Spring Video Scout Blog: Edition 4

Jared Carrier
Scouting Director

With the recent news New York extending their "NY Pause" until May 15th the staff at PBR-NY is here to provide an avenue to help get your name out. Whether you already have an existing profile or you are a first timer, we got you covered.


Michael Stellrecht SS / OF / Williamsville East, NY / 2022

Athletic 5-foot-11 173 pound switch-hitter from western NY who is coming off an impressive preseason effort back in February. Active defender with lateral range that can make the play on the move. Has shown bat speed from both sides of the plate and has run a 7.12 60 in the past. Should stick at SS at the next level, already has displayed plenty of left side arm (85 MPH).

Bijan Anvar RHP / SS / Mamaroneck, NY / 2021

Long, lean build at 6-foot-1, 137 pounds with room to add size and strength. Builds momentum well with a high leg lift and coil before driving out and getting good extension at his release over a strong front side. Commands the fastball in the zone with life out of the hand. Shows a good feel for the sharp curve ball with 11-5 shape, flashes depth when down in the zone. Has good arm speed on the change up with arm side run.

Spencer Carnival SS / 2B / East Syracuse Minoa, NY / 2021

Athletic build at 5-foot-10 167 pounds. Even setup at the dish with a straight take back of the hands; quick hands on the pitch middle in with the ability to find the gaps. Ranges well up the middle; above average transfer/release and can handle both sides of the bag. Numbers continue to improve with all personal bests this past February (7.29/ 80 INF Velo / 81 Exit Velo). Looks the part.

Benjamin D'Amico 3B / RHP / Rye Neck , NY / 2022

Solid build at 5-foot-10 185 pounds. Slightly open setup at the plate; quiet pre-pitch actions with a controlled leg kick for timing. Short swing path into the zone with hard line-to-line contact. At the 3B D'Amico goes to his glove side well and can make the play on the move with varied arm angles. Developing arm strength that will allow him to stay at the hot corner. On the mound; belt high leg drive with an extended arm swing with some spiraling action; high 3/4 arm slot with closed front side on his landing. Repeats efforts.

Max Diamond 2B / OF / Williamsville North , NY / 2023

Lean, athletic frame at 5-foot-9 140 pounds. The RHH sets up even with hands staying close to the body while using a toe-tap for timing; gets on plane early with some lift late through the swing. Defensively starts upright and works through balls to his glove side. Ran a 7.19 60 with an 84 MPH exit velo back in February. Looking forward to seein him once again at the 2020 NYS Games.

Marco Dinges C / RHP / Riverside , NY / 2021

Athletic 5-foot-11 170 pound frame with dynamic actions at the plate. Starts stance slightly open with a toe-tap. Hands are quiet early with acceleration through the zone. Impressive efforts over a year ago at the Preseason Hudson Valley event with a sub 2.0 pop time, 77 MPH arm from behind the plate and 84 MPH exit velocity.

Spencer Kane 2B / RHP / Southwestern, NY / 2022

Kane checks in at a lean 6-foot-2 160 pound build. Even setup with a moderate leg kick; hands stay inside contact with some explosiveness through the zone, specifically middle-in. Defensively Kane circles the ball well and sets up proper angles to work through his throws to 1B. on the mound the pace is controlled with a clean, longer arm swing. Stride stays in line and he is consistent over his front side. Easy efforts.

Jack Edwards LHP / 1B / Rye Neck, NY / 2022

Long, projectable frame with room to add size and strength at 6-foot-2, 155 pounds. Works with good tempo through a fluid, repeatable delivery. Commands the fast ball with arm side run. Has a good feel for a sharp curveball showing some depth. The cutter plays like a slider with tight rotation. Throws his change up with good sell and arm side fade. 

Michael Furst RHP / 3B / Oceanside, NY / 2023

Filled out build at 6-foot-1 210 pounds for the RHH Corner INF/RHP. Spread, even stance with easy efforts. Showed short swing path in latest video. Stays behind the ball well and is starting to tap into his size. Developing power for the Long Island resident that we will see at the 2020 NYS Games.

