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We continued on with our coverage of the Champions Events tournaments this summer. This past weekend took us to Central Park in Schenectady for a rain shortened 15U, 16U, 17U event. Nonetheless our PBR-NY Ground Forces were on the scene.

Capital Region Battle Scout Blog

Brian Fry SS / Medina, NY / 2021

Tall, slender, athletic build. Sure handed defensively with a strong throwing arm. Works soundly  around the baseball and gets the ball to target with ease. At the plate works well with a tall base quiet hands and a small stride. Covers plate well with swing. Handles the bat extremely well laid down balls to both 3B and 1B side for a hit. Plus speed and very instinctual. 

Liam McMurray 2B / RHP / North Tonawanda, NY / 2020

Tall lean athletic RHP. Sat 77-81 MPH all day with a 10-5 breaking ball. Throws from a ¾ arm slot with arm side run he misses barrels and worked well to both sides of the plate with two pitches. CH worked well arm side and lead to a 3 pitch mix that was hard to handle.


Joe Mack C / Williamsville East, NY / 2021

Clemson commit. Works extremely well behind the plate; athletic frame. Kept pitches in front blocking well with body. Quick feet and good mechanics to get into an athletic throwing position with ease from the crouch as well as the knees. Accurate with all throws to every bag today. Had two backpicks to 1B as well as throwing multiple people out at 2B. Offensively shows quick hands and a good understanding of the strike zone with flashes of pullside power. 


Kyle Borrello LHP / 1B / Hamburg , NY / 2020

Big athletic frame from the Left handed side. Had a smooth quick stroke that allowed him to show off some gap to gap power. He showed patience at the plate and stays back well having good barrel path he is a talented player with some serious pullside power. Quicker than he looks and able to turn it up when needed. Around the bag he shows good instincts and works well around it. Has the ability to pick the baseball saving some errors and works well through baseballs. Smooth fielder.


Richie Paul RHP / 1B / Camden, NY / 2020

Athletic build; high ¾ arm slot. Located well to both arm side and glove side with fastball. Sat 81-84 MPH with a 11-5 breaking ball with some depth. Worked and controlled tempo well kept base runners close with good quick feet on the pickoff move and a variety of holds. Talented prospect with room to get better.


Brendan Seburn 3B / SS / East Syracuse Minoa, NY / 2020

Athletic frame with projectability. Solid compact stroke that showed pull side power and the ability to go the other way. Stood out defensively from SS with a strong arm and can work well using a variety of approaches to the ball. Had to make a variety of plays and looked good with each one. 


Jared Stanton 1B / 3B / Cicero-North Syracuse, NY / 2020

Showed power to both fields. Small stride allows him to land balanced and keep good direction working through middle of the field. He showed an ability to handle pitches in a variety of places in strike zone. Smooth stroke with good plate coverage. 


Ryan Culhane RHP / OF / Clarence, NY / 2020

Big frame. Athletic swing with a small leg kick works well through the middle of the field with a level smooth swing. Strong kid with gap to gap power showed some power.


Sterling Sisson RHP / C / CRCS, NY / 2020

Big, strong build with pullside power. Short compact stroke that allows him to have good coverage of the plate. Small stride balanced landing and being on time allows him to drive the baseball gap to gap. Good speed with a motor turned a single into a double just being heads up.


Josh Martin SS / Edmeston, NY / 2021

Big frame, athletic build. Lands balanced and consistently drives the baseball. Showed power from the right hand side to pullside and CF. Stays through the baseball well. Swing has good barrel path allowing him to drive the baseball.  Continuing again today with some opposite field power on a 2B to right. Strong talent with gap to gap power. Consistently barreling up baseballs. Defensively sure handed with a strong arm working well towards and through the baseball. Smart player knows where to be on all plays involved or not.


Sonny D'Antonio 2B / OF / CBA-Albany, NY / 2020

Athletic, lean build. Short compact stroke working through middle of the diamond. Defensively he has a good fundamental base with good hands and makes plays. Level swing that allows him to work to all fields.


Justin Osborn 1B / LHP / Shaker , NY / 2020

Lean LHP; 78 mph FB with arm side run. Located well to both sides of the plate as well as up in the zone. Sharp breaking ball 2-8 type of break. 3/4 arm slot. Offensively solid stroke. Quick into the zone with an inside out approach sees the ball deep and had shown flashes of opposite field power driving a ball into deep left.


Zachary Eldred OF / RHP / Columbia , NY / 2020

Big, lean LHH; short compact working through the middle of field. Small toe touch into a balanced swing quiet hands allows him to work through middle of field with good direction. Barrel path is good allowing him to square up most pitches that he swings at. Showed good discipline in the strike zone.


Shane Helmstadt SS / RHP / Schoharie , NY / 2020

Stony Brook Commit. Strong athletic build;room to grow. Short compact stroke. Consistently barrels baseballs up. gap to gap power with bat speed. Quiet hands. Slow load into balance hitting position. Showed some pull side power. Defensively he looked good working in multiple approaches to the baseball as well as having good arm strength. On the mound he is 83-85 MPH with a sharp breaking ball. Repeatable mechanics that allow him to control the ball arm and glove side with the fastball. FB has a little arm side run. Breaking ball is 72-74 MPH with sharp downward action.


