging 62-63. 


K-Town Bombers

Trevor Atwood, OF/C, West Rowan HS, NC (2017)
Works easy as a right handed hitter with a direct path to the ball.  Starts from a balanced, slightly crouched stance with high hands and a flat bat.  A short stride and easy load lead to a level, gap-to-gap approach.  Little rotational on the backside at times, producing average batspeed and a feel for the barrel.  Showed the ability to understand the strike zone throughout the day.


Chris Allen, RHP, AL Brown HS, NC (2020)
Works from a high-3/4 slot with a short stride, from a young, thin build.  Has some hand quickness.  Front side and arm work with rhythm, but tend to pull off the line and shorten extension.  Fastball ranged 74-77.  Command should improve over time.


OTK Baseball

Zach Adams, RHP, East Gaston HS, NC (2018)
Average build and over-the-top slot with a hook at the bottom of the arm swing.  High front side adds some deception to the deliberate arm swing.  On-line with even shoulders.  Fastball sat 76-77.  Curveball ranged 61-63, with early, downer type action.

KC Royals Scout Team

Noah Campbell, SS, Cardinal Gibbons HS, NC (2017)
South Carolina commit, currently ranked #256 in PBR’s overall and #2 in NC in the class of 2017.  Six-foot, 190 pound switch hitting (only saw him hit from left side) short stop. He has very athletic actions with a loose accurate arm that has life and carry. His hands are soft and he has quick and fluid footwork with a quick and clean exchange. He has a balanced and athletic stance at the plate with a smooth load and short stride. He has excellent balance with explosive bat speed and a short path to the ball. Home to first base in 4.0.

Caden O’Brien, LHP, Maiden HS, NC (2017)
North Carolina commit, ranked #196 overall and #18 in NC.  Stands six-foot, 175 pounds.  The lefty has an unusual delivery in that his throwing hand drops to the knee of his back leg and his glove hand is extended very high. An over-the-top slot with his shoulders uphill but he stays in line. He was able to command his fastball in the strike zone however he was up in the zone at times. He mixed his fastball with an effective changeup that was in the strike zone. He exhibited max effort and his landing was hard and stiff.

Chris Scheibly, RHP, SE Guilford High School, NC (2017)
Six-foot-two righty working from an over-the-top slot with his arm action extended toward second base. He was tall and controlled at balance, exhibited some effort with a smooth rhythm. His shoulders were level, he stayed in line with a square landing that was athletic. He had average arm speed. His fastball was straight and he struggled controlling the strike zone in the first couple of innings. He made a nice adjustment in the third through fifth innings that he threw by mixing in a slider and began to control the strike zone with both pitches.


September 9 – 11, 2016

The first weekend of the fall season saw a lot of players working a little off a little rust after a short break.  Most of the pitchers were seeing hitters for the first time in several weeks, while it was evident that most hitters were working to find their timing.

On Deck O’s

Josiah Barhite, LHP, Home Schooled, NC (2019)
Listed at 5-foot-9, 145 pounds, with strength in the average frame.  Pitched off his fastball, sitting 76-78 from a 3/4 slot with a long arm action creating a whippy, slinger type action.  The quick hands came with some effort, landing slightly closed.  The slider worked 66-67 with late, 2/8 type action from a fastball look-alike slotting.


Ethan Haislip, RHP, Cuthbertson HS, NC (2019)
Intriguing right hander with a quick hand working out of a loose arm swing into a high-3/4 slot.  At 5-foot-8, 145 pounds, with a still maturing build that has begun to add some strength, Haslip worked around the zone, featuring his fastball that topped at 84.  The arm swing and ease of delivery suggest there is still some projection left as he continues to mature.   The curveball was a little erratic, finding the zone more as the outing continued.  Ranging 66-70, with 11/5 action over a gradual, early break.  The handspeed can be improved on the spin pitch.  Smooth delivery with level shoulders, works on line and finished with athleticism.  Repeatable delivery.


Macklin Ohs, RHP, Cuthbertson HS, NC (2017)
Winthrop commit with a high-3/4 slot that the fastball jumped out of.  Sitting 84-86 and topping at 87 in his first outing of the fall, he featured a loose, quick, arm with good hand speed.  The slider is advanced, topping at 77, with late tilt, and producing swing and miss throughout the outing.  Athletic delivery, stable head posture, works on-line and creates some run to his arm-side.  Flashed the ability to elevate his fastball to finish hitters.


Jack Tidwell, RHP, South Mecklenburg HS, NC (2019)
Thin build at 6-foot-3, 180 pounds, the righty works from a high-3/4 slot that gets to the top early.  The arm swing produces a scapular load, as it works behind the body line.  Working off a high percentage of fastballs, topped at 79 featuring control over command.  Did recoil out of his finish, especially later in the outing.


Sam Mennitt, SS, Cuthbertson HS, NC (2017)
Charlotte commit barreled several balls while on-time in each at-bat.  Simple swing that begins from balanced, athletic position.  Slight, simple load and direct hands to the ball with barrel awareness give him a chance for consistent production.  At short, flashed the ability to make the routine play, hands worked with softness and funneled to the mid-section.  Arm showed accuracy throughout the game.