Daniel Kellachan RHP / Mount Sinai , NY / 2021

Strong, physical frame at 5-foot-11, 190 pounds. Has fundamental mechanics with a easy effort, repeatable delivery. Commands 3 pitches out of a long, fluid 3/4 slot. Fast ball has life out of the hand with arm side run (80-81 in Feb.). Curveball has tight 11-5 shape. Throws straight change with fastball arm speed. Kellachan will toe the rubber again this summer at the 2020 NYS Games. 

Logan Karwowski OF / LHP / Cicero - North Syracuse , NY / 2022

Lean build at 5-foot-11 164 pounds. Balance setup at the plate with flexion in the knees and weight pre-loaded over the back leg. Swing path stays in the zone with an elevated two handed finish; flashes the ability to drive both gaps. Fundamental approach in the outfield; receives the ball outside the front leg with a rear leg drive through into his crow hop. Solid stat line from his February event (6.99 60 / 77 OF Velo / 84 MPH Exit Velocity).

Jordan Falco RHP / 3B / Center Moriches, NY / 2021

Long, lanky, projectable frame at 6-foot-7, 186 pounds. When we saw Falco last October at the NY/NJ border battle his fast ball sat 79-81 but he looks to have added some strength in his actions through his delivery. Has a loose, whippy arm action with a clean 3/4 release. He gets good extension accelerating through his release to a repeatable flat back follow through against a strong post leg. Fastball has ride through the zone when elevated with flashes of arm side run. Good feel for breaking, has sharp slurve action. 

Vincent Mauro 3B / RHP / Canisius , NY / 2021

Athletic build at 6-foot-0 180 pounds with an open setup in the box; stride wroks back to even and forward. Stays behind the ball with a short swing that yields plate coverage and a whole field approach. Developing pop with more to come. Defensively Mauro moves well laterally at the hot corner, consistent actions with the glove with no panic as he gathers and throws. Was 83 MPH across the diamond with a 91 MPH exit velocity back in February. We'll see the talented left side defender again at the 2020 NYS Games.


Vincent Mariella 1B / RHP / Mahopac, NY / 2021

Even setup at the plate for the 6-foot-2 190 pound RHH. Natural lift through the zone to his pull side. Some light pre-pitch bat waggle with an up-down stride. Utilizes lower half for power. Active feet around the bag at 1B, gets body into position for throws. On the mound the delivery works with tempo; FB has arm side action and can ride through the zone. Preseason numbers: 84 MPH INF Velo / 92 MPH exit velo while up to 80 MPH on the mound. Looking forward to seeing him again at the 2020 NYS Games.

Jacob Terwilliger C / SS / Broadalbin-Perth, NY / 2021

Proportional 5-foot-10 170 pound build for the RHH. Balanced setup at the plate with quiet hands. Strong at point of contact with ball jumping off the bat. Soft receiver around the edges behind the plate; proper angles with his blocks smothering everything out in front.

Kevin McKeon C / RHP / Mahopac , NY / 2021

The RHH checks in at 6-foot-0 165 pounds with his feet just outside his shoulders. Simple pick up, put down stride. Clean swing path into the zone with extension post contact. Clean exchange behind the plate with carry on this throws through the bag. Quiet receiver who works through the low pitch.

Samuel Stafura SS / OF / Walter Panas, NY / 2023

Proportional build at 5-foot-10 160 pounds for the RHH infielder. Slightly spread stance working open to closed on his stride. Barrel stays under control from timing through swing path. Some early weight transfer into contact but it is under control. Defensively Stafura uses a prep-step that feeds into a quick first step. Hands work out in front with clean exchanges close to the body; showed quick release and multiple arm angles. Solid numbers for the freshman back in February (7.10 60 / 80 MPH INF Velo / 83 MPH Exit Velo). Will be with us at the 2020 NYS Games.

Dominic Guccia OF / RHP / Union-Endicott , NY / 2021

Strong build at 5-foot-11 195 pounds for the RHH. Balanced setup with some pre-pitch rhythm. Aggressive lower half with some zone acceleration. Has historically showed the ability to find the gaps. Approaches the ball in the outfield under control while gathering momentum. Fundamental with both groundballs and flyballs with a longer arm swing. Previous event stat line personal bests: 7.20 60 / 82 MPH OF Velo / 92 MPH Exit Velo. Looking forward to his efforts at the 2020 NYS Games this summer.