Bryce Emery RHP / 3B / Saratoga Springs , NY / 2020

Smaller build has potential to grow into an athletic frame. Controlled tempo well. Worked in and out well. FB 81-84 with breaking ball that had tight 10-5 break at 72. Worked fast and kept the ball down keeping hitters off balance.


Jake Reinisch 3B / Shenendehowa, NY / 2020

Smooth, athletic LH swing. Quiet hands and balanced approach. Good frame with room to add on. Runs the bases well. Made a few good reads that allowed him to take an extra base. Smooth swing that allows him to hit the ball to all fields and with some gap to gap power.


Nate Chudy RHP / OF / Saratoga Springs , NY / 2019

Holy Cross commit. Tall, lean athletic frame for the 6-foot-7 RHP. Works downhill well FB velocity around 83 MPH. Good changeup that has downward movement as well as a breaking ball. Good 3 pitch mix and control of all three. He kept the ball low and missed barrels all day. Not much hard contact.  There’s some room for him to put on more mass.


Connor Bovair RHP / C / South Glens Falls, NY / 2020

Siena commit. Tall, slender build. Good feet around the ball. Good arm strength and heady player. Backhanded balls and worked through them when appropriate. Athletic set up with small toe touch and bat tip as the timing mechanism. Lands balanced and works well through the middle of the field.Swing allows him to work well through the middle of the field and showed pull side power.  Tall, slender build.On the mound the FB sat 79-81 flashing 83 MPH on a handful of pitches. Able to fill up the zone with the fastball. Bovair also possess a 10-4 breaking ball will good late movement.


Matthew Mariano RHP / SS / Shenendehowa, NY / 2021

Strong athletic build. Slightly open stance with good quick hands that allow him to cover the plate well. Balanced swing and approach shows flashes of gap to gap power with some pull side juice. Strong arm defensively.  Used a variety of different approaches to the ball based on contact and worked through baseball well.


Jeffrey Swift C / RHP / Shenendehowa, NY / 2020

Solid catcher works well behind the plate. Good receiver with soft hands. Blocks the ball well keeps it close and in front. Was around 2.04-2.12 in between innings. Big frame LH swing. Slightly open with small toe tap and barrel tip for timing. Worked through middle of the field with short stroke. Has a lot of juice in his swing showed some pullside power on a few foul balls


Nicholas Guzi 3B / C / CBA-Albany, NY / 2020

Slightly open stance with quiet hands. large leg kick into a balanced hitting position covers the entire plate with conviction. Barrel path is good showing power to all fields repeatedly. Good knowledge of the strike zone. Gets out of the box well and is faster than what you might think. 


Robert Erno RHP / 3B / Columbia , NY / 2021

Big frame with a solid base. Good swing working middle of the field. Has a solid approach shown he can hit it where it's pitched. Has the ability to hit to all fields with some good juice. Covers the entire plate with a strong level swing.


Jacob Parker C / Cicero-North Syracuse , NY / 2020

Works very hard behind the plate and was excellent in blocking to keep the ball in front of the plate. Moved well behind the plate and was quick to his feet to get into a good throwing position, would benefit from gaining arm strength to go along with his good footwork. Offensively Parker had a balanced swing helping him to drive the ball to all fields.


Brendan Scott SS / OF / Queensbury, NY / 2019

Brockport St. commit. Defensively worked well through the ball with good hands. Has a good baseball IQ knowing where to be on all plays. Would benefit from strengthening the arm. At the plate Scott had a compact swing allowing him to work to all fields.


Ethan Gay RHP / Shenendehowa, NY / 2020

Athletic build, has some filling out to do. FB was consistent at 76-78 (coming back from shoulder injury) got as high as 80 for a couple of pitches. Possessed a slightly above average changeup with good depth and slight arm side run. Gay also has a breaking pitch as his third best pitch.  The breaking ball has late break but not a lot of depth. Overall a decent pitcher who mixed looks well with people on. 


Jacob Yager 1B / RHP / Tri-Valley, NY / 2021

Tall, athletic build with room for additional gains. On the mound Yager was consistent 75-77 flashing 79 on occasion. Showed a good 12-6 curveball. Kept hitters off balance with a quick pitch move along with mixing pitches well. In the field Yager moved well around the bag, even making a few playing having to range off of the line. Good instincts also had him moving on all plays even when not involved. At the plate, Yager showed some potential with a powerful swing. 


Brady Fureno C / 3B / Fort Plain, NY / 2020

Strong stocky catcher, very good receiver and game managers. Blocks anything in the dirt. Consistently 2.0-2.05 pop. Above average arm and footwork.  Brady also shows a ton of leadership and game management characteristics behind the dish. He has a very simple stance at the plate.  Hands are always ready to hit and with little to no strike. Has plenty of pop to all fields. He has gap to gap double potential. The ball explodes off of his barrel; above average runner for position.


