Prep Baseball Report

Quick Hitters: 2020 PBR of NC ProCase

Matt Payne
North Carolina Director of Scouting

Prep Baseball Report of North Carolina has quickly become the most trusted independent scouting source in North Carolina, and across the country.  Each of the past two years, PBR of NC has hosted 20-30 of the top draft prospects in North Carolina as part of their ProCase.  On February 9th, PBR of NC continued the tradition with 24 players performing in front of over 20 MLB Teams at Diamond Xtreme in Kernersville, NC.

Pitchers and catchers were up first.  Four catchers were able to go through a full defensive workout, throwing through to 2B at the spacious indoor facility.  Pitchers threw controlled bullpens, one at a time, for the 20+ teams in attendance.  Following the pitchers, infielders and outfielders went through a defensive workout, followed by all of the position players taking live BP in the open atmosphere of Diamond Xtreme.

Located in Kernersville, Diamond Xtreme features a 90'x90' cage that allows for ground balls and throws across the infield.  Catchers are able to make full length throws to 2B.  During BP, scouts and coaches are able to watch and track the ball off the bat to get a better gauge of each hitter in attendance.

Below we take our first look at the players from the 2020 ProCase.   These quick notes give you a feel for the talent on hand.  Full evaluations, with video are coming soon. 

CLICK HERE to see the roster and full statistical output from the ProCase

2020 ProCase By The Numbers:

  • 11 players took part in the offensive portion of the day
  • 8 players ran the 30 yard dash in under 4.00.
  • All 11 players had an exit velocity of 88 mph or higher
  • 13 pitchers threw bullpens
  • 8 arms touched 90 mph or higher
  • 1 record was smashed at the 2020 event - Positional velocity for catchers


Quick Hitters: PBR of NC ProCase


Hayden Summers, RHP, 2020-Athletic with a quick arm. Pounded the bottom of the zone with his fastball with feel for both sides of the plate.  Slider showed good bite as he is still getting feel for it early in the year.

Gus Hughes, RHP, 2020-Filled the zone up with above average feel for three pitches.  Fastball is heavy with arm side run and occasional sink locating it to both sides of the plate.

Jacob Halford, RHP, 2021-Smooth delivery looking relaxed throughout his bullpen, pounding the strike zone with ease. Gets down angle on his fastball with occasional run, getting it to both sides of the plate.

Coby Ingle, RHP, 2020-Quick, aggressive arm getting run and sink to his fastball.  Showed sharp breaking curveball and slider to go with sinking changeup.

David Keith, RHP, 2020-Quick arm getting late run on his fastball. Flashed feel for his secondary offerings.

Daniel Brown, LHP, 2020-Pure stuff stood out throughout his bullpen.  Long, loose arm with a lot of life to his fastball from a tough slot.  Showed feel for his off-speed stuff as well.

Cyle Phelan, LHP, 2021-Easy delivery working down in the zone with arm side run and sink to his fastball.  Showed feel for two different breaking balls.

Luke Barrow, RHP, 2020-Quick arm attacking the strike zone.  Commanded his glove side with good life to his fastball.  Feel for both his slider and changeup.

Cooper King, RHP, 2020-Fastball has late life and down angle.  Commanded both sides of the plate working at the bottom of the zone. Showed feel for tight slider.

Crawford Wade, LHP, 2020-Loose arm working with ease throughout his bullpen.  Fastball has life and commanded the zone with all three pitches.

Carson Starnes, RHP, 2021-Creates deception using different arm slots, attacking the zone.  Gets good action on all pitches and should keep hitters off balance.

Ben Peterson, RHP, 2020-Heavy fastball with down angle and late life.  Commanded his glove side and flashed a slider with late, tight break.

Brandon Hudson, RHP, 2021-Loose arm and commanded both sides of the plate with his fastball, getting arm side run.  Flashed some sharp breaking balls with feel for the zone.



Chet Sikes, C/3B, 2020-Loose, quick hands with a balanced approach. Keeps his barrel in the zone, making hard contact middle to his pull side.

Joey Rezek, C/OF, 2020-Bat continues to impress.  Strong hands with lots of hard contact.  Advanced feel to hit with strength to all fields.

Bryan Arendt, C/3B, 2021-Loose swing with lots of bat speed. Crushed balls to his pull side and will use the right center gap.  Arm continues to impress from behind the plate.

Jacob Cozart, C/1B, 2021-Whippy barrel with pop to his pull side. Has lift in his swing and power should only increase as he continues to add strength.

Archie Dean Herring, OF/SS, 2021-Balanced swing with loose, quick hands.  Stays simple keeping his barrel in the zone hitting lots of hard line drives.

Chandler Riley, SS/2B, 2020-Loose swing with quick hands and bat speed.  Continues to show lots of barrel control making hard contact to all fields.

Matt Kemp, SS/2B, 2020-Compact swing with quick, strong hands.  Drove balls to his pull side, keeping his barrel through the zone.

Gavin Mortenson, SS/RHP, 2020-Balanced swing with quick hands.  Gets extension through the zone with feel for his barrel working to right center.

Trey Truitt, OF/RHP, 2020-Consistently centered balls up throughout batting practice.  Generates lots of bat speed from a simple compact swing with strength to all fields.

Brandon Hudson, RHP/OF, 2021-Strong hands and generates bat speed.  Made lots of loud contact getting the barrel out working to his pull side.

Lucas Martino, 1B/OF, 2020-Loose hands with barrel snap through the zone. Has power, making lots of loud contact working gap to gap.