Christopher Ubner 3B / RHP / Cooperstown, NY / 2021

Physically impressive at 5-foot-8 183 pounds with a strong lower half. The RHH maintains calm efforts early with big time explosiveness through the zone. Plenty of punch to his pull side and will continue to show that tool in the future (94 MPH raw exit velocity). On the bump Ubner uses a moderate leg kick with a high 3/4 slot delivery. Was up to 85 MPH this preseason. Excited to also see him again at the 2020 NYS Games.

Chris McKeon RHP / Mahopac , NY / 2022

Long levers with a projectable frame at 6-foot-3, 170 pounds. Keeps it simple with the lower half getting up, down and out staying in line. Has a long, whippy arm action to a 3/4 slot with a repeatable release and balanced follow through. Fastball the peaked at 82 mph in last summers NYS games has life out of the hand with flashes of arm side run. Curveball is sharp with 11-5 shape and depth through the zone. Throws the change up with good sell and late arm side sink. Another talented follow for the 2020 NYS Games.

John Kiss LHP / 1B / Hicksville , NY / 2021

Long, Lean, projectable frame at 6-foot-2, 165 pounds. Kiss works with good pace, building momentum through a repeatable release and follow through. Spots the fastball with life out of the hand and arm side run (sat 80-81 mph in Feb.) Commands the change up down with good sell and arm side fade. Showed a good feel for a sharp 1-7 breaking curve that flashes depth through the zone. Will be an arm to see at the 2020 NYS Games.

Jean Ortiz Melendez RHP / OF / Citius Prep , NY / 2021

Athletic build with fast twitch actions at 5-foot-10, 145 pounds. The RHP had an impressive bullpen this preseason with his fastball peaking at 89 MPH and showed good feel for a curve, slider and change up. Works with good pace from the left side of the rubber. Uses a high leg lift building momentum as drives out in line using his lower half efficiently to generate arm speed and get good extension over his front side. 

AJ Petraitis RHP / 1B / Kings Park, NY / 2022

Long and lean at 6-foot-3 160 pounds. Wide stance that is even with it's setup. short, compact stroke that covers the plate. Line drive/hard groundball contact to all fields. On the mound Petraitis has a long and loose arm action that works through a high 3/4 slot. Flashed a short 12-to-6, down action CB. Highly projectable build.

Jayden Asencio C / 2B / St John's the Baptist, NY / 2022

Compact 5-foot-8 170 pound LHH catcher. Slightly open setup at the plate; quiet, repeatable timing mechanisms. Aggressive lower half and stays behind the ball with some sweep to his swing path through he zone. Presents a low target and works through the low strike. 

Jackson Yost SS / RHP / Frewsburg , NY / 2021

Lean, wiry frame at 6-foot-0 145 pounds. The RHH starts in an even stance with a stride forward that can pull some his weight with it. Flat path swing through the zone with a two-handed finish. Covers the plate and works line-to-line. Defensively Yost starts tall; eating up ground with long strides laterally; low arm slot with a clean release. On the mound; the hands separate across the chest with a slightly higher arm slot. Gains ground on his stride with extension out in front.

Jack O'Connor SS / RHP / Mahopac , NY / 2021

Proportional build at 5-foot-11 165 pounds. Slightly open setup at the plate with weight over the back leg; moderate leg kick as the hands work back.Let's the ball travel with some lift to the pull side. Covers the plate well. On the mound the delivery repeats with a long arm swing that works through a high 3/4 arm slot. FB featured some down angle and arm side run; 12-to-6 CB that he was able to land. Past stat lines include 7.19 60 / 82 MPH INF Velo / 84 Exit Velo / 79 MPH FB.

Nathan Pullano SS / 2B / East Syracuse Minoa, NY / 2021

Pullano checks in at 5-foot-7 151 pounds. The RHH starts open with a stride back towards the plate. Some inside-out approach to his swing path. Defensively, starts low to the ground and works through his throwing motion from a high slot. Ran a 7.07 60 back in February.