Matthew Jung RHP / 1B / Maple Hill , NY / 2021

6-foot-0 quick working RHP.  Showed great tempo and composure on the mound.  FB 77-80 MPH down in the zone on both corners with slight sink action.  CB has pretty good depth 11-5. Gave up 1 ground ball single in 7 innings with 7 strikeouts.  Gets plenty of weak contact.


Zach Evans SS / RHP / Lake Shore , NY / 2020

Tall Athletic RHP.  79-81 MPH FB with straight over the top arm slot and High 60s CB that is consistently thrown for a strike.  He pounds the zone. Can be mid 80s if lower half is engaged more. Showed plenty of athleticism. 


Josef Laurer RHP / 2B / Saratoga Springs, NY / 2020

Very athletic smooth fielding middle infielder with an extremely quick transfer. Showed a simplified approach at the plate with ability to use all fields. Consistently barreled everything up.


Ronnie Contrata RHP / OF / Vestal, NY / 2020

Was strong in his 5 2/3 IP Saturday morning, striking out 10. Pitches to contact, sat 74-77 MPH with his FB; showed the ability to command his curveball while showing feel for a change up. Projectable 6-foot-2 180 pound frame that can support additional velocity gains.



2019 RHP Marcus Cashman (Niagara Commit)

Tall, lean frame; slight 3/4 arm slot. Sitting 85-86 with sharp breaking ball. Topping out at 87 MPH. Shows control to both gloveside and arm side as well as being able to run fastball up in zone. Lot of projectability in him. Talented athlete with some serious upside.

2020 Loram Kaufman (South Kortright)
Tall, athletic frame. Short compact stroke covers the plate well. Balanced at contact allowing him show gap to gap power. Short and quick stroke handles the bat well. Moves well out of the box and gets good jumps on the basepaths. Shows pullside power with the ability to handle inside pitches well.

2020 Jaden Graber (Shenedehowa)
Athletic stance slightly open. Smaller frame with room to grow. Athletic body. Shows flashes of pullside power and a solid approach. Ability to go to the opposite field. Defensively showed good first step and ability to read the ball well off the bat as well as good arm strength. Showed plenty of in-game instincts.

2021 3B Luke Dubben (Cherry Valley)
Defensively one of the better corner guys of the weekend. Has a good base and works well to get in front of baseballs. Feeds are on time and on target. Offensively he has a short compact swing with good barrel path through the middle of the field. Moves well out of the box and is a smart player making some good decisions on the bases as well as in the field.

2020 P Jackson Kapblitz
Long lean frame with repeatable mechanics. Good control to both glove side as well as arm side. FB sitting 76-78 MPH with a strong arm side run. Breaking ball was at 68-69 with sharp break and depth. Misses barrels and limiting hard contact. Lot of room for growth in his frame and arm strength. Good feet on pick off move. Settled in the rain to start locating at the bottom of the zone.

1B Liam McCall
Long lean athletic build. Good LH swing with good barrel path that allowed him to work the ball to all fields with good power. Slow load into a balanced position. Gets out of the box well. An inside out swing that allowed him to work the ball the other way in multiple at bats. Defensively works well around the bag with good instincts and range. Does a good job of staying in front of the ball and making the plays.

2022 RHP Isaiah Emonds 

The young pitcher has an athletic build with plenty of room to grow as he matures. The righty had his FB sitting 77-79 while running it up as high as 82 MPH with arm side run. Edmonds has a tight 12-6 curveball and a changeup that possesses good depth.

OF Jacob Bonesteel
Smaller, athletic build, still has some growing to do. Offensively has a small stride allowing him to be balanced and on time working the ball through the middle of the field. Showed some speed in the outfield and also on the bases taking 3 bags on 3 attempts.

DH Grayson Vanwir
Larger build. Has a small stride to get to a good, balanced hitting position. Did a good job of hitting the ball where its pitched allowing him to go the other way. Has power to the pull side hitting a double to deep left.

1B Collin Lynch
Large athletic build. Patient at the plate while keeping the hands back. Smooth swing with quick hands showing off some power with two double to deep left center. Defensively able to move well around the bag showing some range, having to come off the bag multiple times.

2020 LHP Keegan Jarvis  (Mohonasen)
Strong build with short, repeatable delivery. Quick, deliberate tempo on the mound kept hitters off-balance. Kept runners close with 2 pick-offs at 1B and a quick move to 2B. Fastball 73-76 MPH that had cutting action across the plate. Tight 1-7 curveball 58-61 MPH.

2021 SS Kevin Abbatto (Niskayuna)
LH, line drive hitter with quick hands at the plate, getting the barrel to the ball consistently. Good speed out of the box and a base stealer. Solid defender, highlighting range up the middle with a diving stop.

2020 LHP Greg Farrone (Schenectady HS)
Tall Lean Lefty at 6-foot-4 160 pounds.  Very fluent mechanically from an over the top arm slot.  80-83 MPH FB that is spotted up on both sides of the plate.  CB was 70-72 with same arm speed as his FB. Has complete command of 4 pitches (4 seam, 2 seam, CB, Change).  He is a presence on the mound who has plenty more in the tank as he begins to fill out. Extremely projectable top of the rotation guy in college.

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