Brennan Malone, RHP, Porter Ridge HS, NC (2018)
First outing of the fall for the 6-foot-3, 175 pound righty saw him flash the tremendous upside exhibited throughout the summer.  It also saw some rust as he faced hitters again.  The fastball topped at 88, sitting 84-86.  The arm action and rhythm jumps at evaluators, easy, clean, and strong.  Working to a high-3/4 slot.  Malone featured his fastball and threw a couple of change-ups at 73-75.  Committed to North Carolina


South Charlotte Panthers

Rohan Handa, LHP, Cannon School, NC (2018)
6-foot-3, 195 pound lefty that works with a fast tempo and with high energy.  Fastball topped at 85.  Showed the ability to add and subtract from the pitch, while locating to both sides of the plate.  Big rocker step, straight back, leads to a leg swing with slight hip load a balance.  High-3/4 slot with some effort in the arm swing.  Lands slightly open and shows and shows some athleticism moving around the mound.  Change-up flashed at 77-78.  Did not throw many spin pitches as he moved fastball around for most of the outing.


Reed Hedberg, Inf/RHP, South Mecklenberg HS, NC (2018)
Lanky athlete, standing 6-foot-4, 180 pounds.  Shows a feel for the barrel.  Tendency to work towards the pull side this night.  On the bump, utilized a simple delivery with great head stability and good rhythm to top at 78 with the fastball.  Curveball touched 66, with downer action from the high-3/4 slot.  The curveball is early and the hand-speed can improve.  Change-up ranged 72-74.  Arm worked clean with a slight reach at the bottom of the arc.


Alec Burleson, 1B/LHP, East Lincoln HS, NC (2017)
Committed to East Carolina.  Strong build.  High-3/4 slot from the lefty.  Fastball ranged 83-85.  Worked on-line and consistently repeated his delivery.  Arm swing has some effort.  Curveball flashed as a tight downer that created swing and miss, along with awkward takes.  Spin topped at 70.


NCBA Golden Spikes

Connor Norby, SS, East Forsyth HS, NC (2018)
Has consistently played well with eyes on him.  Defensively, flashes enough arm to stay on the left side.  Plays shortstop with confidence and some aggression, taking charge on several tweener pop-flies.  Listed at 5-foot-9, 155 pounds, a right-handed hitter works from an athletic stance, slightly open with a smooth load back and short stride.  Showed strength hitting a double to pull-side off the wall.  Flashed quickness with the bat and a feel for the barrel throughout the day.


Sam Kaplan, RHP, Northern Guilford HS, NC (2018)
Listed at 6-foot-2, 180 pounds, with an athletic frame, the righty works from a 3/4 slot with a quick, loose arm.  Simple delivery that builds to a quicker tempo throughout, solid feel for balance, level shoulders, and landing on-line, has a small elbow lead in the arm swing.  The fastball sat 81-83 with run to his arm-side.  Flooded the zone out of the wind-up, with pitch-ability to both sides of the plate.  Command dropped out of the stretch a little.  The slider has a side to side sweep with some 10/4 action at times.  Most sliders were early and gradual, but a few put-away type sliders, flashed with better action, while still showing feel.  The arm-side run from fastball was made better behind a slider.  Slider topped at 68.


Dry Pond Baseball

Cade Arrowood, LHP, Draughn HS, NC (2019)
Big body lefty working from high-3/4 slot.  Stiff delivery with choppy rhythm that leads to a whippy arm.  Fastball sat 73-77.  Curveball has a big, downer action.  Early at times, he showed feel for the zone with the spin pitch.  Topped at 65.  Slight hip load at balance and uncoils with late backside action.  Gets blocked off at times but was around the zone for most of the outing.


Rawlings Prospects NC

Tyler Brown, RHP, Leesville HS, NC (2018)
Lanky, 6-foot-4, 190 pound righty that works from an over-the-top slot with a long arm arc.  Fastball ranged 79-82, straight for the most part, but occasionally cutting it to the glove side.  Around the zone, flashing a feel for command.  Worked off his fastball and got outs by adding/subtracting, and locating the pitch.  Arm speed was average, working from a delivery that lacked some rhythm but produced feel.  Rangy body should add strength.


CJ Conrad, MIF/OF, Apex HS, NC (2018)
Athletic 5-foot-11, 175 pound right-handed hitter that plays with loosenes.  Works from a tall stance.  Load tends to work down, with a short stride.  Average bat-speed is over-shadowed by a good approach, short swing, and a feel for the barrel.  Gap-to-gap approach.  Ran a 4.61 on  a ground ball to short.


Davis Balentine, SS, New Bern HS, NC (2018)
Strong with barrel awareness from the left side of the plate.  Athletic base, with a tall stance, works with a smooth load and short stride, exhibiting good balance in each at-bat.  Good bat-speed with a level path and gap-to-gap approach.  Stayed in the middle of the field, hammering a line drive to CF and driving a ball to the LCF gap.  Defensively, flashed the ability to throw, with accuracy and rhythm, from multiple angles.


Southern Athletics

Luke Wood, SS/RHP, TC Roberson HS, NC (2019)
Sat 77-79 on the bump from the right side.  Long arm swing, barred at the bottom, with some quickness in the hand. Some effort getting to the over-the-top slot.  Slider flashed tilt topping at 71.