Jesus Batista 3B / 2B / Mount St. Michael Academy , NY / 2024

Solid build at 5-foot-9 165 pounds. The LHH setus up even and shows off a smooth, repeatable effort in the box. Swing path is tight to the ball with some feel for the barrel. Low to the ground defender with active feet and soft glove that plays out in front. Definite follow over the long term.

Samuel Dalsimer RHP / 1B / Rye Neck, NY / 2022

Long Levers with room to add size and strength in his projectable 6-foot-2, 163 pound frame. Had a good showing in the preseason with his fastball topping at 81 and he threw his secondary pitches for strikes. hands go over the head on the drop step while working from the middle of the rubber. Gets into back side as drive out in line with the plate to a repeatable finish over a strong front side. Fast ball has life out of the hand with some arm side tail. Curveball has sharp 11-5 rotation with some depth while the change is thrown with good arm speed and has fade. Will be an arm to watch at the 2022 NYS Games.

Michael Bloom 3B / 2B / West Babylon, NY / 2021

Athletic build at 6-foot-0 185 pounds. The RHH from Long Island sets up slightly open with a slight barrel tip towards the mound on his load. Showcased plenty of juice to his pull side. Solid stat line from our preseason even in February (7.26 60 / 77 MPH INF Arm / 81 MPH Exit Velo).

Steven Mazza RHP / 3B / Archbishop Molloy, NY / 2022

Strong build at 6-foot, 200 pounds with athleticism in his actions. Had an impressive bullpen in the preseason running his fastball up to 86 MPH and showing a good feel for his secondary pitches. Works up tempo out of the stretch. Stays closed through foot strike before accelerating through his repeatable release over a strong front side. Long, loose arm action getting good extension. Fastball has ride through the zone while curveball shows tight rotation and commands the change up with good sell. Exciting arm to see on the Trackman at the 2020 NYS Games.


Holden Lipton RHP / Poly Prep, NY / 2022

Tall, Long, projectable frame at 6-foot-4, 184 pounds. Works out of the stretch starting tall with hands up in front of throwing shoulder. Leg lift to the belt with a hip coil where he starts gaining ground and building momentum as he drives to the target. Has some shoulder tilt as he stays closed until foot strike where he pulls through with intent to a repeatable flat back follow through. Arm drops out of the glove to a neutral slot before getting up to a high 3/4 release with good extension over the front side.

Christian Antonopoulos RHP / OF / Manhasset , NY / 2022

Solid frame at 5-foot-11 177 pounds for the Long Island RHP. Repeats mechanics with ease; arm action is long and without restrictions. FB rides through the zone and he flashed a same plane change up with good arm speed to both sides of the plate. Breaking ball has the makings of a legitimate next level out pitch with some 11-to-5 action with depth. Worked 82-85 MPH back in February and it will be interesting to see some of the movement metrics on his off-speed that he is able to gather from Trackman at the NYS Games this summer. 

Bryce Zicaro 1B / LHP / Cicero-North Syracuse, NY / 2023

Advanced physical build for the Central NY 1B/LHP at 6-foot-0 210 pounds. Even setup at the plate with quiet hands; controls his leg kick with an aggressive lower half effort. Solid contact and can definitely find the power alley to his pull side. On the mound, deliberate pace with a shorter arm path that gets out in front. Was up to 82 MPH this preseason with a 93 MPH raw exit velocity at the plate. The two way prospects looks to make some noise at the 2020 NYS Games.


Alexander Canfield 2B / SS / Schenectady, NY / 2022

Wiry, athletic frame for the MIF from the Capitol Region. Balanced setup for the RHH; easy, repeatable stroke into the zone with some fluidity. Line drive results up the middle to his pull side. Defensively Canfield showed some active feet and stays squared up to the ball. Varied arm angles; will benefit from maintaining momentum through his throwing actions.Ran a 7.37 60 with an 83 MPH raw exit velo this preseason.

Joe Tobia RHP / SS / St Joseph's Collegiate Institute, NY / 2021

Highly projectable frame at 6-foot-2 150 pounds. The western NY RHP features a clean arm path from a low 3/4 slot. FB features some arm side action and he consistently works the bottom of the zone. Was up to 83 MPH this preseason and we're excited to see him once again at the 2020 NYS Games.




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